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Harry could barely pay attention in class. Granted, he never did give Trelawny much of his focus when she began ranting about the foreshadowing tea leaves. This time, however, he wasn't distracted by an escaped prisoner potentially being after him. [i "Do you think she's drunk?"] Ron muttered to him at one point.

[b "I think if Trelawny were drunk, she's actually make some sense,"] Harry murmured back.

By the end of the lecture, the boys dumped their books back into their messenger bags and headed for the door. [i "Bloody hell, didn't even see you, Hermione,"] Ron sidestepped her before he managed to trip over her foot.

[b "Did you miss Divination that much that you sat out here the whole time? I'm sure Trelawny would have let you sit inside,"] Harry held his hand out to help her to her feet.

[i "I don't know. After Hermione stormed out that one time, I'm sure she'd rather not be in the same room. You leave quite the impression,"] Ron nudged her with his elbow.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 358d 10h 33m 13s
If Ginny knew, then there was the chance others did. And that was the last thing that Harry needed. Right now he had enough to worry about with the Ministry calling him a liar and making him look bad to their whole world. It was sickening really. She couldn't help imagining what would happen if everyone found out that she, a muggle born no one had a crush on him. The prophet would have so much fun with the news. They had just last year and it looked like the would use ANYTHING and ANYONE against the boy.

Her head fell onto the book she had been staring down blankly at. She had read the words, but with her mind on Harry and everything Ginny said she had not taken anything in. She was losing focus and couldn't afford to be. It also very much felt as if her head were splitting and a migraine was coming on.

She didn't know how long she sat staring at the page with her racing thoughts but when the bell tolled, the girl found herself jumping. As quickly as she could, the bushy haired girl gathered her books and stuffed them into her bag. She had to go meet the boys and try to act as normally as she could. The day seemed like a good one to be missing classes as she truly did feel horrible.

Pushing any thoughts of what had happened from her mind, Hermione forced herself to smile and walked to the Divination class. As she peeked into the room, the girl saw that the class was just getting ready to go. And she could hear the maddening woman speaking all the nonesense of "the inner eye". With a roll of her eyes, Hermione leaned of the wall, more like let herself slide down against it to wait for both Ron and Harry.
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[i "You understand that none of this information is new, right?"] Ron leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

Harry stood opposite him, letting his head fall back repeatedly against the stone wall. [b "Well it's new to me,"] he groaned.

To be perfectly honest, he'd expected a harsher reaction from the redhead. He's had jealousy issues in the past - the Triwizard Tournament being the latest example - and Harry had fully anticipated another fit. Ron, however, merely looked annoyed that the conversation had taken so long to happen.

[i "The two of you have been all googly-eyes for each other since you got to Grimmauld Place. It's almost nauseating. The twins haven't shut up about it, they wanted to start a betting pool like last year, but Ginny made them scrap the idea,"] the redhead shrugged.

[b "What the hell am I going to do?"] Harry pushed off from the wall. [b "I can't have feelings like this. For one, you guys are already in danger just being friends with me, let alone me being practically in love with her. Secondly, there's no way this is going to end well. Hermione doesn't see me like that, and I'm not going to be the creepy guy who couldn't be okay with just being friends."]

It was more stressful than the Umrbidge situation. He nearly felt a migraine coming on. [i "Well, she knows you're not a creep. It's not like you're stalking her,"] Ron tried to reason with him.

[b "This is a disaster,"] Harry rubbed at his temple.

[i "Well if you're going to be a disaster, let's at least be a disaster on the way to Divination. We're running late,"] Ron hauled him by the elbow down the hall towards the ominous class where Trelawny was waiting.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 359d 9h 44m 18s
A thick silence and tension seemed to hang in the air between them. It was almost as thick as the one on the Hogwarts' Express had been and it was making her jittery. It had never been this bad and it worried her that she had done something. But the girl didn't want to ask because the last it had been really awkward. And so their steps echoed upon the stone hallways.

[b "A couple of days should be enough to find out something hopefully useful. But we'll have to plan this next time a little better than before. We don't need to become trapped again."] She said, trying to speak as if things were normal. But it was a failed attempt and once more it seemed a heavy silence fell until they came to the halfway point.

[b "Good luck with that mad woman... And thanks. It won't be so bad.."] God what was with them both? A sigh slipped from her lips as Harry all but rushed off again. For a moment she stood and watched him before she headed off to the library. When she walked in, brown eyes locked on Ginny who looked like she had been waiting for her.

[i "Hermione, can I talk to you?"] The Weasley girl asked as she walked up to her. The look in the other girl's eyes told her she had no choice. So slowly she nodded. [b "Sure, what's up Ginny?"] The girl asked, her head tilting to the side.

[i "It's actually about your crush on Harry..."] Ginny didn't waste any time and it had her blanching. And before Hermione could object, Ginny was dragging her to a private conrner to talk.

[b "How...How long have you known about that?"] She whispered as she was trying to keep the squeak from her voice.

[i "Since Grimmauld Place really.. You should just tell him, Mione. Boys are clueless when it comes to seeing how you feel about them."] She said with a shrug. But there was a sadness to her eyes even though she tried to hide it.

[b "He's my best friend, Ginny... He could and would never like me more than that. Or more than a sister. So it is pointless and easier to keep our friendship and to not make it awkward. Besides...even if he did...I know how you feel about him and couldn't possibly.."] The bushy haired girl said, quietly. Honestly she didn't want to talk about this and before Ginny could even say anything more, Hermione gathered her things and all but darted from the library. She would find an empty classroom to do her work and to also calm her racing heart and thoughts before she saw Harry again. Why did Ginny have to do this?
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 359d 7h 22m 57s
Bloody hell, this was worse than when Peeves had locked him in the girls' bathroom with Moaning Myrtle. Harry was beginning to feel like he was betraying her trust in him as a friend by having less-than-merely-friendly thoughts. [b "Yes. Breakfast. Great idea."]

Their footfalls echoed against the stone walls of the castle, the only sound breaking through the tense silence. [b "Hopefully we'll get something incriminating soon, from that spying glass,"] he spoke at last, once they're almost to the halfway mark.

How the hell was he going to defeat Voldemort if he couldn't quell this crush? Get it together, Potter! [b "We can give it a few days and then sneak back in to get the orb."]

It should give them more than enough time to gather evidence against Umbridge, to use as blackmail if need be. Mostly it was just to ensure that they were staying as informed as possible. [b "Well, we're here,"] Harry cleared his throat, wishing someone would strike him dead on the spot.

[b "I'll see you in a bit. Divination with Ron this morning. Good luck reading,"] Harry smiled before immediately turning and walking away before he did something completely stupid again, like kiss her.

[b "We have a serious problem,"] he flung himself on to the bench beside Ron.

[i "Yeah, I know, Umbridge. I was part of the conversation,"] Ron paid him no mind as he continued to eat and read from the Daily Prophet.

[b "No!"] Harry leaned closer, making sure no one overheard. [b "I, specifically, have a problem."]

[i "Is this about you liking Hermione?"] Ron finally turned to him with a blank expression, though one eyebrow was raised.

[b "Keep your voice down!"] Harry grabbed him by the robes and hauled him to his feet to drag out of the hall for privacy.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 360d 10h 20m 33s
He seemed really off. And it wasn't escaping her attention either. A sigh slipped from her as he spoke and she managed a weak smile. [b "They both do snore horribly, don't they. If you forget the silencing charm...did you want me to help with a sleeping draught?"] The girl asked, her hand moving to the strap of her own bag as she shifted it up on her shoulder.

Brown eyes went to the ground as she looked down, guiltily when he mentioned heading to breakfast. [b "I had actually planned on heading to the library to do some of the homework we had been given.. Not exactly hungry after last night."] She found herself explaining quickly. Purposely had she avoided mentioning the other girls and their pestering her about how close they were.

Again she shifted her bag and moved forward. [b "But I'll walk halfway with you to the Great Hall."] Hermione said, attempting to gain semi normalacy back between them. [b "Come on, don't want to miss breakfast do you?"]
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 360d 4h 37m 47s
Harry couldn't even stop himself from jumping in surprise when he heard her voice. [b "Uh, I just um..."] he stammered over a sentence, feeling his brain immediately turn to mush.

It took a moment before her question registered. [b "Right! No, I didn't sleep well, I'm afraid. Brain was on rapid fire. Plus, Ron and Seamus both snore,"] he forced a laugh. [b "I should have used a silencing charm, huh?"]

Clearing his throat, he gestured to the portrait hole. [b "Should we head to breakfast then? Wouldn't want you to have class on an empty stomach."]

Harry forced his hands to stay firmly at his sides. No casual bumps or nudges that morning. His eyes, however, strayed to the spot on her cheek where his lips had been less than twelve hours ago.

[i Stop staring, you idiot!] he scolded himself. He faced straight ahead once more, both hands grasping at his backpack strap across his chest.
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Hermione laid in bed, keeping her eyes closed as she listened to the pattering of the other girls' feet as they scurried about to get dressed and ready for class. After the night before, she didn't want to face any of them. When the last of the shuffling was heard and the door clicked shut, the girl finally got up and dressed for class. She was quick to get her books and to even use a glamour charm on her hair so it wasn't as bushy and more managable for the day's classes. The last thing she needed was to get one of Snape's ingredients in her hair again. Last time had taken ages to get it out.

When she was sure she had everything, Hermione finally made her way down the stairs and into the common room. It was pretty much empty, which she had expected. But she had not expected to see Harry standing there all alone. She would have thought him to have headed down to breakfast with Ron by the time she had finally decided to leave the girl's dormitory. Honestly after last night she wasn't hungry and had planned to spend breakfast in the library doing some work on her assignments.

[b "Harry, is everything okay? I had expected you to have already gone down to breakfast with Ron."] She found herself saying as she walked over to him and gave a small smile. Her head tilted a little as she studied the boy. [b "Didn't sleep well either?"] The words left her lips before she could stop them.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 361d 8h 48m 53s
The next morning, Harry dragged his feet getting ready to put off seeing Hermione as long as he could. Ron had already gone down to breakfast, and the other boys had long since left the dorm. Harry stood in front of the mirror, almost messing up his tie repeatedly on purpose.

[b "Just act natural. Don't bring it up. Nothing happened,"] he spoke to his reflection. [b "For the love of all things, don't bring it up."]

Upon entering the common room, he noticed Neville sitting alone with a book. [b "You're going to miss breakfast,"] Harry announced.

Neville looked up and smiled. [i "Not quite hungry. I was waiting for you, to be honest."]

Harry froze. [b "Me? Is everything okay?"]

Neville rose and marked his page. [i "I was awake when you went to bed last night. You seemed frazzled. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help."]

It momentarily threw Harry for a loop. Neville seemed to pick up on it. [i "I just mean that you're always watching out for everyone else. And I figured it was about time one of us started looking out for you too. Besides Hermione and Ron. Gryffindors look out for each other. At least, we're supposed to."]

Harry was touched, but there was no way on earth he was going to admit that he was halfway in love with Hermione. No matter how much he trusted Neville, saying the words out loud made them more real. [b "That means a lot, Neville but really, I'm okay. I was just restless after the past few days."]

The Longbottom boy didn't seem to buy it, but thankfully didn't press the matter. [i "Whenever you're ready to talk about it, you'll know where to find me,"] he nodded to Harry and grabbed his bag to head downstairs.

[b "Get it together Potter, or everyone is going to notice something is wrong,"] Harry muttered to himself.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 362d 7h 24m 46s
Her cheeks darkened when he had leaned in and kissed her cheek with the briefest of kisses. She honestly had not minded and only wished he would have let her return it. But as it stood, Harry shot to his feet and again seemed to be overly flustered. [b "Good night, Harry."] Hermione whispered as she stayed for a couple moments more, or rather until she could no longer see him upon the stairs.

Only when the boy was gone, did the girl get up herself and make her way to the girl's dormitory. And when she had gotten to the room she shared with the other fifth years, Hermione was surprised to see some of the girls still up and it appeared waiting for her. Quickly she went to her bed and pulled the curtain around it so she could dress for bed. Once she had, the bushy haired prefect girl settled upon the bed and pulled a book from her bedside table and tried to read. But she could still feel the eyes of the others upon her.

[i "Are the rumours true, Hermione? Are you and Harry actually dating?"] It was of course Lavendar who broke the silence and asked her. Brown eyes were locked on her and the eyes of the other girls were also on her.

Her cheeks betrayed her and she had to look down. [b "No, of course not. Harry is only my friend...best friend but there is nothing between us. Though..."] But she had to snap her mouth shut. If she said more it would be all over Hogwarts by the morning because Lavendar and Parvati were two of the biggest gossips in school aside from Malfoy and his gang.

[i "Though what?"] The other girls pressed. It was clear they wanted to hear what she had been about to say.

[b "I lost my train of thought.. It's been a long day and I think I am going to bed. You best do the same. Don't want to fall asleep in Snape's class do you?"] She asked as she lay down fully and turned over on her side. The girl could hear the others whispering, but didn't care. And it was to rushed whispers did she fall into a very unrestful sleep.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 362d 2h 10m 5s
It was a blessing and a curse when she decided to call it a night. On one hand, Harry was glum to be losing her company. On the other, he was immensely grateful for the tension to be gone. [b "Yeah, I suppose you're right. See you in the morning, Hermione."]

And just then, because he was dumb just like his father, he felt himself lean in to give her a brief kiss on the cheek. Harry shot up from the couch. [b "Goodnight,"] he repeated with a stammer, hurrying to the stairs.

In the privacy of his own bed, he allowed himself to bury his face in the pillow to groan at his pathetic self. [b "Stupid, stupid, stupid,"] he grumbled into the fabric.

[i "Whatever you're on about, deal with it tomorrow. Some of us are trying to sleep,"] Ron slurred through his sleep, throwing a pillow in Harry's direction.

[i If only this problem would be resolved by then,] Harry thought to himself as he changed into his pajamas and collapsed back on to his bed. Unfortunately, he was doomed to a sleepless night of staring out the window at the stars, cursing himself for not knowing how to make himself a sleeping drought.
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[b "The constant company when it's you would be very welcome. You know I wouldn't even dream to try and have you leave. Perhaps you'll finally get the chance to have me play wizard's chess.. or as you suggested all the time in the garden and teaching me how to take care of it."] The girl said with a soft smile. It was the smile that only was ever seen by him.

A small laugh came from the girl as he tried to lighten the mood the slightest. [b "No, don't think you can."] She teased back, returning his tentative hug. She did find herself wishing it was not so tense as she did like being in his arms and close to him.

Brown orbs were met by green as he started to say something. And it did make her so very curious. She was about to ask him to go on, but Harry seemed flustered and was quick to look away. Did she want to know what he had been about to say? More than anything. But would she press him for it? Not at all. The girl had learned by now he would tell her if and when he was ready to talk.

[b "You know...when all of this is over you and I still have our week of muggle fun to have. We could even try a...."] But she had to stop herself, snapping her own mouth shut. Hermione had been about to suggest a date. And her cheeks heated up with a dark blush with her heart seeming as if it were pounding a mile a minute.

[b "Erm...it's getting late...and like Ron said..we have early morning classes. Snape I believe is first thing."] She was trying to change the subject and give them both an out for the night. And if she were honest, the girl was starting to already tire down and it was only their second day back.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 363d 7h 55m 24s
His smile turned slightly sad. [b "I hope I get to. And if I do make it, then expect me to be at your house constantly, because I like your company too."]

He liked her company a little too much.

Harry sat up and moved to sit next to her, with his back leaning against the couch. He tentatively wrapped an arm around her shoulders and tugged her for a brief hug. [b "I can't let Prefect Granger down, can I?"] he tried to lighten the mood back up.

He tilted his head slightly until he caught her eyes. [b "I'm gonna do my best to stick around. Maybe after the war we could even-"] he froze and snapped his mouth shut.

Nope. Not cool, Potter. His eyes dropped to her lips before flashing back up to her eyes, gulping down the lump in his throat as he quickly looked back to the fire. Silence fell again between them, with Harry not trusting himself to speak.

[i Smooth, Harry. Real smooth,] he grumbled internally to himself.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 1y 10h 6m 40s
What he wanted didn't sound bad at all. And it was something she had and could imagine. Though when she had, the girl had imagined them together. God she wished she wasn't a coward to say how she felt. But she knew friendship was the only thing she would ever be able to have. And it had to be enough, no matter how much it hurt.

[b "Actually I would love for you to teach me that. It would give us something to do that is normal and to not have to worry about plants trying to bite us... And you could stay as long as you like...for dinners or just staying. I love your company..."] The words were out before she could stop them. But as it stood she was too tired to even try to fully watch what she was saying. At least she meant it all.

As she felt his hand on her shin, the girl looked to the boy and smiled sadly. [b "It wouldn't be happy if you weren't in it somehow...So please try and make it through this. You deserve a happy future just as much if not more than anyone else, Harry... I mean it."] Hermione whispered, her hand moving to rest over his.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 1y 10h 4m 37s
Harry smiled faintly at her words. Everything sounded like a life he would love to share with her. He almost said as much, but bit his tongue. Friendship was all he was going to get from her, and he would not spoil it by making her uncomfortable.

[b "Well, I suppose I'd be coming to visit you and teaching you to garden so you don't kill your plants. I do all of the yard and garden maintenance for my aunt and uncle. I'll show you how to grow a vegetable garden so you always have fresh ingredients to cook with. And then, you'll have to feed me, of course. That'll be my payment,"] he nudged her calf with his hand.

[b "A quiet life sounds perfect. I'd like a small cottage. Easy to maintain. Quiet enough where I can sit outside and not hear traffic or yelling,"] he can practically hear the Dursley's neighbours at every hour, with their loud televisions and bickering matches that go well into the night.

Harry frowned after considering a quiet future. [b "Truth be told, I haven't let myself imagine a life after all of this. I've always thought that I would jinx it, in a way. Letting myself believe I'll survive the war seems like a good way to be disappointed if everything goes south. I don't want to long for a life that I might not get to have."]

His hand rested on her shin. [b "I hope you get that peaceful life, though. You deserve it after all the garbage you've put up with these past five years, hanging around me. If anyone deserves a happy future, it's you."]
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 1y 10h 40m 33s

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