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[b "You haven't got the choice in this. It is only Malfoy and you know I can handle him.
And I can take care of myself."] Her words were whispered because she didn't want it seeming as if she were talking to someone. But even as she said the words, there was the slightest hint of a tremor to her words. She did not trust the Slytherin boy anymore than Harry or anyone else did for that matter. Just she could not say that. Especially NOT in the moment.

Silence fell and as always, Draco had a smug look upon his face. One that said he was in control and he wanted to watch her squirm. Or that was the case until the shattering of glass could be heard. Just as quickly as Malfoy glanced to it, so did Hernione. Letting out a breath, the girl shrugged. [b "You honestly think I could or would do that? How do we know that you didn't? Or that another student isn't out of bed and trying to pull pranks?"] Oh she knew too well that it had been Harry. Especially after what he had done to his aunt in their third year and the rising temper he had at the moment. But she would NOT give any indications.

[b "It's okay.."] She whispered as she heard the soft retreating. And then again brown gaze was upon Malfoy. [b "Well lets get on with it. You don't want to be stuck with me any more than I do with you."]

It took another couple of hours before they were relieved by Ron and the Hufflepuff prefect. She did ask if he had seen Harry and he told her that he hadn't. So she knew where to look.

As she made her way up to the owlery. [b "Are you okay?"] She asked softly from the entrance, eyes on him as he pet the demanding snow white owl.
  Hermione / MourningGlory / 1h 34m 43s
Despite her moving closer, he kept his gaze firmly on Malfoy. He didn't trust the slimeball to not take a cheap shot at her if she so much as glanced away from him. [b "Like bloody hell am I leaving you here with him,"] he murmured back to her, fists still clenched at his sides.

Anger was bubbling in his chest. The Malfoy family always had an air of superiority complex surrounding themselves, but giving Draco a false sense of authority was going to end with someone getting hurt. Harry would be damned if he let Hermione be on the receiving end of a Malfoy tantrum.

Not far from where they stood, the intricate glass surrounding one of the wall-mounted lanterns exploded into a thousand shards. Harry jumped at the sound, just as Malfoy spun to look for the cause. [i "What are you playing at, Granger?"] Draco's voice tremored as he tried to maintain stoic. [i "Using wandless magic against a fellow prefect?"]

Harry's heart was hammering in his chest. He knew without question that the explosion had come from him; the same uncontrolled magic that burst from him when he blew up Aunt Marge. Harry hadn't had a moment like that in ages. He usually worked hard at keeping his emotions as in check as he could, knowing what he was unintentionally capable of if his anger got the best of him.

Hermione was right. He needed to leave.

[b "I'm so sorry, Hermione,"] he backed up in a hurry, putting as much distance between them as he could.

What good was he if he couldn't even keep his emotions in check at the slightly provocation? Not wanting to go to the Gryffindor common room where he'd be surrounded by people, he headed straight for the owl conservatory. To Hedwig. She always relaxed him with her demand for attention.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 50d 10h 34m 49s
[i "You make one move and I will tell Professor Umbridge. She has been waiting to get her hands on you and Potter again. And it would be even better if I was the one to gice you over."] Draco said, smirk on his lips. He was trying to get under her skin. Trying to get her to snap.

Hermione was very aware of the workings of one Draco Malfoy by now. She had seen him do this to others. Had him do it to her countless times. And she would be damned if she was going to let him make her make the first move. Lure her into it even. [b "Honestly, I thought you were smarter than that. Becoming a puppet. But then, you always did fawn over those with power."] The girl retorted, giving a quick glance to where she knew Harry to be.

The girl was slowly backing towards Harry but keeping her attention on Malfoy. The boy's face was red with clear indignation at the words she spoke. As always she seemed to push buttons with him. The bad part to this.. Umbridge would get him out of it IF he were to snap. And somehow put it on her.

[b [i "You need to get back to the common room...He is close to snapping..."]] Her words were soft and quick as her free hand moved behind her back and brushed the silky surface of the invisibilty cloak.
  Hermione / MourningGlory / 57d 2m 33s
His heart stuttered in his chest when he heard Malfoy mention the two of them dating. He must have seen them in Hogsmead, alone together. Either that, or someone was following them and reporting back to Malfoy, likely so he could then pass information to Umbridge. As soon as the panic came, it was gone when Hermione defended him and their relationship, even if she didn't confirm it out loud.

He found himself smirking as Malfoy's scowl took over, never liking being insulted by someone he considered lesser than himself. Hermione knew just how to push his buttons, all while retaining her own calm and cool demeaner. She was a force to be reckoned with.

The second Harry saw their wands drawn and aimed at each other, he saw red. Every ounce of his Gryffindor blood was pumping angrily in his veins, screaming at him to take Malfoy out before he even had the chance to utter a curse. The rational side of his brain, however small it might be, was the only anchor keeping his feet in place and his mouth firmly shut.

[i Hermione knows almost every curse and countercurse found in every book within this castle,] he forced himself to think. [i She can out-duel Malfoy with her eyes closed.]

Still, just because she was eight levels above Malfoy in skill and intelligence didn't mean that he was comfortable with her on the receiving end of an angry Slytherin. Especially one with a bloated ego and newly granted authority under Umbridge's command.

God, what he wouldn't give to know wandless magic already. It would take barely a muttered curse, and he'd have Malfoy in the air, upside down by now. [b "Come on, Hermione,"] he spoke lowly, barely a whisper.

He wasn't sure what he was begging for. To let him intervene? Or maybe it was urging her to make the first move to disarm Draco before he could do real damage to her with a botched spell.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 84d 9h 36m 41s
She had fallen into step beside Malfoy, but did not at all like it. As was usual, the blonde Slytherin male was running his mouth. Saying how the Ministery was cracking down on the filth it should have cleaned up years ago. And how he wondered who would be sacked next. It truly was grating on her nerves but she had to let ig pass in one ear and out the other. If she didn't, then Hermione would be punching him in the face again. It wouldn't be the first time, but with him being one of Umbridge's pets, the girl knew that she would would get into deep trouble. Curses or something again.

[b "You don't need a wand for everything, you know. It was only the wind. You're even jumpier tonight than usual."] The Gryffindor prefect muttered with a roll of her eyes as the Malfoy boy happened to reach for his wand for what must have been the dozenth time. It was unnerving that he was so quick to want to use magic. And she felt bad for whoever or whatever happened to be on the recieving end. Draco was not known to take the spells he used lightly and loved to make others pay.

Her eyes did go back over her shoulder. She couldn't see him, but she knew that her best friend was still there. And she did offer a weak smile. It was her way of saying how much she truly did hate this and wanted it over with.

[i "If you're so clever, why don't you prove it?"] Came the retort to her own words. [i "And it looks like you're slacking in being a prefect. Sneaking away and using the power to get other students out of trouble. Particularly Potter. You know it's going around the school that the two of you are dating. That you are only doing it for his fame."] Draco said with a smirk.

[b "Shut up, Malfoy. We all know half the rumours are started by your mouth. And for the record, I wouldn't be ashamed at all to be dating Harry. He's ten times better than you'll ever be. A lot smarter and braver. Oh yes and compassionate too. And I would NEVER use him in the same way other girls would. You're still just the pathetic and foul boy you've always been."] The girl hissed out, watching as Draco's face turned bright red and he drew his wand.

And in a second, her own was drawn. She really was praying Harry wouldn't do anything stupid. But more so, the girl was hoping Malfoy wouldn't start this duel and then tell Umbridge that she did.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 90d 1h 25m 36s
Harry's smile immediately vanished upon hearing the Slytherin slime ball taunt her. He could think of at least eight spells he'd love to hurl at Malfoy to shut him up and/or traumatize him for life, but he forced himself to behave. No sense in giving up the game just yet.

He allotted them a good ten seconds head start, to ensure his footsteps wouldn't draw any unwanted attention. The cloak was great for invisibility but unfortunately lacked any sound muffling capabilities. For now, he'd content himself with watching from a distance to make sure that Malfoy didn't do anything stupid to warrant his interference.

Hermione could handle herself if a situation occurred in which Malfoy needed to be put in his place. It wouldn't be the first time she'd punched him in the face, and it likely wouldn't be the last, given the fact that Draco Malfoy was famous for running his mouth. She didn't need Harry to run in and save her. No, he'd trust her to take care of herself unless she absolutely needed assistance.

Unfortunately, Harry was worried that Malfoy's new ego inflation as an Umbridge minion would make him believe he could get away with whatever 'punishment' he deemed necessary. It wouldn't be surprising if he felt superior enough to curse another student under a false pretense of self defense. Luckily, Hermione was far more intelligent and less likely to rise to whatever obvious bait Malfoy would lay out.

The castle always was creepy at night. Flickering shadows left you confused if one of the resident ghosts had merely passed by a doorway, or if you were being followed. Harry's eyes narrowed as he noted Malfoy's particularly jumpy reactions to any noises; most specifically that the Slytherin boy's hand would immediately go for the wand tucked into his waistband if so much as a gust of wind whistled outside of the window. It was unsettling that he was so quick to respond with a spell to something that could be as minor as a cat scurrying by.

It made him more nervous that Hermione could be on the receiving end of a poor judgment call in which Malfoy fires off a spell out of adrenaline-fueled fear.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 100d 10h 27m 46s
It was terrible for her to be encouraging Harry to sneak out. She was usually the logical and good one in their group of three. So what was wrong with her? And as soon as she put the idea into his head, Hermione did feel guilty. He was her best friend..maybe even boyfriend and here she was suggesting he do something that could get him into MAJOR trouble if he was caught.

But before she could voice any of those thoughts, Harry and she were agreeing to meet outside the tower's entrance. And he was off to get his cloak. But even with as guilty and bad as she felt for what she had done..what she was asking for him to do, Hermione could at least admit she was thankful for not having to face Malfoy alone. The platinum blonde Slytherin just got under her skin. He had since their first year and it had just gotten worse over the years.

Her mind was wandering and so the grabbing of her sides made her squeak and turn to face where Harry's voice had come from. [b "Who could ever be ready to face Malfoy? But as long as I have you there, I think I can live."] The girl replied with a faint smile slipping to her lips as her hands were at her sides. As much as she wanted to hold his hand, she couldn't or she would give him away.

Hernione couldn't help her snicker when Harry asked about stuffing Malfoy in the closet if he got to be too much. [b "Honestly we could. He is one of Umbridge's favourites..so he would go straight to her. But the idea is very tempting."] The girl whispered as soon they came upon the self-proclaimed "Slytherin Prince".

[i "Certaintly took you long enough, Granger. Was almost thinking I would have to tell Professor Umbridge that the Gryffindor prefect was slacking off."] He sneered, brushong against her shoulder, walking past her to start their rounds.

[b "And so it begins.."] She muttered to where Harry could only hear and she began to follow her "partner".
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 102d 2h 57m 42s
Harry laughed. [b "I'm not sure there's anything about dancing I'll feel comfortable with. Give me a broomstick a hundred feet in the air, and I'm golden. Ask me to dance without tripping over myself and I'm a lost cause."]

Any chance he could get to ensure she wouldn't have to suffer around Malfoy alone was an opportunity he was going to take. [b "I like where your head is at. I'm always on board with keeping Malfoy in check."]

With a plan to meet her outside of the portrait, he dashed upstairs to get the invisibility cloak. Everyone in the common room was far too engrossed in their own activities to notice him sneak back down the dormitory stairs and disappear out of the door. Unable to help himself, he had thrown the cloak on before exiting the portrait hole. [b "Ready?"] he announced himself by grabbing her sides to scare her.

Prefect rounds were never fun, and he didn't envy the sheer amount of night rounds she was assigned. The silence of the castle made the job seemingly never ending. [b "Think we can lock him in a closet if he gets too annoying?"] he asked, adjusting to make sure he was fully covered by the cloak.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 123d 11h 34m 1s
Hermione huffed and had to stop a snort from escaping her. He had been handsome but never the sort she would consider and not her type. [b "To be fair, I think the Bulgarian 'bon-bon' as he was commonly referred to would be more Ron's type than my own. I prefer boys who are not overly broody and have a charm about them. A way of getting into trouble too."] She teased softly. She couldn't help that she was still in a good mood and was just going with things for the moment.

Ron caught her words and his head did shoot up as he looked to them. [i "Oi!"] Their red haired fried huffed and the older Weasley boys laughed. They had immediately gone back to how much Ron had idolized Krum during the Quidditch World Cup and so had begun their little song to terrorize him a bit.

So it had been a little mean, but she knew her words would get all the Weasleys off their backs for a few moments at least as they were soon closer to the middle of the floor space. Her hand in his as she gave him a smile. [b "You know dancing doesn't have to match the music. It's what we're comfortable with..and to just have fun."] She said with a smile, looking him in the eyes as she fell into step with him quite easily.

Dancing still was not her thing but she happened to enjoy it when with him. She didn't have to pretend to be something or someone she wasn't. [b "Feel like taking the cloak out and coming with me and Malfoy on rounds? I really can't handle another night alone with him and his mouth.. He is the most arrogant boy in this entite castle."] She whispered.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 127d 17m 2s
Harry feigned flattery, pressing his free hand against his chest. [b "Are you saying that plain old Harry Potter is a better date than the Bulgarian bon-bon, Viktor Krum?"]

[i "Well, you don't stand around brooding with a scowl half the time, so that's a point in your favour,"] Ginny joked.

He pulled Hermione to a bit more open space. [b "I'm just saying, the papers were all about his - how did they phrase it? Right, his 'chiseled marble' good looks. How could I ever compete with the Quidditch dream boat?"]

[i "Merlin's beard, don't fish for compliments. It's not becoming of a gentleman,"] the Weasley sister rolled her eyes. [i "Shut up and dance already."]

Harry was halfway to a waltz step when he hesitated. [b "Knowing how to swing dance would be really handy right about now,"] his feet moved a bit awkwardly as they searched for a rhythm to the big band playing from the record. [b "McGonagall's ballroom lessons won't do me much good right now, I'm afraid."]

Despite the clumsy shuffling, the smile hadn't left his face as he held her right hand in his left, while his own right rested on her waist.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 134d 11h 8m 25s
The laugh that came from Harry and that bounced around the stonewalls was a nice sound to hear. A rare sound as he didn't laugh that much. So she would definitely try and remember the sound of it. [b "How about we try and make that our goal by the end of the term? Up to the challenge?"] The girl asked with a laugh of her own as the two of them made their way up the last staircase that would lead them into Gryffindor Tower.

When they entered, Hermione could only picture those television shows she would watch every once in awhile with her mum and dad. The music and the dancing and just everyone being strung about doing their own thing. It made her think for a moment that they were more in a muggle setting than in a mgical school. And just for a moment their was really no reason for them to be the odd ones out.

A hand moved into Harry's that had been held out and a smile crossed her lips. [b "Three it is. And I think I'm a little better now than I had been too..might be easier with someone you actually like."] Her words were soft as she spoke them. Only meant for his ears. But Ron's comment brought a fire to her eyes and she had to literally bite her tongue to not retort. She would NOT ruin her last free hour or two before patrolling with a troll arguing with their red haired friend.

[b "Shall we?"] She asked, turning back to Harry with a small smile.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 138d 1h 5m 3s
His laugh bounced off the stone walls. [b "So two dates in one day is the high score to beat. Soon enough we'll have to have a date every hour on the hour. I'm sure we could manage twenty four dates in a day."]

Surprisingly, the Gryffindor common room was still fairly lively upon their return. Someone had brought out a charmed record player that was filling the air with an upbeat jazz number, with Ginny and a few of her friends dancing along. Small groups of classmates were scattered around the room; some bobbing along as they did their homework, others focused intensely on card games and chess boards in front of them.

[b "Did we not get invited to the party?"] Harry raised an eyebrow.

[i "It was dreary around here. We needed to liven things up a bit,"] Ginny answered. [i "It's Saturday night, why should we leave the fun in Hogsmead?"]

It was hard to argue with that logic. Harry put the basket on a table and held a hand out to Hermione. [b "What do you say? Want to raise the high score to three dates? I promise I dance a bit better than I did at the Yule Ball."]

[i "You're nauseating,"] Ron chimed from his place by the fire, not even taking his eyes off the chess board as he faced off against Neville.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 144d 13h 34m 23s
[b "Harry, you took on a troll in our first year to save me...Third year let me take you back in time to help an innocent man AND took one easily a hundred dementors. And last year had the Tri Wizard...someone who isn't brave would have never been able to face all of that. So I think you have filled the name and more. And you could never disappoint me."] The girl said with a soft smile as she explained the true reasons behind the name that she had chose. Ever the shy one..but this was something she needed for him to understand. AND something she was more than sure that he needed to be hearing to help get him through the times ahead.

Her own cheeks flushed when he mentioned "when you're head girl" and she couldn't help her small and almost timid smile. [b "You know there is no one else I would rather do that for or with.."] Came her soft words as she watched the blanket and food pack itself back into the basket. He really had become better with his magic.

Soon her hand was taken by his and she nodded. [b "We should perhaps make a game? See how many dates we can go on at a time? Because I do know I loved the two today."] She said as the walked the mercifully quiet and empty corridors. Her mind was starting to wander and the moment Harry stepped closer was the moment that she unconsciously had done the same. The warmth for one...and just she found the closeness a comfort.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 145d 15h 25m 11s
Harry nudged her shoulder. [b "You made a very adorable cat. The prettiest in all the land,"] he teased in good humor.

Puffing out his chest, he donned a superhero pose. [b "I was thinking something humble for myself. The Golden Boy, or Prince Charming. Are those too obvious?"]

He hadn't been expecting the title she went with. His head tilted in thought. [i Fortem]. Ever one to be bashful at even the slightest compliment, his face flushed red. [b "You think I'm brave enough to earn that name? Seems like some big shoes to fill. I'd hate to disappoint you."]

The boy who lived scowled and pouted when she pointed out that it was time to head back. [b "Wait until you're Head Girl. Then we can stay away as long as we'd like. So long as you sneak me out late at night on your rounds to join you. It'll be our own stealthy adventure."]

A wave of his wand saw their food and blanket packed back into the basket. Without hesitation, Harry reached down to take her hand for their walk back. [b "Two dates in one day. We've got quite the record to beat next time around. You up for the challenge, Miss Granger?"]

The corridor was mercifully empty this time around, with only the distant noise of portraits chattering to each other on the walls. Late September had put a chill in the air, made worse by the poorly heated stone hallways. For more reasons than one, Harry stepped a bit closer to her so their shoulders practically touched as they walked.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 154d 13h 40m 52s
A smile crossed her lips when Harry had said he wanted to let her mum and dad know he was on their side and didn't like getting her into the trouble they got into. But the truth was she didn't mind. She would ALWAYS be there for him and she would always help him. He was her bestfriend after all. This time she didn't voice it, but she was sure he knew it.

[b "New marauders.. You know that's actually kind of the case."] Her words were thoughtful as she fell silent again and listened to his next words.

[b "If you want to call me Whiskers, it would make sense. And it is fitting with Crookshanks and our little Poly Juice mishaps. Still can't believe I had been so stupid. I should have realised the difference between human hair and cat fur."] The girl muttered with a shake of her head. Every now and again Ron did like to tease her and say how she looked good with ears and a tail. Of course no one really knew what that meant but the three of them.. But she STILL hated that it had happened and even was embarrassed of it. [b "For you, your name could always be 'Fortem'.. It's Latin for brave.."] And she had chosen it because he was the bravest person she knew. It was one of the things that drew her to him in the first place. One of the things she had found so very endearing.

Her hand soon moved into his. [b "Come on..we best be getting back. The others will probably start a search party or something if we're not careful. And I do have...prefect duty too.."] Those last words were quiet as she was inwardly cringing. Draco still wasn't much better about it. Still pigheaded and still made her do most of the scolding or telling off when they needed to do it.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 156d 19h 3m 14s

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