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"You, Ron were raised better. At least our sister still has some decency." She said and sighed deeply. She was happy Hermione was sticking up for herself.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 19d 3h 55m 29s
"She was our friend first." Ron shot at his sister. He didn't care that he sounded spoiled or rude. Didn't care that he made Hermione sound like a posessession either.

"I am a humam being, Ronald! And I can be friends with or help whomever I want." Hermiome snapped as she moved closer to the other girl
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 19d 15h 51m 17s
"It doesn't matter if there is more or not. And she keeps those secrets cause i have asked her to, and she is a great friend to keep them for me." She said glaring at her brother.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 19d 15h 57m 8s
Ron's glare was ice cold. "Because I know there is more between you and Malfoy. And Hermione is also keeping secrets." He hissed
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 19d 17h 25m 33s
"Then this needs to be kept a secret. Though i am not sure why you are making such a big deal aabout it. " she said softly grinning at her brother like a slytherin would.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 19d 19h 23m 47s
Ron recoiled at his sister's words. "I don't want that bloody bloke anywhere NEAR the family." He hissed, venomously.
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 19d 22h 41m 53s
"You really want Lucius over to the house for dinner?" She asked and grinned at him.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 20d 3h 17m 44s
"What's the big deal if people know?!" Ron asked, more like demanded
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 20d 16h 13s
"It isn't like you will keep this a secret." She said simply to her brother. "People can't know about this. There will be a lot put into danger if certain people know right now."
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 20d 16h 32m 59s
Ron had been listening and then his eyes widened. "You're not bloody serious are you?!" The boy shouted out
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 20d 21h 9m 12s
She nodded her head and looked to her brother who had been surprisingly quiet.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 22d 17h 2m 54s
"I do think I agree with.. Miss Weasly, though I do believe Severus should be the one to do it. It is afterall part of his area of expertise." The man said, sparkling blue eyes scanning all the faces in the room
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 22d 17h 14m 54s
"I just want him to forget seeing Draco and I. That is all. I mean if you want to erase his dislike for me that would be a bonus." She said with a slight laugh.
  Darkelfprincess / 22d 17h 25m 33s
"Headmaster, should we not just have Mister Weasley forget? It would save everyone trouble?" Severus asked quietly
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 24d 13h 53m 6s
"That is the reason." She said simply. She wasn't going to tell him the truth.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 24d 18h 32m 2s

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