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SShe looked over at him. Question in her eyes, as well as pain.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 210d 3h 51m 4s
Draco looked over to Odile and mouthed an 'I'm sorry' to her.
  Draco Malfoy / LooneyMoony / 3y 210d 3h 53m 46s
"Sure. He loves me unlike you." She said and turned to hide.
  Marik / Darkelfprincess / 3y 210d 4h 28m 5s
"Because I want to show you what scum your little Malfor truly is!"
  Draco Malfoy / LooneyMoony / 3y 210d 4h 36m 26s
"Ron. Why are you doing this?" She screamed and dodged.
  Marik / Darkelfprincess / 3y 210d 4h 42m 47s
Ron's attention by now had come to rest on Odile. "Lets see how much he really cares." And with that the boy aimed and fired a spell at his twin, Draco shooting a counter.
  Draco Malfoy / LooneyMoony / 3y 210d 4h 48m 36s
"No draco. I wont let him hurt you." She said an took out her wand.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 210d 18h 32m 14s
Draco looked to the girl as she shoved him. "Get out of here. Leave him to me."
  Draco Malfoy / looneymoony / 3y 211d 3h 18m 31s
She shoved draco out of the way and ducked. "No ron. You were like this from the moment i was placed in slytherin."
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 211d 3h 33m 33s
"To fucking use you and turn you against me!" Ron shouted and shot the curse he had been thinking to use.
  Draco Malfoy / LooneyMoony / 3y 211d 4h 1m 57s
"Then why is it he was showing me more love and caring than my own flesh and blood, ron. My own god damned twin."
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 211d 4h 51m 50s
Draco's wand was soon out as he stayed between Odile and Ron.

"He was probably using you! Malfoy doesn't care about anyone." Ron muttered.
  Draco Malfoy / looneymoony / 3y 211d 5h 1m 58s
"No. He is your enemy. He was there for me after you abused me.""
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 211d 5h 4m 2s
"You're with fucking Malfoy! Our worst enemy, unless you forgot!" Ron shouted, wand soon out and aimed at the pair.
  Draco Malfoy / looneymoony / 3y 211d 5h 14m 2s
She pulled away quickly and hid behind him. "What does it matter to you?"
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 211d 5h 30m 46s

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