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He smiled and walked with her into the living room. He took the shot and downed it before he set the glass down and sat down beside her. He thought for a moment before he said "I thought that she was the one. I thought she loved me, but she didn't... She was cheating on me the whole time. She was just trying to get money from me... only money."
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 20h 24m 43s
She looked at him, her cheeks tear stained as she was shaking a bit. She nodded. She first poured herself and him a shot of Moonshine and gave it to him. "To our secrets and sorrows." She said hoarsely. She downed her shot, wincing at the taste and strongness of it. She then sat down with him on the couch and looked at him. "You start..."
  Ashtyn Jamie Rose / -Infinity / 5y 221d 20h 46m 35s
He held her close for a moment longer before he leaned back a little bit to look down into her eyes. "I will share about her, if you share about that bruise on her cheek and the other bruises. Deal?" He asked as he moved his hands from her back to her elbows, still looking into her eyes.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 21h 46s
She looked up at him and smiled, nodding slightly. She watched as he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her tightly. She did the same, burrying her nose into the crook of his neck. "Do you wanna talk about her?" She asked softly her voice muffled by his shirt. She hugged him tightly, knowing it would be hard but it would be better for him to get it off of his chest.
  Ashtyn Jamie Rose / -Infinity / 5y 221d 21h 34m 20s
He walked in and shut the door as he felt her arms wrap around him and her body close or his own. He was surprised as he looked down at her and gently placed a hand on her back in a small hug back. When she pulled away and said that she didn't ever find out his name, he smiled a little bit and said "My name is Christopher James... but, please, just call me Chris." He slowly stepped close and wrapped his arms around her. He just needed to hug her. He needed to feel his arms around her... and to feel her arms around him.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 21h 47m 15s
She had taken a shot of moonshine {90% alcohol} And cringed. She shook it off and opened the door, a bruise on her cheek along with other small places on her body. She smiled at him softly. "Come in please..." She said, opening the door for him to come in. As he was in, she hugged him gently. She felt safe in his arm's, not even knowing who he was yet. She sighed softly, closing her eyes as she felt tears slip down her cheeks. "I never got your name..." She said softly, pulling back from him.
  Ashtyn Jamie Rose / -Infinity / 5y 221d 22h 2m 22s
He nodded over the phone even though he knew she wouldn't see the gesture. He soon was back in his room and getting dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He told his maid and butler he was going out for a while before he turned on the GPS on his cell phone he grabbed as he headed out to his car. He needed someone to talk to and he also wanted to help her since she had helped him.

After a few minutes, he knocked on her door and stood there. He felt kind of awkward standing there since he wasn't really used to things like this. He was used to going somewhere for business or small social gatherings. He has never really had someone he might be able to call a friend.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 22h 8m 30s
She stopped from pulling out the orange juice from her fridge and sighed softly, feeling tears come to her cheeks. "Be here soon...." She said softly, giving him the address before she hung up. took a shower, then did her hair and make-up beautifully before changing into her PJ's and grabbing her key to her secret alcohol storage and pulled out the strong stuff and set out snacks and movies for the both of them, she needed a friend as well.
  Ashtyn Jamie Rose / -Infinity / 5y 221d 22h 30m 52s
He listened to her and heard a hint of desperation and hurt in her voice as she talked to him. He thought for a moment before he said "You need to get your mind off of something too, don't you?" He knew that sound in her voice. He had heard it in his own voice last night. He hated hearing it but he also knew what it meant. Someone had hurt her... bad.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 22h 35m 21s
She opened her mouth, hearing that he had called her she took a sip of water. "It's quite alright.... I'm glad you called to be honest, you don't need to hang up.... But if you want, you can come over, hang out with me until I need to leave for work." She said, looking at the clock next to her bedside, rubbing her eyes. She let out a small yawn and got up, getting something out of the fridge. "We can talk, or watch movies all day in PJ's.... Or go out and have fun, something to get your mind off of what's upsetting you."
  Ashtyn Jamie Rose / -Infinity / 5y 221d 22h 48m 41s
"Hey. I'm sorry if I woke you. I... I just wanted to say thanks for last night. I... don't think I would have made it home without your help. So, um... thanks, Ashtyn." He said to her after hearing that she had probably just woken up. He waited for a minute before he said "I... I guess I should let you get back to sleep. Sorry for waking you." He looked down for a moment to before he got ready to hang up, it expecting her to say anything.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 221d 22h 55m 29s
Since she had night shifts, Ashtyn was usually sleeping during the day. She whimpered when she heard her phone ring and she picked it up, not bothering to see who it was. "Ashtyn Rose speaking." She said hoarsley. She had a rough night, her boyfriend had finally done it hit her on the cheek and left. She had broken up with him that night and was a little depressed. "Who is this?" She asked, opening her eyes to look at the clock.
  -Infinity / 5y 222d 3h 40m 3s
He looked up at her again and then looked away as she helped him up. He didn't try and pull away as she grabbed his wallet and helped him out to her car. He got in and just sat there as she got in and drove him to his condo.

When they got there, his maid and butler helped her a little bit to get him ready for bed. He was too drunk to really resist any of it. He just sighed and laid in his bed as he tried to fall asleep. Soon, he finally fell asleep. His butler took the piece of paper she had left and put it on the fridge, a magnet holding it in place.

The next day, Christopher woke up and looked around for a moment before he moaned a little bit from the headache he had. He slowly got out of bed and headed for the kitchen to make some coffee. When he started the coffee and headed to the fridge for some creamer, he saw her name and number. He smiled a little bit and then grabbed his home phone. He dialed the number and hoped that he wasn't catching her at a bad time.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 222d 4h 14m 44s
She smiled, shaking her head. "No no no, it's no trouble at all... I can see your going through a tough time right now, you shouldn't be alone." She said, she helped him up and out the back door, finding his wallet she looked up his address and took him back to the condo he had. She took him upstairs and got him in bed, smiling at the maid and butler. SHe helped get him out of his suit, tie and got him in some comfortable PJ's with his shirt off. She also brought him orange juice and some asprin. She stayed with him until he fell asleep then left him her number with her name on it and it simply said to call her if he needed a friend.
  -Infinity / 5y 222d 7h 52m 5s
He kept getting drinks from all of these girls but he never talked with them for long before they just left after they found out he wasn't interested. He silently cried and drank as the hours passed by. Soon, he realized he was too drunk to drive home but he also didn't want to call a cab. After a moment, he felt a little sick and was about to get up before he felt someone helping him up and to the bathroom.

After emptying his stomach, Christopher looked up to the voice that offered him a ride. He thought about it before he shook his head. He thought she was pretty and would hate to cause her trouble like that. "N-no. I... I can call someone. I don't want to trouble you with my sorry self." He said as he leaned against the wall and tried to keep himself from crying.
  Christopher James / Rusin / 5y 222d 8h 12m 49s

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