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[b Setting:]
Utopia: Omega. A city that engulfs millions upon millions of lives. A place where one could achieve anything, obtain anything, become anything. Where nothing ever goes wrong or awry. Everyone can be what they want to be thanks to advancements in technology and science. And it is only one of the Utopias, across the globe there are others; Alpha, Beta, Delta, Zeta and so on. Perfection within each individually contained and maintained city. Nothing could be better for those who only want to live in peace…

Or is it?

In this city there are darker things than anyone could have imagined, and it is all behind closed doors. Some people have gone missing, yet the situation never surfaces. Some are moving out of Omega and never return. Blood is seen one day, splattered across the walls, and yet the next day it is gone. As if it never happened, and the witnesses are said to have been “taken care of” by officials. No one questions the government, carrying on as if not a thing had happened. So…

Just what could be happening in the darkness of Utopia: Omega?

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[b Plot:]
Very few people are beginning to notice the small things that are happening, perhaps you are one of them. However, the growing uneasiness spikes when suddenly, thing take an interesting turn. A graphic image appears in the middle of the downtown section of Utopia: Omega, and everyone is there to see it. Live video footage of a person being mutilated with a cleaver. Screams of a man being ripped apart as his intestines become visible before being ripped clean out. The video continues to play until it is forcibly shut down by police officials. They try to assure everyone that say this that it was nothing more than an unapproved advertisement that a company was attempting to put up. That it was only a publicity stunt and nothing more...do you believe that was what it was? Also, is this the end of it or will there be much more to come? Just what is Utopia: Omega, and is it as safe as you have been lead to believe?

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[b Information:]
This role-play story focuses around the witnesses of the video footage and those with growing unease about Utopia: Omega. Do you wish to find out the truth about where you live? Do you wish to stay on the sidelines and believe that it was nothing more than what you were told to think? Perhaps you have a different goal in mind? Just what will you do?

[center [b [+red IMPORTANT!]]
Please read and abide by the information given below.]

[b [+red Rules/Guidelines]]
[b 1.]Follow all ES rules.
[b 2.]You are not god, so don't try to control everything. Unless you're Morgan Freeman.
[b 3.]Try to post at least once a week at the minimum. If something comes up, notify me in advance. Otherwise, your character might meet with a terrible fate.
[b 4.]Avoid any real-time drama with the other RPers if you can. Take it somewhere else if you need to.
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