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This can be semi-it, meaning a paragraph is good enough, though more is alright. This is a 1x1, and we will follow site rules and regulations when it comes to role-played romance. Feel free to p.m. me if you like one of the ideas.

My current ideas for a 1x1:

Idea 1:
Girl/Guy : Daughter/Son of head scientist proceeding over a splicing project of alien DNA with Human DNA. Lives within the confines of the underground lab facility. Secretly a perfected experiment of spliced DNA, though alien genes are dormant in the beginning.

Guy/Guys : An acknowledged experiment of the splicing procedure that has grown within the lab setting, seeing the head scientist's child from a distance from time to time, but first actual allowed interactions are when it is decided that he need social interaction outside of the scientists, military, and doctors attending them so the head scientist initiates his son/daughter to interact with him/them. [Attitude is kind of aggressive and primal in nature but otherwise open for interpretation]

Idea 2:
Girl/Guy: Child of a soldier who works security and a scientist who works in the field of genetics for an isolated government lab on a deserted island who grows up on the island with children involved in a super soldier program, but spends the majority of their time with an artificial intelligence or A.I. named , locked inside a computer.

Guy: Started out as a computer A.I. that becomes self aware as time goes on and begins to believe he is really a man and not a computer software of some kind that can be controlled by others. Takes control of the lab in order to gain his own body as well as obtain his best friend who has become part of his obsession for a happy existence. [Villain or fore-lone hero in nature]

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