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[center [#1b65d0 Kind of a Chatless title, V.2.0...The other one's pretty much empty, so I decided to revamp this one into a sort of mini rp. The chat will of course be for just talking, but the main will be for rping as intended. Any type of characters are welcome, and I'm not gonna bother locking this unless I have to. Sooooo, yeah, just think of it as a free-form rp with no rules other than the standard es rules...Though to avoid chaos I shall set up a starting point as an inn...]]

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Amanda watches as the darkened figure leaves. She in turn stalks to her room carefully and checks behind her every so offen. Once inside with her things she lays down for a little while. She doesn't take her shies off yet, nor does she change. She just lays there staring at the ceiling. She counts silently to herself. Recounting every second of her day. She feels its just her way of remember.
  Amanda Eagle / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 294d 15h 42m 49s
[h3 Amos]
As he was fiddling with his dagger, he seemingly froze. Unlike many of these others, he sensed a certain presence which he had been searching for, finally. Granted, it was faint, but it was there. Amos slipped his dagger back into hiding, standing. The male set a small set of coins down, then walked out.
Once outside, he glanced around. A harsh caw sounded, the raven appearing on his shoulder. Amos used a finger to pet its head, [#930133 "There you are. Anything?"]
The raven cawed 3 times in a row. Then Amos was soon looking through the raven's eyes. It was above this small town, searching, looking. Its gaze tipped, seeing a shadowy figure below, moving quickly. The raven had swooped lower, getting a better view of the ground. Whatever it was, the shadow appeared to be four legged, and unnaturally fast.
This last perhaps a minute, Amos' vision once again returning to his own. He turned his lavender gaze in the general direction the raven had been. The male's voice was low, [#930133 "So, she is here...once again probably killing in spite of what she is..."]
He turned his heel, starting to walk away. Amos drifted towards the shadows, speaking softly to himself, [#930133 "Well, supposedly my 'money-worthy' target is somewhere here...though it won't hurt to make a little side-mission."]
  Amos / Dragoncita / 4y 296d 6h 15m 55s
Frankly, Alec was impressed by the cavalier attitude that the white haired man took towards his injuries and their source, and it was only reasonable to assume that he must be used to fighting. [b "Uh-huh."] he replied, drinking his beer alongside that bloody mess.

[b "Last call!"] shouted the bartender, their voice filling up the room. Alec hadn't realized how late it had gotten, but the pressure behind his eyes confirmed the time -- it had to be at least 1 in the morning by now, or later.
  bells ♂ / occultist / 4y 296d 6h 56m 4s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/zYOyHNS.gif]
[h3 Amos & Roric]
Amos took note of the female who appeared to be in a hurry. Hm...interesting. He remained in his dark shadows. Amos heard the red head's words.
He only gave a slight smile, [#930133 "Pray that our paths remain neutral, if we meet again."]
The raven gave a caw at the end of its owner's words, as if emphasizing the point. Once Alec was away, the shadows seemed to increase around him. Yet his and the raven's eyes glowed, silhouette barely made out in the corner.
[#930133 "Roric, ji sauru au liir aurienk,"] he muttered softly.
The raven opened its wings, taking flight. It flew out the door as someone left.
  Amos / Dragoncita / 4y 297d 41m 2s
[size12 The man didn't notice someone had approached him because he was focused on the stinging wound on his chest. He heard the other man speak just as the wound stopped hurting.] [b "Fighting. Just a few gashes, popped stitches and bruises. Nothing too big."] [size12 He was oddly unaffected by the various wounds accept when something bothers the wounds directly. The male heaved a sigh and gulped down more beer.]
  Sora / -Serenity- / 4y 297d 49m 22s
Alec watches as the man receives the drink, his mouth betraying a rare smile that spreads his scar and makes it a lot more noticeable. He quickly forces his face back into a neutral expression and gulps more of his beer, almost finished. The woman leaves as fast as she had come, and he can see her throwing back a shot at the bar. If she keeps drinking like that, he won't be surprised to see her leave this place slurring and stumbling alongside the rest of the regulars.

Amos' strange, vaguely threatening words unease him, and now that he isn't dependent on the man to pick glass from his neck he decides it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave him. [b "Riiight. See ya later."] Not knowing where to go, he buys another drink and sits down beside the white haired fellow. [b "There a story behind that?"] he inquires, gesturing to the man's various injuries, which is to say, gesturing to his entire body.
  bells ♂ / occultist / 4y 297d 57m 23s
She walks away and heads back toward the exist. After doing her job she leaves the inn to report to her handler. Taking dark allies and several damp side streets she comes to a well lit home. The cast iron dorr screams wealth while the dirt before the door says they don't care. She knocks twice before knocking a thrid and final time. She then turns and leaves. This is her signal to say the job is done. Ahe almost returns to the inn to have a drink and congratulate herself, but she stops and takes another way around. Crouching she makes her way to a cellar.

The door is locked with a padlock connected to a black and rusted chain. This leads to the inn's lower quarters. She picks the lock as quietly as she can before sneaking down and looking around. She can't find what she is looking for so she leaves quietly without taking anything. Shutting the doors behind her. She feels it would be a mistakes to leave the inn and not return. Walking back inside, she takes another seat at the bar. This time farther from her previous mark.
  Amanda Eagle / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 297d 57m 54s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/zYOyHNS.gif]
[h3 Amos & Roric]
Amos' feet remained propped on the table. He listened silently to the conversations happening around him, hearing things only he could hear. The raven on his shoulder turned its head, looking around. The bird gave a sudden harsh caw, flapping its wings a bit, then settling down again.
As for Amos, he ran a finger down the edge of his dagger, [#930133 "No problem, but in the future, you might not be thanking me if it comes to it."]
As for the newcomers, he seemed to ignore them. They were not his concern.
  Amos / Dragoncita / 4y 297d 1h 17m 12s
[size12 The male had just got comfy in his seat. He looked up when he saw a beer appear in front of him. He looked up at the waiter that brought it to him. The waiter pointed to a red headed male then walked off. The white haired man turned his pink eyes to the man that was pointed out and gave him a thumbs up as if he was saying thanks before grabbing the glass and began gulping it down as if he was dying of thirst. He stopped though when some of the alcohol dribbled down onto his bandages and it just so happened to hit a barely healed wound.] [b "Shit!"] [size12 He hollers as he winces and holds a hand over the wound as it stings to high heaven.]
  Sora / -Serenity- / 4y 297d 1h 19m 15s
"Hello," she replies quiet. Her eyes track every movement of everyone around her. It seems as though paranoia has seeped deep into her bones and made a home there. Standing slowly she makes her way back to the bar where she orders a shot of Jack Daniels. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls another cigarette from her case and lights it. Drawing a deep breath, she stares ahead at the glass wall. Her mind relives the last couple months of her life. She's just turned twenty-one before being thrown out of her village to be on her own.

Turning, she picks up a conversatiom with the regular to her left. She faces awayfrom the bloodied and bandaged man. This man iisn't her mark. Her mark is to his right and beginning to make a lot of noise. She takes this as a chance to get up and walk around to him. With her drink in hand she makes sure he sees her slam it down before stumbling to him. While she has his full attention and he isn't paying attention to her moving slowly to his drink.

Sprinkling some dust into his drink she makes sure that when he leaves he'll slowly die feom bleeding internally. This isn't her job, she isn't an assassin, but she does odd jobs and fulfills wishes of the wealthy. Even if this means killing. She prefers to deliver messages or to retrieve items of importance.

She isn't a murder by trade, just a theif.
  Amanda Eagle / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 297d 1h 23m 28s
Alec watched as the instigator of the fight left, glad to see him gone. [i Good riddance,] he thought to himself. Turning back to the situation at hand, he wondered what language Amos was speaking to the raven and how on earth the bird understood it. [b "Thanks,"] he murmured, his face still sour yet tinged with an edge of relief as he dabbed the spot with the cloth, soaking up both the drink and his own blood alike, towel turning pink.

That's when the woman sits down beside him and faces Amos, saying that she found someone to talk to. She stinks of cigarette smoke and Alec doesn't know how he didn't realize it before, but it fills him with longing. His fingers tap a pattern onto the wooden table surface nervously, a tiny compulsion. He's trying to quit. [b "Hello again,"] looking over at the newcomer, his eyes widen. The bandages, the blood -- it's very intense, making the redhead wonder what happened for him to sustain such injuries. Taking a sip of his beer, the bartender walks past and Alec addresses him. [b "One beer for that guy, on me."] he orders, pulling out some money and paying, [b "He looks like he needs it."]
  bells ♂ / occultist / 4y 297d 1h 35m 49s
[size12 Coming towards what appears to be a tavern was a young man wrapped in bandages with a dress shirt a couple sizes far too large on but not buttoned up. He was battered and bruised like he just got into a fight. His right side was bleeding. Strangely, it didn't seem to bother him. He makes it to the door and kicks it open with the heel of his boot and walks inside, blood dripping to the floor in small spots as me moved towards a seat. His nearly knee length white hair flowed about like a cape behind him and was stained with blood. Once he reaches a suitable seat, he moves his hair out of the way and plops down into the chair, grunting from the sudden twinge of pain in his side.]
  Sora / -Serenity- / 4y 297d 1h 38m 56s
Before she can answer the red head moved away from her. She watches as he moves to another table. There she watches a taven pick glass from his wounds. Standing she moves toward the exist, yet she happens to bump into the red head again. She apologizes quickly before moving to the back of the bar. She notices the dark character.

This night proves to be fruitless for her, yet as she is about to leave, her mark walks in. She stops and looks down suddenly. She turns and slides into a seat. The man suddenly across from her has glowing lavender eyes and a red raven. She takes note of the man that helped the red head. She feels a pang of regret for not reacting faster to the man, but the past is the past.

"I'm sorry, I just found someone I wanna talk to." She smiles thinly as she turns. It is quite obvious that she is tracking the newcomer.
  shesmorethanamemory / 4y 297d 1h 45m 35s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/zYOyHNS.gif]
[h3 Amos & Roric]
He simply sat back, propping his boots on the table once again as the raven did its work. Amos moved his hand towards his side, seemingly pulling a wicked looking [http://knifeimport.com/images/products/detail/FMT040M.jpg dagger] from somewhere.
Amos turned the vicious looking blade in his gloved hands. He didn't look towards the other, gaze remaining on his dagger.
[#930133 "Good, I prefer keeping to the shadows. The darkness where very few dare to roam."]
He stopped for a moment, glancing over, [#930133 "No need to get so defensive right away kid. I was simply stating."]
[#930133 "Thaus os uniejh Roric,"] Amos suddenly stated.
The raven quit what it was doing. The bird hopped off of Alec's shoulder, once again returning to Amos' shoulder. It looked around, red eyes glowing.
  Amos / Dragoncita / 4y 297d 2h 32m 54s
Eyes widening as the stranger summoned his raven and the bird landed on his shoulder, Alec would probably be grimacing if this whole situation wasn't so god damn weird. He wasn't one to go running his mouth and irritating others with questions, but that didn't mean he didn't have them -- for one, how the hell did this guy train the bird so well that it could clean a wound? Still, for now the only sound that escaped his lips was a hiss of pain as the bird plucked each intruder piece out, dropping it on the table to be someone [i else's] mess.

[b "I don't know about [i you,] Amos"] He spit out between clenched teeth, resisting the urge to ball his fists, [b "but I didn't choose my name."] The man who threw the glass was leaving, and as he did he tossed a smug smile towards Alec and laughed. [i That asshole.]
  bells ♂ / occultist / 4y 297d 3h 48m 17s

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