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"John has experience with war and death though you can tell by looking at him. Arnold can barely do a round house kick without looking like a demented ballerina." she huffed "He shares a passion for computers and he is decent but I am afraid of the fear My will put into him. " she sighed as she fell back on her bed "What is the point of trying to get him involved if he is jut going to be scared off?" she said and sighed. "Not to mention his cousin was the one who I fought with today making him more of a risk." She said to Sherlock as she sighed "It's a risk." she said as he phone chimed again.

Arnold video message pop up on the screen [i "Hi it um me again I uh know you probably have more intelligent people to hang out with. But um the theory is good I promise it's not a waste of time and then maybe we could go to that music shop that you stop at. I know you don't play anymore but now that you are leaving the school I thought you might want to."] it ended and Lock glared at it for a second "If he knows then he shouldn't make stupid comments."
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Sherlock listened to his sister. It was true that their family was a target and it had only gotten worse over the years. "I know you don't want anyone to get hurt...but sometimes people make the conscious decision to be involved in your life even if they know it could be dangerous."

His first case with John came to mind. Sherlock had gotten himself into a dangerous situation with an insane cab driver and John was there even when he wasn't asked to be. "You know, I always considered myself a lone wolf when it came to sleuthing. But now I find it hard to even get through a case without bouncing ideas off of John. Maybe that's not necessarily a good thing, but the point is having some kind of support is good. Especially when you have two shitty brothers."

He chuckled at what Mycroft would say if he could hear Sherlock call him "shitty". Nonetheless, it was true. Lockette was stuck with two older brothers: one overbearing one and one who was barely involved in her life. You could hardly call it a functional family.
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"Arnold doesn't have theories he has detail plans that he wants someone smarter to be the face of so that his father doesn't see his work. It's like Mycroft with me Mycroft see's I'm good with computers and those skills and he rather have me doing it for the right side for the money. His father doesn't know that his son actually hand made the robot that works in his mother's bakery washing the dishes and lifting heavy ingredients. He also wants to be home schooled so he can help his mother more." Lock explain as she looked at the blueprints. "He also get's me to see if the machine can be hacked into easily for military purpose. He also burns all the blue prints to each thing he creates so that no one can remake it." She mutter.

"The teacher just rave about how prefect students we are and it's so annoying. His dad thinks I'm leading down to wrong path until he met Mycroft than Arnold avoided me because his daddy wanted to be on better terms with Mycroft. " She said weakly. "He wants to be more but I can't drag him into this the Holmes family have targets painted on our back the less causalities the better." she whispered.
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Mycroft was [i always] concerned about his siblings causing a crisis. Although, Sherlock really couldn't blame him now given that he had killed a very important person, thus causing a crisis. In his defense he had done a necessary evil but that term always seemed to set Mycroft off. He chuckled at his sister's comment anyway. "Mycroft worries about us too much, he's an old man. I think he'll be completely bald within the next few years."

Sherlock listened to the video message from the boy who seemed to be a genuine person. "I wonder what his theory is...perhaps you should respond, that is, if you want to." He paused for a moment to consider what to say next. "I never imagined that I would say this, but having an ally or friend is important." He had changed dramatically since his friendship with John, he cared about things he would have never given a second thought. And leaving John and his family when he was pretending to be dead? Sherlock had always thought he would be fine being completely alone but it had turned out to be a considerable challenge.
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Lockette smiled at him gently "They said a normal person wouldn't watch the video of your death during breaks. But in all honesty it was my way of trying to figure out what happen." she muttered to him. As she looked at the string in her lap. "You say that like it's a question we are the smartest people in England and we are smarter than My when we are together." she said and for a moment it was like they were children again because that how it went when they were children. Sherlock and her were horribly cunning when they were together.

"Why what did My call us oh yes! 'If I leave you two alone you will cause a National Crisis before I have a chance to finish my tea.'" she said with a gleam in her eye. As her phone beeped with a text as she opened it.

The message was a video message from one of the boys in the computer club. [i "Oh I hope this is the right number. Hello Ms. Holmes you probably don't know me but I'm Arnold I was supposed to be your lab partner. Oh but I guess um we aren't now are we? I uh wanted to ask you your opinion on a theory of mine. I hope this video message get's too you."] The boy stop talking and you could see her bullies in the background laughing and pointing at him. Lock just shook her head.

"Arnold is at the bottom like me his mother runs the bakery that makes Mycorft's cakes and his father is some political figure I think that was the only reason Mycroft let him near me." She said as she sighed wondering if she should answer.
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Sherlock chuckled and agreed that a lot of their talks had been avoiding Mycroft's attention. He listened to the rest of what she had to say, with one hand resting underneath his chin. A lump began to form in his throat when she mentioned his faked death. He hadn't calculated that it would effect how people viewed her. "That's a strange response, don't you think? For all they knew I was actually dead...you would think that would make people want to comfort you."

His mouth twitched slightly and a strange look passed over his face. "That must have been really hard for you. I honestly don't think I can apologize enough." It was hard to tell where Sherlock was looking, his eyes seemed to be looking towards something beyond the wallpapered walls. At last his gaze refocused and he gave Lockette a sad smile.

"People don't seem to like us Holmes'. Well, I guess I can't speak for Mycroft particularly but he doesn't exactly have many friends. Neither do I. I was always alone in school and I definitely had trouble with bullies but..." Sherlock didn't finish his sentence.

Instead he turned his head to look at his sister, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Do you suppose we're just too smart for them? We intimidate them with brains so they intimidate us with violence." He laughed at the suggestion after realizing his days of being intimidated by violence were long gone.
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Lockette jump out of her skin when her brother was by her bed and she took her head phones out as she sat up weakly. "I believe most of those talks were how not to get caught by Mycroft." she whispered weakly with as sad smile on her face letting him sit down as she pulled out her string to do Cat's cradle as she sighed. "I wish I had never step foot in the school's hall. I was perfectly fine with my books and your cases." she whispered to him softly as they played the game it was an easy way to talk to him focus on something.

With a shaking voice she sighed "The fight was not the first one it was just the one that drew the most attention. They have been happening since I became an outcast. When you faked your death it was like I was a problem no one wanted to be tutored anymore none of the people I spent my time with in the computer lab cared anymore. I just became an eye sore." She whispered to him. "At least that's when the worse of it happen those girls have hated me since I started." Lockette said weakly.
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It wasn't often that Sherlock was stumped. However, his sister had changed so much while he had been away. It wasn't hard to read her emotions but figuring out a way to cheer her up without prying too much was proving to be a difficult task. Or maybe he should pry a little? It seemed like no one else in his family had. He should at least let her know it was okay to feel angry because no one should have to deal with what she had dealt with. Sometimes trying to recall his own school days still made him upset. Or made him want a cigarette.

Sherlock excused himself from the living room and wandered down the hall. He knocked three times before slowly peeking his head into his sister's room. "Uh...Lockette? Did you want to talk about anything with me? I don't know how much help I would be but I consider myself a good listener. We used to talk all the time."
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"In all honesty Sherlock I don't know her that well girls that have been bullied are tricky and not to mention if they are using a combination of Mental and physical assaults on here there could be more damage then you know." she whispered to him softly. "Your best course of action would be to try to find out why she stop certain things but do it so your brother doesn't get involved." she warned. "I hate to say this but he might be a variable in her shutting down. She might still love the things you remember her liking but years of people threatening you can cause some problems." she said to him.

John blinked at her "Surely you can't be serious?" he asked.

"John I had a whole other life that you didn't know about and Adler was able to take down half of London I think the female race can do alot of things." she commented to him.

Lockette had slipped into her room and curled up with her ipod her headphones in listening to some of Sherlock's music. She missed music so much but she couldn't play they'd find her and she didn't want that she didn't want to be a burden.
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Sherlock tilted his head at Mary's comment. Did girls take things more personally? He had taken his bullying personally but of course now he had the last laugh. While most of his classmates were stuck in boring, dead-end jobs he got to do something he loved. And he got to see dead people. What more could he ask for?

"I'm sure her excitement will be sparked once again when I get those decapitated heads from Molly tomorrow afternoon." Sherlock said this with a smile knowing that it would displease John. He did miss his flatmate but at least he could freely conduct strange experiments now...well as long as Mrs. Hudson didn't find out. "Since you're an expert on girls, Mary, how would you suggest I cheer up my sister?"
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"I think its cute that you would do that for her Sherlock." Marry smiled at him softly as she looked towards Mycroft's list and frown "John aren't these the subject you did in military school?" she asked him as her husband walked over nodding too her. "I believe so I would have to find my old scripts through." he said.

Lockette had a passion for music and computers she had always love them and building things was fun as well but then she remember something. Girl's aren't meant to be interested in such things they are meant to have more calming jobs that took care of people. "I-I don't have any interest Sherlock. Im a teenager." she said to him smoothly going to help Mrs. Hudson downstairs.

"Well that's odd? Wasn't she excited about computers and experiments with you?" John asked.

Mary sighed "Oh John I love you but you are so slow sometimes. Think by the looks of things she has been bullied before anything she has shown interest in she was probably bullied out of or threaten. Girl's take that a bit more personally then you think."
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Sherlock chuckled at his sister's question. "Whenever you would cry I would look you directly in the eyes and start talking about whatever I was studying. Mother would always laugh and say how ridiculous I looked trying to have a conversation with a baby. However, I think it directed your attention away from whatever had upset you." He thought fondly of this memory even though his method seemed unconventional to others.

His smile faded as one of Mycroft's men arrived with a list of subjects for Lockette to study. He wasn't particularly fond of law subjects either and would rather spend his time conducting scientific experiments with his sister instead of lecturing her on why she should study law. "You don't have to follow in his footsteps...he's just being a pain. Nothing new there." He paused for a second to think and then asked, "What is it that you want to do?"

The question felt uncomfortable coming out of his mouth. He had always been one to pursue many interests at once and believed it was better that way. "Or rather, the better question is, what interests you? Maybe if you could show mum and Mycroft how passionate you are about your interests we can convince them to allow you to have a private tutor, rather than going to school." It seemed unlikely that Mycroft would find this acceptable but there was a higher chance of convincing their mother, at least.
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Mary smiled at her "It is nice to meet you please tell me you are normal?" she asked in a teasing voice one Lockette did not take to kindly on but she brushed it off.

"Somewhat I am still as smart as them but I am told to be a normal person for society to accept me." she said to her with a smile as she sat next to Sherlock and played with the baby. "What was that thing mother said you did to me when I was crying?" she asked him she couldn't remember much about being a baby but their mother of course had gone over born with photos and Sherlock was always in her photos. Just then the bell rang and Lockette groaned as one of Mycrofts loonies gave her the list of things she would need to study while he looked for a school.

"What are the chances of talking Mum and My out of sending be back to school?" she asked too him as she showed him the stupid list all of them advance subjects in law. "I hate law classes I'm not following in his foot steps I refuse." she said with a pout.
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Sherlock's grin did not fade with the arrival of Mary and the baby. If they didn't want him to teach their child useful things, like picking locks, they should find a new babysitter. He almost suggested this to John but worried he would actually find a new one. So he kept his mouth shut and welcomed the bay into his arms, bouncing her on his knee and making ridiculous faces. It was very unlike him, however he was trying his best to be a semi-normal uncle. That didn't mean he would stop teaching the child useful skills, he would just work to be less reserved.

Remembering a present he had for his niece he handed the baby back to Mary and dashed to his room. He reappeared in the living room with a ridiculously girly bag and handed it to John. Inside the bag was a floral dress that he had seen upon returning to London and a small fluffy bear. He couldn't both up. "I happened upon those things while I was walking through town..." he mumbled.
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"Sherlock you didn't Mary is going to kill you" he said to him as he groaned as Mary walked in with the baby who began to cry with joy seeing her father. John smiled as he picked the baby up kissing Mary gently "Hello darling" he said to her. The baby turn her head looking around when spotting Sherlock she let out a scream of delight wiggling her arms near Sherlock.

Lockette chuckled "You can already tell who her favorite Uncle is." she said to him with a smile on her lips as John handed the baby to Sherlock and Lockette began to lightly tickle her stimulating the baby's brain. Lockette was good with babies, toddlers no just babies, the youngest Holmes used to babysit in order to get her spare money so that she wouldn't need to ask for anything.

"Mary that is Lockette Sherlock's younger sister she is going to be stay here with Sherlock for a while." John said to his wife.
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