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Just bored right now, honestly.. If anyone wants to chill with me and talk, just shoot me a PM. I'd love talk and make a new friend and maybe something more! ^3^ I enjoy PMs much more than the thread posting.
I'm really down to talk about whatever, as well.. Anything you'd like or prefer. Anything at all!

Call me a weirdo, but I'm a sucker for romantic stuff. Just.. Like.. Chatting in romantic ways. If that makes any sort of sense.. Even though it isn't a roleplay night, I'd be happy to do a mini romance RP. Because I'm just.. A big ol' weirdo.


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Cynnabon.. You brighten my day each time we speak. I find myself refreshing this page all the time in hopes of seeing a response from you, and when I do, I am so excited. I start tapping away at my keyboard just trying to think of words that don't make me look like a bumbling fool.. That's kind of the effect you have on my sometimes. ^.^ Can't think straight and I feel all awkward.. That's good though! It's a good feeling.

Long story short.. I just wanted to ask.. If you'd be my Valentine, for Valentines day. It's a dopey question, and it probably makes me look like a weirdo, asking you over the Internet or something rather than face to face, but you also know I would if I could.
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