The Raven's Secret

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A raven tries his best to live a normal human life as a college professor/schoolteacher, but what happens when a girl roughly his age starts getting curious. Will he have to leave his life, or has he found love?

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Ally nods as she stands there listening, glad to be able to finally have some sort of answer to why her grade is lacking a bit. [b "Well, is there a specific time you would like to meet, maybe we could do this over lunch some day that way it doesn't take up any time that isn't already planned for."] She suggests, and when she looks back up at him a sudden gush of wind blows and sends a chill down her spine. She wraps her arms around herself for a moment before warming up again. She knows that she should probably get going to class soon, but she needs a date for their meeting.
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Adrian couldn't help but chuckle inwardly at the surprise of his student. He had taken up creative writing as a topic to teach because he was always amazed at what humans could do when they put their mind to it. That's why he preferred to grade based on creativity, passion, and general enthusiasm. It was easy enough to pull facts and write them in this-or-that format like most high schools had taught. He wanted the students to create more than just 'another paper' they probably didn't want to do, or most likely BS'd.

"I try to be vague so the students can interpret it more freely" He pointed out with a chuckle. "I don't mind giving you some pointers, of course, but if I help you too much, it will turn into something structured that you did because you wanted the grade, not because you got creative with your topic. I know it's been ingrained into your minds that papers have to be a certain way, MLA, double spaced, header, et cetera, but with my class I want to get away from that. Once students can stop focusing so much on having an 'a worthy paper' so to speak, then they can start truly writing. Once students start to get the hang of it, I'll let you pick your own topics, even" He explained, hoping he got his point across.

"Tell you what, if you'd like to raise your grade, I'll give you some extra credit. We'll find a topic you're interested in, and you can write a paper on that, and maybe that will help you?"
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Ally can't help but be a little taken back by his comment. No passion? Since when did passion have anything to do with the diseases transmitted by birds? She doesn't interrupt him though, she simply listens to everything he has to say and takes a deep breath. [b "Alright, so not only do you want the papers to be informative about the topic choices we are given but you also want them to be about something we are passionate about? It would explain the very vague topics you give."]

She sighs and stuffs her school books into her backpack and pulls out a notebook [b "Is there any chance I could get your help on that? Maybe you could show me some examples of what you mean and a better way for me to execute that in my next paper, because it's been so long since I've written for passion that I don't really remember much about the way to do that."] plus it might give her a chance to figure out the feeling she gets anytime she sees him.
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Adrian took another second to think of her paper, and then offered an apologetic smile.

"It was a very well worded paper, if I remember correctly, but it just didn't seem like you truly grasped what I had assigned. To be frank, when I read it, it seemed....Clinical. Like it was just another paper, if you get my meaning. I was looking for more than just words on this assignment. Even if you did use them correctly, the assignment was to test you on whether or not you could take something and add passion to it. Whether or not you could convince someone with more than just facts" He explained, trying to get his point across. Ally was a good student, no doubt about it, but this assignment had been a bit too lackluster for an A. He knew, though, that if she worked hard on her next assignment, she could easily get that A she was hoping for.
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Ally hesitates, surprised by his response, [b "I guess I'm fine with the grade I have, it's just unclear as to why it is so low. And yeah I know a C isn't that low it's still passing, but every other class I've taken since entering college almost 9 years ago I've managed to pull out with an A, but the grading scale seems all over the place and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is you want in our paper's"] she says sort of in a rush, looking down at her paper for a moment before back into his eyes.

She has this weird sensation flow through her, like she's looking at him, but not fully seeing him. Something that pulls at her and makes her want to ask if he's okay, but she literally bites her tongue to keep herself silent.
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Adrian took a second to scan his brain and remember her paper, and what it was like, and he nodded once he had remembered.
"Ah yes. I have some free time now, so we can talk. I'm afraid I can't change your grade unless you turn in a rewritten paper, which, even then, would have to be docked points because it would be considered late work" He explained, folding his hands behind his back.
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That same gut feeling rises in Ally once again, but she simply pushes past it, trying to do her best to ignore it as much as possible. "Good Morning Professor Crawford, I am doing alright, I was hoping I could talk to you about my grade on the paper you gave back on Monday, I went by your office yesterday to talk about it, but you weren't there, so I was hoping we could talk about it now, or set up an appointment to talk about it at a later date." She takes a deep breath and focuses her eyes on the bridge of his nose, trying to keep the unsettling feeling down as much as possible, and meeting his eyes would do the exact opposite.
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Adrian had been strolling along by himself, watching the others go by, when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, a student approaching him. He slowed his pace, and when she caught up, he stopped, offering her a smile.

"Good morning" He said amicably, trying to quickly remember her name. Started with an M.... No... An A.... "How are you, Ally?" That was it, Ally!

He made it a point to be sociable and polite to everyone he came across. That seemed to always get things to go smoothly, and so it was a trait he associated with playing the part of a human.
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Ally is a grad student, working on her very last year of vet school, and while most of her classmates look at her as being a bit old, from simply a few year gap in age, Ally has worked her tail off to keep a 4.0 GPA and maintain her job outside of school, she barely has time to notice anything else in her life, but there is certainly something about on of her teachers that she just can't get over. Something about the way he walks, or talks, or how his eyes seem deeper than most, she just can't place it. She does her best to ignore it, but even now, walking towards the classroom, the sight of him sets her off a bit. She takes a deep breath and walks towards him, picking up her pace in hopes to catch him before they enter the building.
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Today was another day for Adrian Crawford. He was headed towards the school grounds wearing a dapper pair of black slacks, a shirt and vest combo, and a snug but still fashionable black waistcoat. He always tried to look his best for work. After all, he was so grateful for this job. He taught english at a local college, and he loved his job, even if some of the students would rather be anywhere but school.

Of course, Adrian had a secret that nobody knew. He was, in fact, a raven!
He was born with the ability to turn into a human, and had done so most of his life. His bird form was only ever used in emergencies, or when he wanted to relax away from the human world. He never grew tired of the feeling of wind beneath his wings. Then again, he also never grew tired of the feeling of concrete beneath his shoes...

He used magic to disguise himself, fully changing his eyes from the endless black to a dark brown, sclera included, and his lips took on a rosy pink hue. The only trace of his raven form left was his hair, feathery and light, yet long, and as black as his feathers.

Adrian strolled through the campus, seemingly human, and rightfully so. He did a lot to maintain his humanity...
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