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Hey guys, I can't see the realtime chat at all, so please post down here.
  Zeta R-02 / SilentHiller / 278d 14h 2m 39s
[size10 I miss you Toxic <3 Can't wait till we can talk more again.]
  Mochizuki Meiko / Suicide / 1y 136d 4h 6m 37s
Morning to peopke who are up this early hows everyone
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 1y 145d 18h 48m 52s
Eh guess ill just post here and wait till morning.
  Toxic [Smoke] / Toxiczone / 1y 146d 2h 4m 6s
I talk to everybody, I try to be sociable to everybody and be nice
but yeah, I do remember some people at least, been a while, but I remember you amy, you were one of the few people that would talk to me in introduce
  The City Lights / Anarchist_Zeta / 1y 159d 17h 31m 59s
I'm always new, doesn't matter where I come or where I go, my life as a ghost resides forever, people used to call me al13n, but now I go by zeta.....
  The City Lights / Anarchist_Zeta / 1y 159d 17h 36m 23s
O.o nobody talks in here, and are you New cause I've never seen your name before
It's midnight somewhere I guess..... ripparonis....
  The City Lights / Anarchist_Zeta / 1y 159d 17h 39m 7s

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