Castle in the Caves

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Castle is my little brothers, but its in my mum's dragon caves

Dragoncita - mine en demon's mum, so she's a grandma to my zi.... A dragon

Nicro - thats me.... the great ni, son of a dragon, brother to a demon en god only knows what my daughter is

Demonic - my brother, he's a demon and acts like he's older then me, he so isn't

Pikatails - my daughter the great pikachu fan girl, kidding I donno what she is honestly I should probably ask her some day xD

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*hugs back as he is a kd aswel right now so it seems odd*
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 249d 4h 29m 11s
oh, thennn he would be my uncle? *smiles and hugs her daddy*
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 249d 4h 37m 35s
No he's my lil bro, don be fooled by his words princess!
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 249d 7h 29m 22s
I guess that would make me your sister, since you are daddy's son...
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 249d 13h 44m 48s
How rube lil brother of mine! I am your father, loki
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 249d 19h 31m 9s
I Don't understand this chat anymore! Who are you people?! XD
  Cofagrigus / Demonic / 5y 252d 4h 42m 7s
*falls in my sleep outta the crack in the wall onto the ground in open view*
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 253d 20h 31m 17s
*Hides in a little nook in the rock and sits there twiddling my fingers*

Ooc: Otay ^^
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 253d 20h 36m 57s
*still hidden covering my face en falls asleep*

Occ: then imma just tell him to join here
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 253d 20h 38m 1s
*Looks around curiously before cowering at a giant shadow that came through the entrance of the cave*

Ooc: Problem, I am on a proxy server because there is something wrong with the internet firewall that my dad uses and I can't access this site because of it. The proxy doesn't allow me to see realtime chat, I wont see it till tomorrow at school...
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 253d 20h 45m 7s
*stays hiddens covering my face*

Occ: ya en demon not gonna meet if ya posting in different parts
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 253d 20h 51m 11s
*Peeks around the rock to see if anything happens*
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 253d 20h 55m 42s
*covers my mouth en looks for a place to hide quickly jumping into a crack in the wall*
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 253d 21h 9m 6s
*Looks at him with big eyes and runs to hide behind a rock* You just yelled *she whispers*
  OOC / Pikatails / 5y 253d 21h 11m 53s
*shouts out aloud at her* hey don squeeze my hand it hurts!
  Little Nicro / nicro / 5y 253d 21h 12m 59s

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