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An android/creator RP. We know what's going on.


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She yawned as she slid out of the truck and took off her shoes, walking barefoot into their home. She undressed as she went to get her overalls from her loft. They were dark green with gold buttons. Usually she wore a shirt under them but she was feeling a little lazy and just went without. "I think working on a new project with someone else will be fun..." She called out. She braided her hair into two long pigtails and went down to the basement lab.
  Happi / KrokodilKonfections / 2y 275d 13h 53m 7s
"We should probably get to work on that generator now, huh? Before we lose track of time." It wasn't long before they returned home, and Ross immediately hopped out of the truck. He had some information he wanted to process, but he wanted to keep it secret from Happi for now. Having connected to the internet in Charlie's workshop, he had all the information he needed to see what the inventor was really up to. He really hoped he was being paranoid.
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 2y 287d 6h 46m 16s
"Dont worry Ross...I'm sure everything is fine. And if its not, we've got each other....Now lets go home." She put the car in drive and drove back to their cozy little home out of town.

Maria bowed her head and walked away. "Yes sir..." She grabbed a broom and swept up some broken glass.
  Happi / KrokodilKonfections / 2y 288d 8h 45m 29s
"The way everything was set up, the demeanor of Charles and Maria..." Ross shrugged. "I'm not really sure how to word it. I just got a weird feeling. Maybe I'm being paranoid..."

[b "That doesn't matter."] Charles grinned. [b "You'll find out soon enough, and so will she. So go tidy up the workshop... Only something impressive will bring her back..."]
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 2y 288d 8h 59m 11s
"Off?" She tilted her head. "How so?" She got in the drivers side of the car and revved it up. She checked the rear view and sighed. "The only thing off putting about those two is that android. She muttered.

"B-but..." She frowned and gripped his arm. "What are you planning on doing?!"
  KrokodilKonfections / 2y 288d 9h 8m 10s
[b "She's exactly what I need, Maria."] Charlie's eyes turned dark. [b "She's intelligent, possibly has high-tech equipment... Plus, that android of hers. Don't worry about it, Maria. I know what I'm doing."]

"Looks like we're pulling another all-nighter." Ross chuckled as they left, but then frowned as they made it to Happi's truck. "Something seemed off, and I'm still not sure what."
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 2y 288d 9h 29m 14s
"Yes, yes, everything is fine." She chuckled and picked up a small orb before smashing it on the ground and stomping on it with her heel. She turned away to break a few more things before stretching out and taking a seat on a cleared off table. She pulled out her phone after hearing it ring. "I don't know you but I'll answer!" And she did. "Oh...hi Neil!" She chirped. "The generator...? Uh...It's not done yet...you said-" She chewed her lip and started to make her way back towards Ross. "But you said you'd give me another week...I...I...Okay..." She sat in Ross' lap and frowned. "But I'll need the money in cash..." She sighed before hanging up. "Rooooss...Neil said he wants it by tomorrow...I'm not even halfway through...I can't just show up with a fourth of a generator..." She said.

Maria glared at Happi then at Charles. After Happi left them, she pulled her creator to the side and stared at him. "Sir...what are you doing? She's...she's just a child..."
  KrokodilKonfections / 2y 288d 9h 35m 30s
[b "Everything is fine, Maria."] Charlie smiled. [b "Just getting rid of a few things that don't need to be here anymore."]

Ross glanced Happi's way again, but didn't say anything. She was still put off by Maria, he knew that much, but Ross truly wanted to know what was going on in the female android's circuitry. Even in his beta stages, Happi never told Ross about anything that bad. Why was she so different? He glanced at Charlie and frowned a bit. He wasn't as intelligent as Happi, but he knew what he was doing. Why did this... monster of an android come to be? What happened?
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 2y 288d 10h 52m 52s
"You've just got to learn when something needs to be thrown away." She said. She blindly swung her rod at another invention, the feel and sound of glass shattering making her feel a little bit better. She was still very upset with Maria. "Fucking robotic bitch." She muttered under her breath so that no one else could hear her. She looked over to the far side of the room and waved to Ross, hoping he'd see her from way back there.

Maria patched herself back up and began organizing. It seemed to her that that's all she did around here. Organize and follow Mr.Evans around. She didn't mind it though...The sound of things breaking caught her attention. "Is everything alright, Mr. Evans?"
  KrokodilKonfections / 2y 288d 13h 51m 32s
[b "Ahh yes. This one comes from the depths of my youth. A failure, actually."] Charlie chuckled, and with a few test swings of his baton, he swung it into the machine, watching the steel on the machine crumble. [b "This is a lot more fun than expected."]

"I mean no harm, Maria." Ross settled himself on the opposite side of the room, hooking himself up to the main power. His systems were fairly intelligent, so they'd ward off a virus if it happened. Hopefully, he was wrong about the virus, however.
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 2y 288d 17h 3m 25s
Happi's eyes glowed with a child's excitement. She stared at him in wonder before grabbing him by his belt and pulling him towards one of what appeared to be a very old...very...useless...invention. "Smash it..." She said quietly, gesturing to the item.

Maria flexed her fingertips, her eyes focused on realigning some cogs before she felt something. It was odd to say that she felt it but it could only be described as a feeling. [i "Is there something you need djh3max? If not, I should ask you not to stare at me so intensely."]
  Happi / KrokodilKonfections / 2y 289d 7h 9m 20s
Charlie seemed surprised at first, but then smiled along with Happi, and grabbed his own steel baton. [b "I'll follow your lead, my Lady."]

Out of the corner of his eye, Ross could see Maria running diagnostics on herself. The real question was, why did Maria lash out like she did? Charlie's design was good; there's no way a personality flaw would be that poor. Could it really be a virus that had entered her system?
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 3y 139d 20h 51m 4s
[i Well alright then...] She ended the message with a colorful combination of hearts, stars, smilies, and sparkles. Apon entering the other area, she did notice that these items were quite small compared to nearly everything else. "Well I think I know just what to do here." She said, and with a flick of her wrist, a steel rod slid out of her sleeve. it looked very dangerous. "We're gonna wreck it!" She chirped.
  Happi / MistetDreamer / 3y 139d 23h 46m 24s
[i Yes, Happi. Just looking for the power unit Charlie was talking about. I'm a bit low on energy.] He looked over the message, making sure everything looked good, before sending it. Ross hoped Happi wouldn't worry about him; she looked like she was truly enjoying herself.

[b "And hopefully, as we mess around with these old projects, I learn just what I did wrong, so I can perfect my technique."] Charlie smiled.
  djh3max {Ross} / djh3max / 3y 141d 7h 38m 0s
Happi giggled and nodded. "I agree. Though what we are talking about here, is not just science, but also engineering. It takes a lot of moving parts to make a machine work." She stated. As she followed Charles to the other part of the room, she noticed that Ross hadn't followed. It worried her a little bit so she pulled out her phone and texted him. [i Rossie...Everything okay...?]
  Happi / MistetDreamer / 3y 141d 16h 6m 55s

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