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[h3 [size18 [Bad+Script What if your soul mate was...] ] ]
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[size14 [b [Indie+Flower The city-state of Irondawn is an advanced land in which many members are given the gift of Clarity, a normally forbidden brand of magic that allows the past and the future to be accessible through various indirect ways. The land is awash with seers with gifts to glimpse into the future by channeling their power into inanimate mediums, such as cards, looking glass, crystals, leaves, and more. Those with the gift to see can chance glances into a future untold, but many haven't the understanding to truly interpret their visions, nor the freedom to pursue understanding of these gifts due to strict laws against their practice.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower But in a strange ritual secretly sanctioned by one of the overseers of Irondawn, the gift of Clarity marked upon its inhabitants something both beautiful and cruel. On the hand of each Irondawn citizen was something that became known as a Soul String, a symbol that could only match a symbol on the back of another's hand if they were meant to be together as soul mates. However a blessing as the overseer desired, it soon became a curse, with many obsessing over finding the one that matched in this vast metallic jungle, and some lamenting over the reality that the absence of a mark meant that there was no one for them, or that their soul mate was beyond the reach of reality. ] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower All across Irondawn, the preoccupation with finding one's soul mate became a booming underground business and a scandalous public affair. Those with social standing would parade their Soul Strings in a series of never-ending parties, not-so-subtly advertising their symbols as a prize in the parties themselves. Those with power often abused their position and exploited the Strings of others with hopes of not only bringing themselves closer to their other half, but taking the congestion of others looking for theirs out of the way. And those with wealth simply hired professionals to find their other half.] ] ]

[h3 [size18 [Bad+Script What I'm Looking For...] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower A male human character whose age is between 20 and 40 and IS the soul mate of my character.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone that can write 1000+ character posts with decent grammar and spelling.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone that would be willing to have the characters [i eventually] have a romantic relationship, but one that isn't dictated by clear roles of dominance and submission .] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone who understands that anything sexual isn't permitted on here and would be okay either taking it to email or time-skipping the scene .] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone that can do high-paced action scenes or even potentially violent scenes. The world of Irondawn isn't a pretty place. Imagine a gigantic, somewhat futuristic walled fortress that covers the entire state of Colorado or three quarters of the U.K. Now, imagine that in a sort of overlord-style government where people always have something to hide and everyone is kind of shady and suspicious or just plain sad and just add the overcast of tension of vast majorities of people constantly worried about finding their soul mate in a society that encourages them to hide their Soul Strings.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone that can provide a real picture. No anime/drawn pictures please.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone willing to reply a few times to a lot per week. I don't pressure people to post and will give them space up to about a week, to which I will politely inquire why there is no post. If I don't get an answer after a week or two and see that you've been online and replying to other roleplays more than once since you've posted on mine, I will wipe the roleplay and start fresh with someone else or delete the roleplay altogether.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Someone who understands that I choose based on quality, not the order in which I receive a request. Also, I ask that you do not request to post in the roleplay until I accept your character.] ] ]

[h3 [size18 [Bad+Script What I will [b NOT] budge on...] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower The gender, age, or species of your character. You probably could compel me to let you change the species to a humanoid life-form other than human with some decent persuasion, but the gender and age would remain the same. I don't want any 100+ year old creature that just "looks young". I can guarantee you that Skye is not down with that.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower The whole seme/uke thing. Set-in-stone relationship dynamics are not my thing. Sometimes Skye might be the somewhat aggressive instigator in the soon-to-come relationship , and sometimes he might find himself in a submissive, let-it-happen sort of mood. It all depends on how he feels. I'm okay with somewhat submissive or dominating personalities, but not if it dictates how the relationship is going to be.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Pictures. I rarely am ever in the mood for anime/drawn pictures, as I can never really find a solid connection to them. Usually when a roleplay involves anime/drawn characters , I can't get into it.] ] ]

[h3 [size18 [Bad+Script What I will budge on...] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Your character's backstory. He can be another seeker with the gift of Clarity, could be a client, a regular citizen, an overseer, or even just an outsider of Irondawn who enters and suddenly finds a strange symbol on the back of their hand. Just make it creative and fun, and I'll let you know if I can jive with that.] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Response times. If you can't reply for a while but still want to continue, just let me know. I'm fine with that and will probably still have interest to continue later. If you want to increase responses, I can try to but honestly I'm usually limited to a handful a day or week depending on my work schedule.] ] ]

[h3 [size18 [Bad+Script Send as "I Found You!"] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Character Name] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Character Age] ] ]
[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Gifted or Not] ] ]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/oEi7YAs.png]] Damian was not expecting the reply to be "actually can I help you?" when he stood there. However, he tried not to look shocked as he stood there.

"Your's? Well; as far as most people are concerned. This place has been abandoned for year's." He said. Dusting off some dirt from his robe. However, it didn't seem as if the man was listening, as he was already walked out of the door.

When the door shut behind him, he huffed. Then went downstair's to help the people out with food. He was thinking about telling the people what just happened, as he was unboxing the food, but then he decided not to. As it would just cause a panic.

So without further adieu, he decided to continue unboxing the food, and pretend like nothing had happened.
  gr00vy / 2d 22h 48m 39s
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[size14 [b [Indie+Flower "Actually, can I help you? were the first words from Zeno's mouth. He wasn't one who enjoyed being disturbed, especially when it ended in him being woken. He sat up and looked at his intruding guest, but couldn't really focus on the man. "Church boy, huh? You should know you're at the wrong place. This church has been mine for years."] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Zeno stood and stretched. He sized up the boy and crossed his arms. "This part of town doesn't have a god, nor does it need one. You should run along before you get in trouble." Zeno walked up to the boy, towering over him. He turned him around and pushed him out the door, locking it behind him. It was the last time he'd leave it unlocked. All he wanted and needed was some sleep, and he wasn't about to let some kid ruin it.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower With that, he spun around and threw himself back onto his mattress, still groggy.] ] ]
  Zeno Lauderson / Eleksii / 22d 16h 6m 1s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/oEi7YAs.png]] It was still dark but the time Damien had got up, as he had to get up early for the church. Anyway, as he got up, he sat up. Waiting for awhile.

As he was waiting, he was looking around his room. His room was quite small. As he lived in an apartment in -. So all he had was a wardrobe and a desk. Not that he minded.

When he was finished waiting. He went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he was finished with the shower, he went downstair's and into the living room. The time was already 6:00 o clock . So he decided to get breakfast on the way out.

So without further ado, he got his coat and left the house. When he left the house, he went to the church. He wasn't a priest. He wasn't a priest. He just worked there. Anyway, his job was to ring the bell, so he he went up to the church tower and rang the bell. However, just as soon as he did he saw a man sitting there. "May I help you?" He said.
  damien h / gr00vy / 72d 8h 48m 14s
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[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Zeno inhaled deep and held the breath, keeping his ears open. He stood still, pressed with his back flat against a stone pillar at the corner of a wall, keeping himself out of sight. In the distance, he could hear it. Approaching footsteps.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower He counted. There had to have been six or seven of them at last count, although it was possible there were reinforcements. Checking his jacket pocket, he made sure he still had what he needed. It was still there, for now. He just had to get away. Looking up, he could see the solitary lantern that lit up the street, although each of the guards seemed to have lights on the barrel of their guns, which seemed to be a bit of a stretch given that this was little more than petty thievery. Was it really so valuable?] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower As Zeno exhaled, his vision momentarily clouded. With soft steps and another held breath, he stepped out into the open, his eyes held on the guards as they checked every nook and cranny for him. Now that he could see them all, he could count eight. He'd have to act quick. He gently knelt to the ground and picked up a loose stone, his eyes moving towards the hazy glow of the lantern above.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower [i "Wait, is that stone...floating?"] he heard one of the guards say. In seconds all lights were on him. Or, more specifically, the rock he held in his hand, left uncoated by his gift. As he lifted it, the guards watched in suspicion, not sure what was going to happen but hesitant to let guns loose in an open street this late in the evening. But most of all, they all seemed curious. He lifted it back and took careful aim and loosed the rock at the lantern. As he did, he exhaled, weaving another vision for all to behold. And as the lantern shattered, flames erupted everywhere.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower And Zeno ran for his life.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Behind him, he could hear the screams of the guards as the hot oil burst into flames and fell upon them, but it was only a matter of time before they would realize that it was all little more than an illusion. And by then, he'd be long gone.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower [h3 ~] ] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower Zeno breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled back the curtain into his small settlement in one of the rooms of the abandoned church tower. He'd made it, and with time to spare as he looked over the city and saw the sun rising over Irondawn. He sat at his makeshift desk and pulled a small, leather envelope out of his coat pocket. He grinned and pulled out a lighter as he set the envelope down on his desk. He lit a nearby lantern and dumped the contents of the envelope on the surface. Inside it, faces, with their marks attacked to each picture. It seemed someone was doing some documenting, weren't they? And someone was about to have a fit over a few weeks worth of info-gathering stolen by some street ruffian. And there was someone else who'd pay some good money for these contents.] ] ]

[size14 [b [Indie+Flower But he had until the following night to think of that, per the meeting instructions. For now, he jumped onto the sunken mattress on the floor and kicked off his shoes. It was time he rested up from the previous night's antics.] ] ]
  Zeno Lauderson / Eleksii / 93d 23h 16m 7s

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