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Newscaster:The news on today 28 more suicides in the last 24 hours, folks I'm worried about he amount of deaths, doctors have also seen that some other murder victims have human teeth marks as if they were eaten by cannibals in other news riots are now breaking out so we advise civilians to stay at home and lock up everything Fox news channels 21 and 9 will keep you updated on these repots so stay tuned.

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The news,the doctors hell nobody knows what the hell this is,some think its just some riots with people,others think it's something worse with the attacks and multiple deaths. That's when six unlikely survivors come in, some rioters and police some prisoners given a chance of freedom, others your typical office workers and everyday citizens.

[H3 Setting]: Denver Colorado

[B Rules]
1. No godmod, everyone knows that.
2.I don't care how much you post just make it understandable
3. No magic or experimental stuff but some of the dead island type of mods would be pretty funny
4. Guns are loud,need cleaning, and use ammunition be wise.
5. Weapons have their durability so they might break
6.This is the first few days of the attacks so rioters and looters will be on the prowl
7. Have fun and survive

[B PM me the skellies or post in realtime chat]
Starting weapons:

[B Characters:]
Name: "The Urban Ninja" White
Age: 22
Weapons: Crowbar,Cricket bat, Broken wooden umbrella
Skillset: Urban Explorer, Making Dumbass ideas with a 45% chance of good, Lock picking, Climbing, Making improvised explosives like Molotov's and pipe bombs.
Occupation: Worker and manager at Mile High Herbal Connections. Founder of Colorado UrbEX

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