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(Snow/Cold will be replaced by mentions of fire,the darkest fairytale/of dead of night would be Merida swearing up to Cinderella's stepmother at night at some point
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  Cinderella / Yavanna / 155d 9h 43m 36s
"Merida? Merida! Please, there isn't much time!"

Merida bear ears flickered at the sound of Cinderella's voice; Her eyes closed shakily until the other bear tried to pull forward as it heard Cinderella's voice, as it roared in rage, causing Merida to quickly open her eyes and pull the bear back, growling low warningly to Cinderella in a way to say; 'Stay back'.

  SakuHinaLover / 158d 2h 43m 22s
Cinderella looked up when she heard the bears. More than one bear. She was scared for Merida. Eleanor was calling for Merida, and Cinderella let go and hopped off Angus's back. She nearly fell, not used to riding like that. Cinderella stumbled forward toward the fighting bears,"Merida? Merida! Please, there isn't much time!"

She continued forward, cautiously because of the other bears thrashing but that wasn't really stopping her. She wasn't sure where the other bear came from, but she knew which one was Merida. She wasn't sure how, exactly, but she knew it.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 158d 17h 43m 50s
[+Green "Faster Angus, Faster!]

Eleanor exclaimed; Angus complied and went faster even though his was going a such a speed that once he had thrown Merida of his back by accident and fear of the Wisps, but now, he was still cowardly sometimes like with thunder and lightening, but more than often his owner comforted him. Now it was his turn to save her. His hooves stomped on the ground, his legs forcely pushed the ground as his ran, he stuck out his neck, as sweat rolled down it.

Meanwhile the forest that seemed endless, seem to rush by at a tremdous speed a human couldn't see where they were going, but he was a trustworthy horse and he knew Eleanor trusted him with her life because afterall she trusted him with her daughter.

_____Meanwhile in the forest Cave____

[+Red "GRRRAHNM!"]

Merida groaned out as she cried out in pain, causing her to but her paws at the sides of her face,before smashing it against the wall, rubbing it to block out the animal. Then she gazed at the boulder; Internally begging Cinderella to hurry.

Though soon; without knowing Cinderella was half way there to her; Merida felt the hunger for fish - Any meat she could get her paws on. Merida tried to fight it off, but the hungry animal inside her forced her to open the boulder.

Soon as she opened it, her bear ears flickered and she heard a noise.

Merida made a bear noise that meant she was saying 'Cinderella?' but it wasn't Cinderella as it came out from the shadows; It was Cinderella's step-mother, covered in blood from eating a dear or some animal by the smell of it, once she saw Merida she growled.

Merida back away, however, growled back as they circled each other once more, Then attacked each other once more.

[+Green Merida!, Merida!]

The call of her mother caused Merida to stop as she about to bite into the neck of the woman and kill her; Her human eyes came back as she turned to the voice, however, the other bear bit her in the back of the neck, causing her to roar in pain.

[+Green MERIDA!"]

Angus came to a hault as he saw the two bears fighting one another; Merida gashed the other bear in the cheek as she spun herself around enough, making the older bear to let go, before biting into the other bears back of the neck and trying to drag it away.

However the blood made her struggle not to bite harder and tear the stepmother to shreds, she had to get herself and the other bear away from them.

Since the stepmother was bigger than Merida, she began trying clawing at the the younger bear. Merida growled, biting into the older bears fur harder, pulling the heavy large weight as hard as she could, dragging her backwards, ignoring her mothers call even though she was across them.
  SakuHinaLover / 164d 15h 12m 5s
Cinderella nodded to the queen and climbed onto Angus's back with her. They really didn't have a lot of time, and Cinderella wasn't sure where Merida was, exactly.

Fortunately Angus seemed to know where he was going. Cinderella held on tight. She felt nervous about being caught until the castle disappeared from view behind them. She kept looking back to be sure, until the trees obscured the castle entirely and the forest was the only thing around them.

Angus was surefooted, and moving quick. Cinderella's heart was beating even faster, hoping they were right about how to break the curse. If they were wrong, Cinderella wasn't sure what she would do.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1y 91d 15h 52m 4s
[center [I [+lightblue "You knew my mother and father?"]]

By the time the question was asked they had got outside to Angus, so Eleanor didn't have the time to answer Ella instead she allowed the blonde girl to give the large horse fuss as the animal got excited to see the young woman, making the Scottish queen indeed know that Angus trusted Ella.

[+lightblue "Hello, it's good to see you too."]
[+lightblue "We're going to find Merida now. She's in trouble, and we don't have any time to lose and I just know you'll be a great help. May I ride you please?"]

The conversing between Angus and the young blonde in front of her, she knew due to Ella's gifts as a fairy she must have something to do with animals or the like, yet it didn't need to take to be a fairy to understand Angus because of the personality and temperament of the horse. Those who knew him like the people of Scotland would know that Angus was smarter than most of the men, dogs and acted like he had human understanding.

For example; Now Angus nodded furiously and scrapped at the dirt floor tapping his hooves down on it before lifting it up and doing again repeatedly, causing the two women to look at him in gratitude and Eleanor had long since opened the gate for Angus to come out and turned to Cinderella before speaking quickly yet clearly.

[+green "Now dear if you haven't ridden Angus bare back before, all you have to do is keep hold of me because we don't have time for the saddle."]

Eleanor stated before getting on Angus first as he bowed down for the older woman to get on and waited for 'Cinderella' which he liked to call the blonde too, the same reason that Merida had, He waited patiently for Cinderella to get on his back and once the blonde was on, he stood up properly on his hooves and using his nose and a nudge, a sacred whistle from Eleanor he went into a canter into the direction of where he could smell Merida.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 93d 16h 16m 4s
"You knew my mother and father?"

The question came out even though there wasn't time to talk about it yet. What did the Queen mean about her being named after her? She followed, puzzled. The Queen was named Eleanor, if Cinderella remembered. Eleanor. Ella. Cinderella supposed it was possible, but it was odd. It was one thing to have heard of each other, but if her mother had known Eleanor well enough to name her after her, they had to have been close friends.

Horseback would be faster, and once at the stables she looked around to see if Angus was here. Sure enough he was, and Cinderella gave a tired smile to him, laughing at the greeting he gave her. "Hello, it's good to see you too."

She rubbed his neck and the side of his face affectionately,"We're going to find Merida now. She's in trouble, and we don't have any time to lose and I just know you'll be a great help. May I ride you please?"

Cinderella, like her mother, had always been good with most animals. She'd also gotten from her mother a habit of talking to animals as if they understood, and strangely enough they often seemed to. Some of it was the fairy blood, but Cinerella knew Angus in particular was a smart horse, and intensely loyal to Merida. He was proud, so Cinderella was inclined to treat him more respectfully, and asked as if asking a gentleman or a knight for a favor rather than speaking to a horse.
  Yavanna / 1y 190d 11h 8m 48s
[+lightblue "Oh, I'm Cinderella. I mean, Ella, I suppose. Everyone calls me Cinderella though."]

Queen Eleanor blinked slightly as she passed for only a moment before walking again with confused expression on her face, there was no way a English woman would call her child Cinderella, Ella maybe but not Cinderella because in the English term.

Cinder was term for a Cindermaid or something like that; However it could be used in term in her kingdom as the ever last burning cinders in a smith or a fire that keep them warm, but Eleanor had lived here long enough what it meant to call your child anything with the word Cinder in it. Though soon the blonde girl soon gave her birth name.. Ella...

The name that Diana.. told her if she had children and had a girl she would name her Ella based of Eleanor's name, Eleanor gazed at the girl in the corner of her brown eyes. It was too soon to assume this girl was Diana's daughter even though in her heart it screamed that she was, screaming at her to ask Ella if she could see her, so she opened her mouth to ask what was her mother's name but soon Ella spoke again as if she read the Scottish Queens mind.

[+lightblue "Um, I... I apologize if this is... I don't want to be rude, but I can't help but wonder. Could... the person you knew be Diana? Lady Diana Monroe? Or maybe before she married, Diana Summers?"]

Eleanor stopped at the last step as her hand touched the handle of the door that lead outside to the stables, were they could rid out of the castle grounds and find Merida quicker, but what Ella had said to her... It made her stop all of it for a moment even though her head screamed her not to... Something she would often listen to and wouldn't stop now, after all even though she seemed like a strict queen a first and she was a few years ago..But she always thought of others before herself, so she squeeze the handle in her hand before smiling gently.

[+Green "Ah do know her yes, I even knew your father Adam Monroe...After all you were named after myself. Lets continue this conversation after we find Merida shall we?"]

She stated before she walked out the tunnel and into the darkness of the night, the only light before then were the light of the stars and the moon, as she walked in a quick pace to the stables direction she spoke yet again. [+Green "We will be going on horse back, that way it will be quicker, also it may not be so bad that I know that forest the back of my hand Lass?"] She stated as they reached the stables were Angus and her own horse were staying in.

The old horse she had was sound a sleep. Were Angus was pacing around in his stable, like if he was worried about Merida whom hadn't come back yet. But once he heard someone coming he thought it was Merida causing him to peek out his head of his stable in a excited way. But once he saw Eleanor he flomped on his butt and looked up at her like a sad puppy who missed his owner, his bestfriend. Eleanor looked at him with empathy before unlocking his stable.

[+green "Angus get up now, we are going to find Merida and we're bringing this young lass with us."]

She stated with her hands to her side like she was shocked to see a Scottish horse flomping around like a kicked pup, but it was only to get him up and he quickly did as he heard they would be going to find Merida and when he saw Cinderella, whom he still thought her as but in the same light as Merida, he rushed out of his stable and licked her cheek over and over again even playing with her hair playfully yet excitedly with his mussel.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 195d 2h 46m 19s
Cinderella was relieved that the Queen knew a way out and could get them both out without being seen. She hurried to follow, hoping their absence wouldn't be noticed too quickly. She knew her arrival would have drawn a lot of attention, and she needed time to find Merida.

They walked slowly, and Cinderella noticed that the Queen was staring at her. It wasn't an unkind look, more like she was searching for something. Cinderella tilted her head, wondering if something was wrong.

Cinderella blinked, then looked down when she nearly missed a step. She kept walking, not wanting to lose any time. Why would the Queen think she looked like someone she knew? Had the Queen somehow known her mother? Cinderella was told often enough that she looked so much like her mother, and Cinderella's father was a noble. Could she have known the Queen too?

Her name. Cinderella was watching the floor as she answered,"Oh, I'm Cinderella. I mean, Ella, I suppose. Everyone calls me Cinderella though."

Cinderella looked over at the Queen, almost afraid to ask. Her heart was racing, though it seemed silly to be so nervous. "Um, I... I apologize if this is... I don't want to be rude, but I can't help but wonder. Could... the person you knew be Diana? Lady Diana Monroe? Or maybe before she married, Diana Summers?"

  Yavanna / 1y 195d 9h 46m 53s
[+lightblue "I know what I need to do. I need to find her. She's in the forest."]

Eleanor didn't hear the girl at that part because she was too entranced by the thought of her beloved friend, whom she missed every much, wondering how she was fairing. Then it shocked her but made her smile bittersweet as she realised only [b She] could ever make her mind drift away from something important, even her own daughter... She sighed softly and turned towards the girl as she opened to her mouth to speak once more to her, giving the English girl her full attention this time.

[+lightblue "She's the most important person to me. I... I love her. I wasn't going to tell her because, well, because I'm not... I'm just me. And I didn't want to lose her as a friend."]

Eleanor smiled softly but in a emphatic way as she told the same words to her dear friend [b ] when they were younger, she was a fool back then though she didn't regret having the family she had now, she adored Fergus loved even and she didn't regret having her children.

But there was something aching in her heart that stopped Eleanor from fully loving Fergus with her full heart.. She had told this to the bear king long ago before they even had children, if it was for the love she had for [b her] she could've loved her husband full-heartedly without the pain she was feeling- no felt ever since she had left England her birth home and the love that still haunted her mind and heart to no end.

[+green "Child those are the exact words ah had spoken long ago to a friend about another, ma daughter's heart had always been impossible to capture no matter the time she and her suitors had spent time together through three years and yet she still refused them. You however had captured it in a moment of days. So even though you may think you are nothing special. You are very special to Merida because you are you.]

Eleanor stated in the moment of her statement she touched the fine fabric on her wrist which had a small pendent on it, her right hand finger tips ghosted on it before she gently covered it with her full right hand, knowing what was inside.. A picture of her and the two friends she adored one was the love that haunted her very being, while the other held her deepest secret, but Eleanor was unaware what happened to the both of them when she had left England.

Soon Eleanor noticed how the young girl seemed to be wary of something in fact she expected the girl to leave once she had her information and herself she would gather herself to find Merida also since the woods where very large in this town, soon the girl spoke.

[+lightblue "Can you... lead me out? I don't know if they would let me leave on my own. Or if you know a back way out? I don't have time to waste arguing with anyone."]

Eleanor blinked at the girl, before realising that the guards would be looking for this girl also because she was indeed the mystery girl that the had captured the Prince's heart as well as Merida's, she opened her mouth to speak thinking it would be best if they went together to find Merida and the best way to get out the castle was through escape tunnels, which she even though she was a lot older now.

Since her adventure with Merida when she was turned into a bear had brought a adventurous side to the Scottish Queens personality, causing her to venture the English castle during her stay and she now knew every entrance and exit through the castle, with that Eleanor opened her mouth to speak once more.

[+green "Of course, I will be coming with you to find Merida. The best way out of the castle is through the escape tunnels which are this way."]

She stated in a matter of fact nature before she began walking in the direction of a book case and pulled out a fake book before letting it go as the book case moved before she turned to the blonde. [+green Come along this book case won't stay open for very long"] She stated before motioning her hand to the girl to come along with her, causing the girl to move and enter the hidden yet lit tunnel.

There was silence again and Eleanor kept gazing at the young blonde in the corner of her eye, wondering why did this girl look so much like [b her], just who was this girl?... Then Eleanor noticed the girl had noticed her staring due to the tilted movement of the girls head with a confused manner, causing the Scottish Queen to turn her head forward to watch where she was going as she kept her skirts up, so not to trip or fall.

[+green "I do apologise for staring.. it's just that.. you look so much like a person I very much cherished long ago, so forgive me if I daze- I notice that I still do not know your name lass, do you care to share it? As a mother I would like to know the name of the person whom has captured my daughters heart with such ease."]

Eleanor explained why she was staring and apologised for it, before she asked the young girl because she wished to know the person's name whom had done the impossible of capturing her daughter Merida's heart, soon she was silently waiting for the girls answer as she kept a quick pace but a pace that was controlled so she wouldn't fall down on her dresses.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 203d 16h 57m 40s
Cinderella was thinking. Her mind seemed to spin. She knew what she had to do. Did Merida really? The thought was exciting, overwhelming. She assumed Merida might marry the prince, and only cared for her as a friend. She put her hand to her head, almost dizzy.

"I know what I need to do. I need to find her. She's in the forest." She looked at the queen. The queen said she'd cared for someone like this too. What did she mean? Cinderella wanted to ask, but time was slipping by and Merida needed her.

"She's the most important person to me. I... I love her. I wasn't going to tell her because, well, because I'm not... I'm just me. And I didn't want to lose her as a friend."

Cinderella took a step back and then turned to the door. She had to get out of the castle. Would the guards let her leave since the prince had apparently been looking for her? "Can you... lead me out? I don't know if they would let me leave on my own. Or if you know a back way out? I don't have time to waste arguing with anyone."
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1y 322d 13h 21m 53s
[center [+lightblue "What am I...? Oh, I..."]
[+lightblue "Oh? Oh, um, well, Merida... I-I mean, I sort of..."]

The Scottish Queen smiled lightly at the young girls reaction to her questioning how she felt about her daughter, It was clear as day that the young blonde does deeply care about Merida more than she could say or express.. It was like herself long ago with [b her] she couldn't find the words to say or knew how to express her feelings towards the woman she loved back then, because of her lack of achievement the woman was taken away from her...

Eleanor was concent with her family but that ache in her heart, that longing to see [b her] again was there Eleanor couldn't move on until she had told her feelings to the woman she so deeply cared about all those years ago..But that could wait she had to help her daughter first to change her back to her human self before it was too late. So; Eleanor opened her mouth lightly and raise her hand to the girl lightly to stop her from speaking about her feelings as she opened her mouth to speak.

[+Green "It's quiet alright dear; I know that reaction all too well.. I was once like that with another so long ago, so you don't have to say anymore on that matter."]

Eleanor spoke as she read on towards the book reading the Scottish + English translation of 'my heart' having the deepest feeling this was one of the words that Merida had said because it was only reason that Eliza would have written it in her riddle. Eleanor was pleased that Merida found someone she deeply cared about..but why didn't Merida.. Oh the poor girl.. Eleanor realised that Merida hadn't felt this sort of love before and it had scared her tremendously but also the fear of losing this girl as a friend..just like she did with [b her].. Soon her attention was soon back to the girl as the blonde began to speak again.[+lightblue "She was with me. I-I'm sorry if it caused trouble. I just..."]
[+green "Don't apologise dear; I haven't seen Merida that excited to get out of the castle let alone that happy to see anyone."] Eleanor stated as she moved out the way so the young girl could see what was said on the pages, even though Eleanor didn't know the girls name yet she knew that there was a high chance that the blonde felt the same about her daughter, so she allowed her to read.

[+lightblue "I think this. It..."] Eleanor heard the girl say as she watched her trace Her finger over the word, then to the translation into English and she stopped. If this girl had feelings for Merida Eleanor knew that the blonde could feel her heart beat harder and Eleanor was right the girls went bright red. [+lightblue "It means... Oh."] After the small 'Oh' Eleanor nodded slightly as she opened her mouth lightly to speak.

[+green "Yes dear that is what it means.., if Merida had said this to you in the old Scottish language then she has given up her heart to you.. I don't think we will have to see what the other three words means in the language dear after all I think you already know what they mean.. But if you don't feel the same dear then this spell might backfire if you try to break it.]

Eleanor spoke softly in English rather than Scottish as if she was more English than Scottish which was strange to most whom saw her here because was the Scottish queen, but those whom did knew her here and still lived in this kingdom knew that Queen Eleanor was born in the English unaware that the young blonde had noticed it as she turned the page any way to I sentences then stopped when she found 'I love you' and turned the Scottish pages to the translation. and it said 'Tha gaol agam ort' with that everything said. 'Tha gaol agam ort mo ghraidh' 'I love you my heart' Eleanor gazed to the young blonde girl awaited for her to say something.]
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 325d 14m 11s
"What am I...? Oh, I..." Cinderella's face turned red, and she bit her lip, watching the queen take out some books. How did she feel about Merida? She cared for her a great deal, she enjoyed spending time with her, seeing her smile. She loved her, or she thought she did, more than anyone else. But she couldn't just say that, could she?

"Oh? Oh, um, well, Merida... I-I mean, I sort of..." She'd gotten very flustered, trying to answer the queen's questions. She was worried that either her or Merida might get in some sort of trouble for running off, or for her coming to the ball despite being told not to go. There wasn't much point in telling anything but the truth now though, hoping it might help Merida,"She was with me. I-I'm sorry if it caused trouble. I just..."

She bit her lip again, wringing her hands. Standing around talking was nerve wracking, and she was worried the prince would come and she would be stuck here and not able to help Merida. The queen showed her a book, and Cinderella leaned over it. A certain word? She frowned, looking over it. This wasn't quite the Scottish she'd learned a little of as a girl. She did recognize something that seemed about right, and pointed it out,"I think this. It..." Her finger traced over the word, then to the translation into English and she stopped. She could feel her heart beat harder, and her face went bright red. My heart? Merida had said that to her? "It means... Oh." She glanced at the queen, feeling even more embarrassed. She was starting to figure out how to break the curse, but this was Merida's mother next to her, and the Queen of Scotland. And Merida was the Princess of Scotland.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1y 325d 17h 33m 14s
[Center as the girl calmed down eventually but still worried about Merida just like she was, eventually the blonde girl had show her a note that Eliza had give her... Eleanor scowled at the name at the bottom, also the handwriting itself because she knew whom it belonged to.. But as her eyes read the words on the paper. She was lightly confused on what it meant.. But soon she remembered he Merida was acting so different towards this girl during the ball.

Eleanor had never seen her daughter so eager to dance let alone dance with a partner.. it was as if this girl had put new light in Meridas' being that was never been seen with anyone else... Did.. Merida say that she loved this girl in their Scottish Celtic language.. to say it in that language was a much deeper meaning than saying it in normal Scottish or English..

Also knowing this girl was here fretting over Merida.. Eleanor supposed the girl didn't know a word that Merida said to her, and Merida kept it that way for some reason unknown. But if was too help her daughter become human and not lose her mind to the bear side she was going to help this girl straight away.

But first she must know this girls feelings for her daughter just in case the spell counter attack backfires.

"..Young lass what are your feelings towards my daughter exactly?." Eleanor asked softly as she elegantly walked towards a certain section on the library and picked out a Scottish Celtic and average scottish language book with English translation once she got the books she brought them to table and placed them on it before turning the pages as she spoke she stopes at certain pages before she turned her eyes towards the girl.

"Also if you don't mind dear I like to know the name of the girl whom my daughter went missing with the first night I noticed her gone."

Eleanor stated as she read the book light before waiting for the girl to answer her before showing her the book she found and ask the blonde girl if Merida had spoken certain words in the Scottish Celtic language.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 331d 23h 57m 8s
Cinderella felt the hand on her shoulder. It had a calm reassurance that was motherly, something Cinderella had missed since her mother died. Of course, she didn't relax entirely. There was too much at stake, too much to do. She had to find some way to save Merida.

"A riddle? Yes, but I.. Hold on." Cinderella remembered the riddle had been written on the note the witch had given her. She pulled the folded note from her pocked and carefully smoothed it out on the nearest table,"She gave me this. This part is the riddle, but I just... I don't know what to do."

She wrapped one arm around herself, gripping her shoulder as if that might be some comfort,"She wanted me back here and safe, but I won't leave her."
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1y 332d 13h 13m 59s

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