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(Snow/Cold will be replaced by mentions of fire,the darkest fairytale/of dead of night would be Merida swearing up to Cinderella's stepmother at night at some point
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[Center as the girl calmed down eventually but still worried about Merida just like she was, eventually the blonde girl had show her a note that Eliza had give her... Eleanor scowled at the name at the bottom, also the handwriting itself because she knew whom it belonged to.. But as her eyes read the words on the paper. She was lightly confused on what it meant.. But soon she remembered he Merida was acting so different towards this girl during the ball.

Eleanor had never seen her daughter so eager to dance let alone dance with a partner.. it was as if this girl had put new light in Meridas' being that was never been seen with anyone else... Did.. Merida say that she loved this girl in their Scottish Celtic language.. to say it in that language was a much deeper meaning than saying it in normal Scottish or English..

Also knowing this girl was here fretting over Merida.. Eleanor supposed the girl didn't know a word that Merida said to her, and Merida kept it that way for some reason unknown. But if was too help her daughter become human and not lose her mind to the bear side she was going to help this girl straight away.

But first she must know this girls feelings for her daughter just in case the spell counter attack backfires.

"..Young lass what are your feelings towards my daughter exactly?." Eleanor asked softly as she elegantly walked towards a certain section on the library and picked out a Scottish Celtic and average scottish language book with English translation once she got the books she brought them to table and placed them on it before turning the pages as she spoke she stopes at certain pages before she turned her eyes towards the girl.

"Also if you don't mind dear I like to know the name of the girl whom my daughter went missing with the first night I noticed her gone."

Eleanor stated as she read the book light before waiting for the girl to answer her before showing her the book she found and ask the blonde girl if Merida had spoken certain words in the Scottish Celtic language.
  SakuHinaLover / 15h 53m 41s
Cinderella felt the hand on her shoulder. It had a calm reassurance that was motherly, something Cinderella had missed since her mother died. Of course, she didn't relax entirely. There was too much at stake, too much to do. She had to find some way to save Merida.

"A riddle? Yes, but I.. Hold on." Cinderella remembered the riddle had been written on the note the witch had given her. She pulled the folded note from her pocked and carefully smoothed it out on the nearest table,"She gave me this. This part is the riddle, but I just... I don't know what to do."

She wrapped one arm around herself, gripping her shoulder as if that might be some comfort,"She wanted me back here and safe, but I won't leave her."
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1d 5h 10m 32s
[center When the young blonde had told her everything that had happened, her face changed from so many expressions, to the point she could have sworn that she expressed every expression known to man in that one explaination about her daughter...

Merida had gotten herself turned into a bear; by whom she didn't quiet get because of the young woman's babbling and rush to explain herself to her, probably from fright in the presence of a worried mother and queen who was demanding in a soft and questioning manner where was her daughter. Eleanor could only make out that someone had went to a witch for magic to turn her daughter to a bear.... Magic... Bear.. Eliza! That former fairy had interfered with her family again!. Why couldn't she just leave them alone?!.

Ever since she had left England to be Fergus's wife and Queen, it seemed that magic had followed her to England, or rather Eliza had moved into Scotland herself, attracting other magic identity's to and around her.. It was fine when Merida was small because every little girl should believe in something magical like the willow o' wisps.. She knew they were real, she saw them many times have they tried to change her fate when she was a young lass. But she didn't heed their guidance because of the fear of them being wrong... Now it was far too late for her to change her fate, but she was happy with the family she had she wouldn't trade her daughter or her son's or husband for anything...

But that fragment of regret still was with her ever since.. she left [i her] behind in this country [i she] was someone she adored and cherished more than anyone she known, she cared for [i her] more than anything and that was why she had let her go.. Though if she had known what she still now did not know.. maybe back then it would've been different and she wouldn't have let [i her] go..

Eleanor brows narrowed, but very quickly changed as the young girl stated she was related to Eliza.. Eleanor's green eyes widened.. she couldn't be... Eleanor allowed herself to really look at the young babbling girl and she realised...This girl.. This girl had the blonde hair and the facial features of the woman.. she cared deeply about. This girl was the offspring.. of... Eleanor couldn't even think of her name it hurt her that much to remember, but she had to know where [i she] was now.. to see her once more..

Eleanor gulped down lightly the lump that she felt in her throat and then cleared her throat with a light cough trying to keep herself composed in of the girl as she asked.

[+lightblue ”What should I do? I have to do something to save her.”]

Eleanor didn't know what to say; Then it hit her.. Eliza's spells always had riddle about how to break the spell, she quickly opened her mouth and left the questioning about the young girl's name and the fact that girl could be [i her] daughter.

[+Green "Did this elderly woman give you a riddle dear?, if so tell me what it is and we may figure it out together."]

Eleanor asked/stated as she gently put her hand on the girl's shoulder gently to calm her even a little so they could think about the situation at hand.
  SakuHinaLover / 5d 6h 38m 59s
Cinderella was almost desperate looking through books on Scottland, trying to piece together something, anything, to help break the curse before it was too late. She was so absorbed in checking if the book had anything she needed that she only noticed the queen was there, and in fact the only one there, when she asked a question. Cinderella looked up, wide eyed and surprised,”Oh. Oh, I… I…”

She hesitated, not sure where to start. She hoped the queen might be able to help. It would certainly be faster than hunting through all the books in the library, and she needed an answer before anyone forced her away. Beside, this was Merida’s mother, and she certainly seemed concerned to Cinderella. So Cinderella started talking, the book forgotten and wringing her hands in worry as she explained most of what had happened, that Merida was a bear now and under a curse and Cinderella needed help breaking it only she didn’t know how. Her worry and nerves, once she started talking, seemed to fuel her babbling to keep going even though she occasionally got side tracked over a minor detail. When she finished she took a deep breath and asked,”What should I do? I have to do something to save her.”
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 35d 4h 31m 49s
[center [+lightblue "So, just take care of yourself, okay? As long as you can. It's a promise, right?"]

Merida couldn't bare to gaze upon Cinderella's pleading face asking for a promise that the she couldn't fully keep, it all depended on time and that was something she couldn't control, so the red tinted brown bear turned to the side lightly before nodding that she would take care of herself for as long as she could... that was something she could promise, but if it came to the point she had to do what had to be done to keep everyone safe... She would.. So; Merida gave Cinderella a gentle smile as the blonde girl waved as she walked away towards the castle doors again.

Once Cinderella was out of sight; Merida let her arms slump down before turning and getting up on her four legs again, before walking away slowly, she stopped and turned towards the castle again for a brief moment, hoping that Cinderella would have a good life with Prince Henry even if she didn't make it back to her. Even if the blonde did get back to her. Merida was certain that Cinderella didn't feel the same way about her, so her curse will not be broken and she would have to pay for it, which was probably losing her humanity to the bear inside.

Which she couldn't afford to happen nor risk because she could hurt someone she deeply cares about, which she would do everything and anything she could do to stop from happening, including what would have to be done if it comes to it.

So after that brief look; Merida walked away slowly without a direction in mind, hoping to find a place to stay the night without any guards or her father about, she knew the safest place would be the cave she and Cinderella hid in that one night, so she went on her way there. Once she got here she shoved the large bolder out the way and walked inside...before pulling the boulder back over the entrance before going into the back of the cave where they both slept and curled into a large ball before resting there waiting for Cinderella.. or someone to end this curse before it was too late.

At the castle; Merida's mother Elenor was pacing around it has been days since her daughter had been missing and still no sign of her, her friend was attacked also by the bear... Though from England herself she knew that bears were uncommon unless they were for bear baiting and that was long forbidden when she became Queen of Scotland. Ellenor didn't know what happened to her daughter but she knew whom was with her on the night she disappeared.. that mystery woman if only she knew whom she was she could ask for answers where her daughter was...

Soon as the ageing Queen thought that; There was a fuss at the castle doors a blonde girl around near her Merida's age if not a little younger... she could hear the fuss.. The girl was the mystery girl, the guards where pestering her on whom she was and where she was from. The Queen of Scotland got up from her seat the other royal seats where empty because the rest of the remaining royals went to bed and so was their important guests because of the festivities were the next morning...

Of course Ellenor could not sleep not knowing her daughter was safe and sound; so she followed the guards and the girl silently behind them, once the library. The Scottish Queen walked in elegantly and opened her mouth towards the guards.

[+green "..Gentlemen if you be so kind as to leave I would like a talk with our mystery guest for a moment"]

The Scottish Queen kept a calm and a collected toned voice even though she was emotional wrecked inside worried about her daughter but she knew she couldn't act rationally in front of them.. Her voice alone caught the guards attention and turned towards her in a solute formation before opening their mouths.

[+Darkblue "Yes your highness."]

They both said knowing better than questioning or denying the Scottish Queen especially when her daughter was missing, so they both left obediently straight away because they had heard rumours about Ellenor when she got angry, so they didn't wish to risk anything and they left her and the 'mystery girl' alone.

Once the door clicked shut; Ellenor walked slowly towards the blonde haired girl and sat in front of her, gazing at what she was reading for a brief moment... Books about her country?.. Her brows narrowed as it was another sign this girl knew about her daughter and might know what happened to her, so she opened her mouth lightly.

[+green "..where is my daughter young lass?"]

Ellenor asked trying to keep her cool and collected tone even if she wished demand answers she didn't wish to scare the girl away because then she would get nothing out of the the young blonde, so she did her best to keep calm and awaited for the young girl to answer her.
  SakuHinaLover / 37d 6h 59m 59s
So Cinderelle decided she just had to do something to keep Merida from staying a bear. There was time still, and the castle would have resources. Prince Henry was kind, maybe he would help. She wasn't sure she really wanted to marry him, but certainly if it would save Merida. Anything to save Merida.

Cinderella nodded, and carefully climbed down. She would go the rest of the way alone, and see what she could do with the time left. She looked to Merida and smiled,"So, just take care of yourself, okay? As long as you can. It's a promise, right?"

She didn't want to part with tears or sadness. Instead she just smiled and waved before walking toward the castle, her steps quickening once the guards saw her and hurried toward her. She didn't want them to get too close to Merida. Once they were around her, fretting over how frightened she must be, she turned back to try and see Merida again, but the guards had her surrounded and were ushering her inside. Warning her that a bear was loose and she must be careful.

Once inside she learned that Prince Henry was out looking for her, and someone recognized her as the girl he was looking for. There was a fuss, and someone left to find the prince and tell him the news. Cinderella asked to go to the library. It took a couple of tries, because they wanted to get her looking nice, and wanted to know where she'd been and who she was, but she just insisted on going to the library stubbornly.

They gave in, hoping it would lead to answers about her, thinking she was a mysterious princess and would show them where she was from on a map or something. Instead she went browsing for the information she was looking for, some way to break Merida's curse. Something on Scotland.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 209d 7h 21m 38s
[center As they got closer towards the castle, the more in danger Merida was in her bear form, but she didn't care at this moment , she only cared about getting Cinderella safely there, so she kept walking in silence as she drifted into her thoughts lightly, which caused her fire within her that was always burning brightly was dimming into a almost flicker of the scorching fire her spirt once was. She knew once that Cinderella went into that castle; Prince Henry would rush to her aid if he wasn't already searching for the blonde girl.

Merida kept her head forwards even though she felt it was getting heavy with the feelings she was keeping locked away inside her, she wished Cinderella the best... yet a part of her selfishly wished that Cinderella could become hers or at least break the spell on her somehow and come with her to Scotland, but after being told the only way to break the spell was true loves kiss...

Merida didn't believe in that; She had accepted there was magic, willow O' wisps, fairies, she believed in everything accept.. True Love Kiss. She had never fallen in love, she never felt so deeply for someone other than Cinderella, but she couldn't... she couldn't ruin their friendship because of her selfish desires and feelings for the blonde on her back, so she must give up on ever being human again.

Soon as her thoughts decided that; Cinderella spoke up, causing Merida's bear ears to flicker to show she was listening as they walked towards the castle as it came in sight.

[+lightblue "Merida please take care of yourself. promise me you will. You... you have to. I just couldn't..."]

Merida could hear the distraught tone of Cinderella's voice, causing her to grit her teeth as they walked towards the castle, wondering how can she promise Cinderella something like that when time was ticking and was effecting her even now, her hunger favoured fish and wild fruits now while her normal favoured food was cake like her little brothers, meat, fruit like apples and pears everything but didn't feel like she wanted to eat fruit while nawing at a bush, pulling them off with her teeth and claws. How could she promise the blonde on her back that.. she would be able to take care of herself while her mind was slowly losing itself to the bear that she was now...Though at the end of Cinderella's plea for her to keep strong. Merida bit her lower lip as she had a few good idea's what Cinderella couldn't in the 'couldn't' that she meant.

So; Merida opened her mussel and decided to speak;

[+Red "..Cinderella.. Ah.. If Ah.. make thon promise, only time will prevent me from keepin it.. ye see.. Ah no longer like the things Ah used tae like now.. Ah only like fish an' wild fruit, ma eatin habits is becomin thon o' a bear Lass.. There is only sae much time Ah can wait Cinderella befure Ma mind turns wane o' a bear, Ah will dae thon's has tae been done befur thon."]

Merida murmured as she kept walking towards the castle until she was a safe distance towards it but far away enough that the guards didn't notice them, she stopped and turned to the side with her head as if she was looking upon Cinderella in the corner of her eye before opening her mussel once more.

[+red "Cinderella...Ah..Thus is the nearest Ah can gae tae the castle withoot bein seen, sae...off ye gae now."]

Merida wanted to say that she loved Cinderella one last time in Scottish but even though she knew that the blonde wouldn't understand her, she couldn't bring herself to say it again because it would hurt her too much, more than she already feeling if that was possible, so instead Merida explained that where they were now was the nearest she could get to the castle without being seen, before sending Cinderella on her way. After that; Merida kneeled down on for legs so Cinderella could get off, for a moment she felt Cinderella clutch her fur... Then soon slowly get off her back, causing her to stand up on her four legs again, without a word. Unless Cinderella had anything to say to her. ]
  M | E | R | I | D | A | / SakuHinaLover / 211d 3h 53m 38s
Cinderella wasn't really hungry and left the fish alone, pondering over Merida's answer. Far away... She didn't want to hurt anyone. How like Merida, to protect everyone else. Cinderella sighed. Tracking down Merida once she'd found answers would be tricky, but hopefully possible. There was only so far Merida could go, and Cinderella didn't plan to delay. Straight to the library as soon as she got to the castle.

Cinderella was quiet for a while, but as the castle got closer she frowned,"Merida, please take care of yourself. Please promise me you will. You... you have to. I just couldn't..."

The castle was getting closer, and it was almost time to part ways. She needed to know Merida would be safe long enough for her to find the solution to fix the spell.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 232d 7h 39m 43s
[center As Merida sat on her furry rear; She stared at the little burning cinders that came out from the top of small fire, that was controlled and safe with rocks as a border and four watchful eyes looking over it, so it would not spread and burn the forest. Merida was lost in thought; thinking of nothing in particular, in fact she caused her mind to go blank, causing her eyes to seem dazed, clearly showing her mind was drifting until Cinderella spoke, causing Merida to blink slightly and turn her eyes towards the blonde haired girl, so the she-bear could see Cinderella in the corner of her eyes for a brief moment as the blonde spoke.

[+lightblue "So... Um, where exactly do you think you'll go after this?"]

Merida's ears flickered at Cinderella's question and her facial expression turned lightly surprised because she didn't think about it, until now. The She-Bear's ears soon went down and back on her head as her expression changed from her lightly surprised to a more unsure one as she took a moment to think before opening her mussel to answer Cinderella, while she turned her eyes towards the fire once more, no longer wanting to look at the blonde in the eyes at this time, because her own eyes would deceive her.

[+red "..A-Ah... don't know Lass. Maybe a cave somewhere, far away from the kingdom, sae everyone is safe, Ahf Ah make it thon is withoot changin.. Ahf Ah don't make it..Ah will become danger tae ye, tae everywan in the kingdom, Ah won't allow thon tae happen...Ah wuld.. hurt mase'f before Ah hurt anyone, especially ye Cinderella.."]

Merida looked down at her large paws, then the dark pads and then lastly the sharp claws that where once human nails, human hands, human skin. Before clenching her fists in and out as she felt as the time went on her humanity was fading very slowly, Her bear urges wished to maul the fish to shreds in her mouth even though it was barely cooked, in fact she would eat it still living and breathing, before killing it with her bear teeth, savouring the fresh taste of fish blood, bones, flesh go down to her stomach, before chomping on more until she was full. But she kept the urges at bay. Just like her feelings for Cinderella.

But both roaring at her, clawing at her very being to give in, just let one take over, yet she couldn't she wouldn't be able to bare the thought of Cinderella not returning her feelings, she couldn't ruin the blonde's chance of a happy life, so she reached out and grabbed the stick with her fish on and begun eating it, since it seemed cooked enough and she decide it would be a good distraction. After a while; Merida had eaten her half fill of fish. She got up and gathered wet mud to put out the fire, so it wouldn't spread and overpower the wood when they continued their journey back to the castle.

Once Merida had made sure everything was safe to leave, she knelt down, so Cinderella could get on her back once more, once she was on and if Cinderella asked what she meant 'she would hurt herself before hurting anyone.' Merida didn't wish to answer; so she didn't she kept quiet on that question because her answer would be gruesome. Her answer.... was just as she put it but more detail than she explained it. Since her bear-mind would not stop to show mercy. Merida had only one way to make sure everyone would be safe.. It was to... Take her own life, if there was an need.

That was an answer that should not enter the blonde's ears, Merida wasn't going to corrupt Cinderella innocent ears with such information even though it was a decision that was a last resort, But knowing Cinderella sometimes she would not give up until she got an answer. As Merida continued walking she could only wait the blonde girl's repeated questioning and attempts to persuade her to tell her what she meant.

If Cinderella decided not to try to get the answer out Merida; The she-bear continued on their path towards the castle, or rather never stopped except from eating at the river beforehand.
  SakuHinaLover / 235d 6h 7m 36s
Cinderella only had polite goodbyes and thank yous for the two before going out to meet Merida. She was apparently related to them, but couldn't think what to say properly. Instead she came across a bit like a shy child.

Outside Merida clearly wanted Cinderella to ride on her back, and Cinderella climbed on, burying her hands in the thick fur. It still seemed a little strange, riding on Merida's back while Merida was a bear, but Cinderella assured herself that she would find some way to fix it. Once she got back.

Merida had to eat first, and Cinderella watched Merida hunt the fish quietly, sitting down on a patch of grass. It was sort of funny watching her go from a bear hunting in a river, as bears tend to do, to starting a fire as Cinderella was pretty sure bears did not typically do.

Fish for her? Cinderella took the fish with a puzzled look, but helped cook anyway. She wasn't really hungry, but she figured Merida could eat the fish. And besides, Cinderella sort of liked cooking, at least when it wasn't a chore.

The silence though. The fire crackled, and Cinderella looked over to Merida,"So... Um, where exactly do you think you'll go after this?"

It struck her that once she found the answer she would need to find Merida again.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 287d 2h 41m 51s
[center [+pink "Oh, I suppose fruit wouldn’t quite be the thing for a bear…”]

Merida just simply mumbled and nodded slightly at the fairy but she did turn her head towards the much older being and smiled lightly to show she did appreciate the gesture, before turning she turn she turned back on her side as she waited for Cinderella to eat and finish so they could go because there was only so much she could take now...

If they didn't hurry.. Merida though she would go crazy with jealousy towards the prince, even if Cinderella went with the fairy to be a fairy: Merida would still be jealous but towards the fairy woman that would've taken her away from her, even though she repeatedly told herself that Cinderella wasn't hers to keep.

The blonde wasn't hers to love or even take away to her kingdom, to where Merida would make sure that Cinderella had a simple yet well of life because of course Cinderella might not like Merida the way she felt towards the blonde, even if she did Merida wouldn't want to burden Cinderella with the responsibilities of Queen of Scotland because the people were more than an handful to manage than Prince Henry's Kingdom.

Also of course;.. Cinderella might not want to go with Merida nor will Merida be able to break the curse on herself, so neither would be going to Scotland, but Merida despite her feelings towards the blonde, she was at least to give Cinderella the life she had always deserved..

[+pink ”I’ll be going now. I won’t be far if you need me, Ella, but as you’ve decided to live with humans there is only so much guidance I can offer now. I wish you the best, and that you will be happy.”]
[+lightblue “Thank you.”]

Merida didn't turn around nor did she make a sound accept from her sounds of gentle breathing, but her ears flickered slightly to make sure the other two women knew she was listening and was alert with everything around her and soon her ears immediately went down as she heard the door close after the older fairy as she left the two of them alone again. Normally Merida would have been happy to be alone with Cinderella but at this moment being alone meant that it was the second to the last time they would ever be together.

She was hoping that someone or something would give her a sign that she was making the best decision by taking Cinderella to the castle, to Prince Henry to be with him.. She hoped she was missing something and someone or something would show her sign before it was too late..

There was only a moment of silence a moment for Merida to think through her thoughts, she knew she was listening to her head more than her heart.. because of course her head never proven her wrong right?.. Merida; Even from a young age never knew she had always listened to her heart and her head until now because her heart was shouting too loudly for her to hear right or rather it was muffled by the thought in her head.. If she make it.. She would at least see to that Cinderella would get a life she deserved.

[+lightblue ”I suppose we should go too. You must be hungry, and none of this is any good for you now, is it?”]

The silence was gone and Merida was forced back out from her thoughts by the sound of Cinderella's voice an sound she had become addicted to but she knew she would soon would have withdrawal symptoms, as soon as she leaves the blonde at the castle.. Merida shut her eyes at the horrid thought that would soon be reality, soon she realised that she hadn't answered Cinderella yet and so she opened her eyes and her mouth to speak.

[+red "Bears can eat berries Cinderella they jist don't fill a bears stomach, sae they won't dae much fur me anymore."]

Merida answered weakly as she started to get up showing just how big her bear frame was, she stood on her hind legs and scratched behind one of her ears with a claw before stretching herself because she had been in one place too long that her body had got slightly stiff as she did that Merida's ears perked up again at the sound of Cinderella's voice.

[+lightblue "Do you feel well enough to go now?”]

...That question it caused Merida's ears to go down... She wanted to say no she might never be well- emotionally ready enough to let Cinderella go, but she must for the blonde's sake and so she opened her mouth yet again to answer Cinderella's question.

[+Red "Aye.. Say yer gaeaed bye's tae the fairy an' the witch if ye want tae... Ah'll be waitin ootside."]

Merida answered in the same way as before she started moving slowly and a quiet wobbly at first but she soon got the handle of walking again despite how dizzy and weak she still felt though she decided to blame that on lack of food but that would be fixed with fish later on, so she ventured forward and opened the door with one of her paws and soon the door closed behind her... Merida put her back against the house wall as she waited for Cinderella to come outside.

----When Cinderella came out-------

When Cinderella came out the house; Merida went on all fours and walked over to the blonde and turned her body to the point as to motion the girl to get on her back, Which she did and with that they went on their way through the forest until they got to a river so Merida could eat.

Once at the river; Merida let Cinderella down and she went towards the water to catch some fish, as a good hunter she was she caught herself a stomach full of fish but since Cinderella only had nuts and berries she brought some fish over to the grass and placed them on a rock, before building a base fire a fire, then using two stones she made fire, showing she was fully human in her mind and heart. Before getting some sticks and putting the fish on them, reach the fish on the stick to Cinderella to cook for herself since the fire was very near then before she took a stick herself before cooking her own as she sat next to Cinderella in silence until the blonde decide to talk because Merida had pretty much nothing to say..]
  SakuHinaLover / 288d 11h 33m 0s
“Oh, I suppose fruit wouldn’t quite be the thing for a bear…” The fairy mused absently, as if she’d only just realized.

Cinderella nibbled on a bit of everything on the platter, finding she liked most everything there. Especially the berries, which she went to eating once she’d tasted everything. The older fairy watched for several moments, then with a little sigh turned to the door,”I’ll be going now. I won’t be far if you need me, Ella, but as you’ve decided to live with humans there is only so much guidance I can offer now. I wish you the best, and that you will be happy.”

“Thank you.” Cinderella’s answer was soft. The older fairy nodded, and left through the front door. The room was still and silent after the door closed, until Cinderella picked up another berry,”I suppose we should go too. You must be hungry, and none of this is any good for you now, is it?”

Cinderella stood up and straightened out the skirt of her dress. There wasn’t a lot of time, and she had to find a way to save Merida, even over Merida’s objections. Merida was selfless like that, and would object to Cinderella’s plan, so it had to be secret.

So with a small smile Cinderella looked to Merida,”Do you feel well enough to go now?”
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 348d 3h 2m 11s
[center [+pink ”There we go. I thought you could do with a little something to eat. Have you made any decision yet, or do you have more questions?”]

Merida didn't answer the older woman/fairy. The brown yet red tinted bear didn't even turn her eyes to the woman at the door. Whom came in with a tray of forest fruits and nuts, yet nothing that a bear would normally eat accept from the fruit's. But even bears could consume fruits. They weren't very filling for a bears huge appetite, so Merida needed fish to eat or something big enough for her bear structure to be full on just in case her hunger was to become too great to the point she could turn on Cinderella and or one other living beings in the cottage.

So; Merida decided to leave the tray alone because there was no point on trying to eat what was on it if it wasn't going to fill her up, so she left it for Cinderella to eat since she had a structure, or stomach that could become full on what was on the tray, so Merida didn't seemed to care or acknowledge the tray instead she let go off Cinderella so the blonde could get up and eat her fill of what was on the plate, before the redhead decided to curl on her side and nuzzle into herself as she finally decided upon her slightly growling stomach she would catch some fish on the way to the castle.

[+lightblue “I, um… uh, I--Merida was going to take me to the, the um, castle…”]
[+pink “I see. And when will you leave?”]
[+lightblue ”Um, I don’t know. Soon?”]

Merida listened to the conversation since she had nothing better to do, nor could she fall asleep again because of her restless nature and her thoughts of taking Cinderella back to the castle and never seeing her, her family or her friends again. The feeling and the fact of it made Merida not very hungry in herself even though that her bear stomach was growling with need of food. Merida figured if she ate now because of her thoughts she would just throw it back up again, so Merida didn't see the point of trying to eat at the moment. So; she just listened to the two fairies conversation until there was a need for her to speak, which there was at the end.

[+red "Ah't will be as saeaen as when Cinderella finishes eating. Ah'll eat fish on the way there. Since Ah'm a bear Ah suppose fruit won't dae much me."]

Merida spoke up dryly and lowly but she didn't turn her head towards either of them unless she deemed it that she had to, for now she didn't think she needed to, so she waited for the older fairy to leave or either one of the other women to speak, until then Merida remained quiet and waited for Cinderella to finish with her forest meal, so they could get going. Because Merida didn't know how much resolve she had left, but she knew if she didn't get Cinderella at the castle soon..

Her feelings for the blonde.. would become more unbearable than they already were to the point she could ruin Cinderella's future happiness....]
  M | E | R | I | D | A | / SakuHinaLover / 356d 15h 37m 22s
Merida didn’t believe in true loves kiss? If Cinderella had been less flustered and worried she might’ve noticed that Merida didn’t act offended or horrified at the implied suggestion. As it was she was just upset that she couldn’t help turn Merida from a bear back to a person, and that Merida was insistent on taking her back even if it meant staying a bear. But Cinderella didn’t want Merida to stay a bear, she just couldn’t leave Merida like that. One way or another she’d solve that riddle and get Merida back to normal.

And that might be easier if Merida couldn’t object while Cinderella looked for more answers. Although the thought of leaving Merida was a distressing one, Cinderella was determined that she would come back with some solution.

Merida going on about how wonderful Cinderella was only made Cinderella blush more, and despite her resolution to help Merida left her speechless.

Before Cinderella could really think of anything to say, the door opened and in came Cinderella’s godmother. Out in the forest she had apparently been busy, because she walked in with a wooden tray laden with fruits, nuts, berries, and just about anything edible that Cinderella knew grew at all in the forest. She brought the tray over and set it down,”There we go. I thought you could do with a little something to eat. Have you made any decision yet, or do you have more questions?”

Cinderella looked at Merida, then Rosalinda, still sort of red in the face. Rosalinda was asking about the fairy or human question. Which people she would live with. Cinderella was still wondering how to get Merida back. The fairies wouldn’t have any answer better than the witches, she was sure, but maybe some human books could help solve the riddle.

“I, um… uh, I--Merida was going to take me to the, the um, castle…” A castle had a library, and that might help. She hoped. Rosalinda nodded almost gravely. As if she’d been expecting that answer but hoping for another.

“I see. And when will you leave?”

Cinderella hesitated and looked at Merida,”Um, I don’t know. Soon?” There was a time limit to reversing this curse. As loathe as she was to leave Merida, she just [i couldn’t] let time run out. So there really wasn’t much time to spare.
  Cinderella / Yavanna / 1y 14d 11m 22s
[center Merida nudged her paws over her eye's very so often because the tears had started to come out, though as she rubbed her eyes shesnuggled back down into her arms to try to get herself to go to sleep because it was painful.. It hurts inside of her chest..It hurts inside her head.. it hurts everywhere.. Merida was hurting everywhere from the inside out.

Though she couldn't do anything about it without running Cinderella's chance of getting the life she deserved, Merida will not do that to the blonde, so she repeated that she was doing this for Cinderella, she was almost there to give the blonde the life she deserved.. Merida is almost there and she must keep going until the end, even if it meant she would remain a bear forever she will make sure Cinderella had the life she deserved...

With that repeated in the redhead's head she remained quiet about her true feelings towards Cinderella even though she had said it many times in Celtic Scottish she would not say it in English.. She must remain quiet even though her heart was screaming at her to tell Cinderella as it was breaking slowly yet painfully.. Making Merida realise that no wonder she didn't want to fall in love because of the pain it would bring..

There was silence in the room; Until Merida heard Cinderella footsteps walk over to her before she felt a arm try to wrap it's self around her large bear form, finally she felt impact on her back a snuggling sensation..

Knowing who it was; Merida didn't move or turn towards Cinderella but she did shiver slightly as the blonde snuggled into her back but what brought Merida's eyes to widen was what Cinderella had said when she was comfortable.

[+lightblue ”I don’t know if I want to go back.”]

Merida's eyes widened at the statement. Her heart started to beat frantically for unknown reason, did it dare hope that Cinderella didn't want to go back because she had feelings for Merida?. Merida closed her eyes tightly shut as she tried to tell herself that can't be it.. She was just being too hopeful and she should stop it...

She was almost there. She must give Cinderella the life she deserved. She must not lose her resolve now. Not when she was so close..She couldn't be selfish... Thought truly.. and even Merida was unaware of this. The Scottish princess was frightened.. She was frightened of falling in love, having a feeling that she couldn't understand because she never felt before, to the point she didn't know if she could call it love.

She wasn't sure if her love for Cinderella would be strong enough to lift the curse.. Also she was frightened that Cinderella wouldn't feel the same everything seemed to tearing her apart from the inside but she must keep her resolve.. Merida had to keep her resolve in order to give Cinderella the life she deserves.

Still the redhead kept quite even though Cinderella kept getting deeper into her fur, causing Merida's body to heat up and her skin to red, her body shuck slightly as she was trying to keep herself from turn around and hugging Cinderella there and then and telling her everything about her frustrating, confusing, and frightening feelings.. Though what Cinderella said next would make Merida lose most of her resolve.

[+lightblue "I couldn’t possibly leave you. Not as a bear especially. So… um. I want to… I want to help, and I, um, s-sort of have an.. Idea…”]

Merida's body heated up so fast, if she wasn't covered with fur then her whole body would be red from head to toe. She thought of the idea Cinderella might be hinting at... Wait just what was Cinderella and that fairy talking about?!..

The witch.. She must've put something in Cinderella's head, having an idea what it was caused Merida to think that the blonde would only do it because it was the only way not that she had feelings for her.. it wouldn't work anyway because truth love kiss didn't exist. There might be witches, fairies but true love's kiss? that only existed in fairy tales..

So; Merida opened her mouth to speak as she turned on her side towards Cinderella and put her paws over blonde's frame and held her close.

[+Red ".......Cinderella... Ye shouldn't listen tae the witch.. she gives ye gammy spells an' stupid riddles...but Ah didn't think she would gae thus far.. There is no way there is such thing as true loves kiss.

Sure there is magic, fairies, willow o wisps and witches. but true love kiss is the wane thing ye will only find in a fairy-tale book. Even.. if there was such thing...

There might be a chance it might no' work...Alsae.. Ah want ye tae have the life ye deserve in order tae dae thon.. Ah'll hae tae take ye back tae the castle. Tae the prince. especially before Ah lose all ma humanity. If it means tae protect ye, tae keep ye safe and happy Cinderella. Ah'll gladly remain a bear furever lass.

Don't think fur a second.. thon Ah'm upset with ye, or angry with ye Cinderella. Ye have been nothing but kind tae me from the moment Ah arrived here.. ye treated me as me no' a princess like everyone else does. Ah want tae repay ye fur yer generosity, yer Angelic personality thon everywan should adore, Prince Henry will give ye everything ye deserve. A warm home... Ye don't have tae dae house work, especially no' alone..

Ye'll have a warm an' comfy bed.. Henry will love ye unconditionally.. Ah doubt anyone would be able to deserve ye as their partner Cinderella not even him, but I'm certain he would try everyday to be worthy of ye... an' Ah couldn't ask fur more thon yer happiness yer chance tae have everything ye deserve.. fur thon Ah will gladly remain a bear." ]

Merida stated, explained as tears ran down her eyes silently because of the way she gritted her teeth as she spoke, but she held her feelings in as she held Cinderella close her to her as if it would be the last time she would hold her in her arms. After she explained everything she just held Cinderella and she didn't say a thing to the blonde.

The room was silent again. Until someone opened the door, neither looked who it was but a voice came to their ears making them realise who it was.

[b maybe the fairy could bring in some food for the two of them and ask if Cinderella is going to the castle if so then when?. Merida would mutter.. After their food. Their food is a deadly and awkward one maybe. and afterwards they set of towards the castle. Maybe in awkward silence or maybe Cinderella talks to her?.

You know Cinderella is stronger than Merida now in power. so she could make them both stop in the woods and tell Merida their not moving unless she tells the blonde whats up.. Or we can just use the plan we just had in the Pm :3 ]
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 16d 14h 53m 13s

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