Grimoires of the Fallen

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[b [center ::[#ac28e0 Setting]::]]
[center [b Grimoires.]

[i Encyclopedias filled to the brim with knowledge, all of it focused on magic and its potency. Condensed version of spells with every last detail about each individual article placed inside of it. Information that no mortal should ever be able to know let alone access. Books of those fallen from grace and lead on the path of sin and destruction.

Each with their own area of expertise. Ranging from the summoning of demons to bringing forth hellfire. To creating weapons of unknown capabilities to increasing a person's strengths. All of which go against the natural flow of life, and death. Leaving nothing more than chaos in their wake.

However, each grimoire in existence cannot bring about despair on its own for it requires a user behind it. Someone that can fully access the powers of the forbidden texts. Those known as Warlocks, Witches, Sorcerers, Wizards, and such are all known to be wielders of such powerful magic. Although, not all wielders thought the same.

With each having their own agendas, some stood against the impending doom. Guarding the cycle of life and death with blasphemous intelligence at their side, seeking the continuation of balance in this world. While there are those who wish to break the cycle, make it accelerate and destroy the balance, or even stop the repeating process all together in this world of fantasy. Bringing about the different factions of the world. All with their own agendas and their own desires for how the grimoires should be used.

Although, the number of grimoires in the world is not known and each person has their own affinity with a grimoire. It is unknown if there is a limited number or if there is someone or something creating more. For no two grimoires ever discovered match that of another. Similarities have been found between some, but they will almost never have the same overarching power.

Now, people all around this world have begun to split their ideals on how things should be into general categories. Some believing that these creations are nothing more than simple, heretical things that should never have existed. Considering them to be simple firewood if anything at all. Others believe that they are weapons or tools that could be used to further the world in a better direction. Possibly solving issues that other means could not. These are the two main ways that inhabitants have split themselves into, though there are multiple other means of interpreting the existence of the grimoires.

No one in the world is ever completely sure of why they came into existence. Though, perhaps it may be discovered as events in the world come to fruition. But, perhaps two possible ideas can be conceived the easiest. Either the grimoires will bring about destruction of everything or will become a powerful ally to those who inhabit this world.]]


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