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Meeting Em's family was pretty fun, and I think it went better than either her or I expected. I hope things continue to go well like this. I could use a positive person like her in my life.

Also, Em is hella cute. She gets shy about certain things and it's adorable. That, and she's a lot prettier than I think she knows.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 8d 14h 55m 43s
Woohoo! That was really fun! Hanging out with Emina, playing some games, and just talking to her in general was quite nice. I hope her and I are able to spend some more time together again soon.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 12d 17h 3m 55s
The closer it gets to 8 the more excited and nervous I get. It's happening, boys and girls, it's happening.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 12d 22h 28m 23s
Destiny 2 is awesome
Hanging out with Em tomorrow is awesome
Things are going great
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 13d 13h 53m 53s
Of course things around here have to go to hell. God damn...
Why can't things just stay... half-decent? Could I please live in a house without people slamming doors and screaming at each other at 3 AM? I guess if this is the way things have been for 20+ years, they probably won't ever change.

And here I went and thought that moving out could wait...
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 14d 20h 52m 0s
Is it bad that I had to lock my cat out of my room? Apparently I wasn't petting her enough or something, because she decided that she was going to bite me. Then she did it again, and eventually I was nearly running from my cat so she wouldn't attack me.

What the hell? I ain't into that sorta thing. I don't like being bitten, thank you very much. She's currently scratching the outside of my door trying to get back in. I dunno what's gotten into her tonight, but it's really quite annoying. It's also a tad disturbing, too.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 19d 16h 25m 21s
I wonder if I could ever cobble a 5-man together. With how flexible Alex and I are, we could use some good damage dealers and team players that are willing to fill in the spots where neither of us are comfortable. I can cover top, jungle, and support. Alex can play jungle, support, and ADC. I know that mid is a spot neither of us can fill, and we could really use a strong mage to help fill that gap. And if we could get two people willing to play the spots Alex doesn't take, we'd be good. I would really love to have a group that can play together that isn't full of Plat players who remind Alex and I that we're bad.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 20d 18h 38m 31s
Tomorrow's another day off, so it's another day to relax, talk to friends, and have some fun. It should be good; I just have to make it through today. That's not so hard, though.

Also, kinda wondering if/when we'll talk again. It was really nice, all things considered. I think it all could have gone much, much worse. But it didn't, and it was a good way to spend a night
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 21d 2h 8m 3s
Tonight and tomorrow have presented me with an interesting opportunity-more free time and more people to spend it with.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 23d 40m 26s
I got 47 minutes extra today. That should be enough to make sure I'm actually at 40 hours this week. It also means Steph will give me a ride home and save me an extra long bus wait.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 23d 21h 28m 26s
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 25d 2h 2m 11s
C'mon, STL Metro Transit. Y'all can't be almost 10 minutes late every damn day. It's gonna screw with my job, and that is very important to me. I'm at the bus stop a couple minutes early, all I'm asking is that you're there on time. Christ, how hard is that?
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 25d 4h 25m 25s
Really, trying to change my League password? What the hell...
Something's fucky. I don't like it.
But still, my password is now super-extra safe.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 25d 5h 32m 27s
Oh, that would make sense.
Well, I see how you could think that, and you aren't wrong for inferring.
But don't worry.
I'm not taking anyone's side on anything anymore. I keep myself far away from that. I don't want it in my life.
[Right [size7 I don't want to hear about that place or anyone in it anymore.]]
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 25d 18h 31m 27s
Whelp, there goes a half-decent meme thing and a little bit of shit I needed to get out. I dunno why it's gone, maybe it got messed up when I first wrote it up. Maybe something happened while it was in my pocket. I don't know, but I'm really disappointed. Not that it really matters, but...still. I don't like it.

Also, look at all those names in connected. Ain't it a purty sight? If this was a stream or something, I'd be happy. I feel nervous, instead. I'm used to being able to have a vague idea of why certain names pop up, but now I've got people that I don't normally talk to or keep tabs on in here. Is it an enjoyable read? I hope so. I don't want to bore anyone with my bitching and moaning.
  Amser Feitheoir / Caleb1021 / 25d 18h 47m 0s

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