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[Center I write down my thoughts here.]


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  Caleb1021 / 1d 5h 17m 44s
Sometimes I think this'll be the death of me.
[size7 Then I realize I'm not that lucky.]
  Gealach Tenebris / Caleb1021 / 91d 10h 58m 30s
New favorite BNHA character.
Fatgum is beautiful.
And he has Kirishima and Tamaki as interns.
He's super nice about everything and is like genuinely just a good dude trying to do good in the world and like holy shit I love it. He's not like All-Might, trying to combat some super villans or change the world. He's just trying to be a good dude. I can't wait to see him animated.
  Gealach Tenebris / Caleb1021 / 110d 6h 8m 30s
[Center A gap in the clouds, and the Sun comes out.]
[Center [YouTube]]
  Caleb1021 / 114d 17h 5m 51s
Here's to hoping "tomorrow" goes well. Technically it's today, but that's just because I'm up at 3 AM.
Another Thanksgiving spent working.
Another Thanksgiving spent listening to my parents yell at each other.
I miss when things went smoothly, back when I was younger. When I was a kid Thanksgiving was a big deal. Now it's just a big pain in my ass.
Hey, maybe if I'm lucky the catering will be decent this year.
Or maybe it'll be shitty, like always.

Well, I better get some sleep, or "tomorrow" will be even worse.
  Caleb1021 / 116d 4h 52m 27s
Guess what, everyone?
I'm fucking pissed and I don't care what I say and who I offend.
Y'all can fuck off.
I pray to Ryushin that y'all don't say any more shit to me or I'll just fucking unload on your asses.
Honestly y'all should just fucking kill yourselves.
  Caleb1021 / 122d 19h 37s
[center [pic]]
  Caleb1021 / 141d 8h 53m 53s
Is it bad I'd rather be at work than at home?
I'm tired of the yelling and screaming.
No more fighting.
If you're going to fight, buck the fuck up and just kill each other. I'm tired of it all.
You know what I want for my 21st birthday?
I want you two to get a divorce.

No more, or I'll be the one beating on you two. I'm sick and tired of it.
  Caleb1021 / 154d 19h 49m 54s
[Center [size10 You like seeing me allowed in his journal Colleen? You like seeing that he can trust me with his deepest darkest feelings and that all of his time, love and energy goes to me and not you? Too bad you gotta keep making new trash accounts to not be obvious about stalking his journal huh? Well he's mine. Body mind and soul. So do him and yourself a favor and stop being so desperate. Desperation is a fucking ugly color on you, bitch.]]
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 172d 9h 1m 47s
I hope you aren't jealous.
[size7 I actually hope you are, but we'll just overlook that.]
He's mine, I'm his, and that won't change.
I actually give him attention, unlike you.
I actually care about him.
I actually give a damn.
I'm not just leading him on.
So yeah, have fun watching us actually be happy.
Because he's happier with me than he ever was with you.
Sorry [size7 Not sorry]
  Caleb1021 / 173d 11h 10m 19s
Let's hope all goes well.
It should, but...
Who knows.
[size7 It could all go to shit.]
[size7 It'll probably all go to shit.]
[size7 Everything always goes to shit.]
  Caleb1021 / 175d 7h 28m 36s
Ain't that interesting.
I wonder who told you.

[size7 Also can I stop being such an anxious, needy shithead?]
  Caleb1021 / 183d 15h 18m 35s
Don't be suprised when I'm a lazy piece of shit who won't help you out. I told your drunk ass last night I'm not some sort of great guy like you think. I'm a piece of shit who's [I trying] to be a good person. And, honestly mate, I think it's a shame that I'm your best friend. I won't be all that upset when we stop talking one day. That's just the way things go. You aren't just a ride to work or anything. You [I are] my friend, but being my friend doesn't mean much.

[size7 Maybe this is why Mun and I get along so damn well...]
  Caleb1021 / 191d 12h 57m 9s
That's a big fucking mood right there.
I need me some of that good ol' affection.
I used to not need it.
Or at least I didn't know that I needed it.
It was an unknown unknown.
Now it's a known unknown.
And lemme fuckin tell ya, it's a bitch.
I wish I could just like, I dunno, shut that shit off.
Fuck me, man.
  Caleb1021 / 201d 8h 54m 59s
What's a guy gotta do to not be lonely and sad around here?
All I do is still around and do nothing, and I don't really have the means to easily change that.
So I guess I'll just sit around and drink until something changes.
I doubt anything will actually happen, though.
  Caleb1021 / 221d 10h 48m 27s

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