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Before Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord... Before Harry Potter received his letter... Why, before Harry Potter was even Harry Potter, there was an older, lesser known story.

In 1971, four boys all embarked on their first year at Hogwarts. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew would form a bond that would change their lives, and few others, forever.

This is the first year that started it all.

Because this is the first year, we get to create how they meet and become friends! This is before the Marauders map and before all that Animigus fun, so none of that! It does not exist in year one.


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"Mummy, daddy where did they say the platform was again?" The redheaded girl asked as she looked between her mother and father who offered her a small smile. Clearly they weren't sure either and seemed just as lost as she did herself.

[b "The platform was said to be nine and three-quarters, Lily. Don't you pay attention to ANYTHING? It's a wonder that you get to go away like this and be with other freaks."] Petunia muttered as green eyes fell on her. Her sister had become a lot meaner to her as of late and all because she was 'special' and getting to go away to a school and world filled with magic and her sister couldn't go too. And though she was happy to get to be doing so, a part of her couldn't help but feel bad for her sister as the girls had been so close before all of this. But at least she would have her best friend going to and wouldn't be completely along on the first day.

And it was at that thought that made her wonder where Severus was. He had said that he was going to meet her, but so far she had not seen the boy. Her hand slowly went through her hair and she gasped as her eyes caught sight of a clock and there wasn't much time before she was to be boarding the train, which she still had NO idea how to even get to.

Once more, Lily was about to ask where to go when she saw two boys with trolleys just like the one she had walk through the borders between platforms nine and ten. It took a moment, but then she realized that was where she was meant to be going. With a small smile, the girl turned to her parents and hugged them. She also tried to give her sister a hug, but because she was still 'sour' about everything was pushed away and then pushed her trolley through the barrier, half expecting to crash into the wall.

It was only when she felt herself walking on yet another platform did the girl stop for a moment to look around. She would have liked to look around and explore more, but someone was yelling that there wasn't much time and they needed to find their seats, so she headed to the train and began trying to find somewhere to sit. Finally did the girl come across a place that had two boys and bit on her lip lightly. "Mind if I sit too?"
  ~Lily Evans / LooneyMoony / 5y 152d 9h 18m 15s
Peter's hands shook upon the trolley handle. He was always a bit squeamish, but he always made sure to have strong friends, and this normally helped him.

"You've done a good job Peter." His father squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. His father valued hard work very much, no matter what means the work was aimed towards.

Peter cycled through his main goal for the year ahead. He had to make enough friends that he wasn't an outcast, strong friends that could help keep him afloat.

They passed through the brick pillar with slight hesitation.

He pulled out a bag of 'Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans' and popped one in his mouth. 'Hmm, cheese flavor!' it tasted better than it sounds. He also gave two to the toad he had in his front pocket "There you go Norbelle." a name he had stolen from one of his distant relatives.

Soon he found himself and his father saying their goodbyes, they shook hands and Peter understood letters were likely to be sent, but not responded to.

With that behind him Peter pulled himself into the train.
  Peter Pettigrew / Cleaverjack / 5y 163d 2h 24m 22s
Remus moved between his father and mother as they hurried for platform 9 3/4.

"I still think that is so bizarre," chirped his mother. She was trying to make light talk, but he could tell by the shiver in her voice that she was very worried about Remus attending Hogwarts. "It's so funny that this platform's been under my nose for so many years."

His father just chuckled, but he shared the looks of worry. Remus tried very hard to pretend they weren't there, etched all over his parent's faces. He tried to pretend that he was just the normal wizard boy with no secrets or surprises or... curses.

They found the right wall and passed through, Remus' mother buzzing with excitement. All she had to do was recognize that there was something there and look closely! "Fascinating!" she said, looking around the platform.

Remus started to look around as well. He could feel the nervous joy bubbling up in his chest at the sight of the train and all the students. He started to lug his school trunk forward, but he felt his father's strong hand on his shoulder.

"Now, hold on, Remus. I know you're very excited..."

Remus was hesitant to turn and look at them, but he did so anyways. They were both frowning now. Tears were welling up at the corner of his mother's eyes.

"Be careful," continued his father. "If anything happens, send us an owl. I know Dumbledore's a good man, and a man of his word... but still be careful."

His parents were very good at reminding him that he wasn't a normal izard boy, and that he did in fact have a curse. The curse might have kept him away from Hogwarts if it wasn't for Dumbledore's determination in providing a safe place for him and a place where he could be away from students during the times when he transformed. Even with all of Dumbledore's reassurances, his parents still worried. But... so did Remus.

"I will, father," he said before being pulled into a big hug from his dad. His mother pulled him into a hug next. "I'll be fine. Don't worry so much."

His father nodded and pat his shoulder. "Go, then. You'll have a great time." His father almost said something else... perhaps "make lots of friends", but the worry was back and he silenced himself. Remus turned around, worrying about that now too. Perhaps, it would be best not to make any friends and just focus on his studies. He doubted anyone would want to be friends with a werewolf anyways.

"We love you, Remus," said his mother, voice quivering.

He waved goodbye to his parents and pulled his school trunk along and towards the train.
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 5y 164d 3h 51m 14s

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