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[size16 Current Arc: The Festival of Heroes]

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[lora [size16 Yan 25, 224]]
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[lora [size16 West: Morning , East: Afternoon]]
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[center [size24 Aelleon]

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Tuk Tuk

[center [size24 Fjall]

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[center [size24 Yoelia]]

[b If you have any questions, or absolutely hate what I came up with, just let me know :)]
  Ardaenus / Amore / 1y 144d 18h 9m 28s
[b Important]
Just realized I didn't update this thread's information regarding the time and date to reflect the Timeline posted below. I will edit the timeline.

So the Representatives for the countries have NOT been announced yet!

ALSO if ANYONE wants to double or triple up please PM me and I can let ya know what we need, but don't feel obligated to!

Otherwise Your posts are awesome so far!! :D

P.S. any posts made to the thread and not the chat will be important updates that everyone should read. :)
  Ardaenus / Amore / 1y 146d 12h 37m 27s
[b The Timeline]

The roleplay will begin on the date listed above, nothing too serious needs to happens, just introduce your characters, you can have some interactions, etc.

Yan 25
Will be the announcements of each kingdom's representative's for the games. The Queen's could call for a summon or send letter regarding the choice.

Yan 26
The Representatives will be expected to gather in their kingdoms, this is a filler for anyone that might be out on a mission or assignment from their kingdom, or if they must travel to the kingdom they have been chosen by.

Yan 27-29
Will be time for festivities! Not all Kingdoms will party the entire time, but some will :)

Yan 30- Tone 1
The representatives will leave for Al'Kor, some more filler, but use it how you like ^.^

Tone 2
ALL the teams will be gathered in Al'kor and this will be their first official meeting. During this time they will be introduced to the public, maybe interviewed, kinda like the Hunger Games, tbh. lol

Depending on how the Roleplay is flowing we may TS to the beginning of the games.

[b Things to Note]
Each day will not be based on posting rounds, time advancement will be natural and after character interactions are finished with.
Also Collab posts are HIGHLY recommended, and encouraged.

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me.
Lol ya'll know how to reach me by now :)
  Ardaenus / Amore / 1y 146d 12h 35m 45s

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