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So here is the plot Dracula is brought back to life in order to save a man's dying daughter. Dracula agrees because he needs blood and makes the father promise that if the Daughter is heal that she would become his company. When Dracula drinks from the girl he finds out she is a decedent of his and tells the father. The Father runs taking his daughter with him and tries to out run Dracula. Due to his weaken state Dracula does not chase him instead he waits and hunts them down waiting for the right moment. He watches his decedent grow distant form her father and decides to step in and use her to rebuild his army of immortals.

So this will NOT be a romance rp between Dracula and his decedent. There will be murder and not the simple kind of murder either.

Any other questions ask.


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Jinx looked shell shocked at this as she sat down on the bench with him "It would have taken at least a month to get here without stirring things up trouble." Jinx shook her head slightly it was a shocked as she hugged herself. "Are the hunters going to kill us? And what about Kira is she actually dead this time or was it left to the hunters to dispose of her?" she asked a thousand questions were burning in her mind and she wasn't sure what to ask and when. "Most important...." She turned and looked at him "What happens now Grandfather?" she whispered to him slightly worried about what they were going to do now that they were in a new place with new rules.
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Vlad looked at Jinx feeling a twinge of guilt wipe over his face, “I’m sorry Jinx it’s been a little longer than a few hours since you blacked out.” His posture straightened, and he sat down on the cold marble bench. “When it all happened we were in a terrible rush, with the house being breached we had to retreat” his face tighten loathing the word, ‘never run from a fight’ he remembered his father telling him, on the battlefield. A great leader never retreats, they are unyielding and will come back at his enemy tenfold.’ “I…” he paused, “my blood affected you in a very different way your body took on a great transformation, but another part of you fought ageist the change, hence” he sighed “the coma was an effect of this.”
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Confusion filled Jinx like she had missed something as she followed Vlad and started to take in everything and was beautiful everything was stunning she notice a few music instruments in the parlors that she like and then the court yard was amazing. When he said were they were she frozen "As in the town in England?" she asked him confused as she looked at him.

"That is a completely different country than what I black out in." she exclaimed to him as she looked at him "What happened?" Jinx asked her voices shaking slightly causing the breeze to pick up slightly luckily it had already been windy already so it didn't look to out of place.
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Vlad smiled gently, taking his wife's advise. "Jinx it's been a little longer then a day." he told her. "But not to worry, everyone is safe your here now, your home." with that he guided her on a tour of the house of lavishly designed rooms, and paintings decorating the walls.

"In truth," he spoke, "I haven't been back here myself in sometime." he sighed, "It holds some rather, painful memories for me." He spoke passing a portrait of what looked like Jess, leading her into a large ballroom.

Eight ballrooms, ten formal dining rooms, two day parlors, and three night parlors only to end his tour in the courtyard. "How do you like Whitby, Jinx?" he asked.
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Jinx looked at him with a smiled as he hugged her back he was okay that was good as she looked at him and around them they were definitely not back in her hometown. The walls of the room they were in were made of wood and stone and while obviously had modern twist to them like the lights and such it wasn't the home they had been at. "Jess and CC are they okay?" she whispered to him as she came out of the hug looking at him. She didn't want to rain on his parade by asking about Bram as well but she wasn't pushing her luck.

The door open again and a soft giggling and cries of joy were heard as Jinx turned around Jess was walking in escorted by her own guard while CC was riding a rather happy wolf. Jinx smiled as Jess ran over to her kissing her head. "Ohh Jinx we were so worried you were not waking up and your grandfather was working himself into another grave worrying about you." she said to her.

This confused her "What do you mean? It's only been a day right?" she asked Jess who looked up to Vlad as Jinx began to panic as she turned to her grandfather. "Hasn't it?" she asked him weakly as she jumped making a glass shatter. Jess smoothed Jinx hair trying to calm her.

"Vlad why don't you show Jinx the gardens or perhaps those other rooms you were telling me she would love?" Jess said sensing the need to let Jinx and Vlad have sometime to talk.
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Vlad sat in his chair as one of his more vocal, advisors spoke his mind. What an idiot he thought to himself as the man made a fool of himself, speaking lies and half truths about Jinx. “Oh yes, and any woman despite being of my blood is weak and unable to care for her own survival is that it?” he stood and grinded his teeth. “Need I remind you that a woman plunged the world into sin, a woman delivered the Christ child, and a woman has even banished me from this world. So yes, they are the weaker sex!” he spat at him as the door opened to revile Jinx. A Smile formed as he motioned her to come in.

Myslíte si odváža urážať ma nehanebné muža! Zabudli ste qui jeden z nás je Boyar?" Vlad hissed at his servant, then to the wolf standing behind him. Vlad turned to Jinx, and smiled joyfully. "Miel mic," he said holding his arms out for her, only to frown at his servant's comment. “Come, today is a proud day!” he exclaimed.

Translate: Do you dare insult me insolent man! Have you forgotten which one of us is the boyar?
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Jinx noticed his winces as she felt horrible "So you are forced into this?" she whispered to him softly as she tried to calm down "I'm sorry for panicking I just everything is just weird and off right now." she said looking around taking in everything "We even moved it seems like."Jinx stated as she moved to go find her grandfather. She took in the new details into the new house and everything felt strange and new but she found her way her grandfather as she got closer her memory of Kira trying to kill Bram and him became more detailed and worry filled her. She ignored the other male voice in the room. Only one was speaking with her grandfather she didn't recognize him however she could sense another there.

"Un lup nu poate fi serios? Ea este următoarea linie ea are nevoie de mai multă protecție decât doar un lup ea este unul un copil și al doilea o femeie." The thick and heavy Romanian voice told his king Jinx anger hit her faster than it normally did as she walked in to the room. As soon as she walked in her eyes locked on to the man who had stop mid argument to turn to her he looked disgusted. "Fata nu știi că este potrivit să bat ?! Avem o întâlnire du-te adu rege tu masa lui copil prost!"

She twitched her finger slightly and the man was on the ground choking "Do not call me stupid or Girl. Do not think for one second you are better than me because of gender. Welcome to the twenty first century." she hissed as she let him go turning to her grandfather she hugged him softly and became the calmer Jinx "Sorry everything has me on a short fuse Bunic." she said as he scent made her feel safe "I'm glad your okay."
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Hawker nodded, "yeah, it's nothing against you or anything it's just that your Grandfather has enlisted int the help of my Grandfather to provide security." he winced, "That's what the wolves were created for, the protection of the Royal house of Drăculești. He stepped back gently, as he witnessed her growing power and nodded "yeah, i think he is in his room." he winced.
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"Body Guard?" she grabbed her sweater and threw it on as she went to follow him. "Is this so I don't hurt anyone? Shit C.C. is she okay?!?" she asked in a panic she yelped when her panic caused a glass in a picture frame to break. "O-okay that is new very new." she said weakly slightly freaked by how strong her magic is now. Okay so she was expecting a slight rise in her power but she wasn't expecting that much of a power surge.

"Maybe I should see my grandfather is he okay I mean I remember Kira trying to kill him and Bram but I don't know what else happen." she said rubbing her head as if her head was killing her not that she was not use to random head aches. Another thing worried her was that she didn't feel the need to drink blood and that isn't normal.
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Hawker smiled gently as she opened the door, "Yeah, I can imagine it would be a lot to take in. Hell I only know from my own experience, but if it's anything like that then your in for a wild ride Jinx." his smile rew as he spoke her name.

"I um, just wanted to tell you I've been assigned your bodyguard." she started to walk away before turning back to her, "oh and don't worry about Bram, he's not one to just abandon family." he smiled.
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Everything went black she hardly remember what had happen she could feel the pain through like every atom in her body was ripping apart to re grow again. When she woke up she looked around confused and slightly loopy they had left her blood to drink from a glass even through she was slightly creep out by the glass she drank slowly and then wash and changed into a long shirt and some short. Jinx was relaxed until she notice she was making things float a knock on the door caused her to jump and send the stuff she had been making float crashing down along with herself.

When she looked up and saw Hawker she blinked "Sorta?" she whispered rubbing her head. "Kinda feel like I'm still in a twilight zone really?" she muttered getting off the ground. Jinx sat on her head not knowing how she should feel "I guess any chance of Bram and I being somewhat normal siblings just got thrown out the window didn't it?" she asked him.
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Vlad was enraged, his blood was hurt she would have to pay for this. He picked up Jinx gently, and smiled "Hold on mielușel, you will be alright." he said as he watched as Bram as he attacked Kira. Hawker grabbing Bram of the girl as another wolf restrained her. Vlad too little notice of the panic though and left the area caring Jinx to a more secure area.


The next day, Vlad woke up with a hell of a hangover it was funny cause he never really got drunk on alcohol anymore. his head once again found the pillow, and he closed his eyes tightly. He couldn't remember much after turning Jinx it was strange this pounding headache he was feeling almost punishment like.


Hawker walked the halls, the wolves had taken over the security of the house just as they probably should have always. He was assigned the protection of Jinx, simply as they were closest in age. he walked to her door and knocked on it. "Jinx, you up?" he said quietly.
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Jinx just glared at him as she tighten her hand on the trigger "Who said I don't plan to shoot you?" she said as she pulled the trigger but she had horrible aim because she missed or well she would have hit his shoulder if the wolf had not knock him down. The look on in his eyes cause her head to ache as she bit her lip. "CC let's go." she said carrying CC out hoping that the wolf would tear that shit bag to shreds. "I hope he kills you because if not I'm going to." she said to him. As they ran Jess found them and took CC Jinx told them to go to the safe house while she went after Bram.

Kira smirked "Oh Harky you are just pissed because I'm doing what no one else in the society could do." she said as she pointed the gun at Vlad and Bram and fired she could kill them both but instead Jinx got caught in the crossfire. Jinx arrived trying to stop Vlad from killing Bram when the shot went off and Kira's high pitched laughter was heard as Jinx body fell to the ground.
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"Didn't your mother ever tell you, not to point a gun at someone you don't intend to shoot." Archie said moving away from C.C and closer to Jinx. "Oh I am sorry, mote point I suppose she was far to busy injecting filth into her body." he shook his head, "Poor little Jinx alone in the world mummy gone, and daddy well." he smiled.

A white streak sped pasted Jinx and tackled Archie to the ground. It was some kind of wolf larger then most, he peered back to jinx as if to say "run" with his eyes.

Archie laughed, "aww Fido you've come to the party."


Vlad smirked, she was scared putting up her defenses like that it was adorable. "admirable..." he uttered as he appeared just on the brink of the shield. Bram saw him and in a panic, ran out of the shield attacking the vampire. Vlad smirked letting the boy have a few shots, before over powering him quickly and slamming him against a tree.

Harker stood behind Kira and smirked, grabbing he from behind as a crew of men descended on the area. Harker sighed, "Sorry Kira, you always were over rambunctious."
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Jess smiled at her "It's okay Becca I understand." she said to her with a smile however as the scene unfolded she caught Becca. "Becca wake up." she whispered to her gently watching her shake in pain "Monster you don't care about the health of people at all do you." she growled at him at the mention of bigger fish to fry she panicked. She got her phone out and began to race out of the tunnels calling Vlad praying that her remember how to work his damn cell phone.

Kira smirked at this as she snapped and the shield went up to stop Vlad from demisting. "Oh I know he is lying I know Bram even if he is annoyed with his family he would still protect them so image how his sisters would feel if they came across both your bodies at the same time." She smirked as she began to dig a need into Bram's side. "Well that's if she still has her mind that is Archie has a way of desensitizing her." She smirked "You can also say goodbye to your other wives Vlady because they are as good as well human."

Jinx woke to the songs of CC screams and spat the pills to the ground as she got up and she pointed the gun at Archie "Back the hell away asswhole."
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