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[h3 [center Random Stories]]
Random writings and stuff
Stuff between my charries and maybe some poems

Ya know, all the good stuff

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Another prompt which I loved how it turned out. Plan on finishing the scene later, but for now, this:
[h3 [center Prompt: "Time Stood Still"]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/eK0MIoE.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/yJZOp3S.jpg]

A primal roar escaped his throat as he swung his fist full force towards the armored male. His fist crushed through that metallic plate, a feat no mere human possessed, but then who said he was human? The armored guard stumbled back from the impact, coughing as blood began leaking through the guard on the helmet.
Another guard came barreling forward, spear down and at the ready. Nerius heard the thudding steps, twisting his body back as the sharp end of the weapon missed his chest by mere inches. Just another tear in his already bloody shirt, that oughta make his mother happy…
As the spear hovered now, the guard made the mistake of not pulling his weapon back to closer to him. Nerius took hold of the shaft, a grin crossing his features.
[b "Ooohhh, now you fucked up didn't ya?"]
A heavy tail seemingly sprung from his spine, swinging around, tripping the guard. It was enough for Nerius to pull the spear away, breaking it over his knee. Then to just add salt on the wound, the male lifted the sharpened end towards his jaws, crunching down several times. After a few well placed bites, he removed the spearhead from his mouth, which was now nothing more than dull scrap metal.
That grin remained plastered on his face, "Coward, fighting with your swords and pointed sticks. Why don't you all fight me like a man."
Nerius then proceeded to continue hand-to-hand combat, throwing his tail in now and then for good measure. Despite the growing number of guards, the man seemed to be enjoying every moment of the fight that was happening.

His hand grabbed the back of a guard's head, dragging him down so it met cobblestone. As another tried to come up from behind, Nerius' heavy duty tail once again appeared, smashing hard into the guard's side, likely crushing both metal and ribs.
[i "Let me go! Big brother!"]
Time seemed to slow, his fun coming to an abrupt stop. That voice, that title, only one called him that…little Lillian.
Nerius was frozen in place. His sister, her voice was terrified, a pleading cry. He didn't have to see her face, he could hear the tears pouring from her eyes and down her face, he could scent the heavy scent of fear. The male's heart sank as his blue eyes settled on the heavily armored figure.

The armored male held a small girl by her hair, partially lifting her off the ground. The small wings on her back flapped feebly as she continued to cry, tiny fists trying to hit at the fist gripping her in place. This armored individual seemed different from the rest. His armor was more flamboyant so to speak, much better built, but none of that mattered. Right now, that man held little Lillian, and didn't seem to letting go of the crying child any time soon.
MOVE! Why couldn't he move?! Time was standing still, and his body refused to do anything. Nerius, unlike his baby sister, wasn't as good at taking to his dragon form whenever he wanted, and now when the situation called for it, his body just wouldn't move.
"Well well, we have a little dragon chick here…hmph, I truly wish it would shut up."
The small girl only whimpered. Her struggling grew weaker as that armored male held her in place, moving his hand down to wrap around her neck. A chuckle came from the darkness of the helmet, a hand raising from his side.
Almost instantly time once again started to turn. Nerius arms were suddenly pinned backwards, chains coming through several glowing portals behind him, wrapping around his arms and legs, slowly pulling backwards. Each time the chains reeled in, an excruciating wave of pain flooded his system. The pain! He wanted to drop, to try and get away, but he was suspended in place.

The armored figure slowly made his way through the guards that had gathered, each one moved out of his way. The small girl had given up her struggling, limp as the hand remained around her throat. He soon stood before the chained Nerius, features hidden behind the helmet, but the presence of this powerful male made Nerius actually feel a tinge of fear, but then being chained in place didn't help. If only he could move!
"So, you must be that troublesome Dragonkin giving my men problems…wait a minute…"
The armored male suddenly paused. Once again with his free hand, he reached outwards towards Nerius. A primal instinct finally kicked in, making him attempt to bite and tear the hand that was reaching towards his chest, but was instantly caught by another chain springing from behind, wrapping around his throat, slowly tightening.
Despite hidden features, the armored one's voice was a smirk, "Ah, ah, ah, you will let me do this, I just want to be sure I have this right."
Cold metal rested against his torso. Instantly at the touch he felt like his entire body had turned to ice, a burning, freezing sensation raced throughout his system. His mouth opened to scream, but only a gurgle escaped, for the chain was still around his neck, continuing to coil tighter ever so slowly.

Visions flashed in his eyes, none of which made sense. The only thing he saw was his father now and then as the pictures continued to move swiftly. Each scene didn't stay too long, each one more confusing than the last.
What was all this, did this have something to do with his father? His father, a half-human half-giant, had once been a major general in the human's army, but then he went against orders, Nerius had heard the story, knew it well by his mother's mouth. His father refused to kill the heirs of the Dragon King, having instead saved the Dragon Prince and Princess, turning against his own men that day.
He had been exiled from the human realm, and despised by the dragons, for it was believed it had been his father that killed the Dragon Queen long ago. How Nerius' mother, a crystal dragonelle, and his father had come to meet and see past their differences, and eventually love, well, that was a story for another time.
The visions continued to dance across his eyes, before one scene paused long enough for him to see. A tall, muscular male. That frame, Nerius knew it anywhere, it was his father. However, standing before him was another male, this one seemed on the lighter side, not as heavily built, more human. Could this possibly be an event from the past? Something he wasn't told?
His father seemed to be talking to the other. Nerius couldn't understand a word, but he picked up on the tone of voice. There was a stern note, one he himself was quite familiar with, only that sternness also had some gentle, caring measures to it. This, this sounded nothing like that.

"So…I was correct…son to the man whom turned his back on his own people…"
The chains around his arm suddenly jerked back. The movement and strength behind it caused a sudden crack to erupt. Once again, Nerius wanted to scream as his arms were now bent further back than what was normal, broken. His eyes blurred, feeling burning tears begin to rise. Desperately, he was now trying to cling onto conscious.
That armored male was beginning to talk again, but he could barely understand a word as the pain continued to course through his body. Though something appeared to be happening in the background.

Nerius was suddenly falling, the cobblestone rushing up to meet his face. He hit the ground, his vision beginning to grow darker. Figures, panic, guards were running, but from what? The dragonkin could've sworn he heard an all too familiar roar…a roar that caused the very world to shake around him.
A giant shadow came swooping down, hovering over, he felt it. Voices, roars, everything started to be drowned out by nothingness. The world continued to grow darker as his eyelids felt even heavier.
He needed to stay awake…stay…awake…
  Rosaria Crystalwing / Dragoncita / 196d 7h 52m 50s
[pic https://safebooru.org//images/1692/c37307d8e399a8c0266b8325bd1ce673c0f6e080.jpg]
[h3 [center -----]]
[center [b [u WIP]]]
I kinda have an idea for the above image
  Dragoncita / 1y 86d 14h 3m 6s
Pleased with how these turned out for a writing prompt I did. The writing prompt was:
Write the following death scenes for your protagonist: 1) A peaceful death as an elderly person 2) A violent death 3) All alone 4) By your character’s worst fear
[h3 [center 1 - Peaceful Death, Old Age]]
Farah slowly lifted her head. The once vibrant golden scales were no more. Age was something all beasts couldn't avoid, even dragons. Though dragons may have a long lifespan, they too grew old and would eventually pass on to the next world. The Dragon Princess, who had grown into a queen, was finally fading. Her brother had already left the world long ago, as well as her father.
Though she was not afraid. The dragonelle had served her purpose, she had managed to fulfill her deceased mother's wish before her, and bring peace to man and dragon once again. Farah had children, 2 lovely dragonkin, who would take her place to rule man and dragon. She knew her mate would be very proud, the prince of mankind who helped her save dragons and men from an even greater threat. He would be waiting for her, she would get to see him, her brother, father, and her mother once again.
A sudden caw drew her attention. The golden dragonelle shifted her head, too tired to lift herself. Settled nearby on a rock, was a large, black raven. Though it was clear this wasn't your average bird. It's eyes glowed a bright, unnatural blue, the same wisps of blue energy seeming to surround it.
[#daa520 "I-I knew you w-w-would come…you always do…w-when our times comes…"]
The bird looked towards her. It unfolded its wings, flapping a bit, cawing. Blue eyes locked on the dull green eyes as a strong voice echoed in her mind. It was comforting:
[#808080 [i ~Farah…such a beautiful dragonelle…so brave and strong…you did all you could, but it is time for you to pass. You have served your purpose my lady in this life. Come, Farah, the Supreme One awaits you to join the ranks of the holy dragons~]].
A soft smile appeared on Farah's muzzle. Her eyes slowly started to close. The dragonelle's breathing slowed way down, the rise and fall of her sides uneven, then eventually coming to a complete stop.
[h3 [center 2 - A Violent Death]]
Her voice echoed across the sands of the desolate dunes. The Dragon Princes was in her human form, struggling to get free as her brother kept her in place. The fiery male held her tightly, trying to keep her from getting in between the battling males. It broke the Prince's heart to hear the desperate pleas of his sister…
Zaric stared wide eyes at the monstrous humanoid that had taken Damon's place. He couldn't understand, he felt this strange energy coursing through him, the past and present flitting in his vision. The once cold and calculating male started to crumble as he remembered more and more of what had happened so long ago, or perhaps it would be what had happened in another timeline. Either way, it was clear, he was no longer a match for this new form Damon had taken.
Damon released an inhuman roar, throwing his head back. As he did, a pillar of red and black energy spiraled upwards. This energy swarmed, running along his back and towards his head. The power started to build between the horns that now adorned his head, surging into a orb which crackled with unstable energy. Then without warning, the energy from the orb was released in a powerful beam, which arced perfectly forward, aiming straight for Zaric.
In response, Zaric swiftly raised a claw like hand, his black wings tattered in ribbons behind him. A spark of platinum energy soon ignited into a giant beam of his own energy. The cold male's green eyes glowed, wisps of golden flames lighting the tips of his own horns. Yet neither Damon or Zaric would've been able to foretell the next action…
[#daa520 "I SAID ST-"]
[#FF0000 [b "FAAARAAAAH!"]]
Both beams struck, but they didn't strike the target either male had in mind. Zaric and Damon stared downwards from their places hovering above. Shock covered Zaric's once cold demeanor, eyes wide, the once slit pupils round. The bone-like mask that had once covered Damon's face started to crack, the horns slowly falling off, showing the Prince's own horrified expression.
On the ground, between Zaric and Damon, sat Fuego, Farah limp in his arms, a bloody hole in her chest. The girl tried to take a breath, but choked, burning blood dripping, hissing as it hit the ground. Once vibrant green eyes were glassed over, no life. The Dragon Princess reached a shaky hand upwards, fingers lightly touching her brother's cheek. She wanted to say something, to tell him everything would be alright…but she knew it would never be alright. Farah had only seen her brother cry once, and that was so long ago, the day their mother, the Dragon Queen, had been murdered.
[#FF0000 [i "W-why…just w-w-why? Everyone I-I-I have ever loved…is taken from me…"]] the prince hissed softly under his breath. He tried to keep the tears at bay, but it wasn't working. All his frustration and anger, had disappeared into agony and sorrow.
The draconic male suddenly threw his head back, releasing a sorrowful howling roar. He couldn't understand…why his life was cursed in such a way. He wanted Farah back, but in the back of his mind, Fuego knew his sister was gone.
[h3 [center 3 - All Alone]]
The Dragon Princess curled up in a corner. She hadn't eaten anything ever since she had been brought to this desolate, depressing world. She wanted home, she wanted the comfort of the caves, to feel the warmth of her father's wing around her.
Was this to be her life? Trapped in a cage?
Farah desperately wanted to keep hoping…but in such a dark and despair-filled place, it was hard to keep such a flame alive, when it was constantly threatened to be snuffed out.
No one was coming for her, there was no way it was possible…
[h3 [center 4 - Their Fears]]
The golden beast ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her breaths came out in ragged huffs, smoke billowing from her nostrils. The dragonelle sprang upwards, wings unfurling outwards to take her to the skies. She was too slow, a cranking in the distance followed by a 'thump'. A shimmer of metal sailed through the air, entangling her wings together.
The Dragon Princess released a yelp as she fell back to the earth. She looked back, seeing the men, those horrid humans. These weren't the normal humans, these ones were trained to kill dragons, and the leader of this group, was the one she truly feared. For it was by the hands of this man, her mother had been murdered.
She struggled to free her wings, but was instead met with a the flat side of a blade against her head. The golden dragonelle laid flat out on the ground, legs soon bound together as well. She jerked her head back, snapping at her attackers, missing them by mere inches. The men wizened up, swiftly moving to wrap something around her muzzle to keep her from spewing her deadly golden flames. All the while, she struggled wildly, but having run for so long, and now trying to fight to be free, her energy was waning.
Farah's form went rigid as her forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. He was near, he was coming…
Her green eyes moved to the side, seeing the dark shadow. She recognized it, she knew the shadow all too well. Her mother's murderer had come back, he was back and was here to kill Farah. Next to the shadow was a glint of metal, a blade rising above his head. A lance, the same weapon who struck the Dragon Queen's chest was ready to plummet into her skull.
Farah could do nothing, she was helpless. This was the end, to die by the same hands that killed her mother so long ago…
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 1y 222d 13h 45m 28s
Little child, what do you see
When you look into my cold, lifeless eyes
What do you seek from a beast like me

Why should you care about my well-being
I am nothing but the beast in the dark
I am the creature that haunts your nightmares

Yet here you still stand
Staying by my side even when I have warned you
There is no fear I sense in you

Child, something stirs within me
I do not understand this feeling
Is this something I should fear

You are so brave little one to stay here with me
I have killed thousands, blood on my claws and fangs
But you look past what I have done

Only you can bring me peace
Only you can calm the beast that I am

You are the only one who can stroke my claws without fear
You are the only one who can approach knowing I will cause you no harm

Little child, please stay by my side
Little child, I long for your company when you are gone
  Dragoncita / 1y 290d 1h 38m 57s
[h3 [center *Words Here*]]
The beast crawled out of the depths. Slime covered its translucent body, dripping as it left a trail behind. The giant dragon moved swift despite it's size towards the surface. Its chest started to glow a reddish pink. The creature's translucent skin making certain organs visible. Clearly a great beating heart was in the center of its body. The sound of rapid thumping as well as the even more rapid movement of the beating heart. It was as if the beast's heart was struggling to keep its owner alive.
The gem like protrusions that lined its eyeridges faintly pulsed now and then. The dragon's jaw was agape, blue searing liquid dribbling downwards, hissing as it melted away whatever it landed upon. Its body continued to glow, but the glow becoming brighter.
Giant, ghost-like wings flared outwards on either side of it. The sound of its rapidly thumping heart overpowering as it tried to find a right rhythm. The massive beast tried to heave itself upwards, flapping its wings, but to no avail did it manage to properly take flight.
The beast's head suddenly swung upwards. Its jaws opened wide, releasing a massive beam of unknown, blue energy. The dragon's body released a powerful pulse, shaking the area, cracking the earth. As its body continued to glow, the very ground beneath it started to burn from the heat, leaving a molten trail.
It suddenly released a shrill howl. The dragon's howling roar was deafening. Yet, it was also saddening, in pain. Being the first and only of its kind, the beast did not understand how or why. It didn't understand anything of its new body, nor could it control itself.
A tragic being, born from unstable and ancient energies...
  -:Void Child:- / Dragoncita / 1y 350d 14h 23m 26s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/Jz6rpLq.png]
[h3 [center Random Interactions: Xanthos & Yeseo]]
The red dragon couldn't help but slightly chuckle at the grayish dragonelle. Though most who did visit Yeseo were asked to either take to their human form if they were dragons who were too large, or somehow shrink down to a smaller form in order to enter her cavern. As a runt, Yeseo was indeed quite small compared to other dragons and dragonelles.
As the small dragonelle headed to the entrance of her home, Xanthos' form shimmered, flames seemingly appearing around him. His giant form started to shrink downwards. As the flames dispersed, a tall man stood in the red dragon's place. The man's eyes slowly opened, glowing yellow. The pupils were mostly round, showing his relaxed state. Though, even in human form, Xanthos' jaw was still exposed.

He seemingly sighed, reaching back with his hand, rubbing the back of his neck. The male's feet carried him forward, soon entering the well-lit cave. Xanthos took a moment, as he usually did, to glance around.
The front of the cave didn't appear to be much. There was what appeared to be a short tunnel that led to another small cave where Yeseo slept. It was towards the back of her home where her craft took place.
Xanthos rounded the corner he had grown to know, looking into a larger cavern. In the middle appeared to be a huge table, tools and instruments laid upon the surface. Along the walls, indents seemed to create make-shift shelves which held ingredients and other things that the small dragonelle used.
A forked tongue flicked from his mouth, testing the air. A good amount of the things present Xanthos recognized, but there were the few odd scents which even he had not a clue about. His yellow eyes shifted to the side, hearing footsteps. Instead of Yeseo, he saw a small woman standing in the dragonelle's place.
Yeseo was walking towards a corner where several jars were set, labels underneath each. Her tail swayed back and forth as she looked them over, mumbling softly under her breath. The woman frowned to herself, her tail tucking between her legs.

Xanthos took note of her behavior, slowly walking over. The male soon came to stand beside her, easily towering over Yeseo. His yellow eyes looked over the shelves where the female had been looking. He stared for several moments, then glanced downwards at her.
[#b22222 "Missing something Yeseo?"]
Having not realized his approach, the woman jumped a bit. Though she soon recomposed herself, using her hands to smooth her clothes. Yeseo stared downwards at the ground.
[#4682b4 "I-I-I think I might've forgotten a-about your ointment...I'm s-s-sorry Xanthos..."]
As for the male, he only blinked a bit. His gaze shifted upwards, once again taking a moment to look over the shelves. Xanthos paused, suddenly reaching towards a certain jar. It had been on a higher shelf, one where Yeseo probably could've reached in her dragon form, or some other way.
He lifted the small jar down, offering it to Yeseo as he spoke, [#b22222 "This wouldn't happen to be it? Found it on the shelf here. Looks like the stuff you usually give me."]
Yeseo turned her head, carefully taking hold of the jar the taller male had reached down. The small woman looked it over, a smile appearing on her face. She beamed upwards at Xanthos.
[#4682b4 "Yes! This is it! T-Thank you!"]
She started towards the table, smiling brightly again, [#4682b4 "Just give me a moment. N-Need to stir it."]

Xanthos watched as the woman took the ointment. He couldn't help but have a slight smile. Once again he moved a hand, rubbing the back of his head. He moved to the side, sitting down on one of several wooden chairs that were resting near the table.
The red dragon's eyes shifted, watching as Yeseo did her work.

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 2y 186d 13h 54m 35s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/2BYiC7R.jpg]
[h3 [center Random Interactions: Xanthos & Yeseo]]
Red wings beat in the air. The large dragon flew low over the trees, yellow eyes glowing as he glared downwards at the world below. As the beast turned his head, white bone contrasting with red scales. Half of the dragon's face exposing the white bone that had once been covered by red scales like the rest of the beast.
Xanthos, a great red dragon who had once upon a time enjoyed a good fight. Though unfortunately it was just so happened to be the one thing he loved, that left him with part of his face exposed. Looking back upon that day, Xanthos regretted it. He remembered being offered an earlier retirement because of it, but he had refused, keeping his place amongst the other Dragon Lords and Ladies.
Even so, as he walked amongst their ranks, he often heard the Ladies muttering under their breath, the Lords shaking their heads. Xanthos' thoughts leaned more towards the others feeling sorry for him, which he often despised. The red dragon could still fight, and was often called upon when it came to battles. On the battlefield, Xanthos was feared by enemies, and those who didn't, soon did learn that the large beast was indeed a fearsome opponent.

He seemingly sighed, eyes slowly closing. Though, due to his exposed bone, Xanthos needed to be careful. Once every two weeks, the red dragon would take flight to visit the small dragonelle called Yeseo.
Now Yeseo was somewhat of an abnormality. She was the runt of the clutch. The dragonelle was extremely small, considered weaker than other dragons, and her scales were no where near to being able to withstand lethal blows for long periods of time.
Though Yeseo, despite the hardships, managed to pull through. As she grew, the grayish dragonelle turned to becoming a minor healer of sorts. She leaned more towards herbs and the such with her healing practices. Despite not being of a healer breed, Yeseo became quite adept with her craft. She made potions, salves, ointments, etc..
Word had spread about her craft, causing others to sought her out in hopes of her help. Xanthos had been one of many who found Yeseo, asking for her help, which she did indeed offer.

Now, years later, Xanthos still found himself coming every two weeks to visit the dragonelle for his ointment to treat his exposed bone. The red dragon's eyes opened, forked tongue flicking from his jaws. His gaze soon settled on an outcrop of rocks near a small waterfall on the northern outskirts of dragon territory.
Xanthos' wings moved closer to his sides as he started to fall lower towards the ground. The red dragon was slow as he fell, his back legs coming to land on the rocky earth, followed by his front. His wings folded neatly against his sides, tail slowly swaying one way then the other. The dragon's yellow eyes glanced towards the opening which was the entrance to the cave Yeseo called home in the rocky outcrop. Xanthos sat down on his haunches, waiting patiently.
It wasn't long before a draconic humanoid, a Dragonkin, appeared out of the entrance. Trailing behind was the small, grayish dragonelle Yeseo. The small dragonelle lifted her head. She gave Xanthos a kind smile, seemingly waving her tail at him, then turning her attention back to the dragonkin in front of her.
[#4682b4 "A-Alright, be sure to chew those seeds if you start feeling pain. T-they should dull it. Hope you f-f-feel better Drundokun!"]
As for the Dragonkin, he seemingly returned the dragonelle's smile. He gave a wave, then soon disappeared into the nearby forest.
Once the other was gone, Yeseo looked upwards at Xanthos, [#4682b4 "H-Here for your treatment Xanthos?"]
Xanthos glanced downwards at the small dragonelle, yellow eyes a soft glow, [#b22222 "If it is ready, least I'm pretty sure it's been two weeks."]
The grayish dragonelle beamed, her tail swaying back and forth, [#4682b4 "It is indeed. I-I-I try to keep track of the time. That w-way I can have things ready. Just come on in, m-m-might need to take your human form...s-sorry, you already knew that...I-I forget..."]

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 2y 188d 21h 23m 7s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/ndMGt5T.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/1KT48kj.jpg]
[h3 [center Cain & Jun: Perhaps there is still Time]]
The draconic male didn't seem the least surprised when the shadowy figure said his full name. Instead, Jun slowly blinked his dim, yellow eyes.
His voice was low as he responded, [#dc143c [b "Forgive me Zelit. I know my timing isn't the best, but..."]]
[b [i "The corruption is spreading rapidly,"]] the figure suddenly interrupted the dragon, resting a hand on Cain's arm.
Zelit's eyes narrowed, glowing slightly. He turned, motioning with a hand for Jun to follow. The shadowy male then glanced towards the humanoid dubbed 'Sunkra'. He muttered something to the creature. It stood still as it listened, then bowed, disappearing somewhere within the small hut.
The warlock led Jun to another small room. There was a cot in resting in the corer, which Zelit motioned towards, [b [i "Lay him down there. Sunkra should be getting a few things for me."]]
The dragon did as he was told. He carried his rider to the make-shift bed, setting Cain down. Jun slipped off Cain's cloak, setting it to the side. He felt movement, Zelit soon coming up beside him. Jun glanced down towards the side, seeing the warlock standing there.
He stepped back, going to lean against a wooden wall. Jun crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes remained a dull yellow, watching intently. The dragon's gaze shifted back to the door that led into the room, the creature Sunkra returning carrying a black satchel. It handed the bag to its master, bowing, then take several steps back.
[#dc143c [b "Zelit...he isn't too far gone, is he,"]] Jun suddenly asked.
As for Zelit, he had pulled up a wooden chair beside the cot. The shadowy male seemingly paused. He didn't offer the dragon a glance as he spoke, [b [i "I find it rather amazing he even made it this long. The corruption in his body has already spread throughout his system. But it is also strange that it hasn't taken a hold of him...hm, what's this?"]]
The warlock's eye came to settle on a piece of twine around Cain's neck. Attached to the makeshift necklace and laying against his chest, was a scale of pure white. The scale seemingly shimmered with a radiant, divine glow. Zelit raised an eyebrow, then slowly stretched his fingers outwards.
Though, before he could touch it, a hand suddenly gripped his wrist. It was if Cain had sensed it, someone reaching for the one thing that kept her close. His eyes had shot open, only instead of their dark amber, Cain's eyes were red. As he gripped the warlock's wrist, the veins in his hand and arm could clearly be seen, black against pale skin.
[#800000 "T-t-touch...that...a-and I'll...f-f-fucking kill...kill you..."]
Zelit hadn't been expecting the sudden reaction. However, the warlock kept a calm take on things, despite the threat. His purplish red eye looked into the man's.
[b [i "Very well,"]] the warlock's voice rasped, [b [i "Though I had no intention of removing it, since that is what appears to be keeping the corruption from fully taking control of your body. Jun, could you come here please."]]

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 251d 1h 39m 23s
[pic http://i.imgur.com/1KT48kj.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/BYYGYzZ.png]
[h3 [center Cain & Jun: Finding the Warlock]]
His great wings beat against the sky. Even as a human, Jun was still swift. His tail trailed behind, keeping him balanced. Every now and then, his yellow eyes would glanced towards the man he cradled in his arms. The dragon could sense how quickly the corruption was taking hold now. He could feel Cain start to shiver uncontrollably. The man's body was still fighting off the corruption the best it could.
The dragon flapped his wings, picking up his speed. He needed to reach his destination, he had to in order to ensure his rider's survival. Jun seemingly growled softly under his breath.
[#dc143c [b "C'mon...just hold on a bit longer old friend..."]]
The sky was darkening, but still Jun continued to fly. The night would mean little, his eyes simply adjusting to the darkness and seeing the world clearly. Once again his forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. They had to be getting close, at least Jun was hoping. The person he was seeking should still be in these parts, less something happened to cause them to move.
[hr ]
More time had passed, until finally Jun's yellow eyes settled upon what appeared to be a ramshackle hut sitting right in the middle of what seemed to be a swamp. The dragon would've given a sigh of relief, but he knew they weren't out of the woods just yet. His rider was barely clinging to his humanity. The spasms were occurring more often, Cain's veins almost completely black now.
Jun landed carefully. As he did, his tail and wings disappeared. He walked silently towards the run-down building. The dragon soon reached the door. Jun moved his rider, now cradling him in the crook of his left arm. He lifted his right, lightly knocking on the door. Jun worried slightly that he'd end up knocking the door off it's hinges because it appeared so flimsy, but thankfully it stood in place.
There was no answer. The dragon gave a frustrated growl. His body started to heat up, letting anyone nearby now his agitation. The owner of the house had to be around...he just had to!
The male was getting ready to slam the door down, when it suddenly swung inwards. Though, standing in the doorway was rather startling. An extremely tall humanoid stood, staring outwards. Multiple eyes blinked, several insect-like arms/legs appeared to be attached to its back. The creature was silent as it stared at Jun.
As for the dragon, he knew the creature. Though it wasn't the one he was looking for. Jun opened his mouth to speak, when a raspy voice sounded from somewhere within the building.
[b [i "Who is there Sunkra? Honestly, I'd prefer to be left alone, especially at this hour."]]
There was the sound of footsteps on wooden floorboards. As whoever was approaching, the insect-like creature took a few steps back from the doorway, being replaced with a shadowy figure. A reddish purple eye glinted from the hood, staring directly at the dragon and the one he carried.
[b [i "...well now, of all creatures to end up on my doorstep, I most certainly wasn't expecting you...Jundofaalsahqoshul."]]

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 254d 20h 44m 58s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/DTfcq8I.jpg]
[h3 [center Cain vs. Dante cont.: The End Could very well be Near]]
It wasn't long before Jun was kneeling beside Cain's body. As for Cain, his breaths were shallow. His body felt cold to the touch, his veins turning black with the corruption. Cain's clothes were slightly damp from sweat.
As for the dragon, he looked at his rider. The male growled softly under his breath, eyes glowing. This wasn't good, it wasn't good at all. He could sense his rider's body was desperately trying to fight off the corruption, but was slowly starting to fail. It would only be a matter of time before Cain's system would finally give up, and allow the corruption to take control. If this were to happen, Jun knew that their bond would be broken, and that he may very well be forced to kill the man who had been by his side for so many years, a man who befriended a Dragon King of old when he had stepped down from his throne to allow a younger generation to take his place.
Jun actually swallowed hard. He turned his head, shutting his eyes, as if trying to get rid of the thoughts, but they remained in his mind. He remembered times before he had struggled, but this was different. Cain had been the closest thing Jun had to family, a brother in a way.
He finally opened his eyes again. The dragon looked down at Cain. A forked tongue slipped past his lips, testing the air. Maybe, just maybe there was still time to save Cain. Jun suddenly leaned down, picking up his rider, cradling him in his arms. A sudden pair of powerful, red wings sprung from Jun's shoulders, flaring outwards. A tail snaked out behind him soon after. With a single flap, he was in the air.
The male took off swiftly. In his arms, he cradled the cool form of Cain. The dragon knew time was not on his side, but he would try his damnedest to do what he had to just to keep his rider alive.

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 255d 1h 47m 2s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/givAzA1.png]
[h3 [center Cain vs. Dante cont.: Dragon and Corrupted]]
The corrupted was swift. Once again sword and scythe met with a loud clang, sparks flying. Jun easily towered over Dante, baring his fangs. Sparks continued to fly as the weapons rubbed against each other. Metal screeched as Jun shoved forward.
Despite it's strength, the corrupted was no match for the dragon's. The thing that was Dante felt itself being forced backwards. Even as it dug it's feet into the ground, it continued to slowly slide backwards. The corrupted was struggling as Jun remained with his blade firmly pressed against Dante's own.
With a sudden snarl, the dragon shoved with all his strength. As he did, his massive blade caught on fire, burning anything it touched. Almost instantly, as soon as the flames appeared, did the corrupted release an agitated clicking. The heat seemed to cause the humanoid to recoil. It hadn't been expecting the sudden shove from Jun, causing the corrupted to stumble backwards.
Not one to waste an opportunity, Jun sprang forward. The male lifted his leg, slamming an armored boot into Dante's chest. The corrupted humanoid soon found itself pinned on the ground with nowhere to go. Its weapon had been knocked to the side. The creature started to click furiously, an almost soft chittering coming from it.
It's armor suddenly started to move. Once again the powerful tendrils sprung from it's body, aiming to ensnare the man on top of it. Just as the tendrils appeared ready to wrap around Jun, did flames suddenly erupt from the dragon's form. The corrupted started to screech. It writhed and squirmed under Jun's boot, desperately trying to get away.
As for the dragon, a growl emitted from him. His eyes glared downwards, pupils thin slits, [#dc143c [b "Fire was always your kind's weakness. As I said, you're not too bright. You may recognize who I am, but you apparently didn't remember my main element."]]
The corrupted beneath him continued to writhe and hiss. It suddenly clung to his leg, glaring upwards. Hidden eyes fell upon the flame covered blade raised to decapitate it. Dante's armor was nearly black and brittle from the flames.
[#a52a2a [b "Foolish king, you who left your throne! You cannot kill us! We are thousands, millions! You are but a single old and weak beast! Revoke the frailties of flesh and be consumed!"]]
The corrupted seemingly made a last effort to attack. What appeared to be even more tendrils sprung from its body, attempting to snare Jun, despite the flames.
[#dc143c [b "I admire your last ditch effort, but the flames shall cleanse your corruption. Return to the cesspit that spawned your vile filth!"]]
Then without another word, Jun's mighty blade fell, singing through the air. There was a heavy 'thunk', as Jun's great sword easily sliced through the bio-armor. The corrupted humanoid's head rolled off to the side. There was no movement, the thing supposedly dead. The flames along the male's body died down.
Jun returned his blade to his shoulders. He looked towards the beheaded body. His yellow eyes dimmed to a soft glow, but his pupils remained thin slits. Jun's gaze quickly shifted Cain's body. He rushed over to his rider's side.

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 258d 1h 46m 41s
[center [b [u *Jun's Human Form*]]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/DTfcq8I.jpg]
[h3 [center Cain vs. Dante cont.: The Dragon Appears]]
He could feel his rider's pain. Even with his voice trying to break through to reach Cain's mind, there was no response. Great red and black wings beat against the sky. Flames danced across dark red scales as the giant beast suddenly appeared in the sky above. The dragon's eyes glowed brightly, the rumble emitting from him sounding more like thunder.
The corrupted seemingly took notice. The humanoid paused, glancing towards the sky as the colossal shadow shrouded the world in darkness. It could feel the heat, the dreaded heat all corrupted feared. The creature tossed aside the limp form of Cain. As for Cain, the corruption was in his system. Veins started to turn black in his skin, the corruption spreading.
Slowly, the giant dragon started to descend. As Jun landed, the earth shook from his weight. Yellow eyes glared at the corrupted human. The red dragon's lips curled back, baring fangs that dwarfed Dante. Liquid fire dripped from his slightly open jaws, sizzling as it hit the ground.
[#dc143c [b "A corrupted so far away from its hive? You filthy insects were never too bright."]]
The corrupted humanoid seemingly started to click again. It swung its scythe several times, the weapon soon coming to point at the great red dragon.
[#a52a2a [b "I am not like the rest 'old king', I have no hive. I have no need for weaker workers to hold me back. This human is all I need."]]
Jun's eyes widened slightly. [i 'Old King'], how did this corrupted know of his past? The red dragon suddenly felt threatened. If this humanoid spread the word of who he truly was, his past, Jun knew there would be no rest for him.
The dragon's form burst into flames. His form grew smaller, a tall man soon replacing the beast. A long, heavy blade rested across his shoulders. Yellow eyes glared at the corrupted humanoid. He curled his lips back, showing fangs that belonged to no man.
[#dc143c [b "I have no idea who the fuck you are, or even how you know of my past, but I know for damn sure I'm going to silence your voice."]]
Then without warning, Jun sprung forward towards Dante...

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 258d 3h 28m 51s
[h3 [center Cain vs. Dante cont.: Wake me from this Nightmare]]
Cain watched the scene between his younger self and his love. His ember eyes shined, remembering...
[hr ]
He was struggling, trying to reach the woman. Cain felt the broadside of a blade smack him on the back of the head, causing him to crumple to his knees in pain. Another pair of hands moved in, grabbing his wrists, tying them back. The man could do little as he was subdued.
As Cain made another attempt towards Elizabeth, an armored fist collided into his jaw. He was slammed back to the ground, a boot now on his back. The male bit back the cry of pain, instead spitting a mouthful of blood. He lifted his eyes, looking towards the woman.
Elizabeth stood quietly in her white gown. She was still on the altar, armored soldiers surrounding her on all sides. Yet, the once terror that was in her expression was completely gone. Instead, there was a sad, but peaceful look on her face. The woman's soft green eyes looked towards Cain.
She gave him the small smile she always gave him, [#20b2aa "Cain...I promise I will wait for you...no matter how long it will take...I'll be waiting..."]
The woman blinked, her eyes swirling, becoming something else entirely. Her hair started to flow wildly, body changing. Scales rippled across her skin, a pair of powerful wings suddenly springing from her back.
Cain's eyes widened. He wanted to run towards her, to embrace her before she could do what she was doing. The only thing he could do was try and all out...
[#800000 "Elizabeth! [b DON'T ELIZABETH]!!!"]
The light around the woman's body became brighter to almost blinding. Most of the soldiers had to shield their eyes due to the intense white light. As the power increased, a pulse suddenly sprung forth, causing the ground to crack and ripple. Men fell to their knees, the strength of whatever power the female was wielding too powerful.
Cain felt himself tossed back several feet, but he struggled to stand against the power. He grit his teeth together, taking a step. The male closed his own eyes, but he could sense her. The power waves felt as if they would blow him back, or break his very body, but he paid no mind. He only wanted to embrace her once again.
He could feel her, she had to be right in front of him. Another pulse resonated, threatening to push Cain back. He couldn't let himself be tossed backwards again, he had to reach her. Through his pain, Cain released a cry. The bonds that once tied his wrists behind his back broke, allowing him to throw his arms around the form of Elizabeth.
The male didn't let go, holding her as close as possible. He could feel the scales, but it didn't matter. Her soft, gentle voice suddenly spoke in his mind.
[#20b2aa [i ~Forgive me...Cain...I'm sorry we couldn't be together...~]].
Cain felt a gentle hand rest under his chin, lifting his head. The man opened his eyes, tears falling. He looked into the soft, gentle sea-green eyes of Elizabeth. Cain seemingly choked, trying to find his breath, desperately fighting back his sobs.
[#20b2aa [i ~I'll be waiting for you Cain...when your time comes, even if it takes an eternity...I'll be by the gates, waiting to enter with you by my side...I love you Cain...~]].
[#800000 "E-E-Elizabeth...please...p-please don't leave m-me...not like this...p-p-please..."]
The man felt her arms wrap around him, her wings shielding his body. He heard her laugh softly [#20b2aa [i ~I'll always be with you Cain...the sunlight that shines through the trees, the gentle breeze that blows through the fields, you will see and hear me through these...Good-bye Cain...I'll be waiting...~]]
Cain broke down. He could feel her slipping from his grasp. No matter how hard he tried to keep a hold on her, she continued to slowly disappear. He could still hear her gentle voice, continuing to whisper to him.
Slowly, the light finally died, leaving Cain in the middle of the massacre. Bodies of both enemies and allies littered the area. His breath caught in his throat. Cain felt his hands were holding something. He turned his amber eyes down, seeing a perfect scale in his hands. The man stared at the single scale for several moments, then once again broke down.
He felt his legs give out, collapsing to the ground. Cain's shaky hands clasped it close to his chest. The man threw his head back, releasing a sorrowful cry, only none heard. The only answer he received was a quiet rumble of thunder, a gentle rain falling.
Cain curled up, in pain. He clutched the scale closely to his chest, not daring to let go. The man slowly closed his eyes...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZhpcq0J8CU]

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 270d 20h 10m 35s
[h3 [center Cain vs. Dante cont.: Pleasant Dreams]]
Cain felt as if he was floating. He was slowly falling deeper. The male slowly opened his dull eyes, looking upwards. All he could see was darkness. There was no sound, only a silence was in the air. It felt peaceful...almost too peaceful. But it was bliss to Cain, perhaps he could finally sleep...
The man felt his eyes slowly start to close again...
[#dc143c [b ~CAIN...AWAKE...~]]
[hr ]
Cain jolted upwards. He was sitting in a field of wild grass and flowers. The male blinked, glancing around. He took a moment to look down at his body. Blood still stained his clothes. Cain lifted his arm, using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. He felt warmth, glancing down to see the red fluid staining his hand, still wet.
The man actually took a moment to look behind him, but the corrupted was not standing there, nor was he impaled. Cain was trying to understand what was happening, where was he?
Cain forced himself to stand. His legs felt weak, as if they would collapse under him at any moment. His blade was nowhere in sight. The male suddenly paused, hearing what sounded like faint laughter upon the wind. But, that voice, both voices were very familiar to him. Cain limped forward, the grass and flowers swaying lightly in the breeze. He knew that voice, he knew both, but there was one he was fixated on as he walked. Cain collapsed, struggling to find his breath. Yet he laid for only a few moments before getting up again. He needed to see, to know...
Cain found himself upon the hill's crest, looking down as a man and a woman ran through the fields. His amber eyes widened, recognizing none other than himself, in his younger years, and the love of his life...
[#800000 [i "E-Elizabeth?"]]
His words caught in his throat as he watched below. This was a dream, an illusion, it had to be. She was dead, gone...
Cain watched as his younger self and his love of so long ago continued to race through the fields. He could only watch, and listen...

[#20b2aa "Looks like I won again. You really need to work on your running Cain,"] the woman laughed.
The young Cain had caught up to her. He was hunched over, hands resting on his knees, panting. Yet there was a smile on the young man's face.
[#800000 "C'mon now,"] he chuckled, [#800000 "I thought I was doing pretty good."]
He suddenly moved quickly, sweeping Elizabeth off her feet into his arms bridal style. The woman laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She smiled at him brightly, hair flowing in the soft breeze. As for the young Cain, he seemingly also laughed, holding her close.
The young Cain leaned closer, gently kissing Elizabeth. The woman returned her lover's kiss, continuing to have her arms wrapped around his neck. They remained in their embrace for several moments before finally Cain moved his head back. As their eyes met, the affection in their gazes told all.
Elizabeth lifted a hand, gently brushing some of the man's hair out of his face. Her hand ran down the side of Cain's face, coming to rest on his cheek. The woman's sea green eyes met his amber gaze.
[#20b2aa "Cain...you will stay by my side...won't you? Promise you'll never leave me. Promise that we'll always be with each other...I don't want to be left alone...I want to stay by your side...together you and I...till the very end..."]
The young Cain looked towards Elizabeth. He leaned closer to her till his forehead was lightly resting against her own. The male still had his soft smile as he responded.
[#800000 "Elizabeth, you know I would never leave you...not now or ever. Even if I had to go and defy the gods and goddesses themselves, I will always be by your side..."]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/bSOplSd.jpg]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C6oaUFeYJQ]

[center [b [u *To Be Continued*]]]
  The Lost Rider / Dragoncita / 2y 270d 21h 43m 40s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/givAzA1.png]
[h3 [center Random Battle Scene: Cain vs. Dante]]
Cain raced forward. Both his hands gripped the hilt of his large blade, eyes glowing. They were no longer the dark amber, but instead bright yellow with black, slit pupils. Eyes that were all too familiar with that of the red dragon who sworn its life to his own. Only Jun was nowhere in sight. Where the dragon was, only his rider knew.
The man suddenly leapt upwards, leaving the ground below. Cain then swung downwards, his speed increasing as he fell. The wind whipped his cloak behind him in a wild frenzy.
Dante, or the thing that was once the man, seemingly made a clicking sound. It swung the corrupted weapon it had created, a vicious looking scythe, upwards.
The blades of both males collided with a loud, metallic clang. As they met, the ground cracked beneath their feet, a shockwave emitting from their position. Neither were giving in as the air swirled around them.
Cain's yellow eyes glared at the thing. The male seemingly released an inhuman growl. He shoved forward, forcing Dante to step backwards. Cain knew what the other was, what the corrupted were capable of, hell, he had been there when the first sighting of the corruption appeared. It was a learning curve at the time, for both man and dragon, but they managed to get through, despite the massive losses.
As for the corrupted human, the creature shoved right back. It seemed there were no eyes, but Cain could feel it's hungry gaze, the thousands of whispers hissing in his mind: [i "Revoke the frailties of flesh and be consumed. Join us brother...put aside your mortal shell...Join us brother..."]
Cain rose his mental shield, to keep the whispers from distracting him. That's all he would need. The male's eyes glowed brightly. He released a roar, a fiery ring suddenly exploding around his body.
Almost instantly, as the fire spread, did the corrupted release a screech, quickly retreating away from the flames. The creature was seemingly squirming, the corruption burnt black in several places along the bio-armor.
Not one to waste an opportunity, Cain was once again covering ground towards his enemy. The male released another cry, lunging forward with his blade aimed to impale Dante. Flames danced along Cain's blade, to make sure he would put an end to the corrupted fiend.
Cain hadn't expected Dante's healing factor to be so quick. Just as his blade should've hit it's mark, struck only air. The man had no time to move as several vine-like tendrils suddenly impaled his chest and stomach. He felt himself being lifted off the ground, the pain intensifying.
The corrupted stood behind him, the tendrils attached to its back. A clicking emitted, followed by what sounded like thousands of insects crawling. Looked at closely, there appeared to be movement along the tendrils, seemingly confirming the corrupted creatures moving towards the man.
[#a52a2a [b "Brave, but foolish,"]] Dante's voice sounded, echoed by several other voices, [#a52a2a [b "You fought valiantly human, but in the end, the corruption consumes all."]]
Cain could hardly do anything. He was suspended in the air, his blade laying on the ground off to the side, out of his reach. The man coughed, blood spattering his front. His once yellow eyes were once again amber. Cain released a shaky sigh, feeling he was done. If the corruption were to spread through his body, Cain knew nothing would be safe from him if he were to become one of the corrupted. He started to slowly close his eyes, hearing the corruption draw closer to his body. The male felt his eyelids grow heavier. Blood continued to flow from his wounds, leaking out of the corners of his mouth.
[#dc143c [b ~Cain...Cain...CAIN~]].
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