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Well right now I'm bored and I really wanna do a 1x1 romance roleplay(: please tell me if you have any good ideas we could do. We can make up as we go (:


Romance: Duhh Yes! (:
Cussing: Hell yeah! But don't go over the top with it.
Cybering: No! Time skip or PM
Real Pics: YES!! Please No anime!
Be online everyday
Be active
Please tell me when you are leaving or have to go for awhile.
Have fun!! (:

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Roleplay Responses

Brookelle blushed a bit and smiled then nodded. "Yeah, do you know where my locker is?" she asked bow showing him her schedule.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 1m 48s
Brookelle gasped as she almost fell over. She then smiled a she saw somebody catch her from falling. She then looked up at him and smiled then blushed a bit and nodded. "Yeah I am, I'm Brookelle." she said in her australian accent.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 30m 16s
** ok sure! **

Brookelle sighed as she walked up to her new high school. She hated being the new girl because everybody would tease her about being emo and all thy kind of stuff. She then took a deep breath then walked inside. She then looked down at her schedule then started to find where her locker was.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 40m 39s
** sure sounds great!! Want me to start or do you want to? **
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 53m 28s
** hmm well my ideas are a new emo girl falling for a guy or a high school romance.. **
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 4h 19m 34s
** ok sure u can! (: so do u have any ideas we could do? **
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 4h 32m 15s
** please someone join!! And please read the rules! (: **
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 5h 5m 36s

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