Gielnors Last Stand - The Future

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Walking through the streets holding her hat down she passed through the crowded streets with out a word until she made it to a tavern. Soon taking off her had the young woman let out a light sigh smiling "That's much better " she said as she took her seat at the bar it's self getting some water before she pulled out a small book looking through it . "Well he's been turned in so I can collect that one in the morning considering how much he was worth." she said closing it and looked to another in the room [b "so the little girl is back alive I see"] another said as her head turned to them with a smirk "Work is slow for you again I see so you chose to come bug me.

"Well I don't have time to play to day" she said getting up and putting her had back on leaving out to look for her next job but first she need a place to stay while she was in town. "I guess I can look up an old friend " she said calmly as and kept walking seeing another bar with the light on and shook her head slightly before she walked to the inn that was right next to it getting her self checked in.
  Lilly / EternalSnow / 2y 26d 1h 23m 55s
It had been a week after the attack at the magic tower festival. A group known as The Arcane Clan had blown up a magic tower of that district where the festival was and had killed over 1000 people, and caused magic powered devices to shut down; planes, cars, machines, etc.

Atlas had witnessed this catastrophe and tried his best to stop the clan. They sadly succeeded and made what was deemed "Blackout Day" which was on the month of Faunis 24th, 1890.

"Atlas. Someone needs a drink." Atlas was a member of RPOG but he also had a side job working at the Green Hat Tavern down in the south side of Phoenix Town. His boss was a middle aged bald bearded man with a stick up his ass. "Well? I don't got all day! I gotta get down to Jaris! You know? The next town over?"

Atlas nodded. "Yes Mr. Reis." He stood up and left the storage room where he resided most of his break. He went to the front area of the bar and saw a knight and a police officer from Amarthene. "What'll be?" He asked.

The officer spoke. "I'll take a a good ol' ale. Never liked the strong stuff."

"Give me the same." The knight replied.

Atlas smiled and poured them their drink.

"You hear about that damn explosion last week?" A civilian sitting at a table not far from the bar counter asked. "Killed about a thousand people! Damn man."

The officer nodded. "Yeah, I was patrolling Klistron in Amarthene and saw the news...Hope the Royal Police can do something about it."

Atlas looked down and thought for a few seconds. "Yeah, hope so too."

He was soon done with his side job and closed the bar. He left back to his home and went inside turning on the TV as he watched the nightly news.

"Tomorrows weather is going to be a beaufitufl sunny day with a slight chance of rain in the evening through the night. In other news Raymond Fletch has been arrested for exposing himself outside of the kings castle. What a way to get on the news Fletch! Now onto some less sad news. A litter of stray puppies has been rescued by the Animal Rescue Union and now they have been put in wonderful homes! N-"

Atlas got bored and changed the channel.

"And now we add some basil to the noodles and you stir three times...Slowly...Okay now you want a bit of a lemony taste but you need Gyron Lemons from Nernias, just squeeze the juice out. Not too much and now you just grate some of the skin for zest. Alright now you got your Lemon Delight!"

Atlas sighed and watched the rest of Ashley Silvers cooking show before he passed out.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 26d 1h 38m 40s

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