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Atlas got off the phone with Joseph and sighed with relief. "At least he's okay." Atlas said. He continued his drive towards the RPOG HQ.

[h3 [b [i [center RPOG HQ - West Phoenix Town]]]]

Atlas arrived and drove through the checkpoint and the gate closed. He stepped out of his car. He was greeted by Ganzu and Kalas themselves.

"I won't bore you with the details but King Desto was murdered." Ganzu told Atlas.

"What?!" Atlas yelled out.

"Shh! The public doesn't know about this. It was an Arc member, surveilence caught the perp in the throne room killing the king. Sadly no audio was caught though." Kalas said.

"We also had a shooting in North Phoenix Town at Alan Guslings mansion...Good riddance I guess but last night a lot of fucked up shit happened, suicide, the kings death, apartment and hospital explosions, the death of Alan Gusling...Something big is about to happen and we don't know what. Did you get in touch with Joseph yet?" Ganzu asked.

Atlas nodded. "Yeah, he's doing okay...He said he's with Nerre somewhere in East Phoenix Town."

Ganzu nodded as well. "That's good. Listen, we need to get to the bottom of this murder but we need to do it discreetly. The castle is off limits due to a pest infestation...We all know that's not true but it's a good cover. Mr. Yaka will be there and so will we. We'll be dressed up in GDVC hazmat suits to look the part and fool the people. The king is still in his throne room, we need to examine the body and the crime scene. Are you up for this?"

"Yeah. Let's go." Atlas said. He grabbed his hazmat suit and the three of them went inside the HQ and in the changing rooms and changed into the suits. They went back outside and got in a GDVC van before driving off towards the castle.

"Why is a GDVC van at the RPOG HQ?" A civilian asked.

"Because apparently someone was sick in there and GDVC got called in...I guess they are done now."


[h3 [b [i [center The Abyss]]]]

"The balls on that drug runner are massive. Killing the king and blaming it on us! How clever." Irving said. He was an old man with long white hair and a white beard along with a long purple and red cloak. He was the current leader of The Arc.

"I think it was her henchman that killed him Sir." Irvings right hand man Arcanus said.

Irving turned towards him. "I know who killed him!" He snapped. "Sorry Arcanus, I'm just disappointed that is wasn't really us that did the deed. I can't believe some moron was able to do it. A human!"

A purple portal opened and an Arc member stepped out from it. "Sir, there seems to be a situation at the magic tower at East Phoenix Town. Seems like the same group is trying to frame us again by blowing it up. They already got through the first two checkpoints."

"Ohhhh they won't get this! Mark my words! Come on Arcanus. It's time we met this...Corpusraptor." Irving said as him and Arcanus went through the portal to the world of Gielnor.
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y 288d 11h 56m 30s
[b [#a3a3a3 "A terrible tragedy has struck, bringing harm and suffering to this fair city."]] Dr. Sarah White, CEO of Phoenix Laboratories spoke in front of a crowd and several cameras. She wore a long lab coat, coming down to her knees, and was flanked by two hulking bodyguards in black business suits and sun glasses, each one carrying a military rifle. Despite not being particularly tall, the doctor seemed to tower over the other people at this event. While mostly known as a wealthy businesswoman, philanthropist, and the genius mind behind the cutting edge technology of Phoenix Laboratories, her true identity was Corpusraptor, the head of most organized crime in Phoenix Town. The number of people who knew this, however, could be counted on a single hand.

[b [#a3a3a3 "First the flesh golem attack, and then the explosion here at Phoenix Town General Hospital. But you need not fear; Phoenix Laboratories is dedicated to your safety and well being. I am personally donating one million holocoins to Phoenix Town General Hospital, to help repair the damage from the explosion. These terrible events will not drive us apart. We will all come closer together in these dark times."]] the doctor spoke coolly when addressing the public, continuing to put up Phoenix Laboratories' face of cold, calculating genius. She lifted up a giant check, and handed it over to owners of Phoenix Town General Hospital.


[b [size18 LATER]]

Several black armored cars drove up to the magical tower in East Phoenix Town. In each car, there were several of Corpusraptor's thugs, dressed in Arc uniforms, and a single flesh golem. In one of the cars sat Corpusraptor herself, with a submachinegun in her lap. A large, smelly cigar stuck out of her mouth, held in place by her teeth.

It was not long before they reached the first security checkpoint. As a guard came down to investigate, the windows of each car began to roll down, and the thugs open fired on the guard. The rhythmic sound of automatic gunfire barked, and the guard, and surrounding checkpoint rapidly became riddled with bullet holes. The casings themselves all landed inside the cars, reducing the evidence left behind. Any bullets left behind would be too mangled to identify with any confidence. The other guards returned fire, but they too were soon mutilated in the ensuring gunfire.

After the drive by shooting, the windows rolled back up, and the cars drove through the check point. It would not be long before they would take down another magic tower, and blame Arc for the attack.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 1y 317d 2h 49m 53s
Nerre woke up to the sound of a TV chattering in another room. Bones aching, he forced himself to sit up, every joint and sinew creaking with effort as he did so. His head pounded. The room was dark, but a single crack of blue light through a gap in the curtains told him it was morning. For a moment, Nerre considered the possibility that the events of the previous night had in fact not happened, and that he was waking up in some beautiful woman's bed, getting ready to be late to another day at work. His screaming muscles belied that this was not the usual pain of a hangover or excessive drug use. Slowly, unsteadily, he rose to his feet, hissing through his teeth. Nerre was exhausted, but this was not his bedroom - or even a familiar one. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he gently slid the curtain open, shielding himself from the intense daylight.

"Ah, you're awake."

Nerre spun, turning his attention to the rough voice at the door. Joseph Glister leant against the door, cradling his re-located shoulder in his other hand.

"Maestro. Where are we?"

"A friend's house. Come on, she wants to see you."

Bemused, Nerre glanced out of the window, his eyes now adjusted. He didn't know this street by name but the sky expressway and a distant magic tower clued him up to the fact that he was somewhere in east Phoenix Town. Sheepishly, he followed Joseph into the kitchen, where the TV blared a fluff piece irrelevant to the night before. A busty blonde in a bikini advertising a newly opened resort in Nernias. Nerre’s host sat at the table. He paused at the door.


A dull-eyed young woman with black, shoulder-length hair looked up indifferently from the TV. She was in her early 30s, but there was something to her demeanour that implied a higher level of experience.


"Um. You look great?"

"You look terrible."

She was never one to mince her words. Nerre balled his battered hands into fists and clenched his teeth.

"I suppose you're the one who pulled us out of the hospital, then."


Nerre shot a glare at Joseph, who busied himself pouring tea in the corner of the kitchen.

"Well, master. Thank you for saving maestro and I."

"You're welcome," she breathed, turning her attention back to the TV. "oh, there was a message on your phone, Nerre."

"What did it say?" Nerre said, exasperated by the impenetrable woman's demeanour - of course she would have thumbed through his phone without permission.

"Hey Nerre, it's me Atlas, look, I haven't heard from Joseph ever since last night. Have you seen or heard from him? If so, please hit me back up. Thanks, bye." she said, doing an unsettlingly accurate impression of Atlas's voice.

Joseph turned, frowning.

"Did you reply?" the grizzled veteran asked, placing a cup of tea in front of the nameless young woman.


Both men rolled their eyes.

"I'll call Atlas," Joseph said, leaving the room.

The young woman slowly raised the cup to her plump lips and took a sip of tea, her hair hanging messily over her eyes and narrowly avoiding the cup.

"I heard you took down a flesh golem."

"Yeah. No. Temporarily. I mean, I -Shit, I don't know. Maybe?"


Nerre sighed, sitting at the table opposite the woman.

"Why are you here?"

She put the cup down and looked at him as if he'd caused her some great inconvenience. Her expression suggested that she was thinking of what to say, but instead of replying she just shrugged and looked back at the TV.

"Master, please."

"Glister was worried about you, he thought I should visit."

"... who's apartment is this?"

She shrugged.

"Nerre. You've always believed you could defeat anything, any challenge."

Nerre smiled. "Present company excluded, of course."

"Flattery will get you nowhere. Don't interrupt. Phoenix Labs, Euphoria farms. You're motivated by revenge."

"One blew up my apartment and killed my cat. The other impoverished my people. I think I deserve revenge."

She leant back in her chair.

"You almost died last night. Maybe if I hadn't pulled you and Glister out you would have. Charging headlong again will get you killed."

"I'm stronger than you think."

She shook her head.

"Idiot. You're a genius, but you're an idiot."

[i Wow, a compliment.] "What are you getting at?"

She reached into some mysterious fold of her black winter dress and pulled the small bag of green powder out, casually tossing it onto the table in front of him. Nerre twitched, freezing on the spot.

"What of it?"

"Weakness." she said, dismissively.

Nerre suddenly felt a wave of defensiveness washing over him. He stood up, crossing his arms.

"So I like to hit the green lightning on occasion. That doesn't mean I can't bring down some small fry drug runners like Phoenix Labs."

"I'm not worried about Ph-"

"-and besides, master. If I remember correctly, you like to hit the bottle and bring pretty girls back to your place too, right? You're no better than me."

The young woman stood up, straightening her dress.

"Prepare yourself."


Nerre didn't have the time to raise his hands as she vaulted the table and slammed into him, bundling him to the ground and wrenching his arm into a painful position. He struggled to free himself, but she turned him onto his stomach and clamped down hard on his free arm with her knee, pinning him to the floor. She leant in close, speaking quietly into his ear.

“Nerre. I like you, so I’m not going to break your arm. But you will [i listen] when I speak to you.”

“Okay okay!” Nerre grunted, wincing in pain.

“And furthermore, if you have any issues with my sexuality, you’d do well to keep it to yourself. Because I [i will] kill you.”

“Yes, yes, okay!”

“Yes, [i master.]” she hissed.

“Yes, master!”

She let go, casually standing and shooting a glance at the door, where a bewildered Joseph Glister had just finished talking to his adoptive son.

“Now that you know the difference between you and me, would you like to try again?” she said, sitting back down at the table and turning her attention back to the TV.

Nerre slowly got to his feet, rolling the pain out of his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”


“… So what did you want to tell me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with revenge. Something much larger is coming.”

“I see.”
  nerre. / Tengu / 1y 318d 11h 24m 46s
Atlas awoke in his bed. The room was dark. He sat up straight and sighed. Once he stood up the blackout curtains rose up and a voice spoke

[+blue [b "Good morning Atlas. Today is Lyon 12th, year 1885. Would you like the news?"]]

"Yes." Atlas said. He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee that was already brewed.

[+blue [b "There was an explosion at the General Hospital in North Phoenix Town. 14 dead, 40 injured. Would you like more news or weather?"]]

"Weather please."

[+blue [b "The weather is a crisp 70 degrees with a chance of rain in the evening throughout the night. Would you like a 10 day forecast?"]]

"No, shut down."

The voice went into rest mode.

Atlast finished his coffee and left his house. He went to his car parked in his driveway and got in driving off. He rang Nerres phone and left a message; "Hey Nerre, it's me Atlas, look, I haven't heard from Joseph ever since last night. Have you seen or heard from him? If so, please hit me back up. Thanks, bye." Atlas hung up and put his phone away and continued down the road south from his house and towards the General Hospital. His phone buzzed and he answered it. "Nerre?" He asked.

"No, just Ganzu. Listen, you need to come down to the RPOG HQ ASAP. We have info on the mysterious cloaked figure who blew up the magic tower a week ago. This could lead us to their ringleader."

Atlas sighed. "What about the explosion at the hospital?"

"Already have men on that job...Listen, I also have something else to tell you but I can't over the phone. It is very important so please come here ASAP." Ganzu hung up.

Atlas just put his phone away and turned left and drove towards the RPOG HQ
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 1y 338d 23h 8m 58s
[b [size16 The Next Morning]]

Corpusraptor rubbed her eyes as the sound of her alarm clock stabbed her ears. The phone call from the night before, along with bad dreams had left her restless. She slowly crawled out of bed, and immediately checked her numerous work phones and burn phones for updates and emergencies. Noticing several, she hastily took a hot shower and got dressed, donning a white button down shirt, tie, and black jacket. Though Corpusraptor was moving about quickly, she wasn't fully awake.

It wasn't long before her breakfast and morning paper were brought in, along with a fresh cigar, and black coffee. The mob boss slowly ate her breakfast, and as she looked down at the paper, a slight smirk spread across her face.

[#131313 [b "I see news of the golem rampage last night has already gotten out, but no mention of the king's death. I suppose RPOG is trying to keep that one under wraps... It'd be a shame if the news got out. There'd be quite a bit of panic."]] Corpusraptor spoke smugly after the hotel staff left. Setting the paper down on the table, the mob boss took a long drag from her cigar and clasped her hands together. [#131313 [b "Quite a panic indeed."]]

She paused for a moment, frowning. [#131313 [b "I suppose the golem has gotten out of control in this time- kind of hard to kill all witnesses when more people keep showing up. I suppose I've made my point fairly clear; if they get any closer to my operation, I can always have them assassinated more... professionally. In the meantime... I think the golem's rampage should come to an end."]] The mob boss looked through the drawers in her desk until she found a small plastic device with a single antenna and a switch- a custom designed untraceable radio transmitter for use in golems. She flipped the switch to the "on" position for about five seconds, then switched it back "off".


Meanwhile downtown, the flesh golem was busy tearing doctors and patients in the General Hospital into gory pieces while RPOG officers continued their futile attempts to stop the golem.

The radio signal broadcasted to the golem, and was received by a hidden receiver implanted inside the golem's torso, which itself was hooked up to a device hidden inside the golem; military grade high explosives. Mid attack, the golem stopped for a split second, before a large, thunderous explosion roared through the hospital, taking out a third of the building in the process.


[#ef2a2a [b "This just in; a large explosion has gone off at the Phoenix Town General Hospital. It is believed to be connected to the flesh golem rampage from last night. It is not yet known how many are dead or injured in the blast. For those of you just tuning in, I repeat, a large explosion has gone off at the Phoenix Town General Hospital..."]] the television droned in Corpusraptor's penthouse. A thin, sickly smile spread across her face, as this confirmed her shutdown successful.

[#131313 [b "I may have to donate some money to the hospital. After all, the public seems to eat that right up."]] the mob boss grinned, taking another drag from her cigar.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 1y 344d 2h 41m 54s
Nerre hit the brakes hard as he bore witness to the scene of carnage unfolding outside the RPOG headquarters. The flesh golem, riddled with bullet holes, staggered from one gaping wound in the RPOG headquarters to the other, snatching at anyone unfortunate enough to be within reach. The ground outside was slick with dark red, littered with the mangled bodies of staff and officers alike.

"Why won't you die?" Nerre muttered to himself, activating the manual controls of his sedan.

"Warning. Disabling safety systems could lead to potentially fatal accidents. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do it!" He yelled, slamming his foot down on the accelerator and preparing for pain. The black sedan's wheels spun, kicking up smoke and dust as it accelerated rapidly towards the wounded beast.

The golem spun on its heels at the exact moment Nerre's car slammed into it, bundling both into the concrete of the building and pinning it to the wall. Weakened, the creature tried to lift the car off itself, but its awkward positioning had left it flailing wildly to get a grip.

Dazed, Nerre struggled to compose himself, fumbling for the door handle. For what felt like an eternity, he fumbled blindly as the golem smashed its giant fist into the sedan's bonnet. Finally, the shaken doctor found the mechanism and forced himself out of the vehicle, untangling himself from the seatbelt. He wiped the blood from his nose and staggered towards a hole in the wall, occupied by an overturned car and an unconscious Joseph Glister.

"...Maestro. Maestro, wake up!" he urged with what little he could muster, reaching to shake the old man by his shoulders. There was no mistaking the awkward fashion his arm hung from the socket, however; broken.

"Shit. Sorry, Maestro," Nerre muttered, wiping his bloodied nose and hoisting the old man over his shoulders. He needed to get them both to safety, before the hulking brute freed itself. He turned towards the exit and immediately paused as the severely damaged bonnet of his car spun past them jamming itself into the wall next to Nerre's midsection.

"Guess we're taking the scenic route, Maestro. " Nerre spun on his heels and proceeded deeper into the building. Moments later, the monster, with a great heave, prised itself free from the cumbersome vehicle, and began to limp after its prey.
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 2d 14h 27m 56s
A beeping sound came from the cloaked mans coat. He quickly threw it off and jumped out of the way as a bullet came whizzing past him. The now uncloaked man stood up; He was about 6'1 with Caucasian skin and long black hair and a full beard. "That wasn't very nice." The man tried to scan the area for the sniper but he failed. He ran back towards his jacket as the enemy shot again but this time hitting the man in the shoulder.

[h3 [b [i [center Alan Guslings Mansion - Living Room]]]]

"Mr. Gusling Sir, it appears we are having a bit of malfunction outside...An unwanted pest has entered the courtyard." Alan Guslings butler, Raymond told him.

Alan just kept a blank expression as he sipped on his wine. "Let him in."

"But Sir! This man is a killer." Raymond replied.

Alan turned to look at his butler. "Aren't we all?"

Raymond sighed and walked towards the foyer and then the entrance. He opened the big double doors and walked out to the courtyard. "Stop the fire. Let the man come in." Raymond said to the sniper on the radio.

The man walked up towards the mansion and the butler led him inside.

Alan Gusling himself walked into the foyer and smirked. "Look who it is...I knew my time was gonna come sooner or later...James is it? Why not have a glass of Gielnors finest wine? Straight from old Gielnors capital; Gaelis" He poured James a glass of wine and handed it to him.

James smelt the wine and chuckled. "I'm from Gaelis and this smells like shit." He threw the glass up in the air and most of the guards looked up before he grabbed a fistful of throwing knives that had a white colored gem which blinked [b ]. He threw the knives at the guards ahead of him which emitted a big smoke cloud.

Alan started to cough and scan the area around him which was nothing but smoke.

James went to work fast on the guards and killed most of them in the foyer. The smoke dissipated and he looked over at Alan before more guards stormed the mansion. "Dammit!" James ran into the room to his left to avoid the barrage of gunfire.

A guard pulled a pin off of a electric grenade. He threw it into the room and it exploded.

James dealt with the agonizing electrical shock that he was receiving and still kept to his hiding place.

"Go in there and get him! I don't hire you morons to stand there!" Alan said.

The guards stormed the room and then all of a sudden the lights went out...It was pitch black except for the 4 blinking red lights that appeared. They were thrown towards the guards location and then they exploded.

The room blew and a small left side of the mansion blew apart as fire erupted outside and inside the room. Several mutilated guards lay everywhere.

James stepped out and confronted Alan again. "Hello Alan, now where were we? Oh yeah, I was sent here to eliminate you. RPOG didn't send me, the Amarthene Police didn't send me, the Nernian House of Kings didn't send me either. I work for a higher order and you have been found guilty of exploiting children to a evil cult known as The Arc as well as sacrificing several kids and adults."

"Listen, we all know those people are going to be our new leaders soon! You cannot stop The Arc! Look at me, I have it all! Wanna know why? Because being a supporter of The Arc has it's benefits!" Alan said.

James sighed and pulled out his pistol. "Listen, it's nothing personal...It's what I do, it's how I make a quick buck so..." He pulled the trigger as Alan fell backwards and hit the ground with a loud [i THUD]. James wiped the blood off his pistol and then grabbed Alans ID card as proof. He walked out the door and disappeared before the sniper got wind of him.
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 13d 5h 38m 34s
As Corpusraptor was about to doze off to sleep, her phone rang, startling the mob boss awake. Angrily, she frantically reached for her phone, her petite form writhing around. Once she finally came to, a gruff voice answered.

[b [#4ca1a1 "Boss! There is an important guest at Alan Gusling's vacation home. I know the standard greeting procedure, but this guest is [i especially] important. Shall I break out the expensive wines?"]]

Corpusraptor understood the code. Because the person speaking, one of Corpusraptor's employees, did not own an untraceable phone, and was in a busy location, the code was to ensure that anyone wiretapping the call, or listening to the conversation by mere proximity, would not have reason to worry upon hearing the message. But the true meaning got through to Corpusraptor immediately.

An unidentified person was approaching the home of a protected client, but was still in the distance, and the mercenary was asking for permission to engage with sniper rifle.

[b [#131313 "Of course. The Velditi 247 should do nicely."]] Corpusraptor said, pursing her lips. She had just given the command to engage, using magically charged ammunition.

Corpusraptor then slowly walked to the kitchen of her penthouse. It was large and grand, like the rest of the building, but Corpusraptor was too tired and stressed to appreciate the grandiosity of it. From a wine rack, the little mob boss grabbed a bottle of Velditi 247, and poured a large glass to the brim. The expensive and well aged red wine poured out like a restless ocean current. The shapeshifter downed the glass, then promptly returned to bed.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 27d 21h 8m 19s
Sighing she was looking through papers on a near by desk " now let's see what's going on " her eyes lowered as she scanned the page there where a few familar names here and there bit nothing that quite caught her attention.
  Lilly / EternalSnow / 2y 34d 2h 46m 49s
[h3 [i [b [center North Phoenix Town]]]]

The cloaked man was sitting on a bench across from a convenience store. His phone lit up with a bright tinge of blue as it vibrated. He slipped it out of his left pocket from his cloak and put it to his ear.

[b [+red "Are you in North Phoenix Town yet?"]]

The cloaked man spit on the ground. [b [+blue "Yes I am...What is your mission?"]]

The voice on the phone spoke. [b [+red "My informants have notified me that Alan Gusling is in his vacation mansion in North Phoenix Town...I want you to pay him a visit and exterminate him. Failure is not an option."]] The voice clicked off.

The cloaked man stood up an slipped the phone back in his pocket as people were staring at him. He just turned away and walked north towards the vacation home once the directions were sent to his phone.

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnor Meeting Hall]]]]

"These suicides are getting out of hand! This is the fifth one tonight! We also have to deal with the death of the king...The public cannot know of his death or how it happened until tomorrow. I just wish this night would end already!"

"We also had complaints of weird happenings over at the Hall of Records...But the RPOG couldn't find anything."

"Don't forget that damned Golem. It just won't fucking stay down."

"Watch your language, this is a civil meeting...Not some barbarian get-together"

"My apologies..."

"Clearly this is a bad night and we need to up our security..."

"Alright gentlemen...Meeting adjourned, we'll continue this tomorrow."

The group left the meeting hall.

[b [h3 [i [center Unknown Area]]]]

Richard awoke in a dim room, he scanned the area and realized he was tied up. He tried to break free but he couldn't.

[b [+purple "I am sorry...But we cannot let you escape."]] A monotone voice said. The voice stepped out into the dim light and revealed itself to be one of the possessed guards from earlier.]]

"Fucking RPOG?! What, this some kind of torture room?" Richard asked.

[b [+orange "We aren't RPOG...These bodies are merely a vessel..."]] The other possessed guard walked into the light and leaned in real close towards Richard. [b [+orange "We know all about you...You work for that crime syndicate...One of the most wanted...Just imagine, taking your body as a vessel, infiltrating that syndicates building, and taking her as a vessel."]] The guard said speaking in the usual monotone voice.

"Why the hell can't you guys speak right?" Richard asked.

[b [+orange "Usually we just use our original form but this is much more efficient, I feel the more we train this power...The more we'll fool the public."]]

[b [+purple "Can you imagine? We take someones life, they are deemed missing, yet they magically come back a few days later, voice and all. An impostor in your home...Wearing your loved ones skin, they don't know that they are living with an impostor but we do. That is our mission fellow human. We have many names but our creators like to call us Dark-Stalkers."]] The guard put his left hand on Richards face.

Richard bit at it and the guard recoiled. Richard finally tore the ropes off and knocked both of the guards down and his eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He spotted the outline of a sign above a door. He didn't care where it lead, anywhere but here. He ran towards it and opened the door and ran outside. It was luckily the exit.

The two guards laid on the ground as the Dark-Stalkers themselves crawled out of the mouth holes of the guards skin. They quickly ran after Richard.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 85d 23h 49m 41s
Nerre coughed as years worth of dust poured out of the old garage. He'd been collecting old cars for some time now, and it had started to grow substantially. The upper classes of Gielnor did not like to keep old things, and Nerre's nostalgia for the old blue pickup had let him to scoop up their old, long replaced remnants. Lately, however, he'd been too absorbed in his work to look after them, only stopping by occasionally to perform oil changes, charge batteries, and let motors run. He ran his finger along the bonnet of an old navy blue muscle car, quietly yearning for the roar of its engine, but alas, he needed to be discrete.

He settled on a black sedan from about ten years prior, with a basic fusion engine and an old navigation system from a satellite that had been long forgotten. Procuring the correct keys from a small lockbox, Nerre wasted no time sliding into the old vehicle and starting up the engine.

The car’s interior reeked of cigarette smoke, filling him with a sense of longing. [i She] would be so disappointed to know how many cartons of cigarettes he’d burned through since his return to Gielnor. He vowed to himself not to let her anywhere near the car. He needed to find her again. Nerre reached into his coat pocket, having neglected his phone for hours now. One message.

[i “Nerre, when you get this, meet me at HQ as soon as possible.”]

In perhaps his first bout of good fortune for the night, the one person who knew where she might be was looking for him. Renewed by the prospect of reuniting with one Joseph Glister, he punched in the coordinates to the RPOG headquarters and leant back in his seat, wondering why all of this was happening.
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 108d 11h 22m 18s
Before the monstrosity of deceased flesh stood the Phoenix Town General Hospital. The tall, laboratory white building stood as a monument to healing and care. Several police vehicles were pulled up in front of it, in an attempt to protect the hospital from the golem that was rampaging through the town. The golem let out a loud roar, and opened fire with its flamethrower. A long stream of burning liquid sprayed out like a long, angry, orange ribbon, reaching out to the walls of the building, igniting the large, white stones that made up the hospital's facade.

The RPOG officers opened fire on the golem, tearing open new wounds into the mountain of gray meat. Once again, the flesh golem pulled down the trigger on its flamethrower, but this time no stream of fiery fuel left the weapon. A quick glance with its glassy, lifeless eyes at the fuel gauge revealed the weapon to be empty. The artificial monster roared again, and hurled the flamethrower and fuel tank at the police blockade, injuring another officer in the process.

[#41699a [b "The golem is at the General Hospital! We have wounded! Officer requesting backup! I repeat, the golem is at the General Hospital! We have wounded! Officer requesting backup!"]] a young RPOG officer shouted into a radio.


Corpusraptor had returned to her penthouse and sat back in her chair, folding her hands together. She was weary from this long day; there wasn't a lot she could do at this point. The shapeshifting mob boss leaned back in her chair, her eyes heavy with exhaustion.

[i [#131313 A child sat alone in a small, white, laboratory room. She wore a simple hospital gown. The room was empty, with the exception of a small bed, and a small bathroom in the back, with metal sink, and a shower. The child sat on her bed, frowning, her eyes holding back tears.]]

[i [#131313 A security camera watched the child at all times, recording every moment, save the time spent in the bathroom. The camera was the child's only constant 'friend'.]]

[i [#131313 This had not been a good day for the child, however, and she was angry. In her hands, she was attempting to hide one of the handles to the sink. The child threw the sink handle at the security camera, embedding it into the focus.]]

Corpusraptor rubbed her eyes sleepily. [b [#131313 "Not that dream again..."]] she muttered. [b [#131313 "I... I need a damn drink."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 124d 3h 55m 35s
Moving off the streets of the city lily made her way to a office building clearly annoyed from the events that happened unable to caught him she sat down on a chair looking to the windows propping her legs on the chair " maybe I should find something else to hunt until I find him again".
  Lilly / EternalSnow / 2y 126d 22h 14m 38s
Richard nodded. He took the memory stick and slipped it in his coat pocket before heading out. "The Hall of Records huh?" he asked himself before getting in his car and driving off towards the location

Jack made himself a quick drink before closing up the pub. He stepped out of the bar and noticed a white sedan driving away that passed the pub. "Huh..." he told himself. "What a night." he got in his car and started it and drove off home as well.

[center [bold [h3 [i King Destos Castle]]]]

"Oh no!" Mason exclaimed. He ran over to Destos lifeless body which was slumped in the throne chair. "I need assistance!" Mason said over the walkie talkie to the guards and servants.

A few guards ran into the room and nearly gasped. "My god! What happened?!" Guardsman Jensen asked.

Mason sighed and stood up. "The king has been murdered. A bullet hole in his head."

Jensen looked at Mason with a sour look on his face. "And where were you?" he asked him.

"I should be asking you the same question." Mason retorted.

Jensen scoffed and sighed. "Don't notify the public until tomorrow. We don't want anymore trouble tonight. We already have a golem on the loose, a suicide, an apartment fire, and more. Keep this a secret." Jensen said. He was acting commander while Ganzu was gone.

The guards nodded and saluted him. Mason just stood up and pulled out a cigar.

"Those'll kill you y'know?" Jensen told Mason.

Mason was already about to light the cigar before having to pull it out of his mouth. "With the shit I've seen kid...This'll be a fucking miracle." he said before putting the cigar back in his mouth and he lit it and puffed on it a few times before walking off.

[center [bold [h3 [I Guelnors Hall of Records]]]]

Richard arrived at The Hall of Records and noticed it was fairly empty of guards. "That's odd." he told himself and shrugged. "Not gonna complain. Makes my job a whole easier." he walked towards the building and slowly opened the door. What he saw was a mess; Files strewn everywhere, books left open on the floor and desk and tables. "What in the world?" he asked.

A dark figure stood tall behind Richard. It bore a retractable baton in it's left hand.

"I better call Corpu-"

The dark figure knocked Richard out and dragged him away.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 132d 13h 40m 25s
He knew he would regret it but perhaps his expensive car was drawing too much attention. Growing up in a small tribe in distant Nernias, Nerre had never really considered the possibility of owning his own car, let alone a nice one like his. One person in the village, a local merchant, owned a rusty old truck, running a simple and antiquated combustion engine that the merchant had converted to run on biomass produced by the local farm. Rather than being piloted by advanced computer systems, the vehicle was controlled by a large round wheel in front of the driver's seat. Nerre couldn't help but notice himself smiling a little as he remembered himself among a throng of other children, alerted by a roaring straight six and its chronic misfires. The rusty blue behemoth would leave the town empty, and return filled with exotic trinkets from eastern Nernias, Gielnor and beyond, which the eccentric merchant would eagerly show to the curious audience. The children, however, had little interest in this, instead waiting for the truck's bed to empty so that they could all jump in and slowly ride around the small village and the endless savannah that surrounded it. Nerre remembered these rides fondly, but also differed from the other children; his curiosity lie mostly with the perplexing gadgets and trinkets that the merchant brought back with him. Occasionally they were practical - a device that could detect moisture in the soil, a modern crop dusting drone, a rice cooker - but generally these were useless devices that served little use to the agrarian Kiwanuka tribe. Shortly before his departure as a teenager, Nerre spent many evenings trying to fix a broken holo-toy, a projection of a girl with doll-like features that could answer trivial questions and perform cute actions. Many thought it was a lost cause until Nerre returned a flickering dancing girl to the merchant, who had long forgotten about it. Nerre wondered if perhaps all the things he loved now - sex, drugs, expensive cars and clothes - had made him any happier than the time spent tinkering with an old kid's toy in his bedroom.

Yes, the car had to go. At least until he could be sure his life wasn't in danger. He switched on voice controls.

"System, clear all previous location data. Verification [i atterraggio]."

Minutes later, the white sedan peeled away, set to circle Phoenix Labs a few times before racing off as far as its batteries would take it. Maybe one day he’d be able to pick it up again. Instead, however, there was something else he had to do.
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 136d 7h 37m 28s

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