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The mob boss waited in Red Links Diner long before her target was expected to arrive. She sat in a booth that was as far from where her target would be seated as possible, but which would have direct line of sight with the target. She chose a form which was as unmemorable and nondescript as possible; the form of someone who would be forgotten within seconds of being seen. Not to short but not too tall. Neither wide nor thin. Someone who could be mistaken for any other person from Phoenix Town.

She watched as Nerre arrived, taking a few subtle glances his way when he wasn't looking, making note of all his physical features without looking suspicious. After several minutes of making him wait, she got up and walked over to him slowly, before sitting down in the booth behind him.

[#262626 [b "Don't get up. You came alone?"]] she said softly, her voice a bored monotone with no notable features or inflections. It was carefully chosen to be just as forgettable as her appearance. She spoke, staring straight ahead, away from him. Nobody else would know she was talking to him. [#262626 [b "Do you know who I represent?"]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
[#262626 #262626] = Corpusraptor Mob Disguise
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 67d 6h 17m 47s
Desto Heritage Library was probably Nerre’s least favourite library in the world. While his usual haunt in Phoenix Town University was decently funded and carefully maintained by motivated and well-paid academics, a bored woman in an ill-fitting RPOG robe served as the sole vanguard of this old building.

“Long live the King,” he muttered absentmindedly as he walked past her, getting a quiet “mmm” in reply. He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out his ID, waving it in front of the half-asleep librarian.

“I need to use a computer.”

Wordlessly, she gestured in the direction of an old unit tucked away in the corner, currently being presided over by a scruffy old man.

“One computer?” He scoffed, a little incredulously.

The librarian shrugged.

“We don’t get the kind of funding Phoenix Town University professors get.”


Defeated, Nerre cautiously approached the old man, suddenly hit by a strong wave of foul bodily odor. Grimacing, he took another step forward and waited his turn, crossing his arms and lowering his head.

“You’re a weird lookin’ motherfucker, aren’t ya.” the old man said in a loud gruff voice not suitable for a library.

“Mm. You gonna be long?” Nerre replied, bemused.

“Where ya from, mate? Nernias?” the scruffy man asked, ignoring Nerre’s question.


“Ahh, mate, I went to Nernias once. Fuckin’ crazy parties, like. And the girls, ahh, mate.” he closed his eyes and made an unpleasant sound while mimicking the shape of a woman’s curves with his hands.

“Okay. Can I use that computer?”

“Did I ever tell you about my master plan?”

“We’ve never met.”

“Alright, look at this.”

Nerre glanced at the computer screen, and frowned - a waifish young woman, completely naked with her legs spread. Her skin was dark like his, her features oddly familiar - definitely someone from the Nernian outlands. Not Kiwanuka clan, but maybe Dembe or Kato. She was young - suspiciously so. Nerre recoiled in disgust.

“The fuck is this?”

“My master fuckin’ plan, mate.”

“I see. Can I just check my email real quick and then you can go back to looking at porn?”

The smelly man paused, as if lost in deep thought, then stood up.

“Sure, mate. Sure fuckin’ thing.”

He stepped aside, gesturing towards the chair. Cautiously, Nerre shuffled forward and took a seat, tabbing out of the man’s pornography and into his email. Lots of spam, as usual. Frustrated that he could not see a reply from the office of Dr. Sarah White, he made another pass, until he spotted something interesting. [i “Cs0vh8W!s9BvR0&Ydv) - Dear NK,
We have received your…”]

Nerre clicked, doing his best to ignore the homeless man leaning uncomfortably close to read his email.

“Hey, old timer. Do you know of a [i Red Links Diner?]”

The man stopped as if in thought, then nodded.

“Yeah mate. Outskirts. Shady deals, where people like me get gigs. Why you going there, mate?”

Nerre leant in closer, trying to look at the thumbnail of the attached image. Another dead body.

“Maybe I won’t…” he muttered, not sure if he wanted to open the image while being watched.

“I gotta piss, I’ll be right back.”

[i Perfect.] Nerre waited for the man to leave before steeling himself and clicking the gruesome thumbnail. A corpse, as expected - a young woman, with a knife sticking out of her chest. Presumably the corpse of Dr. White. Nerre frowned, knowing that this was some kind of trick. Perhaps they intended to frame him for this. Feeling he didn’t have any other options, he went to close the image, only to find no response whatsoever from the machine.

A door opened behind him, the strange man from before. Flustered, Nerre kicked the plug out from the back of the computer, shutting it down. Nerre got to his feet.

“Hey, old man. You wanna make some holocoins real quick?”


The Red Links Diner was a bastion of dread among the wastelands of outer Phoenix Town. Nerre made a point of not coming here very often, only really ending up in the outskirts after a particularly crazy night of debauchery. The RPOG had largely abandoned this place, the gangs and drug dealers having installed themselves as de facto leaders of this area. This was where his dealer’s supplier lived, so the only time he’d been here sober was while trying to get a fix. Some deep part of Nerre’s psyche felt a pang of withdrawal as his memories reminded him that it’d been a few days since he’d indulged in Green Lightning. Looking around, it appeared that nobody was around yet - he’d come early. Nerre fumbled in his pockets for his car keys and hit the “recall” button. Putting them away, he uneasily made his way into the diner, blasted by the hot smell of a deep fryer that hadn’t been cleaned in decades. A tired old lady who bore a striking resemblance to the librarian greeted him.

“Smith, party of one.”

Her eyes lit up in recognition for a moment as she led him to a window booth. Exposed, very easy for a single sniper bullet to smash through the window and take his life. Maybe this was a bad idea. Nerre nervously gripped his left wrist, as if adjusting a wristwatch.

It was now a matter of waiting.
  Tengu / 2y 89d 7h 47m 48s
"I have no idea what that was...Neither does the people of Phoenix Town! A weird phenomenon happened here at the Eastern District, a loud hum...Wait hold on. I'm now getting reports that other districts experienced this too!" A news reporter said, who was stationed at the East District of Phoenix Town. It went back to the anchors.

"Thank you Tim, there you have it folks. Apparently it's been happening all over Phoenix Town?" Liam, the main news anchor of PT News said.

His co-anchor Porter nodded. "Indeed Liam, MGRC workers inside tower at the North District noticed the crystal turned red...I am at a loss of words for that."

Liam nodded. "Anywho, onto a happier subject; The princess of Ba'Kol-"

The screens around the town glitched out. "What the hell?" A civilian asked.

[h3 [b [i [center South District - Phoenix Town]]]]

"[b You ready?]" A person in a black cloak asked a group of other black cloaked individuals. They were all inside the south magic tower.

"Let's do this." Another black cloaked figure said. He put rune embedded gloves on and grabbed the crystal within.

"Don't pull it out! You'll kill everybody in this district!" Another figure exclaimed.

"I know that! Be quiet! I need my concentration!" The figure touching the crystal said. He felt it all over and felt a vibration on the bottom of the crystal. He looked at his companions and slid a device under it. "There, now we can measure its vibrations. Send any data you find back to the sage."

They all nodded and left the tower.

Another figure emerged from the shadows outside and watched the group leave. He turned his attention towards the tower and walked towards it. He quickly vanished into thin air as soon as a patrol of RPOG guards approached doing their daily rounds.

[h3 [b [i [center North District - Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

A group of people were helping set up the festival; local bakers baked a buffet of sweet goods while chefs did the same with savory goods, artists painted extraordinary pictures of the late King Desto while others painted to their hearts content, and performers performed in various talents for the people of Gielnor. It was going to be spectacular.

Ganzu was squeezing a handful of magnetic putty as he oversaw the festival project.

Kalas walked up to him. "You okay? You look nervous."

"I served King Desto ever since the fall of Old Gielnor...It won't be long until we have to find a new king." Ganzu replied.

"How about you? You seem suitable." Kalas said.

Ganzu laughed. "Yeah, no thanks. We'll be okay, I know it...I'll just start contacting the princess and other known family members of the king.

Kalas nodded. "Well let's just celebrate for today and weep for tomorrow."

[h3 [b [i [center Wizards Council]]]]

Winston Eldersoul sighed and checked the main computer for any news on the East Tower. He took the audio recorded from the tower and played it back. He noticed the wave shapes resembled a planet. "What the?..." He picked up his phone and called the lobby. "Get Ganzu in here ASAP."
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 108d 12h 50m 31s
Corpusraptor answered one of her many burner phones as it rang. She paused and listened, before answering. [b [#131313 "Red, you say? I'm not sure; is a crystal that is being drained supposed to turn red? Either way, I wouldn't suggest getting too close to the crystal. My... device releases lethal doses of radiation as a byproduct. Anyone who goes snooping around too much near it without a radiation suit will be buying a one-way ticket to the morgue."]]

After talking with Richard, the mob boss frowned and took another long drag of her cigar. [b [#131313 "Red...? I' don't think I've heard of that. That could be a problem."]] She clasped her fingers together, holding her cigar between two of them, and sat around for a while, puzzled. As she was pondering, her 'Dr. White' phone rang again, signaling that she had received another email.

[i Dr. White, I’d once again like to offer you the chance to parley. I don’t really feel like dying but I’d prefer not to endanger the lives of future generations. I haven’t told the RPOG anything about you and I’ll pretend I didn’t look at your cobbled together academic records while I was at the office. In exchange for my continued secrecy, I’d like to have an in person conversation with you, and, if you’re feeling generous, I’d like to still be alive in the coming weeks. Let’s talk. NK]

Corpusraptor glared at the email, rage boiling up beneath the surface. She did not speak, but began typing a response from one of her burner phones. The email would not appear to be from Dr. White, but from an account named [b Cs0vh8W!s9BvR0&Ydv)]. The account was registered with a deep web server; if an attempt was made to track it, the tracker would instead be redirected to any one of hundreds of foreign platforms.

[i Dear NK,
We have received your request. We hope you understand the gravity of your blackmail threat. We regret to inform you that you will not be speaking with the doctor; we will send our own representative. You will meet with us at the Red Links Diner at 1930 sharp. Failure to comply would be tragic.

When you arrive at Red Links Diner, you will be "Smith, party of one." You will request a window booth. You will arrive alone. While you are there, you will meet our representative. When you meet with our representative, you will be given two choices. Choose carefully. We will be watching your every move.

Understand that further grievances against us will not be tolerated. We're a business, first and foremost. We provide products and services to paying customers. Threatening our bottom line is unwise.

The Organization]

Red Links Diner was in the outskirts of Phoenix Town, and while it was not owned by Corpusraptor, it was owned by someone who was close business partners with one of her aliases. It would be the perfect place to do shady, under-the-table business... and to take out a threat if necessary.

Corpusraptor did not send the email immediately. She needed to burn evidence first, just in case. This "NK" had gotten far too close to her operations for her comfort.

The mob boss left her penthouse to make a quick trip to a local morgue. The business was in one of the seedier parts of town, and the building showed signs of decay. It was also owned by her, indirectly, and was connected to the necromancy ring she had going. Corpses would go missing, and later be incorporated in flesh golems. However, this trip was not to create a flesh golem, but to make someone disappear.

Corpusraptor left with a fresh female cadaver, about the same build and complexion as Dr. Sarah White. The cadaver was taken to Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721. The mob boss made a few phone calls; this time she was hiring a plastic surgeon who would keep quiet.

After a few hours of working, the cadaver looked like an exact copy of Dr. Sarah White. To be sure, the mob boss tossed a labcoat on the corpse. Corpusraptor stabbed a large knife through the chest of the corpse, then took a single photo. She later dumped the body behind the Phoenix Town General Hospital, where it would surely be found, and news of Dr. White's "death" would be made public.

Corpusraptor returned to her penthouse, and attached the photo of "Dr. White" to her email. Along with the photo, the mob boss attached a virus designed to brick whatever device opened it. The virus was not of her own making; it was designed by a hacker Corpusraptor had hired a few months ago. With that, the mob boss hit "send". She smiled, before taking another drag of her cigar.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 120d 12h 43m 23s
Nerre, while never one to care much for his living arrangements, despised safe-houses. It wasn’t his first time, and much of his being doubted it would be the last. Gaudy wallpaper, an old TV, an old kettle, an old fridge. The stuffy air seeped through the badly insulated walls, ageing the young professor with every inhalation. Normally, he’d use this as an opportunity to smoke a cigarette, but he didn’t have any; not for any particular desire to quit, he had long forgotten his recent pledge to stop smoking, but so as to avoid going outside during the day. Dr. Sarah White, while hardly omnipresent, evidently had resources at her disposal, and he was shaken by the text he’d received earlier on in the day. A photo of Karla Faris, lying on the mortuary gurney at the Phoenix Town crematorium, where he had last seen her. Photographs from her funeral, not days later. Nerre was disappointed that circumstances had left him unlikely to attend. The message was clear. While Phoenix Labs didn’t [i directly] kill the girl, they had access to students at the university, their families, their friends. And there was no reason they wouldn’t kill them too.

He’d been milling over this for a few hours while helping himself to a bottle of whiskey he’d found hidden in an air duct, left by a previous resident with a similar predicament. Finally he sat down at the laptop computer that had been left for him and sent an email to Sarah White.

[i Wow. Rude.]

He chuckled to himself and then deleted the message. Probably best not to joke, he didn’t need any more photos of dead children in his inbox.

[i Dr. White, I’d once again like to offer you the chance to parley. I don’t really feel like dying but I’d prefer not to endanger the lives of future generations. I haven’t told the RPOG anything about you and I’ll pretend I didn’t look at your cobbled together academic records while I was at the office. In exchange for my continued secrecy, I’d like to have an in person conversation with you, and, if you’re feeling generous, I’d like to still be alive in the coming weeks. Let’s talk. NK]

Nerre wished he could talk to his master. She’d tell him what to do, if in the most obfuscating terms possible. Instead he was drinking in a shitty apartment and thinking about death. He lifted the bottle and tried to shake the remaining drops into his mouth. Nothing. Phoenix Labs was a good lead; but ultimately this battle was proving to be more trouble than it was worth. And it wasn’t bringing him any closer to his true enemy. Just a doctor working under a pseudonym for a shell company that could - and inevitably [i would] - kill him if he wasn’t careful.

“What a shitty hill to die on,” he mumbled, tossing the bottle. Unsteadily, he got to his feet and crashed down into the small single bed tucked into the corner. Metal springs dug into his back. Grunting, he fumbled for the TV remote and and pointed it at the old device, to no great effect. No power. He sighed and stood again.

“Fuck it, I’m going outside!” He yelled at nobody in particular, and stormed out of the house.
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 152d 23h 15m 57s
The entire continent of Gielnor was in peril with the rising drugs and obsolete Eastern Magic Tower.

The public soon heard of King Destos death and soon began to work on an entire festival dedicated to him.

This was only yesterday.

Today is a new day...

[h3 [b [i [center Ganzus Home]]]]

Ganzu opened his eyes and turned his head towards his alarm clock. He hit the snooze button and the Smart Home AI connected.

"Good morning Mr. Varson, the time is 8 in the morning." The AI said.

Ganzu nodded. "I'm up...I'm up..." He sat up and stood on the hardwood floor in his bedroom. "What's recommended for breakfast today AIHA? "

AIHA materialized into a hologram. "An omelette with a side of bacon and either a banana or an apple with a refreshing glass of either milk, orange juice, or a classic; water."

"Sounds good, please enter cooking mode and add the recommended into your database please."

AIHA nodded and went into the kitchen.

Ganzu went inside his closet and grabbed a black T-shirt and black jeans. "Looks good." He left his room and went into the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed.

[h3 [b [i [center Atlas' Home]]]]

Atlas was already up and dressed. His AIHA was updating and obsolete for a bit. "I hate when something has to update sometimes and you can't even use it." He stood up and left his house and locked it. He got in his car and drove off towards work; The RPOG HQ.

He dialed Jacks phone. "Jack? You there?"

Jack was already at the HQ. "Literally and figuratively. I couldn't sleep so I'm here at work already."

"Damn, you gotta lay off that green thunder buddy." Atlas said.

"Fuck you." Jack chuckled.

Atlas arrived at the HQ and nodded towards Jack who opened the gate for him. It opened halfway before making a loud creaking sound. Atlas passed through the opening just before the gate malfunctioned and closed hitting the trunk of his car scratching it before opening again and not closing. "Shit!"

"Oh goodie. A broken gate. I'll call a gate company...Dammit." Jack said.

Atlas nodded and stepped out of his car. "Damn, that gate really scratched the back of my car..."

Ganzu arrived at the area as well and drove through. He motioned for Jack to close the gate.

"It's broken!" Jack said.

"What?! Are you fucking kidding me?" Ganzu asked stepping out of his car. "Dammit we have an impound lot in the back with no gate. Alright let's get a gate company out here tomorrow and let's just beef up security over here."

The three of them went inside the HQ.

[h3 [b [i [center RPOG HQ]]]]

Kalas greeted the gang as they walked in. "Alright, so we're still trying to investigate the Eastern MT...I don't think Irving and his group did that...It's too sophisticated...The Magic Repair guys can't even fix the damn thing!"

Ganzu sighed. "That's not good, we can't have a permanent obsolete tower. If someone found a way to do that then the Old Gielnor Border needs to be insanely heavily guarded. If that ever get's compromised and we can't get the wizards there in time then that means our death."

Kalas nodded. "Understood Ganzu. We'll still work at the Eastern District with disaster relief and Magic Repair."

[h3 [b [i [center Ugenstrav]]]]

A light rapidly flickered on the ground and soon a tiny pole rose up from the ground. The flickering light suddenly changed to a blood red and stopped flickering.

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnor - Phoenix Town]]]]

The magic crystal in the Eastern Magic Tower turned the same color as the tiny pole and made an ominous humming noise that was loud before pulsating. It soon changed back to it's original color and normal state.

The residents all stepped out of there homes and looked around for what the sound was.

Richard was also a resident in the Eastern District. He stared towards the obsolete magic tower and watched as the crystal went from red to blue. "What the fuck..." He went back inside in his powerless home. His cellphone however had a special device that allowed him to make phone calls. He dialed Corpus' number. "Corpus...I don't know if you heard the sound or not but something is going on with our vessel over here at the Eastern District...The sound came from it and the crystal was briefly red. If you get this message call me ASAP. I don't like this...Not one bit." He sent the message and hung up the phone.
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 193d 7h 1m 5s
It had been days since the attack on the magic tower. Since then, Corpusraptor had been siphoning off large quantities of magic from the tower and using it to create a new product to sell to masses. Already the new product was appearing on the streets; people desperate for more magic were buying it up. During the severe outages, there were many desperate, not realizing that the product was a direct result of the outages. Nobody was really sure who the suppliers of this product were, as there were no records and an extensive network of middle men. This brought the little mob boss extensive quantities of holocoins, more than Limelight ever did. Still, the sale of Limelight continued to increase, as people stressed from the latest incidents sought out a means to deal with it.

Corpusraptor sat in her penthouse, counting the money flowing into her several bank accounts, while smoking a cigar. She smiled, the official story for the continued blackouts was "extensive damage to the magic tower caused by widespread explosions". The sabotage hadn't been discovered, at least not yet. And if it was... those who discovered it wouldn't be in a position to speak about it.

While counting up the incoming money, Corpusraptor received an email. She looked over the message, and frowned.

[i To Dr. Sarah White,

My name is Dr. Nerre Kiwanuka, I am a lecturer and researcher at the University of Phoenix Town. I’d like to discuss some things with you regarding your recent collaboration with Euphoria Labs. I have some information that may be incredibly useful to you. Perhaps we could meet over coffee? Call me.

PS. No more golems. Please?]

Corpusraptor chucked the phone across the room in rage. Not only did the witness survive, they had her by the neck. Dr. Kiwanuka was close to unveiling Corpusraptor's operations, and hence, uncovering her true identity.

After taking a few deep breaths, and a long drag from her cigar, Corpusraptor began making some important calls.

[b [#131313 "Shut it down. Shut it all down. Someone is getting far too close to our operations. We'll have to move it somewhere else. Lay off some people if needed. Doctor the records, make it appear that Euphoria Labs was bleeding money before the Incident."]] the mob boss said.

After several calls, Corpusraptor was finally ready to address Dr. Kiwanuka. Rather than making a phone call, Corpusraptor took out one of her many burner phones. This phone had never before been used. The little mob boss uploaded several photos to the phone; photos of a student at the University who died recently; photos from her funeral. Corpusraptor sent the photos to Dr. Kiwanuka, then immediately smashed the phone to pieces afterwords, and disposed of it.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 196d 10h 13m 45s
Nerre had waited a couple of days before going back to his office. Hiding his long white hair under a garish purple baseball cap and clad entirely in nondescript faux streetwear provided to him by the RPOG, he felt like a plainclothes officer - in a way, he supposed he was one - had he not run into Joseph that night, he would most certainly be camped out at some girl’s house many miles away from Phoenix Town, pacing around in circles and panicking about his current situation. Atlas had mostly kept him in the dark about the rapidly escalating crisis, likely for his own protection. But Nerre was not one for sitting on the sidelines while the government did the work. It was a bitingly cold night and the low-quality fabric of his hooded jacket did him no favours. Nerre picked up his pace as he drew closer to an brick wall that marked the delineation between Phoenix Town University and Desto Park. He paused against the wall, glancing quickly from one side to another to make sure he wasn’t being followed. When he felt relatively assured that the coast was clear, he turned, vaulting the fence and crashing down less than elegantly into a flower patch that he himself had planted a few months prior. Nerre lowered his cap and made for the fire exit of the Agriculture department building. He placed his hand against the handle’s cold metal, knowing that while it was an alarmed door, the system had been long broken and that the maintenance team were overworked and thinly staffed. He let out a little puff of air and pushed down, swinging the door open.

Grateful for the overwhelming silence coming from inside, he stepped in, casting a quick incantation with a few flicks of his wrist and summoning a small ball of white light to hover beside him. This was just about the only magic Nerre knew. It was a point of insecurity for him - a decorated and respected young scientist, talented martial artist and known womaniser who was completely inept with the magical arts. All he had to show for it was a cute parlour trick.

Nerre arrived in his office and grunted to himself. Evidently, someone had been in here. Certainly, attempts had been made to disguise the fact, but Nerre’s little traps alerted him to what he needed to know - the pencil he left on the mouse mat had been replaced neatly in a pot of identical ones - the casters on his chair were now facing towards the computer, and not the window. He sighed, sitting down and logging in to his computer. He opened his work email and scrolled disinterestedly through scores of dull work emails. Research papers due in, students requesting deadline extensions, all mundane and usual. He scrolled until he found what he was looking for.

[i RE: Shopping list for agricultural biochemistry 6/14]

He opened the innocuously titled email and mumbled his way through its contents. This email was, in fact, the lab results of the Limelight sample he’d sent a few days prior. He clicked, his expression lighting up as things started to add up in his head. It appeared that this particular drug found its root in a bizarre new plant previously unknown to him - phenotypically, however, it bore a striking resemblance to Euphoria Labs’ infamous pink plant. He grinned as thoughts of revenge danced through his mind.

He took a deep breath, stretching in his seat, before opening a new email tab.

[i To Dr. Sarah White,]

[i My name is Dr. Nerre Kiwanuka, I am a lecturer and researcher at the University of Phoenix Town. You tried to kill m]

Nerre shook his head. “I don’t know what I’m up against, better not rile her up too much.”

[i My name is Dr. Nerre Kiwanuka, I am a lecturer and researcher at the University of Phoenix Town. I’d like to discuss some things with you regarding your recent collaboration with Euphoria Labs. I have some information that may be incredibly useful to you. Perhaps we could meet over coffee? Call me.]

Nerre punched in a burner number he’d picked up earlier on in the day and moved his cursor towards the send button. 

“Okay, maybe I can rile her up a little.”

[i PS. No more golems. Please?]
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 201d 16h 52m 36s
Irving quickly left the area as did Kalas. The area.quickly filled with dark purple smoke as purple energy sparked through the smoke of the tower.

People in the Eastern District stepped out of there immobile vehicles and.looked around. Others stepped out of their homes as well.

Kalas sighed ran his left hand through his hair.

[h3 [b [I [center Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

Mason led the group to the security room. He opened the door and motioned for them to follow.

"We didn't have a chance to investigate the recording but with the RPOG here we can." Mason said. He touched the screen and pressed play.

"So this guy wasn't an ARC member? Then why kill the king?" Ganzu asked.

Mason shook his head. "No idea. This is big though. Bigger than-"

[b "Ganzu!"] Kalas' voice sparked to life through the speaker of Ganzus talkie.

Ganzu clicked the talkies button. "What is it?"

"The Eastern MT has been compromised!" Kalas replied. "There were two
Irvings! They both left but I'm okay. We already have Disaster Relief flying in. Good luck Sir."

Ganzu nodded and looked at Mason. "We inform the public tomorrow and tell them either an ARC member or imposter killed their beloved king."

Mason sighed. "Very well then. In the meantime we'll get the area cleaned up and try to reach out to Princess Sapphire. I.highly.doubt she wants the role as queen though."
  Physica - God of Physics / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 229d 18h 25m 28s
With the RPOG having arrived onto the scene, Corpusraptor did her best to fade from view, turning her skin and flesh to inky shadows. She slid underneath one of her vehicles and crawled in through the right door, opposite the scene of battle. As the firefight escalated, the motorcade drove off, leaving ARC and the RPOG to continue their fight.

Corpusraptor smiled in the back seat, her razor-sharp, metal teeth gleaming in the low light. She pressed the 'call' button on her phone, dialing the magic bombs planted at the tower. The loud rumble could be heard from miles away. The explosions were large, and looked devastating, but the inner workings of the tower would still be mostly intact, it only looked destroyed. This pleased the mob boss; not only had she attracted attention from the real ARC, set a trap for both the ARC and RPOG, and set the stage for an ensuing war that she could profit from, but she had also covered up her true motives for attacking the magic tower.

[b [size18 LATER]]

Inside the Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721, Corpusraptor sat on top of an huge, unmarked, metal crate.

[b [#131313 "Finally... It can begin..."]] Corpusraptor purred. She stood up and opened the crate. Inside was a large contraption covered in tubes and metal cylinders. The small mob boss inserted the vial of blue liquid from earlier into the machine. The machine whirred to life as it recognized the vial. The machine was receiving power wirelessly from the needle implanted into the crystal of the magic tower, draining it of massive quantities of power. There would be massive power outages. She then replaced the lid, and smiled, taking a long drag from her cigar. [b [#131313 "My plans are finally coming together."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 242d 13h 15m 47s
The distress signal screeched through Ganzus radio on his suit. "Shit. Kalas. Take this one for us. I'll radio in a squad car to pick you up. Remember to abort if the situation gets out of hand."

Kalas nodded at Ganzu and Ganzu radioed in on the signal. Minutes later an RPOG squad car pulled up and Kalas quickly left the GDVC van and entered the car. Both of the vehicles left the area.

[h3 [b [i [center Phoenix Town - Eastern District]]]]

RPOG members arrived at the area as did Kalas. He looked around and noticed the unusual site of the twin irvings fighting each other.

"I'm the real Irving you swine!" Irving said. He motioned for his men to shoot the other (fake) Irving.

"I'm not sure whether you're the fake or the real one!" the ARC member said.

Irving growled at him. "Are you kidding me?" He opened an arcane portal and pointed at it. "Only the ARC can do that."

"Actually anyone can learn that if they studied it long enough." Kalas corrected him. "You know, I have a question...Why do you and your little fanatics always blow these up? It's the power source! You are literally destroying fucking evolution!"

Irving turned towards Kalas and pointed at him. "Actually you people are. You'll find out soon enough that everything you once believed was in fact all a cold black lie." He pointed his hand towards Kalas and started to chant a spell.

"Duck!" Kalas yelled out as him and his men ducked before Irving shot a giant ball of darkness towards them.

[h3 [b [i [center Phoenix Town - Northern District - Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

GDVC men were stationed all around the exterior as onlookers were trying to get a peek.

Yaka was visibly angry. "Will you all please go? The castle is off limits and we don't want anyone exposed to the chemicals here."

"This is some fucking cover-up. I just know it." an onlooker said.

Yaka chuckled. "Believe what you want, but be warned...Trespassers will be fined heavily."

Ganzu and the gang arrived at the castle entrance and the checkpoint officer let them pass to the courtyard where Yaka was. They parked the vehicle and stepped out.

Yaka approached them and smiled. "Thank God you're here. Follow me."

Ganzu and the gang followed him all the way inside the interior. They walked all the way to the throne room where King Desto lay dead in his throne.

"Evidence points towards the ARC." Yaka said.

Ganzu sighed and removed his GDVC mask. "Well, let's get looking."

They examined Destos phone and Atlas took it.

"I have a good feeling Desto didn't do this...Why would an Arcane member break the phone?" Atlas asked.

Ganzu nodded. "Did King Desto ever have video surveillance put up in here?" Ganzu asked the butler.

Mason nodded. "Yes, just recently...He had it installed everywhere but we still have yet to have security watch the cameras for us."

"Good, I want to see the video footage. Does it catch audio?" Ganzu asked.

Mason nodded again. "Indeed it does."

"Excellent." Ganzu replied.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 281d 7h 1m 18s
The fake Irving fought back a smile when responding. [#ff0101 [b "You're the one and true Irving? It doesn't look like that right now. I'm Irving, you're the imposter."]]

Corpusraptor then gestured to a fallen RPOG officer, then slowly walked over to the officer and picked up the officer's comm link.

[#2f5482 [b "Officers down, we have officers down! ARC is on our position, and Irving is here! Send reinforcements now!"]] Corpusraptor yelled into the comm link, her voice disguised as an RPOG officer. She hoped this would seal the trap she had set, and would make her false flag attacks worth it. Once the reinforcements arrived, ARC would be in for a serious fight, and by then, Corpusraptor would have made good her escape. Once safe, and both enemies were embattled, the explosives could be set off, taking both sides, and further embittering the government against ARC.

Almost immediately after, the fake Irving leapt onto the real Irving, and rolled around with him many, many times, hoping that in the end the rest of the ARC wouldn't be sure who was who.

[#ff0101 [b "He's the imposter! Only I could be the real Irving! Kill him!"]]

All was going according to plan indeed.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 290d 8h 20m 1s
He stepped out into the street, exhaling slowly into the cold air. The trail of vapour that emerged from his mouth reminded him of cigarette smoke. Nerre’s desire to quit smoking had swiftly vanished in the last 12 hours of his life. He fumbled for his pockets, praying for the soft touch of a loosie. No such luck; his master had pored through his possessions while he was sleeping, and had anything been left, she would have discarded it. Irate, he shot a glare at Joseph, who replied in turn with a half shrug.

“You know I don’t smoke.” He replied, indifferent. “You shouldn’t either.”

Nerre’s head drooped, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Are we meeting Atlas?”

Joseph nodded.

“Where is he?”

“He’s on his way to the castle with Ganzu Varson.” Joseph looked around nervously, making sure nobody could hear them. “King Desto’s been assassinated.”

Nerre cackled.

“You’re fucking with me.” He said, unwilling to fall for such a tasteless joke. Joseph shook his head.

“The press were supposed to be notified this morning but then someone attacked the magic tower. The RPOG have no idea what to do.”

Nerre shook his head at the absurdity of it all.

“And someone’s trying to kill me. Yeah, somehow I doubt all of these attacks are unrelated.”

“Rumour has it The Arc is making moves, but things don’t quite add up. Flesh golems and conventional firearms aren’t exactly their MO.”

Nerre shook his head. “It’s not the Arc. Master said so.”

Joseph frowned, “what makes you so sure?”

Nerre sighed, with the traces of a wistful smile.

“She’s an idiot. She’s not like me or you. But there’s one thing about her that makes her totally different to any woman- [i any person],” he said, correcting himself, “that I’ve ever met.”


“She never lies.”

“Many people never lie, Nerre.”

“Yes, but she only tells the truth.”

Joseph nodded in solemn agreement.

“You know why she never tells anyone her name?”


“She told me why once.”

Nerre’s heart sank a little. Evidently, she respected Joseph enough to make him privy to one of her secrets. Nerre was clearly not so trustworthy.


“Because the name she has might not be her true name - she can’t say it if it isn’t true.”

“What a weirdo.”

Joseph ignored Nerre’s snark and stopped, staring out into the street. A black, unmarked RPOG squad car slowly turned the corner and crawled towards the two men. Gently stopping, the window slid down to reveal a young policewoman with a sunny demeanour.

“Mr. Tarago, Dr. Kiwanuka.”

Nerre half-smiled, barely mustering a “hey there cutie.”

“Officer.” Joseph replied more politely.

“Who the hell is Tarago,” Nerre muttered under his breath.

“It’s a long story,” he said, ushering the young man into the car. Nerre obliged, sliding into the comfortable leather seat, and tilted his head back, trying to get a little sleep on the way to the castle.
  nerre. / Tengu / 2y 295d 3h 31m 54s
As Ganzu and the gang drove towards the castle he quickly slammed on the brakes as police vehicles rushed by from the left towards the right like a stampede. "What the hell?" He asked. He continued to drive towards the castle.

[h3 [b [i [center East Phoenix Town - Magic Tower]]]]

Irving and Arcanus arrived at the Magic Tower but so did more police.

"Freeze right there! Put your hands up!" RPOG members said as they brandished their signature pistols and aimed them at the Arcane Leader.

Irving just stared at them with a blank expression. He took a step forward.

"We said freeze!"

"I'm not deaf. You say freeze, I say [b BURN]" Irving said as he flicked his wrist before the RPOG motorcade caught completely on fire as members started to scream as they were being burned alive.

One RPOG member survived and crawled away from the burning carnage. He grabbed his radio and turned it on via magic reserve but it was kicked away from him. "Spare me..." RPOG members could hear the confrontation from the radio as it was on.

Irving just stared at the RPOG member and shook his head. "No." he then chanted a spell which caused the members body to twist and contort into impossible positions before his body was a ball shape. Irving then snapped his fingers before the members body exploded into a bloody mess. He walked towards the last checkpoint where he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at his self as if we was staring into a mirror. "You think this is a joke?" he asked. "I am the one and true Irving! No one can be me!"

Arcanus just chuckled. Irving quickly glared at him and Arcanus shut up.

"Whose side are you on?" Irving asked Fake Irving.

[h3 [b [i [center North Phoenix Town Apartments]]]]

James lay in bed still, he was tired from last night after killing Gusling. His phone turned on and started to vibrate. He picked it up.

[+red [b "Good afternoon James. Are you ready to work?"]]

[+blue [b "What, no day off?"]] James asked.

The voice on the other line chuckled. [+red [b "Sadly no. We received reports of someone with launch codes. A defector. They defected from the RPOG last night and left with some launch codes to the Tetra nukes. The defector is meeting with a Nernian king. I have no idea why this king wants these launch codes but it can't be good and we cannot afford to be at war with Nernias. Silence both of these problems and report back to me. The defector is named Harris Jensen. He is meeting the king at Aurora Park at Central Phoenix Town. I'll send you a photo of Harris. Get the job done."]] the voice clicked off

James received a photo of a black man in a blue T-Shirt and blue jeans. "Time to work." he said getting up and getting ready. He headed out towards the park.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 2y 324d 10h 43m 23s
At the base of the stately structure that was the magic tower, Corpusraptor's motorcade parked at the base like an army of angry, black ants. As they finished off the last of the guards, Corpusraptor continued giving orders via a head set, safe inside the armored car, so as to not alert any security cameras.

[#131313 [b "They're down? Then continue on to phase two."]] Corpusraptor said smoothly.

The disguised mobsters then began reaching into the trunks of the armored cars, removing stolen Arc Clan magical bombs, taped together and rigged to collective fuses. These were placed at various weak points throughout the magic tower, then rigged together.

[#131313 [b "Okay. Continue with phase three."]] Corpusraptor said dully. The little mob boss removed a strange device from her coat pocket, which consisted of several metal cylinders connected by plastic tubes, and featured a large needle which she removed the safety cap from. The little mob boss then proceeded to remove a small vial filled with bright blue liquid from one of the cylinders, a small button on the vial pressed, and then the vial returned to her coat pocket. She rolled down a window, and handed the rest of the device to one of her mobsters. [#131313 [b "Pierce this through a magic crystal. Once it is active, don't be anywhere near it."]] Corpusraptor said.

[b [size18 LATER]]

[#131313 [b "A problem you say? Yes, I fully expected this. Get the bombs rigged to my phone, and return to the cars immediately. I will take care of this."]] Corpusraptor ordered, still remaining calm the whole way. Her flesh began boiling and melting off, until she was little more than a skeleton with sharp, metal teeth and a blue, plastic organ in her abdominal cavity. The flesh reformed as she shapeshifted, assuming the form of the current leader of the Arc Clan. With that, Corpusraptor began donning an Arcane Clan uniform.

[#ff0101 [b "All according to plan..."]] Corpusraptor said, leaving the armored car disguised as Irving.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 330d 6h 11m 10s

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