Gielnors Last Stand - The Future

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[h3 [b [i [center Season One - The Death of a king/The Limelight Situation]]]]

[b [center When King Desto is murdered and The Arc are suspected an investigation ensues which causes a string of events throughout the city by an unknown syndicate

[center -]

When a college professor known as Nerre tries an illegal substance known as Green Lightning he begins to see dangerous hallucinations. When it's discovered that one of his students killed themselves while under the influence of the same drug Nerre soon finds out it's a dangerous modified version known as Limelight. He begins his own investigation which gets him involved with a dangerous crime boss known as CorpusRaptor.]]

[h3 [b [i [+red [center Updates]]]]]


Personal I.D. Numbers are mandatory. If you are an illegal, you can make uo a fake one.]


If I am away and the RP needs to progress, Atlas can be taken over until I come back on.]


You can now sail across the sea and find hidden continents and other uninhabited continents. Try to find the lost continent, which is called The Unknown.]


Personal I.D Numbers are a combination of numbers and letters and about 4-10 characters long. For example, Atlas's P.I.N. (306BA-4732)]


The tracks "Old Gielnor" and "Attack on Gusling Mansion has been changed.]


Made an email for the Amarthene Estate Complaint form]


Changed Josephs last name from "Glister" to "Tarago" to match the prequel story "Gielnors Last Stand: The Banished Prince]

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnors Last Stand UST]]]]

[b [ The GDVC]]

[b [ Old Gielnor]]

[b [ Old Gaelis]]

[b [ The Beats of Phoenix Town]]

[b [ Attack on Gusling Mansion]]

[b [ The Criminal Underground]]

[b [ Uncharted Waters]]

[b [ The Magic Towers Hum]]

[b [ Gielnors Last Stand Theme ]]

[b [ Gielnors Last Stand Credits - Blackout]]

[b [i [center [+purple In a world called Gielnor, three continents lie on the world, Amarthene, Gielnor, and Nernias.]]]]

[b [center [i [+red Gielnor is the most technological continent, more advanced than Japan and USA combined. Only using magic to power items instead of electricity and modern power. Magic Towers are placed around the two continents Amarthene and Gielnor, these towers hold the magic energy used to power the objects.

A road in the sky powered by alchemy is used as a fast way to get to Amarthene or Gielnor faster than on the lower roads. Cars are common in Gielnor, such as airships, guns, and other objects that is powered by magic.]]]]

[b [i [center [+blue Amarthene is the America of the world of Gielnor, it is a continent that has more money income than Gielnor but Amarthene shares half it's wealth with their friendly continent Gielnor.]]]]

[b [i [center [+green Nernias is the continent on the far east, sadly not as technologically advanced as Amarthene or Gielnor, Nernias is a steam-punk continent that has a few kings in power. One of them branded a tyrant by the name of King Ivorian the III.]]]]

This rp takes place in Gielnor and Amarthene for now, here is the actual plot!

[h3 [b [i [center [+red World Factions - (Ongoing)]]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Wizards Council]]]]
[center [pic]

The Wizards Council is an incredibly important faction in the world of
Gielnor, and there is only one building...Which is located in the
capitol of Gielnor; [b [i Phoenix Town.]]

The council houses legendary wizards and Elder Wizards along with High
Wizards. These three types of wizards specialize in all of the magic
classes in the world of Gielnor, the council members set the rules on
all the magic and how it is to be used. Failure to abide by their
rules can lead up to jail time.

The council leader is Winston Eldersoul, people may become a council
member but only if they have advanced enough through their magic

[b [i [+blue Wizards Council Application:

(WARNING: Only people who are good can join the Wizards
Council...Sorry evil players. ;/)

Magic Level: (Must be at about 50 or 70. You can level up your magic
by using it during battles throughout the RP or just using it to help
you get around the world of Gielnor. Each time you use your magic
skills, you raise the bar. You must use your magic skills about 60
times to level it up. I don't know how this will work so I might need
some help.)
Personal ID Number:]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Amarthene Estate]]]]
[center [pic]]
Amarthene Estate is where former President Simons lives, he is the
current president of Amarthene. He has four senators who are named;
Senator Harry, Senator Williams, Senator Lyle, and Senator Ryan.

This place is where current dealings with finance and everything to do
with dealing with Amarthenes problems are done at. This place may not
be as awesome as the Wizards Council but they also have dealings with
them as well since they are a part of the world of Gielnor. Without
the Amarthene Estate, Amarthene would have anarachy all over the
continent of Amarthene.

If you feel like someone in Amarthene is harassing you or doing
anything to threaten, or make you uncomfortable...Please message us by
filling out this form.

[b [i [+green Amarthene Estate - Complaint Form

Reason for complaint?:
Personal ID Number:
Personal ID Number of offender:]]]

[b [i Once you are done, send the form over to]]

[h3 [b [i [center The GDVC ]]]]
[center [pic]]

The GDVC deals with all sorts of epidemics in the lovely world of
Gielnor, they are much like the CDC in the world of Earth. Their main
job is guarding a massive gate that leads to another part of Gielnor;
[b [i A closed off continent.]]

The closed off continent has a massive dome surrounding it and it is
walled off from the world. This continent is named Old Gielnor, which
was struck with a deadly evil virus from the Arcane Clan about 400
years ago during the legendary heroes Kalvin and Khalaris time. It was
closed off and the dome has been upgraded ever since to fit with the
current technology.

Entry is not allowed through the gate unless you are an RPOG member or
a GDVC member.

[b [i [+red GDVC Application

Any infections?:
Personal ID Number:]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Nernias House of Kings]]]]
[center [pic]]

This is where all the kings of Nernias meet here and discuss major politics and world trade. There are titles among these kings but also civilians may join if they are deemed worthy by The High Council.

The titles for civilians along with perks;

Advisor - Can discuss world trade with the kings and makes 10% off of the kings economic buildings , The income for each economic building the king has is 1000 holo dollars.

Legionnaire - You are the kings right hand man/woman, you are usually at his side during important events and meetings. You help him with his battle plans and usually take to the front line in battle. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by guards and soldiers. Because you also command your squad.

Royal Merchants - You control the world trade and buy and sell various items to certain continents and countries. You must be okay with going out to sea though. That is the only rule.

[b [i NHK Application




Were you born on Nernias? If no, then where?:]]

[h3 [b [i [center The High Council]]]]
[center [pic]]

The high council is from a hidden continent called Ugenstrav, A nordic like continent. This council deals with all the laws around the world of Gielnor. They are the worlds government and run everything. No one is allowed to join and entering Ugenstrav is forbidden by capital punishment. No one has ever seen the council members...They only receive letters.

[h3 [b [i [center Royal Docks Express]]]]
[center [pic]]

The RDE is located in the capital of Gielnor; Phoenix Town. This faction is used for trading between the Royal Merchants from Nernias, they receive various goods that citizens want or need. The owner of this faction is named Captain James Sabertooth. People can work at the docks...You just need to meet the requirements

[b [i RDE Application]]

[b Name:



Are you in any other faction?:]

[b [h3 [center Nernias Euphoria Farm]]]
[center [pic]]

This is where the medical pink plant is mostly grown and shipped to Gielnor via Royal Merchants. Workers and farmers take good care of the plants to make sure they are grown to perfection. People can work here but need to meet the following requirements;

[b [center NEF Application]]

[b Name:



Do you currently smoke Euphoria?:

Do you do any other drugs?: ]

[h3 [b [center The Arcane Clan]]]
[center [pic]]

Also known as The Arc, they are an evil demonic race that want to destroy Gielnor and they attack the magic towers. Their true leader is known as Arcanum. Who is said to be sealed away on another planet. You can join this faction but once you do you are no longer a good player. You will become an evil player until you leave the clan.

[b The Arcane Application




Any crimes you commited?

Do you pledge yourself to our all true leaders Arcanum and Irving?:

Do you pledge that if you ever leave our order you will become a target?:]

[h3 [b [center The Royal Police of Gielnor]]]
[center [pic]]

The RPOG is the main military branch in the continent of Gielnor, they are the soldiers and police who work on stopping The Arc. Ganzu is the 2nd In Command, he runs the RPOG operations. If a crime is being committed a citizen will alert an RPOG member. If a crime has been committed please make a report at the RPOG office located in Phoenix Town.

In order to join The RPOG, you need;

[b RPOG Application




Would you like a starter weapons pack?:

Would you like a partner?:

Personal I.D. Number:]

[b RPOG Complaint Form



What crime did you witness?:

Was the attacker wearing any mask?:

If you saw the attacker would you please provide a photo?:

Would you like 24 hr protection? :]

[h3 [b [center Magic Tower Repair Co.]]]
[center [pic]

The Magic Tower Repair Co. deals with repairing the magic towers that have been blown up or just shut down randomly due to malfunctioning. They use special tools and magic stone along with magic energy hose. Citizens can join, but they must have;

[b MGRC Application




Do you wish to be paid in holo currency or magic energy?:]

[h3 [b [i [center THE CRIMINAL UNDERGROUND]]]]

[center [pic]]

The Criminal Underground (TCU) is a mysterious faction that seems to operate all over the world of Gielnor.

It is speculated that the location to the faction is literally underground and the only way to access it is via blindfold.

Several factions such as The Arc and The Incanter Society are elite members of The Criminal Underground.

The Criminal Underground operates in many trades such as; weapon/drug smuggling, assassinations, kidnapping, thievery, regicide and more.

There is no true leader of TCU and probably will never happen. Each big crime boss of each criminal faction runs TCU and all meet once a year to discuss their plans for the year ahead.

Only way to join TCU is to be recommended by a big crime boss which usually isn't easy. The requirements are as follows;


Five years with current criminal faction

[h3 [b [i [+purple [center Plot]]]]]

[b [i [+red [center An evil demonic group called the Arc is resurrected by a grand necromancer called Irving. He and his evil group start a war with Gielnor and Amarthene, this rp will take you through the history and stories of the world of Gielnor...Bad guys and good guys will collide...

Betrayals will happen...

Loved ones will be lost...

This is...


[h3 [b [i [center [+purple Pre-made characters + Make your own characters from scratch sheet!]]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Pre-made Characters:]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center [+purple The Good]]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Ganzu Varson - Open

Age - 38

History: Ganzu is the 1st commanding officer of the Royal Police of Gielnor. He wears a naval outfit and a naval hat, and he also has a medium length beard, he can also be cranky at times as well as serious or funny. Mostly serious though.

Kalas Varkas - Open

Age: 23

History: Kalas is the Assistant Officer of the RPOG He is still young but he is wise and alot of people can learn a thing or two from him.

Jack Lyons - Open

Age - 35

History: Jack is an ex pirate who is now a bartender who fights for the greater good. He wears a red bandana, and has short blue hair.

Age: 35

Joseph Tarago - Open
Age - 65

History: This Nernian man is a very experienced fighter with swords. He may be old, but he can still kick ass and take names with his dual sword skills. He hails from the Itula Tribe, a tribe known for killing.

King Desto - Open

Age - 77

History: King Desto is the proud king of the Gielnor continent and the founder and leader of the RPOG. Ganzu and Kalas serving under him.

Atlas Storm - Me

Age - 19

History: Atlas, the main character is the rp, he was taken in by Joseph as his guardian after his parents were murdered. Atlas had joined the RPOG along with Joseph, and their good friend Jack.

Mason Reiner - Open

History: Once a bad guy to previous heroes in the Gielnors Last Stand series, he decided to become a butler for King Desto and serve under him and the RPOG. He has since been a good ally.

Kate Burgess - Open

Age - 23

History: Kate was betrayed by her family at a young age when they tried to sacrifice her to the Arc Clan, now as an adult Kate joined the RPOG and will stop at nothing to eradicate the Arc...And maybe find her parents, who now have a bounty of 3 million Holo coins (Currency)

Ashely Silver

Age - 25

History: The cook of King Destos castle, she is a famous cook on Prime TV as well as worldwide, some people from Nernias even come all the way to Gielnor to try Silvers amazing food.

Lilly Angel -Open

Age - 22

History: Lilly is a bounty hunter, she hunts down some of the worlds most dangerous criminals in Amarthene and Gielnor. Irving is the most wanted man...Lilly is still trying to find him throughout the world, including other bounty hunters...]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center [+purple The Bad]]]]]

[b [i [center [+purple Irving - Open

Age - Unknown

History: After the previous leader of the Arc died, this evil necromancer took over. He is a malevolent man with horrifying powers. He will stop at nothing to take over the world of Gielnor.

Vega - Open

Age - 120

History:An Arc member who lives in Amarthene, he is wanted for the bombing of three Magic Towers in Gielnor. His motives are unclear to why he bombed them, but it caused a temporary power outage and killed over 4000 people.

Arcanus - Open

Age - Unknown

History: Arcanus is the creation of the previous leader, Lexius. He is wanted for the attempted assassination of King Desto and the Council Members of Amarthene.

Morwinia Fable - Open

Age - Unknown

History: Morwinia Fable is the leader of nightmares, her pet is called the Nightmare Beast, which consumes peoples souls whole in one bite. She is a high ranking officer in the Arcane Clan

Gale Winters - Open

Age - 18

History: Gale is a recruit in the Arcane Clan, she just joined. She is nervous to be here, but her magic talking demonic hairpen is there for her... >:]]]]]

[h3 [b [center [i [+purple Made Up Characters]]]]]

[b Username:] [ hextheblackcat]
[b Name:] Rune Kaster
[b Age:] 19
[b Weapons:] magic items , Dual daggers , Smoke bombs , and grappling hook
[b Powers:]
[b Alignment(Good/Evil/):] Good?
[b Talents:] Thief, Lockpicking, Parkour, Magic
[b Appearance:] She has a slender,yet fit build. Waste long, blonde hair. Eyes as blue as the night sky and bears magick circles on the back of both her hands. She's 5’7 height wise and weight wise 120.
[b Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias):] Nomad
[b Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:]
[b Any augmentations?:]
[b Family members:] Calcifer Craft
[b Job:] Freelancer
[b History:] Lost and left to fend for herself as a small child. Rune became an apprentice under a demanding individual known as “Calcifer Craft”. He was a philosopher through and through even after he suddenly left the Wizards Council and became a rogue mage whose motives as to why still remain unclear even today.

Through grueling training & more or less unconventional methods. . . It was under this eccentric man’s guidance that Rune was able to harness her skills as a thief and awaken her birthright to wield magick!

In the end though her master just upped and disappeared on her as to where? She is uncertain. . .However with half a cryptic message and a empty grimoire in hand. Rune seeks answers. Following the tad instructions she abandoned her predecessor’s nomadic life in Nernias and left for Gielnor with only a quote for counsel she’s become a freelancer using her talents to make a living.

[b Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)]

[b 1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?]

Investigate! Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

[b 2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?]

Assists the victim. While doing so she pickpoeket any loot off the bullies and even the victim as payment for her help :D You can’t expect her to work for free!

[b 3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?]

Tails them while keeping out of sight. If anything goes wrong she can use her friend as a distraction to snag some magic energy herself! If she succeeds she’ll lend them a hand in means of an escape as a thank you.

If the friend succeeds. She’ll blackmail them point blank and in exchange for keeping quite force her friend to share some of the magic energy.

[b 4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?]

Tail them! Master had a few dealings with the Arc himself. They might know something. What happens next all depends on the situation.

[b 5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours committed a serious crime. What would you do?]

Protect them, even if we’re not related blood wise I’d rather lose an arm or a leg!

[b Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)]

[b 1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?]

Infiltrate! The Arc is just another means of gaining power and information. I’ll stay for as long as a can before pulling my trump card.

[b 2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?]

Heh, revenge is a dish best served cold Blows up the Arcs headquarters or at least something that would leave the Arc in a sticky situation. Something that would take time to recover from. Then makes her grand escape.

[b 3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?]

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! After all theres a time and a place for action, But here and now is not the place nor time. So for now I’ll do your biding. Sits back until the time comes for her to move.

[b 4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?]

kill them of course! She wasn’t specifically order how to kill them exactly. Only that the family needed to die. So a little scuffle with their parents, maybe a little blood shed and last but not last a fire to ease any evidence of their existence.

Now then never return here if you value your lives! Take this chance of rebirth and step into your new lives for if you ever find yourself standing on what was, my efforts here today will have been in vain!

After setting the stage and acting out the part. She has indeed killed the family giving them a chance of rebirth through the fabrication of death. This means she followed she orders while finding a loophole in which the only evidence would be ashes.

[b 5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?]

Yes my lord! *Takes off to the senator of Amarthene and does what she does best. Sneaks in past security, Tails the senator until the senator is in a group of some kind, makes her presence known by throwing a dagger that just graces what could have been a deadly blow. “Heh, heh alright boys here's the deal-”

She’ll explain how she could have killed the senator at least two more times before anyone could have stopped her then make a point that If she were really a Arc member they’d be doomed. Then once she gone them hook,line and sinker. She’ll make sure to secure herself a self spot among Amarthene forces by betraying the Arc.

Username: [ ShadowOfSkills]
Name: Known only as Corpusraptor.
Age: 23
Weapons: Handguns and smgs, and concealed knives. Has been known to use larger weapons when necessary for the job.
Powers: Necromancy, humanoid shapeshifting, and enchanting.
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Neutral Evil
Talents: Knowledge, especially regarding magic and history, charismatic, with a cult of personality. Wealthy, particularly from illegal activities.
Appearance: Her current form is short, about 155cm tall, with shoulder length brown hair, light eyes, and fair skin. Commonly seen wearing a black trench coat and fedora.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?: Surgically implanted magic reserves, mechanical eyes able to see infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, serrated metal incisors.
Family members: Only known relative is a cousin named Alicia, full name unknown, whereabouts unknown.
Job: Leader of a small criminal organization of necromancers.
History: Not much is known about Corpusraptor, including her real name, though it is commonly believed that she covered up her true identity with shapeshifting. She leads an illegal necromancy ring in Gielnor, under the noses of the Wizard Council. She owns several illegal enterprises to fund her necromancy, including illegal augmentation, hacking, counterfeiting holo coins, organ harvesting, forgery, selling weapons and magic on the black market, armed robbery, and an identity theft ring. It is unknown how many times she has been arrested, if any, as she changes form semi-frequently, and tries to keep as much information about herself secret as possible. It is possible, and probable even, that all of her legal documents are forged.

Username: [ Vlanderson]
Name: Kyu Kyu
Age: Twenty-One Years Old
Weapons: Two Knuckledusters, One Trench Knife
Powers: Magical Aura
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Neutral Evil
Talents: Stealth, Forgery, Magic, and Art
Appearance: A pink haired girl with red eyes. She has a long, bushy tail. Her hair reaches the middle of her back. Her ears and and tail origins aren't known, but not thought to be important either.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?: Heightened Hearing, Flexible/Opposable Tail, Retractable Claws
Family members: Nya Nya
Job: Minion
History: She and her twin sister left their past behind them. They didn't enjoy being used as a spectacle in a 'freak show'. Kyu killed the ring leader of the circus before the two of them vanished. The first few jobs that they got when they arrived in Gielnor included delivery services. Eventually they met the leader of a small criminal organization. Kyu pledge her allegiance to the leader. She desires to keep her twin out of harms way.

[b [Username: redeemer
Name: Nerre Kiwanuka
Age: 29
Weapons: Owns a pistol, but usually doesn’t carry it.
Powers: Learned some very basic incantations to help him with his work
Alignment(Good/Evil/): Chaotic Good
Talents: Genius level intellect, can usually master something in a far shorter time than the average person. Skilled in martial arts.
Appearance: About 6’3”, slightly effeminate features, dark skin. naturally grey hair, which is normal for his tribe. Typically disinterested demeanour.
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias): Gielnor. . Originally from Nernias.
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor: TOCT-24942
Any augmentations?: Signal jammer built into left hand. Illegal, home made. Can be used to temporarily shut down or interrupt magical powered devices and implants.
Family members: Only child, raised by grandmother who died of natural causes when Nerre was in his mid twenties.
Job: Academic, Inventor, Chemist.
History: Nerre came from a small, poor agricultural village in distant Nernias, belonging to a reclusive ethnic group with dark skin and silver hair. Gifted with a brilliant mind, Nerre’s village pooled together what little resources they had to send him to Gielnor for his education. He resents the Nernias Euphoria farm, which is slowly destroying his village’s way of life with far more advanced farming techniques. He dedicates many years of his young life to the study of agriculture, hoping to surpass Euphoria Farm and save his village. At one point during his travels, he spent a year under the tutelage of a nameless female martial artist, who was said to have the skills of a hundred men. He fell in love with her, but she had little interest in him. Eventually he returned to Phoenix Town to continue his research. Nerre’s intellect is sought by many organisations, but he has little interest in politics, only personal gain. It is rumoured by those who know him that he’s only interested in taking down Euphoria as a matter of pride, and not to save his people.

Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)

1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?

“Follow them at a safe distance. Maybe I can blackmail them.”

2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?

“Mind my own damn business.”

3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?

“As you wish.”

4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?

“Mind my own business. The Arc didn’t drive my people to poverty.”

5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do?

“I suppose I’d help them cover it up. Many laws were created to oppress my people anyway. What a pain…”

Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)

1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?

“My job.”

2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?

“What I’m asked.”

3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?

“Keep it brief and formal. A man like Irving probably doesn’t have time for sycophants.”

4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?

“I’m not a murderer, but I suppose, hypothetically, I’d make it look like an accident.”

5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?

“Probably use poison.”


[h3 [b [center [i [+purple The Character Sheet]]]]]

[b [i [center [+red
Where do you live?(Amarthene,Gielnor,Nernias):
Personal ID number when you became a civilian in Amarthene or Gielnor:
Any augmentations?:
Family members:

[b [i [center [+blue Welcome to the wonderful world of Gielnor! In order to pass and become a full citizen in Amarthene or Gielnor you must answer 5 questions, there will be seperate questions for good and bad! If you skip the questionnaire, it will result in your application being denied!]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center [+purple Mandatory Questionnaire (Good)]]]]]

[b [i [center [+red 1: If you saw someone in the Magic Tower that looks suspicious, what would you do?
2: Someone was being harassed by a bully in public or in a public building, what would you do?
3: A friend of yours told you a secret of how he's going to steal some of the Magic Energy from a Magic Tower. since this is illegal what would you do?
4: You saw a group of people in purple cloaks who resemble the Arc. What would you do?
5: You were stuck in a situation where a family member of yours commited a serious crime. What would you do?]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center [+purple
Mandatory Questionnaire (Evil)]]]]]

[b [i [center [+purple 1: You have just been accepted into the Arc! What would you do?
2: You were given magic bombs and instructions on blowing up a Magic Tower. What would you do?
3: You have just met Irving, your boss and mentor! What would you do?
4: A high ranking officer in the Arc has given you a task to kill an entire family, including the kids. What would you do?
5: Irving has given you a task to kill the Senator of Amarthene, what would you do?]]]]

[h3 [center [b [i [+purple Rules]]]]]

[b [i [center [+red -No godmoddin! You can be a badass all you want as long as you don't make yourself godly and start killing people without permission and making yourself invincible. You can die.

-No cybering, if it get's to that please take it off site or somewhere else. I don't like seeing my roleplays littered with posts about sex.

-Violence is allowed, there will be alot of violence. Just don't take it too far and coat the entire world with copper flavored kool-aid

-Romance is allowed, just no love at first sight.Romances must be developed and built. Slow and steady wins the race. Fast and hasty wins the race too but ends up running too fast and runs of a clif and dies by accident. 

-Please try not to use one-liners, 500 character posts aren't that hard. If you find that hard just try to do 300 characters. I mean, come on.

-Please do not take this idea. If you do steal this idea I will hunt you down up and down this world until I find you. So no stealing my stuff!

-Enjoy the roleplay! Oh and no ditching without telling me so!]]]]

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Corpusraptor frowned as one of her many phones rang. She answered it. [#131313 [b "Hello?"]] she said, before confirming it was Richard.

[#131313 [b "Are you with them? How much else does he know? I can't have anyone interfering with my plans right now."]] Anger flared through Corpusraptor for a moment, before she took a deep breath and regained her focus and composure.

[#131313 [b "Listen to me, this should be able to solve itself as long as he doesn't get any closer to any of my plans. Simply call the police, inform them that he suddenly trashed my diner and his accomplice drove a car through it. Give a highly detailed description of them, their vehicle, everything. And, for obvious reasons, don't mention me."]] Corpusraptor explained, a smirk across her face. For once, things were looking up for her. [#131313 [b "Two birds, one stone... sit back and watch the tigers fight. Once you have dealt with that issue, I may find myself in need of your services again."]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
[#262626 #262626] = Corpusraptor Mob Disguise
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 10d 8h 27m 22s
Richard hit the street pretty hard and stood up. He dusted himself off and checked his jacket for his phone. No luck. "Dammit!" He said. He walked off the interstate and found himself in the west district. He spotted someone using a payphone nearby. "I need to use this real quick."

"Fuck off, I got here first." The person said turning back to his call.

Richard sighed and looked around before grabbing the man and breaking his neck. He hung up the phone and picked it up again before dialing a special number Corpus gave him. "It's Richard. Nerre and some crazy bitch called The Master nabbed me. The're heading to a hospital I think, Nerre found out he was poisoned. What do you want me to do?" He asked her.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 35d 15h 54m 23s
Nerre glanced over his shoulder, speeding down a dark interstate in the badly dented car.

“Did you say Corpus? Was that the person I was talking to?”

Richard leant back in his seat. 

“Master, you wanna wring it out of him?”

She shrugged.

“Honestly, I’d rather you stopped pursuing this person who is trying to kill you. I’ve bailed you out twice but I’m leaving the country soon, and they’re probably not gonna fuck up a third time.”

Nerre frowned,

“Okay but this guy definitely just said Corpus.”

“Just drive the car, Nerre.”

“So why do I have to go to the hospital?”

“Look at your hand.”

Nerre sat back, engaging the car’s autopilot, and did as he was told. Sure enough, a tiny, precise hole had bored itself into the back of his right hand, just above his wristbone.

“Oh - this doesn’t look like a scratch from the glass and debris.”

“Nope. You got shot.”

“You think I’ve been poisoned?”

“How do you feel?”

“Well, now that you mention it…”

Nerre thought the dizziness had come from the chaos that preceded his escape, but something definitely wasn’t right. He turned around and looked at the two occupants of the back seats.

“I don’t feel so good.” he murmured, slumping forwards onto the dashboard.

“Damnit.” She took a look at Richard, who had been pretty quiet since his earlier slip of the tongue. “Any idea what he’s been poisoned with?”

“I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew,” he replied, blankly.

“That’s fair.” she replied, and with a mighty kick, she ejected him from the moving vehicle and into the dark interstate outside.
  nerre. / Tengu / 36d 44s
Corpusraptor hurried to the back as Nerre escaped from the diner. One of her henchmen, who had noticed the commotion was readying an old machine gun, of a model from a long ago war. Because they were in the back room, nobody outside could yet see this. Corpusraptor frowned and placed her hand on it, pushing it back down.

[#262626 [b "No."]] she said. [#262626 [b "As of right now, nobody knows. The police will be hunting for Nerre. We can maintain our cover for now. In any case, we will have to deal with him. This is my city, and that little Nernian thorn is bringing to light some things I would rather keep under wraps.]]

[#262626 [b "In the meantime, we have some other businesses to discuss. A little birdie told me that High Rise is playing color games with us. Chances are good that a whole slaughterhouse of pigs will be present to have a looksie, and they will be needing dinner reservations. Vadim, I want you to assemble a team of your best chefs to go take care of the squealing hogs, and keep high rise safe for the time being. High Rise might have some good flash and pomp, but I doubt it can keep that many pigs entertained for that long. Speaking of which... don't get too close to High Rise, or High Rise will do the magic trick that makes the audience disappear. In the meantime, some pigs will be here shortly. Get everything out of here and into the truck with the other food shipments, then shoo the little squealers away. As long as this face is still viable, keep it working. Business is a... delicate matter."]]

Corpusraptor slipped out the back. She didn't want to draw anymore attention to herself than she already had. She didn't want anyone to know she was there, and certainly didn't want police attention. This is why she hated when people started getting close to her business, and why she insisted on making those people... disappear.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
[#262626 #262626] = Corpusraptor Mob Disguise
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 43d 13h 58m 4s
Richard awoke in the car. He realized he was restrained and tried to move. "What the hell?!" He asked. He noticed Nerre and someone he never saw before; The Master. "Where am I?! What happened?!" He asked. He tried moving his arms but to no avail he couldn't break free. He noticed they were on enroute to the universities hospital. "I assume Corpus' plan didn't work then huh?" He asked Nerre.

[h3 [b [i [center RPOG HQ - After the festival]]]]

"Alright. Understood." Ganzu hung up and looked at Kalas, "Winston Eldersoul said we need to meet him at the Wizards Council as soon as we can. Says it's about the East Tower. Lets g-"

The main dispatch radio in the HQ buzzed and a voice crackled through.

"This is RPOG Radio Station 2, outside of Phoenix Town. If any available RPOG officers at the main HQ are free, the Red Links Diner was attacked by an unknown assailant and what seems to be Nerre Kiwanuka. Witnessess claimed he sped off in the vehicle and wasn't seen since."

Ganzu rolled his eyes and sighed. "Kalas, I have to go meet Winston, can you take care of this please?"

Kalas nodded. "Understood Ganzu." They both left towards their destinations.

[h3 [b [i [center Red Links Diner]]]]

Kalad arrived on the scene as other officers did as well. He stepped out of the car and saw the damage to the side of the diner. "What the hell?" He asked himself.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 52d 14h 22m 5s
“I guess we’re about done here, then,” Nerre said, tapping his phone under the table.

“Before I go, however, I figure I might as well have a look at who I’m talking to.”

Slowly, Nerre got to his feet.

“Somehow I’m sure you don’t mind paying for my coffee.”

Casually, he waltzed around the booth, and sat down opposite the diminutive crime lord.

“Huh, you’re a lot smaller than - okay what the fuck.”

A face, smooth as an eggshell, devoid of any features, sat opposite him. In spite of having no eyes, he could feel a cold piercing gaze staring at him.


It was at this moment Nerre’s white sport sedan slammed into the side of the building, showering both of them in glass and knocking Nerre off his feet.

“Ayyyy!” Yelled the homeless man from the library, stumbling out of the damaged car and into the smoke and rubble.

Dazed, Nerre knew he wouldn’t have a second chance. Without making a note of Corpusraptor’s whereabouts, he dived through the shattered window and into the driver’s seat of his damaged vehicle.

“Two wrecked cars in a day, damn it.” He muttered, spinning the car around and leaving his accomplice to his fate.

He floored it, unaware of any potential bullets flying in his direction, and racing down the dark, abandoned road. Suddenly, through his single functioning working headlight, he caught a glimpse of a woman in a long-sleeved black dress casually waving at him. Nerre slammed the brakes.


Calmly, she opened the rear passenger door and tossed a slumped over man into the back seat. She plopped herself down next to him and leant back.

“He’s coming with us. Drive.”

Nerre didn’t need telling twice.

“Well that went well,” Nerre panted, sarcastically.

“Drive to Phoenix Town University Hospital.” she said, flatly.

“For him?” Nerre asked, inquiring about the unconscious man in the back seat.

“No, for you.”

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.”
  nerre. / Tengu / 53d 19h 51m 0s
Several of the employees of the diner watched the outside, but attempted to do so as innocuously as possible. One of them in particular was an employee who appeared to have a lazy eye, and made frequent trips to the kitchen. When in the back, where nobody from the outside could see, the employee carefully plucked their "lazy eye" from out of its socket. It was not a real eye, but a camera designed to look identical to one. The employee with the fake eye removed a tiny data chip from inside the fake eye, and inserted it into a small, portable computer. From there, the employee brought up a database scanner program, matching the people from the photos taken by the eye against people in an online police database. This one had been modified however; instead of looking for criminals, it looked for people on the police force, as well as notable criminals unaffiliated with Corpusraptor's operation.

[b [#262626 "What that means... is that I am not a blue shirt."]] Corpusraptor said abruptly, breaking the silence.

[b [#262626 "It is obvious to me that you've been using."]] Corpusraptor said, after watching Nerre's behavior for the last minute or two. [b [#262626 "I don't work with users. They are more likely to cut into profit margins by using the substance we are selling. They are more likely to make idiotic mistakes. You obviously have a problem with the current business model; why should I believe that you won't attempt to sabotage the operation from within? I'm not an idiot, Nerre. You insult my intelligence. You think I didn't notice that you tried to fry any electronics on my person? You been too close to our operations, Nerre. Do you know why this place was chosen for our meeting? Because it is a public venue. By meeting in a public venue, I could know you would not do something as foolish as make an attempt on my life- there would be too many witnesses. Likewise, you would know that I couldn't kill you here for the same reason."]]

Around that moment, a smallish waitress came over and asked Corpusraptor and Nerre if they needed anything. Corpusraptor smiled pleasantly to the waitress, and pulled out a small matchbook, then wrote a four digit number on the inside of it, and handed it to the waitress. The waitress smiled, and went to the back of the kitchen, handing the matchbook to the employee with the fake eye. The employee read the coded message in the matchbook, then peeled the fingernail of their right middle finger open, revealing a hidden compartment inside, which would barely be visible even up close. The compartment contained a small firearm that fired tiny, specialized pellet rounds. Each pellet fired with only enough velocity to puncture skin, they were lethal not because of sheer killing force, but because the pellets were hollowed out; the hollow cavity containing a deadly toxin, and sealed with a waxy substance that would slowly melt when exposed to enough heat, like that of the human body, though it would take a few hours. A person shot might feel a sting, but end up dead in a few hours.

The employee with the fake eye knew full well the meaning of the coded message: "Kill Nerre."

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
[#262626 #262626] = Corpusraptor Mob Disguise
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 76d 14h 11m 54s
Nerre could not help himself. Even in a situation like this, sometimes he’d just have to let his tongue do it’s work.

“I’m here to see Phoenix Labs. National Academy of nondescript voice actors is over there. Actresses?”

Nerre, who had travelled a lot, was generally very good at placing accents, but this person spoke with the blank cadence of a bored TV anchor. Implacable accent, implacable race, and implacable gender. Somewhat nervously, he reached for the cuff of his shirt and adjusted it, pressing down hard on the underside of his wrist. With a near-silent click, the magic destabiliser he’d implanted into his left hand. The device was weak, due to his own lack of magic reserves, and he’d put in very little maintenance to keep it running, but if his new acquaintance was disguising themselves with some obscure magic, he’d be able to listen for any tiny fluctuations in their voice. At the very least, it’d cause some mild discomfort to the powerful magical presence he could feel in the booth behind him.

“Look. You know who I am. I don’t have the faintest idea who you or the people you work for are. It’s readily apparent that Sarah White is a patsy, or an actress, or... Whatever. Either way.” Nerre said, trying to play it cool, but with a noticeable nervousness in his voice.

“Either way,” he said, composing himself, “you’re killing kids, and that’s bad for my business, and yours.”

Nerre was babbling. He hadn’t thought this meeting through at all, and between the drug withdrawals and lack of sleep he wasn’t as sharp as usual.

“You’re not wearing an earpiece,” Nerre had deduced this when he wasn’t immediately gunned down upon activating his destabiliser, “... and you came alone. So, unless the plan was to kill me, that suggests you’re not taking orders.”

No reply.

“With that in mind, you must be pretty high up, right? So, I was thinking that maybe we could come to some kind of agreement.”

A quiet voice came from the other side, but Nerre missed the specifics - perhaps “get on with it” or similar.

“As it is, your current drug running operation isn’t safe, and that’s at least in part due to the processing methods employed by your friends at Nernias Euphoria Labs. I came here to ask for a job. I’m sure you’ve already seen my work, you were able to find my apartment pretty easily. In exchange, I’d like the safety of Phoenix Town University’s students guaranteed. Don’t care what happens to me.”

Nerre exhaled slowly, wondering what he was getting himself into.

“I’m done.” He said, leaning back in his chair.
  nerre. / Tengu / 84d 4h 7m 4s
As the festival went on during the night Ganzu made his rounds all around the entire festival. He looked around and made sure his snipers were in place just in case of another Arc attack.

[h3 [b [i [center Outside Red Links Diner]]]]

Richard was outside of the diner, he blended in with the crowd and made sure Nerre didn't try anything stupid and piss off Corpus. He sipped on some scotch and coughed a bit. "Fucking weather today."

The news came on the public screens outside of the diner. "Are our parks not safe anymore? Just earlier a cloaked figure approached a visiting king from Nernias and killed him and a civilian in cold blood before fleeing the scene. If you have any information on who this cloaked figure is please report back to us." The news anchor said.

"Fucking Arc bastards." A customer at the diner said.

"I don't think that was the Arc." Richard said. "They wear purple cloaks, not black."

"Well whoever it is needs to be stopped. I wonder if the same person was connected to the Gusling murder?" Another customer asked.

Richard thought about it for a bit and wondered. He sipped some more on his drink and waited for Corpusraptor.

[h3 [b [i [center James' Apartment - North Phoenix Town Apartments]]]]

James watched the news and sighed. His phone rang and he answered it.

[b [+red "It'd be best to lie low for a bit James, you just murdered a foreign king and a civilian...Even though they were both evil the public won't eat it up that way. Good job by the way, your payment will be wired to you tomorrow morning."]] the voice clicked off.

James chuckled. He sat his phone down and noticed the kitchen light was off. He stood up to check it out and turned the light back on only to be met with three people with guns pointed at him. "You fellas could'a just knocked you know?"

The middle person, a slim dark skinned female with short black hair stepped forward. "You should have left Alan Gusling alone. He has friends in very high places, so how about you come with us and you be quiet about it?"

James shook his head. "I'm sorry but I don't take orders from lapdogs."

A long haired Nernian man scoffed. "You are the definition of the lapdog you fuck!"

James quickly removed his pistol and shot the Nernian man in the head and aimed it at the middle girl.

James felt the cold barrel press against the back of his head. "Wrong move friend."

James turned around to face the new addition to the intruders. "And who are you?"

"Eric Gusling. Alans little brother. You fucked up big time bitch." He said slamming the pistol down on James' head knocking him out. "Take him to Gaels Peak outside of Phoenix Town. Do what you want with him but make sure to bring back his head as a trophy." He ordered his crew and they nodded.

They dragged James to their vehicle after Eric took his phone and drove off.

Eric Gusling looked at James' phone and looked puzzled. "This is some weird phone, never seen it before in my life." He turned it on and noticed it was password protected. "I know someone who can crack the code." he said to himself and cleaned the crime scene and left the area.
  Arcanus Arcanum / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 160d 14h 39m 48s
The mob boss waited in Red Links Diner long before her target was expected to arrive. She sat in a booth that was as far from where her target would be seated as possible, but which would have direct line of sight with the target. She chose a form which was as unmemorable and nondescript as possible; the form of someone who would be forgotten within seconds of being seen. Not to short but not too tall. Neither wide nor thin. Someone who could be mistaken for any other person from Phoenix Town.

She watched as Nerre arrived, taking a few subtle glances his way when he wasn't looking, making note of all his physical features without looking suspicious. After several minutes of making him wait, she got up and walked over to him slowly, before sitting down in the booth behind him.

[#262626 [b "Don't get up. You came alone?"]] she said softly, her voice a bored monotone with no notable features or inflections. It was carefully chosen to be just as forgettable as her appearance. She spoke, staring straight ahead, away from him. Nobody else would know she was talking to him. [#262626 [b "Do you know who I represent?"]]

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
[#262626 #262626] = Corpusraptor Mob Disguise
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 168d 7h 45m 53s
Desto Heritage Library was probably Nerre’s least favourite library in the world. While his usual haunt in Phoenix Town University was decently funded and carefully maintained by motivated and well-paid academics, a bored woman in an ill-fitting RPOG robe served as the sole vanguard of this old building.

“Long live the King,” he muttered absentmindedly as he walked past her, getting a quiet “mmm” in reply. He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out his ID, waving it in front of the half-asleep librarian.

“I need to use a computer.”

Wordlessly, she gestured in the direction of an old unit tucked away in the corner, currently being presided over by a scruffy old man.

“One computer?” He scoffed, a little incredulously.

The librarian shrugged.

“We don’t get the kind of funding Phoenix Town University professors get.”


Defeated, Nerre cautiously approached the old man, suddenly hit by a strong wave of foul bodily odor. Grimacing, he took another step forward and waited his turn, crossing his arms and lowering his head.

“You’re a weird lookin’ motherfucker, aren’t ya.” the old man said in a loud gruff voice not suitable for a library.

“Mm. You gonna be long?” Nerre replied, bemused.

“Where ya from, mate? Nernias?” the scruffy man asked, ignoring Nerre’s question.


“Ahh, mate, I went to Nernias once. Fuckin’ crazy parties, like. And the girls, ahh, mate.” he closed his eyes and made an unpleasant sound while mimicking the shape of a woman’s curves with his hands.

“Okay. Can I use that computer?”

“Did I ever tell you about my master plan?”

“We’ve never met.”

“Alright, look at this.”

Nerre glanced at the computer screen, and frowned - a waifish young woman, completely naked with her legs spread. Her skin was dark like his, her features oddly familiar - definitely someone from the Nernian outlands. Not Kiwanuka clan, but maybe Dembe or Kato. She was young - suspiciously so. Nerre recoiled in disgust.

“The fuck is this?”

“My master fuckin’ plan, mate.”

“I see. Can I just check my email real quick and then you can go back to looking at porn?”

The smelly man paused, as if lost in deep thought, then stood up.

“Sure, mate. Sure fuckin’ thing.”

He stepped aside, gesturing towards the chair. Cautiously, Nerre shuffled forward and took a seat, tabbing out of the man’s pornography and into his email. Lots of spam, as usual. Frustrated that he could not see a reply from the office of Dr. Sarah White, he made another pass, until he spotted something interesting. [i “Cs0vh8W!s9BvR0&Ydv) - Dear NK,
We have received your…”]

Nerre clicked, doing his best to ignore the homeless man leaning uncomfortably close to read his email.

“Hey, old timer. Do you know of a [i Red Links Diner?]”

The man stopped as if in thought, then nodded.

“Yeah mate. Outskirts. Shady deals, where people like me get gigs. Why you going there, mate?”

Nerre leant in closer, trying to look at the thumbnail of the attached image. Another dead body.

“Maybe I won’t…” he muttered, not sure if he wanted to open the image while being watched.

“I gotta piss, I’ll be right back.”

[i Perfect.] Nerre waited for the man to leave before steeling himself and clicking the gruesome thumbnail. A corpse, as expected - a young woman, with a knife sticking out of her chest. Presumably the corpse of Dr. White. Nerre frowned, knowing that this was some kind of trick. Perhaps they intended to frame him for this. Feeling he didn’t have any other options, he went to close the image, only to find no response whatsoever from the machine.

A door opened behind him, the strange man from before. Flustered, Nerre kicked the plug out from the back of the computer, shutting it down. Nerre got to his feet.

“Hey, old man. You wanna make some holocoins real quick?”


The Red Links Diner was a bastion of dread among the wastelands of outer Phoenix Town. Nerre made a point of not coming here very often, only really ending up in the outskirts after a particularly crazy night of debauchery. The RPOG had largely abandoned this place, the gangs and drug dealers having installed themselves as de facto leaders of this area. This was where his dealer’s supplier lived, so the only time he’d been here sober was while trying to get a fix. Some deep part of Nerre’s psyche felt a pang of withdrawal as his memories reminded him that it’d been a few days since he’d indulged in Green Lightning. Looking around, it appeared that nobody was around yet - he’d come early. Nerre fumbled in his pockets for his car keys and hit the “recall” button. Putting them away, he uneasily made his way into the diner, blasted by the hot smell of a deep fryer that hadn’t been cleaned in decades. A tired old lady who bore a striking resemblance to the librarian greeted him.

“Smith, party of one.”

Her eyes lit up in recognition for a moment as she led him to a window booth. Exposed, very easy for a single sniper bullet to smash through the window and take his life. Maybe this was a bad idea. Nerre nervously gripped his left wrist, as if adjusting a wristwatch.

It was now a matter of waiting.
  Tengu / 190d 9h 15m 54s
"I have no idea what that was...Neither does the people of Phoenix Town! A weird phenomenon happened here at the Eastern District, a loud hum...Wait hold on. I'm now getting reports that other districts experienced this too!" A news reporter said, who was stationed at the East District of Phoenix Town. It went back to the anchors.

"Thank you Tim, there you have it folks. Apparently it's been happening all over Phoenix Town?" Liam, the main news anchor of PT News said.

His co-anchor Porter nodded. "Indeed Liam, MGRC workers inside tower at the North District noticed the crystal turned red...I am at a loss of words for that."

Liam nodded. "Anywho, onto a happier subject; The princess of Ba'Kol-"

The screens around the town glitched out. "What the hell?" A civilian asked.

[h3 [b [i [center South District - Phoenix Town]]]]

"[b You ready?]" A person in a black cloak asked a group of other black cloaked individuals. They were all inside the south magic tower.

"Let's do this." Another black cloaked figure said. He put rune embedded gloves on and grabbed the crystal within.

"Don't pull it out! You'll kill everybody in this district!" Another figure exclaimed.

"I know that! Be quiet! I need my concentration!" The figure touching the crystal said. He felt it all over and felt a vibration on the bottom of the crystal. He looked at his companions and slid a device under it. "There, now we can measure its vibrations. Send any data you find back to the sage."

They all nodded and left the tower.

Another figure emerged from the shadows outside and watched the group leave. He turned his attention towards the tower and walked towards it. He quickly vanished into thin air as soon as a patrol of RPOG guards approached doing their daily rounds.

[h3 [b [i [center North District - Phoenix Town Castle]]]]

A group of people were helping set up the festival; local bakers baked a buffet of sweet goods while chefs did the same with savory goods, artists painted extraordinary pictures of the late King Desto while others painted to their hearts content, and performers performed in various talents for the people of Gielnor. It was going to be spectacular.

Ganzu was squeezing a handful of magnetic putty as he oversaw the festival project.

Kalas walked up to him. "You okay? You look nervous."

"I served King Desto ever since the fall of Old Gielnor...It won't be long until we have to find a new king." Ganzu replied.

"How about you? You seem suitable." Kalas said.

Ganzu laughed. "Yeah, no thanks. We'll be okay, I know it...I'll just start contacting the princess and other known family members of the king.

Kalas nodded. "Well let's just celebrate for today and weep for tomorrow."

[h3 [b [i [center Wizards Council]]]]

Winston Eldersoul sighed and checked the main computer for any news on the East Tower. He took the audio recorded from the tower and played it back. He noticed the wave shapes resembled a planet. "What the?..." He picked up his phone and called the lobby. "Get Ganzu in here ASAP."
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 209d 14h 18m 37s
Corpusraptor answered one of her many burner phones as it rang. She paused and listened, before answering. [b [#131313 "Red, you say? I'm not sure; is a crystal that is being drained supposed to turn red? Either way, I wouldn't suggest getting too close to the crystal. My... device releases lethal doses of radiation as a byproduct. Anyone who goes snooping around too much near it without a radiation suit will be buying a one-way ticket to the morgue."]]

After talking with Richard, the mob boss frowned and took another long drag of her cigar. [b [#131313 "Red...? I' don't think I've heard of that. That could be a problem."]] She clasped her fingers together, holding her cigar between two of them, and sat around for a while, puzzled. As she was pondering, her 'Dr. White' phone rang again, signaling that she had received another email.

[i Dr. White, I’d once again like to offer you the chance to parley. I don’t really feel like dying but I’d prefer not to endanger the lives of future generations. I haven’t told the RPOG anything about you and I’ll pretend I didn’t look at your cobbled together academic records while I was at the office. In exchange for my continued secrecy, I’d like to have an in person conversation with you, and, if you’re feeling generous, I’d like to still be alive in the coming weeks. Let’s talk. NK]

Corpusraptor glared at the email, rage boiling up beneath the surface. She did not speak, but began typing a response from one of her burner phones. The email would not appear to be from Dr. White, but from an account named [b Cs0vh8W!s9BvR0&Ydv)]. The account was registered with a deep web server; if an attempt was made to track it, the tracker would instead be redirected to any one of hundreds of foreign platforms.

[i Dear NK,
We have received your request. We hope you understand the gravity of your blackmail threat. We regret to inform you that you will not be speaking with the doctor; we will send our own representative. You will meet with us at the Red Links Diner at 1930 sharp. Failure to comply would be tragic.

When you arrive at Red Links Diner, you will be "Smith, party of one." You will request a window booth. You will arrive alone. While you are there, you will meet our representative. When you meet with our representative, you will be given two choices. Choose carefully. We will be watching your every move.

Understand that further grievances against us will not be tolerated. We're a business, first and foremost. We provide products and services to paying customers. Threatening our bottom line is unwise.

The Organization]

Red Links Diner was in the outskirts of Phoenix Town, and while it was not owned by Corpusraptor, it was owned by someone who was close business partners with one of her aliases. It would be the perfect place to do shady, under-the-table business... and to take out a threat if necessary.

Corpusraptor did not send the email immediately. She needed to burn evidence first, just in case. This "NK" had gotten far too close to her operations for her comfort.

The mob boss left her penthouse to make a quick trip to a local morgue. The business was in one of the seedier parts of town, and the building showed signs of decay. It was also owned by her, indirectly, and was connected to the necromancy ring she had going. Corpses would go missing, and later be incorporated in flesh golems. However, this trip was not to create a flesh golem, but to make someone disappear.

Corpusraptor left with a fresh female cadaver, about the same build and complexion as Dr. Sarah White. The cadaver was taken to Gielnor Advanced Systems Warehouse #721. The mob boss made a few phone calls; this time she was hiring a plastic surgeon who would keep quiet.

After a few hours of working, the cadaver looked like an exact copy of Dr. Sarah White. To be sure, the mob boss tossed a labcoat on the corpse. Corpusraptor stabbed a large knife through the chest of the corpse, then took a single photo. She later dumped the body behind the Phoenix Town General Hospital, where it would surely be found, and news of Dr. White's "death" would be made public.

Corpusraptor returned to her penthouse, and attached the photo of "Dr. White" to her email. Along with the photo, the mob boss attached a virus designed to brick whatever device opened it. The virus was not of her own making; it was designed by a hacker Corpusraptor had hired a few months ago. With that, the mob boss hit "send". She smiled, before taking another drag of her cigar.

[#131313 #131313] = Corpusraptor
[#bf1111 #bf1111] = Dr. Fanswick (Deceased)
[#34af92 #34af92] = Hired Mercenary (Deceased)
[#17a1a9 #17a1a9] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 1
[#2c93af #2c93af] = Phoenix Laboratories Security Guard 2
[#a3a3a3 #a3a3a3] = Dr. Sarah White
[#708499 #708499] = RPOG Officer 1 (Deceased)
[#4682b4 #4682b4] = RPOG Officer 2
[#41699a #41699a] = RPOG Officer 3
[#4ca1a1 #4ca1a1] = Protection Racket Sniper
[#ef2a2a #ef2a2a] = News Anchor
[#ff0101 #ff0101] = Irving???
[#2f5482 #2f5482] = RPOG Officer 4
  Corpusraptor / ShadowOfSkills / 221d 14h 11m 29s
Nerre, while never one to care much for his living arrangements, despised safe-houses. It wasn’t his first time, and much of his being doubted it would be the last. Gaudy wallpaper, an old TV, an old kettle, an old fridge. The stuffy air seeped through the badly insulated walls, ageing the young professor with every inhalation. Normally, he’d use this as an opportunity to smoke a cigarette, but he didn’t have any; not for any particular desire to quit, he had long forgotten his recent pledge to stop smoking, but so as to avoid going outside during the day. Dr. Sarah White, while hardly omnipresent, evidently had resources at her disposal, and he was shaken by the text he’d received earlier on in the day. A photo of Karla Faris, lying on the mortuary gurney at the Phoenix Town crematorium, where he had last seen her. Photographs from her funeral, not days later. Nerre was disappointed that circumstances had left him unlikely to attend. The message was clear. While Phoenix Labs didn’t [i directly] kill the girl, they had access to students at the university, their families, their friends. And there was no reason they wouldn’t kill them too.

He’d been milling over this for a few hours while helping himself to a bottle of whiskey he’d found hidden in an air duct, left by a previous resident with a similar predicament. Finally he sat down at the laptop computer that had been left for him and sent an email to Sarah White.

[i Wow. Rude.]

He chuckled to himself and then deleted the message. Probably best not to joke, he didn’t need any more photos of dead children in his inbox.

[i Dr. White, I’d once again like to offer you the chance to parley. I don’t really feel like dying but I’d prefer not to endanger the lives of future generations. I haven’t told the RPOG anything about you and I’ll pretend I didn’t look at your cobbled together academic records while I was at the office. In exchange for my continued secrecy, I’d like to have an in person conversation with you, and, if you’re feeling generous, I’d like to still be alive in the coming weeks. Let’s talk. NK]

Nerre wished he could talk to his master. She’d tell him what to do, if in the most obfuscating terms possible. Instead he was drinking in a shitty apartment and thinking about death. He lifted the bottle and tried to shake the remaining drops into his mouth. Nothing. Phoenix Labs was a good lead; but ultimately this battle was proving to be more trouble than it was worth. And it wasn’t bringing him any closer to his true enemy. Just a doctor working under a pseudonym for a shell company that could - and inevitably [i would] - kill him if he wasn’t careful.

“What a shitty hill to die on,” he mumbled, tossing the bottle. Unsteadily, he got to his feet and crashed down into the small single bed tucked into the corner. Metal springs dug into his back. Grunting, he fumbled for the TV remote and and pointed it at the old device, to no great effect. No power. He sighed and stood again.

“Fuck it, I’m going outside!” He yelled at nobody in particular, and stormed out of the house.
  nerre. / Tengu / 254d 44m 3s
The entire continent of Gielnor was in peril with the rising drugs and obsolete Eastern Magic Tower.

The public soon heard of King Destos death and soon began to work on an entire festival dedicated to him.

This was only yesterday.

Today is a new day...

[h3 [b [i [center Ganzus Home]]]]

Ganzu opened his eyes and turned his head towards his alarm clock. He hit the snooze button and the Smart Home AI connected.

"Good morning Mr. Varson, the time is 8 in the morning." The AI said.

Ganzu nodded. "I'm up...I'm up..." He sat up and stood on the hardwood floor in his bedroom. "What's recommended for breakfast today AIHA? "

AIHA materialized into a hologram. "An omelette with a side of bacon and either a banana or an apple with a refreshing glass of either milk, orange juice, or a classic; water."

"Sounds good, please enter cooking mode and add the recommended into your database please."

AIHA nodded and went into the kitchen.

Ganzu went inside his closet and grabbed a black T-shirt and black jeans. "Looks good." He left his room and went into the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed.

[h3 [b [i [center Atlas' Home]]]]

Atlas was already up and dressed. His AIHA was updating and obsolete for a bit. "I hate when something has to update sometimes and you can't even use it." He stood up and left his house and locked it. He got in his car and drove off towards work; The RPOG HQ.

He dialed Jacks phone. "Jack? You there?"

Jack was already at the HQ. "Literally and figuratively. I couldn't sleep so I'm here at work already."

"Damn, you gotta lay off that green thunder buddy." Atlas said.

"Fuck you." Jack chuckled.

Atlas arrived at the HQ and nodded towards Jack who opened the gate for him. It opened halfway before making a loud creaking sound. Atlas passed through the opening just before the gate malfunctioned and closed hitting the trunk of his car scratching it before opening again and not closing. "Shit!"

"Oh goodie. A broken gate. I'll call a gate company...Dammit." Jack said.

Atlas nodded and stepped out of his car. "Damn, that gate really scratched the back of my car..."

Ganzu arrived at the area as well and drove through. He motioned for Jack to close the gate.

"It's broken!" Jack said.

"What?! Are you fucking kidding me?" Ganzu asked stepping out of his car. "Dammit we have an impound lot in the back with no gate. Alright let's get a gate company out here tomorrow and let's just beef up security over here."

The three of them went inside the HQ.

[h3 [b [i [center RPOG HQ]]]]

Kalas greeted the gang as they walked in. "Alright, so we're still trying to investigate the Eastern MT...I don't think Irving and his group did that...It's too sophisticated...The Magic Repair guys can't even fix the damn thing!"

Ganzu sighed. "That's not good, we can't have a permanent obsolete tower. If someone found a way to do that then the Old Gielnor Border needs to be insanely heavily guarded. If that ever get's compromised and we can't get the wizards there in time then that means our death."

Kalas nodded. "Understood Ganzu. We'll still work at the Eastern District with disaster relief and Magic Repair."

[h3 [b [i [center Ugenstrav]]]]

A light rapidly flickered on the ground and soon a tiny pole rose up from the ground. The flickering light suddenly changed to a blood red and stopped flickering.

[h3 [b [i [center Gielnor - Phoenix Town]]]]

The magic crystal in the Eastern Magic Tower turned the same color as the tiny pole and made an ominous humming noise that was loud before pulsating. It soon changed back to it's original color and normal state.

The residents all stepped out of there homes and looked around for what the sound was.

Richard was also a resident in the Eastern District. He stared towards the obsolete magic tower and watched as the crystal went from red to blue. "What the fuck..." He went back inside in his powerless home. His cellphone however had a special device that allowed him to make phone calls. He dialed Corpus' number. "Corpus...I don't know if you heard the sound or not but something is going on with our vessel over here at the Eastern District...The sound came from it and the crystal was briefly red. If you get this message call me ASAP. I don't like this...Not one bit." He sent the message and hung up the phone.
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