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[b Beginning Origins]

In the beginning, Mankind was never really alone as being the only Humanoid species to walk the planet other than apes. There were others, much less Human than himself, who also walked the Earth. But unbeknownst to him they were already adapted to looking just like man, and blending in perfectly. Until they decided to show themselves for who they truly were. And for thousands of years, Mankind could never tell the difference between himself and the men next to him.

Until they decided to expose themselves, that was.

Werewolves? Vampires? Fairies? Pixies? Dragons? Witches? Wizards? And more?
What we know from myths, stories and legends are infact; incorrect. These other species were, form the start, equally sophisticated and mimicked Mankind in general appearance, behavior and how he built his civilization. Some of these species were happy to coincide with Mankind and build civilization alongside him, whilst others looked down at him with disdain and disgust. And as Mankind grew larger and smarter, they waged war against him to send him back to the dirt.

Mankind fought back though, and he was not alone.

For centuries, wars were waged. The victors continued to build whilst the losers, if not wiped out completely, slipped into hiding to recover and remain out of sight. Mankind grew and grew and grew alongside his Humanoid allies. Until one day…

Arrogance crept into Mankind’s head and made him decide that it was his right to rule over all.

He waged his wars once more, but this time, it was against his former allies who helped him survive the darkness.

Mankind had grown stronger than everyone else, and he quickly dominated the Earth, sending all who survived into the darkness inorder to survive his onslaught. Some who survived vowed to outlive Mankind and take their revenge on him. Others just wanted to survive and recuperate in Mankind’s growing society. As time passed, Mankind allowed the other species of Humanoids of the world back into his society with semi-open arms. He built homes, schools, and other institutions for them so that they could recover and start a slow transition into his advanced world. These places, however, were mostly isolated from even the most near portions of Mankind’s society. But the Humanoids didn’t mind, for they enjoyed the secrecy they had.

[b From Shadows, Two Brothers Fight For Life]

Theo and Ken Stärke started off as almost grown adults 10 years ago at one of the schools that Mankind had built for their kind. The two brothers are ShadowShifters; beings with incredible powers concerning the ability to manipulate the very essence of the shadows of the world. Their species had almost been entirely wiped out by Mankind in wars centuries upon centuries ago. However, their species had prevailed the tests of time and had not only survived, but bounced back a small percentage. At the school, the two brothers found both love and enemies. But as troubles increased, the brothers found themselves soon embroiled within silent wars for the very sake of survival. And not only their lives, but also the lives of the ones they loved. Years passed, with times of peace and warfare mixed in and out. After enough time, however, things finally died down and the survivors could finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

[b The Dark One]

Lucion Rolo, an immensely powerful ShadowShifter hell bent on destruction of Mankind, assaulted the school with intent on killing all the survivors there for the sole reason of their seeming reliance on Mankind for survivor. Being their greatest adversary yet, the brothers fought harder and more valiantly than ever before to combat this man. Casualties and chaos ensued for well over a year, until finally they managed to drive Lucion back from their home.

Despite many attempts, they failed to kill this man, and eventually he went elsewhere to continue his crusade of vengeance.

Despite the pleas of their loved ones, the brothers gave chase for the purpose of preventing Lucion from achieving his goals. This chase went on for 5 years, while their loved ones stayed back at the school and rebuilt both the structures, and their lives.

[b The Return]

Having finally exhausted all leads and avenues of information, the two brothers return home to their loved ones. Their travels all over the Earth helped them build valuable alliances, and make numerous and vital friends and allies. Now having a network of resources and bodies to help combat any and all future enemies whom would harm them and their loved ones, the brothers finally felt like they have secured their presence within not only the world, but Mankind’s society. And they intended to protect what they held dear by any means necessary..

By any means necessary…

[I Additional Information]

- This RP started over 4 years ago between myself and three others who took a dead RP and turned into something grand. Through the years, it narrowed down to just the three of us, but we kept it together. And after much hiatus, the story is back on.
- This RP will be solely for myself and the ones who ran it with me. So it’s only a 3 crew job. Sorry to anyone whom would want to join, but that’s a definite no on this one.
- The three of us know all the site rules, so no worries.


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Not hearing a response, Kazuto became a bit worried. He gently closed the door behind him, removed his shoes as usual, and began making his way down the hallway. He had noticed that the light to the living room was on and so he treaded carefully. When he turned to look, he found Rera deep in her zone while she was painting. He watched her quietly, finding a great appreciation in the painting which she was working on. He could see the outlines and fillings of everyone here on the grounds, including him; whom she was working on. He had never been terribly fond of pictures of him, but he was so inpressed with her talent that he could not bring himself to be upset about it. He had waited for her to finish him before he called out to her again, this time his tone was soft, almost coaxing to bring her attention for a moment.

[b " Rera, I've returned. I've brought dinner. "]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 194d 16h 27m 2s
She was lost in her own little world that she did not hear him return. She was so inspired, the colours swirled on the canvas, details were carefully placed and it was taking shape. She had decided she would do a portrait of the whole family. Of everyone. So they could feel complete before it went all to hell.

Kazuto was almost complete. His visage was crafted from her memory, of how she saw him. The hidden sadness in his eyes were already complete and now she was putting the kindness in his smile and the scars from before she met him.

Asking Theo about defense and healing released her. She felt more free and in control. Rera would never had come to that decision without Kazuto. She couldn't wait to tell him, to ask for his help.

Those were her thoughts before she started painting, now that she was, it was all she focused on.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 194d 22h 44m 59s
He had everything he could. He had studied the maps, and had paid close attention to all the street names and signs. But despite all his efforts, Kazuto had still gotten lost when he went to the neighboring city. He had forgotten how many people he had to stop and ask for directions from, but in the end he found his way around and then back home. Home.. What a funny word that had been to him for much of his life.

He had stopped by his office first to drop off his items, and then he had returned to Rera's home. He stood at the door for a moment, almost uncertain of what greeting to expect. He had been gone all day, without so much as a word to her; was she worried or angry? Kazuto sighed and took a deep breath, rearffirming his hold on the large brown bag of food he had picked up while in town. Thankfully, it retained its warmth and the smell of oriental was emitting strongly from it. He opened the door gently, carefully stepping through as he looked around, noticing that at first glance it was empty.

[b " Rera? I've returned. I've brought dinner if you're interested? "]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 194d 22h 52m 53s
She gave a small smile, leaning into his hand. He gave her such comfort. Her fear of what was coming left her and she was calm enough to escort him to the door and watch him fondly as he left. She did so by leaning on the door frame, a content smile on her face and a brightness in her eyes.

"Thank you.. I had missed you and I will definitely take you up on that offer, I will need to see if I can escape from a Shadowshifter if the time calls for it"

It was a terrible attempt at humour, because it had the underlying truth. It that moment, she realised how different they all had become. None of them were the teenagers they were when they first met. Theo and Selene were parents, trying their best with twins with a mixture of both their powers and Rera.. Rera was healing, having been traumatized by abuse and grief, not that her two friends had not had their own trails and misfortunes.

"Be safe.. and if you see Kazuto on your way back, let him know that he can come back here once he has finished.." She really did enjoy the other's company and then Theo was gone. He left her with the promise that everything will be okay. However she would not hold it to truth if after everything it was not. Its not something he could predict, no matter how much he tried to influence it.

Closing the door behind her, she washed up their tea cups and decided to bring out her canvas and resume the painting, which she had realised, was taking the form of her new friend.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 194d 23h 8m 34s
Theo nodded and listened carefully to what she was asking. Her desire to be of use was stronger than her desire to hide, but not stronger than her desire to not fight. It was understandable, and it was also very admirable. Despite her fears, she too wished to contribute. He smiled and stroked her hair gently again.

[b " Sure thing, Rera. I'll also see what I can find regarding healing and defense magecraft, and bring those to you also. I'm sure Kazuto may also have a few books around regarding what you're asking, so don't be afraid to ask him about it. "]

Theo patted her head once more before rising from the couch and stretching. He had been there awhile, and whilst he wouldn't mind staying; he did have a wife and two children to tend to. As such, it was time to go for now, and as he walked with Rera to the door, he patted her head once more and left her with some words before he went.

[b " I'm proud of you, Rera. You're finding your ways to move forward in life. I know you're strong enough to continue to do so, and never be afraid to lean on Kazuto, me or anyone else around here when you need to. Everything's gonna be alright. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 194d 23h 22m 17s
She shook her head at his words. It was best to keep them locked away. If not just for herself, but for everyone's sake. It wasn't a surprise to many as to why she hid herself away when she came back from Italy. She claimed a life of a man she loved, she wouldn't want to do it again.

"I don't want to use them.. Its too dangerous.. but to have them controlled.. to keep them from hurting anyone else.. that's the only time I would approach Kane.." Not that she was comfortable being around people. Since returning, it was mostly the twins and Selene that she spoke to, and that was rare. Now since the boys returned.. her time was with Kazuto.. and now Theo.

"Of course I can keep an eye on him.. but I have a favour to ask of you.." She took a deep breath and bit her lip. "Defense.. and healing.. I don't want to fight because I cause more damage than helping.. but.. I am useless. We know Lucian will be back.. whenever that may be.. and its going to be messy and big, because we cannot let him get away again or get what he came here for. You need your focus on that.. you cannot be worried about me. I need to defend myself. I need to be able to get away, whether be running as fast as I can, or if I get into a situation, I can get out, without causing an earthquake." Her lip wobbled, realising how pathetic and terrified she actually was with this whole scenario was showing. "And.. we have no one to patch up wounds. We have so many fighters but what happens if you get hurt? Maybe I could fix it a little until we get a rest and then I can make it all better. I know there is medical text books at the school... I just can't go there right now.."
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 194d 23h 37m 50s
When Theo heard her murmur, it was both an enlightening and painful thing to hear. She had struggled so much since the first and last time that she was unleashed, and had caused alot of damage. Despite that, nobody at the school blamed her or harbored ill feelings against her, but Rera had decided to isolate herself from just about everyone else out of fear and compassion. Knowing her desire to help, Theo smiled and gently stroked her hair.

[b " I know, Rera. I know you want to do more than just be emotional and morale support, but I know why you're so reserved on it. The only one whom could be of use to helping you learn would be Kane, but nobody knows where he is. If you would like, I could ask him for you when he returns, but only if you want to try. "]

Bringing her into the fight was the last thing he wanted to do. Since the beginning, it had always been his desire to keep Selene and Rera out of the fight. And it had always been something he had failed at. The failures had proved costly, so much so that hr doubted he could ever atone for them all. But of course, he would try his best. As it was all he could do.

[b " For now, if you could keep an eye on Kazuto and try to keep him out of trouble, I'd appreciate it. "
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 194d 23h 50m 21s
Flinching a little at his tone, she curl up against him, hoping to calm him down. It was exactly what she didn't want to occur. While Theo could always control his anger and emotions, he was somewhat human and humans are always flawed. She lost control once, Theo could too.

Yet it was gone as quickly as it came. Rera tilted her head in confusion at his words. What was at this school that was so important that he would destroy all the inhabitants? Not only that, she did destroy half of the structure, was the thing he needed still here?

Yes, Lucian was more dangerous that Nero. There was really no comparison between them. Nero could be likened to a small boy in the wrong crowd but if his mother said no, he would scurry home with his tail between his legs.

Lucian though.. It made Rera shiver at the thought. She was lucky she wasn't really a focus for the Shadowshifter. An irritating fly at most. The vampires and the Shadowshifters of their rag-tag group were the real threat.

A genuine smile graced her face as he told her of the protections he had ensured of the students and there were protections against another one of her mishaps if some how, her powers came back. Breathing a sigh of relief, the next words following were not thought out, it was an impulse.

"I want to be useful.."

They were still a murmur though.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 195d 42m 44s
[b " Doesn't matter who he goes after if he ever gets free. He will die. I swear on that. "]

While it was just for a moment, Theo's tone had darkened when he spoke regarding Neo. A darkness deep enough to make it sound crystal clear of his intent to eliminate the threat, and by whatever means necessary. But just as quickly as it had appeared, it had also vanished and Theo slipped back into the same easygoing tone as before, with no effort required. When Rera mentioned about everyone having come back and about Lucian's annoyance, he nodded as he finished off his cup of tea, and set it down on the small table infront of them.

[b " Possibly. But the irony of all this is, is that Lucian was never after us originally. There is something here that he wanted, and we got in his way. Since after the first fight, he has focused on us to try and get rid of us so he can find what he was looking for. Additionally, compared to Nero; Lucian has the power, resources and knowledge to recruit people to his cause. That alone, makes him so much more dangerous than Nero. "]

When Rera rested her head on his shoulder, he gently reached over with his free arm and patted her head gently. It was nice to see that she was still comfortable around him, and it helped ease his stress, too. When she questioned him regarding the evacuation of the school for when Lucian came back around, he smiled and used his free hand to offer a thumbs up.

[b " The new school complex has a large underground bunker with supplies and provisions already stocked. It also has two magical barriers; one that hides itself and those inside it from detection and another that nullifies any magic that impacts it. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 319d 13h 54m 22s
"You know its not me he will go after if he finds himself free. You know Selene is the one he was always after." She murmured, glancing at her half-filled mug of tea while she said it. Rera didn't want to scare or worry or anger Theo, but it had been bugging her for some time now. She was not able to access the powers she locked away, but something tugged at her whenever she looked towards the old ruins, as if she could feel the earth twisting and moving around the trapped demon.

"All of us have come back too, you know. Lucian is probably just as annoyed about that as we are about Nero, and he is only one person.." Rera gently teased, a wry smile upon her face.

Shuffling closer to Theo, she placed her head on his shoulder, just allowing herself to feel the comfort and safety having him home gave her. She wanted to believe that they would be fine, but the world was no longer certain for her. That was why, she didn't want to be one of the only ones left.

"I would like to believe that too, Theo. The world is so large.. I have only seen such a small amount of it." She liked to think, that once the world becomes safer again, she might think of actually seeing the world, not travelling out of necessity, or guilt. Yet there was a storm coming, she didn't know when it will approach, but it had been years since Lucian was here, and the return of the boys was probably the start of a confrontation.

"Should we consider how the school will evacuate when the time comes?"
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 319d 17h 25m 25s
[b " Well, problem solving is something we've proven to be pretty adept at. I'm confident we'll manage. "]

Theo paused for a moment as the memory of Nero returned, and he looked hard at his tea for a minute. That bastard had put Rera through so much pain and agony, and had driven Theo himself to a dark place he never thought he himself would've gone to. It had left a scar on his soul, as a result. He didn't like to remember such things these days, as he had so much more to focus on regarding the present. His expression shifted back and he took a long sip of his tea before placing the empty cup down, and once again leaned back into the couch.

[b " Yeah, I killed him outright and like a bad cold, he came back. Now he's just stuck down there.. I'm sure Vincent has access to sealing magic so we can seal him away. That, or I just kill him again. "]

Rera's question regarding her species however, tripped him sideways. He remembered Kazuto saying that during his time in captivity under the Yakuza, he was forced to fight many things to survive; including other Nekos. Thinking back on that, Theo could not fathom just how panful that could've been. Being forced to murder or be murdered by your own kind for the sake of survival. He wished he had a better answer for Rera, but he just didn't.

[b " I don't know, Rera. I really don't. But in the beginning of all this, my brother and I thought we were among the last of us, ourselves. As fate would have it, we were dead wrong. I have confidence that there are more pureblooded Nekos like you and Kazuto around. Just doing what they gotta do. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 356d 13h 52m 8s
"Even though you can clean up house, you know the earthquake left someone buried beneath it. It will keep being suffocating because it has been damaged also. I threw around so much elemental magic last time you saw me, that must have left a scar, and also, Lucian himself may have left a mark here. Moving the school away from the old ruins may have helped, but our settlement is the barrier between them and it, sometimes they sneak past and its noticeable which students are exposed to it for long periods."

In 5 years, Rera went from student, helplessly naive and sweet, to an adult theorising and protecting those not much younger than herself so they could have an education she did not get to have. It was a surprise to herself that she was mature at this moment.

It was no secret to those who were there, that Nero was trapped beneath the ruins of the old school, trapped in almost eternal agony as rocks crushed him each time he breathed, but there was always the worry that Lucian or an associate would come back for him.

Rera avoided the ruins, especially where Nero was buried. He tried to charm her once, and she lost her life because of it. She had not set foot since she returned, afraid her mind was not strong enough.

"Theo.. Are Kazuto and I really the last Neko's?" She bit her lip nervously, looking at his with her noir eyes. "If we are.. I don't know how I would handle the responsibility of an entire species.. I feel there would be an obligation there that I may not be able to fulfill." She hoped he would lie, make her feel better about it.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 356d 14h 16m 52s
Pixie sat on the counter of the bathroom, a joint to her lips. She took a long drawl from it before passing it off to one of the twins. She didn't know which one, she really couldn't care to tell them apart. [b “Did you hear about the new teacher your dad is bringing out? She is some kind of fairy..Thought I was the last fairy out there.”] She said with a shrug. She didn't really care that the twins weren't really listening. They were too busy deciding who would get a hit off of the joint next. [b “If you two don't decide, I'm going to take it mysellf..”] She said firmly before tilting her head. [b “What the hell is that?...”] She asked, feeling a sudden burst of magic come on the horizon. It was fairy magic. It was nearly as strong as Navaeh's magic when she lost control. The new teacher had finally arrived.

Yuuki threw her book back in her bag just as she plane began to decend back to the ground. She looked out the window and smiled faintly. [b “I wonder who will be meeting me here?..”] She asked herself aloud, brushing her long silky brown hair back from her pointy ears. [b “I do hope that I will welcome here..unlike my last job..”]
  Pixixie Elaine Flutter / Kat_Attack / 1y 5d 1h 25m 1s
Navaeh rested her face against his neck, closing her eyes to fight the wave of nausea she was feeling. Her body was taking it's time to heal, showing how exhausted she had really been making herself. Usually she would heal in no time, but her constant sparing and her pregnancy was screwing with her.

His cheesy smile made a smile cross her lips. God she absolutely adored this man. She nuzzled herself closer to him in his lap, biting into her lip to keep herself from retching. [b “Kaze..I'm not just scared..I'm absolutely terrified. There are so many what ifs that I don't know where to start..I..”] She looked down and sighed. [b “I'm also scared..that I will lose you..”] She whimpered softly.
  Navaeh Nicole Starke / Kat_Attack / 1y 5d 1h 32m 31s
[b " Beats me. Though that sounds more up Kazuto's alley. I'm sure he'd be proud of you considering that theory. "]

Theo took another sip of his tea as Rera went on to mention Kazuto and his struggling, and he raised an eyebrow momentarily as he mulled it over. At the same time, he knew Kazuto well and was aware that he too, was not fond of failure. He also took note of Japan's culture and it's collective striving for success and how it tied into honor. To fail was considered dishonorable, and the more reaching the failure, the more dishonor it brought. However, Kazuto being who he was and how he was, was aware of failure being part of learning in his field of work. But did that also tie into his personal life? Theo never thought to ask him that and thus, could only theorize at this point. Oh, how he hated guessing.

[b " Kazuto won't let any of that stop him. Setbacks, momentary failures, whatever. He learns and keeps going. As for the atmosphere, well, it's up to us to not only make him feel welcome but to also clean up house so to speak. We may have been gone awhile, but that doesn't mean we can't settle back into the midst of things. We too, must learn, if that makes any sense. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 1y 10d 12h 37m 35s

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