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[b Beginning Origins]

In the beginning, Mankind was never really alone as being the only Humanoid species to walk the planet other than apes. There were others, much less Human than himself, who also walked the Earth. But unbeknownst to him they were already adapted to looking just like man, and blending in perfectly. Until they decided to show themselves for who they truly were. And for thousands of years, Mankind could never tell the difference between himself and the men next to him.

Until they decided to expose themselves, that was.

Werewolves? Vampires? Fairies? Pixies? Dragons? Witches? Wizards? And more?
What we know from myths, stories and legends are infact; incorrect. These other species were, form the start, equally sophisticated and mimicked Mankind in general appearance, behavior and how he built his civilization. Some of these species were happy to coincide with Mankind and build civilization alongside him, whilst others looked down at him with disdain and disgust. And as Mankind grew larger and smarter, they waged war against him to send him back to the dirt.

Mankind fought back though, and he was not alone.

For centuries, wars were waged. The victors continued to build whilst the losers, if not wiped out completely, slipped into hiding to recover and remain out of sight. Mankind grew and grew and grew alongside his Humanoid allies. Until one day…

Arrogance crept into Mankind’s head and made him decide that it was his right to rule over all.

He waged his wars once more, but this time, it was against his former allies who helped him survive the darkness.

Mankind had grown stronger than everyone else, and he quickly dominated the Earth, sending all who survived into the darkness inorder to survive his onslaught. Some who survived vowed to outlive Mankind and take their revenge on him. Others just wanted to survive and recuperate in Mankind’s growing society. As time passed, Mankind allowed the other species of Humanoids of the world back into his society with semi-open arms. He built homes, schools, and other institutions for them so that they could recover and start a slow transition into his advanced world. These places, however, were mostly isolated from even the most near portions of Mankind’s society. But the Humanoids didn’t mind, for they enjoyed the secrecy they had.

[b From Shadows, Two Brothers Fight For Life]

Theo and Ken Stärke started off as almost grown adults 10 years ago at one of the schools that Mankind had built for their kind. The two brothers are ShadowShifters; beings with incredible powers concerning the ability to manipulate the very essence of the shadows of the world. Their species had almost been entirely wiped out by Mankind in wars centuries upon centuries ago. However, their species had prevailed the tests of time and had not only survived, but bounced back a small percentage. At the school, the two brothers found both love and enemies. But as troubles increased, the brothers found themselves soon embroiled within silent wars for the very sake of survival. And not only their lives, but also the lives of the ones they loved. Years passed, with times of peace and warfare mixed in and out. After enough time, however, things finally died down and the survivors could finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

[b The Dark One]

Lucion Rolo, an immensely powerful ShadowShifter hell bent on destruction of Mankind, assaulted the school with intent on killing all the survivors there for the sole reason of their seeming reliance on Mankind for survivor. Being their greatest adversary yet, the brothers fought harder and more valiantly than ever before to combat this man. Casualties and chaos ensued for well over a year, until finally they managed to drive Lucion back from their home.

Despite many attempts, they failed to kill this man, and eventually he went elsewhere to continue his crusade of vengeance.

Despite the pleas of their loved ones, the brothers gave chase for the purpose of preventing Lucion from achieving his goals. This chase went on for 5 years, while their loved ones stayed back at the school and rebuilt both the structures, and their lives.

[b The Return]

Having finally exhausted all leads and avenues of information, the two brothers return home to their loved ones. Their travels all over the Earth helped them build valuable alliances, and make numerous and vital friends and allies. Now having a network of resources and bodies to help combat any and all future enemies whom would harm them and their loved ones, the brothers finally felt like they have secured their presence within not only the world, but Mankind’s society. And they intended to protect what they held dear by any means necessary..

By any means necessary…

[I Additional Information]

- This RP started over 4 years ago between myself and three others who took a dead RP and turned into something grand. Through the years, it narrowed down to just the three of us, but we kept it together. And after much hiatus, the story is back on.
- This RP will be solely for myself and the ones who ran it with me. So it’s only a 3 crew job. Sorry to anyone whom would want to join, but that’s a definite no on this one.
- The three of us know all the site rules, so no worries.


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Roleplay Responses

Pixie sat on the counter of the bathroom, a joint to her lips. She took a long drawl from it before passing it off to one of the twins. She didn't know which one, she really couldn't care to tell them apart. [b “Did you hear about the new teacher your dad is bringing out? She is some kind of fairy..Thought I was the last fairy out there.”] She said with a shrug. She didn't really care that the twins weren't really listening. They were too busy deciding who would get a hit off of the joint next. [b “If you two don't decide, I'm going to take it mysellf..”] She said firmly before tilting her head. [b “What the hell is that?...”] She asked, feeling a sudden burst of magic come on the horizon. It was fairy magic. It was nearly as strong as Navaeh's magic when she lost control. The new teacher had finally arrived.

Yuuki threw her book back in her bag just as she plane began to decend back to the ground. She looked out the window and smiled faintly. [b “I wonder who will be meeting me here?..”] She asked herself aloud, brushing her long silky brown hair back from her pointy ears. [b “I do hope that I will welcome here..unlike my last job..”]
  Pixixie Elaine Flutter / Kat_Attack / 11d 5h 19m 34s
Navaeh rested her face against his neck, closing her eyes to fight the wave of nausea she was feeling. Her body was taking it's time to heal, showing how exhausted she had really been making herself. Usually she would heal in no time, but her constant sparing and her pregnancy was screwing with her.

His cheesy smile made a smile cross her lips. God she absolutely adored this man. She nuzzled herself closer to him in his lap, biting into her lip to keep herself from retching. [b “Kaze..I'm not just scared..I'm absolutely terrified. There are so many what ifs that I don't know where to start..I..”] She looked down and sighed. [b “I'm also scared..that I will lose you..”] She whimpered softly.
  Navaeh Nicole Starke / Kat_Attack / 11d 5h 27m 4s
[b " Beats me. Though that sounds more up Kazuto's alley. I'm sure he'd be proud of you considering that theory. "]

Theo took another sip of his tea as Rera went on to mention Kazuto and his struggling, and he raised an eyebrow momentarily as he mulled it over. At the same time, he knew Kazuto well and was aware that he too, was not fond of failure. He also took note of Japan's culture and it's collective striving for success and how it tied into honor. To fail was considered dishonorable, and the more reaching the failure, the more dishonor it brought. However, Kazuto being who he was and how he was, was aware of failure being part of learning in his field of work. But did that also tie into his personal life? Theo never thought to ask him that and thus, could only theorize at this point. Oh, how he hated guessing.

[b " Kazuto won't let any of that stop him. Setbacks, momentary failures, whatever. He learns and keeps going. As for the atmosphere, well, it's up to us to not only make him feel welcome but to also clean up house so to speak. We may have been gone awhile, but that doesn't mean we can't settle back into the midst of things. We too, must learn, if that makes any sense. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 16d 16h 32m 8s
Rera looked at him, tilting her head as she heard him say that it wasn't something Shadowshifters generally did. Considering that Theo nor Ken did so, but then, why would the need to, she didn't think it was normal. "Would it be because they time-travelled?" She mused out loud. Often she thought about how the twins could have such extra-ordinary abilities and being less than 5 years old. "They technically met their past selves when they did so, maybe that caused a paradox or something and their age-shift is the by product of that?"

She wasn't one to theorise, she would rather do or reflect. Her eyes flickered to her painting as her own evidence that she would rather do. "You should be impressed, regardless, they are quite remarkable."

She beamed when he gave her another head pat, taking another sip of her tea as her friend reassured her about Kazuto.

"But he is still hurt because of it.." She whispered, returning to biting her lip. "He is.. struggling a little at the moment. It was why he was here last night.. The air is suffocating him.. and his research isn't going as planned.. and there is me.."
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 16d 16h 51m 42s
[b " Yeah, I've dealt with both forms. Gotta admit, younger side is much easier. Though such a transformation is.. New. There's no knowledge of it, according to Kane. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or baffled, but I am trying to learn. "]

Theo smiled at Rera when she reached over and squeezed his hand, expressing her sympathy for his situation. At the same time, however, he couldn't begin to compare his strifes with that which Rera went through. But he knew that despite all that, everyone could reocver in their own way and keep going forward. That was no doubt why everyone stuck together; to help one another, as they were all practically family. Or at the least, considered eachother as such. When she expressed her worry for Kazuto because of what happened last night, it was Theo's turn to be reassuring, and so he reached over and gently patted her head with his usual smile that never failed to express the whole; " It will be alright. ", attitude.

[b " He is not mad, and he will be just fine. He bounces back quickly, you know? He did survive the Yakuza, after all. What happened last night between you two was.. Well, complicated. But he understands, so he hasn't let it gone to his head. Everything will be fine. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 16d 17h 2m 3s
"They haven't been in their younger form around you yet?" The twins child personas were much easier to get along with. While they were incredibly shy, they were polite and sweet, always wanting to hear stories of their father and mother under the guise of Prince and Princess. Their teenage personas however, were another story. They were rude, mean and did not care for authority. They wanted nothing to do with Rera nor Selene at that age. Their behaviour wasn't the greatest and their drug use was known.

Rera looked at Theo and reached over to give his hand a squeeze. She could not imagine what he was going through, not just with his kids. That on top of not stopping Lucian, her friend was probably feeling pretty terrible. Her smile was one of sympathy. "I believe, there is a chance, Theo. You have been so good to so many of us, that they will come around. They are good kids.."

Kazuto's patient personality was partly the reason Rera was able to warm up to him. Her fear and anger about having another Neko in her territory took so much out of her, that if she didn't end up sick, she was sure they would have been still fighting. The other part was Rera herself. Her own unique personality and giving someone a chance regardless of what those had done to her in the past, allowed for Kazuto's patience to be used. She became a bit pensive and a small sigh passed her lips.

"Is he mad at me? He said he will be back tonight, but he was gone so early and... and.. I am sure you know what happened.. You are here after all." Nibbling on her lip nervously, she looked at Theo with wide, worried eyes.

It was speculated between Kazuto and herself, that they were possibly, some of the only true Neko's left. Obviously, breeding with humans have brought about a new breed of Neko, but purebreds were dwindling. That was why Nova was so determined with her. Rera refused to believe they were the only two left, but all Nekos could tell by their mannerisms and scent someone's biology, and even on her travels through Europe, she didn't meet one.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 16d 17h 15m 45s
[b " Yes and no. They have days where it seems like they are accepting me and then they have days where I'm vehemently rejected. They listen to Selene much more than they listen to me. Most days, it seems like I'm considered as nothing more than a body taking up space. "]

Theo took the tea and nodded in thanks before taking a sip, his eyes closing for a few moments as he mulled over what he had said. He hated failing, and hated being viewed as a failure even moreso. It was much more painful than he wanted to admit, having children whom hated him. Despite his best explanations, they didn't care and their attitudes did not change. At the same time though, Ken wasn't in any better of a position as Navaeh was not his biggest fan, either.

He pulled himself away from his thoughts as Rera spoke, and he opened his eyes back up to look at her and listen. Listening to her mention Kazuto in such a way made him happy, and it seemed that him being around was having an increasingly positive affect on Rera aswell. He was concerned at first, as she rejected him and wanted nothing to do with him. However, Kazuto had a funny way of making his way into people's lives, as he had made his way into Theo and Ken's circle and things just happened to take off from there.

[b " I'm happy to hear that you guys are getting along. He was adamant about coming with us to see you when we were still in Japan. He had never met another Neko, and was concerned that he was all that was left. His life has been two parts harsh and 1 part enlightening, and it's nice to see him thriving out here. "]

Man, he sounded like an old man already.
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 16d 17h 31m 11s
"You think so?" She murmured. It wasn't really a question in the way she phrased it, but deep inside, it was a little. Her lips quirked into a smile, not one of her old ones, and not the one that Kazuto got to see last night, but just one of her simple smiles. It had promise to grow into something more, since before Kazuto was around, the only one to make her smile was the twins.

Rera followed Theo into her own and her eyes lit up with amusement as she watched him become comfortable in her home. It was odd to see, since the last time they were in each other's company, they were living at the dorms in the school. Now.. years had passed and they had their own homes but still together. All of them were such a big part of each other's lives. She switched on the kettle in preparation, but continued to listen to him.

"Have they warmed up to you?" She asked, trying to keep her voice light. The absence of the twins from her life made her more sad than she was going to let other's know. She knew what she did could be irreparable and she wasn't going to force the twins to speak to her again. Even as young as they were, she was going to respect their choices. She hadn't even talked about them to Kazuto yet, she didn't know if she could without her voice breaking.

Rera hoped that having their father there, that things would be easier. While Selene did not say so, Rera couldn't help but wonder if she had depression and that was the cause for needing extra help with the twins on top of Neveah and her husband missing. She had never minded, no matter what she said to Selene when she was upset.

The mention of Vincent made her ears perk up and she forgot about making their cups of tea for just a moment. She missed her father-figure terribly, but avoided him, much like everyone else while she was sick and when she wasn't, believed that he was ashamed of her because of what happened all those years ago. The flood and the earthquake mishaps constantly plagued her to the point she was so thankful for the necklace that kept all of that power at bay.

The neko made her way to the couch with their teas, passing Theo's to him when she got there. She sunk into the soft cushions and sighed, hoping she did not look as tired as she felt. After a bad night's sleep, Rera was worried she would end up unwell again, something she would rather avoid at this time.

"I just got better, after 2 weeks of being sick in bed.." She replied, taking a sip of her tea before continuing. "I am glad Kazuto was here, it made things so much easier.. less lonely.. I think I got better much quicker because he was around.." She felt embarrassed admitting that, considering her reaction to him being here in the first place.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 16d 17h 54m 4s
[b " Well he seems really comfortable here so I doubt he'll want to leave. "]

Theo couldn't hold back a gentle laugh in response to Rera's answer. As a matter of fact, it was very reassuring that the two were getting to know one another and getting comfortable. As they made their way back into her home, Theo shed his jacket and hung it up, taking a moment to roll his shoulders just as he used to. Ah, old habits; how they die hard.

[b " Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Selene and the kids have been keeping me busy. I've also been checking up on some contacts we made to see if they heard anything, aswell as updating Vincent. Kane is still AWOL, so nobody has any idea where he went. So overall, I have had my hands full. "]

Theo had shifted over to the couch Rera had set up in her living room, and had settled into it easily. It was very comfortable, and so he sprawled out just enough so that Rera would have enough room to sit down if she wanted to. His attention shifted for a short moment, as he wondered just where the hell Kane was and what he was up to. That old vampire had always done things his way, sometimes annoyingly so.

[b " Anyways, what have you been up to? "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 19d 17h 46m 36s
She was somewhat glad that only Theo gave her pats. It would be rather embarrassing if so many people knew how much she liked them. Relaxing further into his arms, she savoured the moment for a little longer.

When she replied, she looked up at him with her dark eyes and a soft, teasing smile on her face. "You have ruined me, Theo.. In only two weeks, I have gone from being okay on my own, to missing someone's company.. How will I fare if he leaves?"

Her tone was light and not at all serious, despite the fact it was playing a little heavily on her mind. What if Kazuto did leave? Nevertheless, she brushed away her worry, but she couldn't lie to Theo if he asked.

"How are you, my dear? I have not had a chance to speak with you since your return.." While it was hidden from most that their return early was not at all disappointing, Rera knew Theo's character and to have come back with Lucian still out there would have been a hard decision. Theo took protecting them so seriously that some negative feelings towards the matter would have lingered. Still, she would not push him for answers, he knew she was there if he wished to talk about it.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 19d 18h 24m 38s
At first, he was worried that Rera might be angry at him for any number of things; anything from him being gone to all the pain she had went through. Theo was very relieved that she was not, and was quick to hug her tightly back in return. Even though he was no longer in a position to express his love like he once did, he never forgot how important she was. Everytime they were in trouble, be it Selene or Rera or even the both of them; Theo always fought to save and protect them both. It all played a huge part in why he and Ken decided to give chase to Lucian after they had repelled him the last time.

Five years is a long time to be gone, and it feels even longer if the return is emptyhanded. They wasted so much time searching for clues after the first 2 years, eager to put a stop to Lucian away from everyone else. However, that man had outplayed them and left them to wander through several continents, only to return hom without a victory. However, Theo tried not to let that disappointment show to anyone, and so he hid it in the back of his mind. Now, he was home and had been hard at work reconnecting with everyone; especially with Selene and the children. Children whom hated him for being absent from their lives. That truth in particular was especially hard on him, which bore pain that he buried from everyone. Setting all of those thoughts aside, he gently patted Rera on the head and stroked her hair, his expression soft as it always had been.

[b " How are you, Rera? Been feeling better these days? "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 26d 2h 17m 28s
She was not quite lost in thought enough to miss the knock upon her door. As she placed her cup on the coffee table, she wondered why someone would be here so early. Maybe Kazuto was back earlier than expected and still was not comfortable to let himself in to her home.

He was very polite.

So it shocked her when she opened the door to see Theo standing there. Her brain almost didn't register his words. She still was not used to him being here, he had been gone for so long. Rera's expression became one of utter delight and she all but knocked him over as she engulfed him in a tight hug.

Rera buried her head into his chest and fought not to weep. She had missed him so much.

"It was nothing.. They are good kids.. when they want to be.." was her muffled reply.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 26d 2h 34m 25s
It had been some time since the two had shared words in privacy, so much longer than he would like to admit. Theo stared at the front door of Rera's home pensively, asking himself why he was so hesitant to knock. There was so much to say, and yet so much that probably shouldn't or needn't be said. He was tired already, and the day hadn't really even begun.

Kazuto had asked so many questions this morning, more than Theo was even prepared to answer; but the boy refused to relent, and so theo relented instead. Perhaps, that was part of the reason why he was here; to check up on Rera and see how she was doing. Of course, she was doing poorly, but perhaps Kazuto may be helping to improve her daily mood, with the exception of last night obviously. The man sighed outloud to himself and finally knocked on the door. When she did answer, he smiled sheepishly but genuinely and was quick to speak.

[b " Kids were driving me nuts so I figured I'd try to catch a break. Also, I owe you thanks for looking after them for me. "]
  Theo Stärke / WolfShot / 26d 16h 47m 3s
She slid down her door, and at some point during her musings, she had fallen asleep. Only when light had begun streaming through her open window, bathing her in golden rays, did she stir.

The melancholy from the night before did not pass during the night, rather it hit her like a cold wave, dragging her into the depths of the unknown sea. Curling up to herself, she did not move for a little while, despite being stiff and uncomfortable from being on the floor.

Rera knew she had hurt him. The short answer and his expression was evidence enough. The difficult balance of enjoying his company and protecting him was becoming harder and harder the more she let herself become close. He was so earnest that she deserved to be looked after, loved and to be happy and whole, and while it was a silly notion to her, it was so plausible to him.

It scared her because she spent so long believing she did not deserve it, to finally accept it, she would wonder how could she let someone else make her feel that way for so long. She wasted years depressed and lonely and wishing that she could be properly punished for the wrongs she had done.

Rera had done wrong, yet Kazuto was still here, ready to keep going forward. It scared her because she wanted it. She wanted to be loved, to be happy, to finally feel the warmth of the sun, to enjoy each day, not just by herself, but with someone. The act of being held in the morning, still sleepy from the night before. The young neko wanted intimacy and everything else that had been denied to her thus far and what she had spent years watching her friends and love ones experience.

Stretching out her stiff limbs, she made her way down stairs to make her and her guest a cup of tea as a peace offering for the night before. She was shocked to see the note saying he had already left and will be home soon.

Her heart sank, and loneliness engulfed her more quickly that she would have thought. In just 2 weeks, she was so used to him here and now that he wasn't.. she missed him.

Sitting on her couch, she hugged her tea to her chest. This was the first time in two weeks she had no one here, even before Kazuto, she was looking after the twins. Her house seemed so large and after a while, she wanted to resent Theo for ever having someone change her routine. She didn't like that she had become accustomed to another being in her life.

It would make it so much harder if she were to end up alone again.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 26d 16h 58m 32s
[b " I understand. "]

That was all that Kazuto could manage to say by the time Rera had bid him goodnight before closing her door. While he had prepared for her to put her walls back up, he had not expected such a harsh reaction. Were his actions really that far out of line? How badly was she treated before? He had more questions than before, with absolutely no answers to them. Kazuto looked at his right hand, the one that had held her hand, open-palmed now and turning slowly. He could not recompose himself out of the sadness that now enveloped his entirety.

He stepped into the room and gently closed the door behind him, the atmosphere around him feeling more cold and quiet than it ever had before. No, rather it has been a long time since he had felt like this. [i Failure is temporary. Learn from it.] Were the words which came to mind, and so he repeated them as he sat down on the bed.

He repeated them over and over and over, attempting to force himself to get over the feeling of rejection.

By the time morning had come around, Kazuto was awake first. To be more accurate, he had never truly went to sleep, for he had been awake all night in one of his thinking fits. He had already changed back into his clothes, which were now fresh, and had put the robe where it needed to go. He was going out today, for he had questions and wanted answers. By the time he had left, he had left a note on the kitchen table for Rera so that she would know what he was up to.

[I " Rera, I have gone out to run some errands. I don't expect to be gone long, but if I am I will attempt to bring home some dinner to save you the trouble of cooking. - Kazuto "]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 26d 20h 25m 24s

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