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[b Beginning Origins]

In the beginning, Mankind was never really alone as being the only Humanoid species to walk the planet other than apes. There were others, much less Human than himself, who also walked the Earth. But unbeknownst to him they were already adapted to looking just like man, and blending in perfectly. Until they decided to show themselves for who they truly were. And for thousands of years, Mankind could never tell the difference between himself and the men next to him.

Until they decided to expose themselves, that was.

Werewolves? Vampires? Fairies? Pixies? Dragons? Witches? Wizards? And more?
What we know from myths, stories and legends are infact; incorrect. These other species were, form the start, equally sophisticated and mimicked Mankind in general appearance, behavior and how he built his civilization. Some of these species were happy to coincide with Mankind and build civilization alongside him, whilst others looked down at him with disdain and disgust. And as Mankind grew larger and smarter, they waged war against him to send him back to the dirt.

Mankind fought back though, and he was not alone.

For centuries, wars were waged. The victors continued to build whilst the losers, if not wiped out completely, slipped into hiding to recover and remain out of sight. Mankind grew and grew and grew alongside his Humanoid allies. Until one day…

Arrogance crept into Mankind’s head and made him decide that it was his right to rule over all.

He waged his wars once more, but this time, it was against his former allies who helped him survive the darkness.

Mankind had grown stronger than everyone else, and he quickly dominated the Earth, sending all who survived into the darkness inorder to survive his onslaught. Some who survived vowed to outlive Mankind and take their revenge on him. Others just wanted to survive and recuperate in Mankind’s growing society. As time passed, Mankind allowed the other species of Humanoids of the world back into his society with semi-open arms. He built homes, schools, and other institutions for them so that they could recover and start a slow transition into his advanced world. These places, however, were mostly isolated from even the most near portions of Mankind’s society. But the Humanoids didn’t mind, for they enjoyed the secrecy they had.

[b From Shadows, Two Brothers Fight For Life]

Theo and Ken Stärke started off as almost grown adults 10 years ago at one of the schools that Mankind had built for their kind. The two brothers are ShadowShifters; beings with incredible powers concerning the ability to manipulate the very essence of the shadows of the world. Their species had almost been entirely wiped out by Mankind in wars centuries upon centuries ago. However, their species had prevailed the tests of time and had not only survived, but bounced back a small percentage. At the school, the two brothers found both love and enemies. But as troubles increased, the brothers found themselves soon embroiled within silent wars for the very sake of survival. And not only their lives, but also the lives of the ones they loved. Years passed, with times of peace and warfare mixed in and out. After enough time, however, things finally died down and the survivors could finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

[b The Dark One]

Lucion Rolo, an immensely powerful ShadowShifter hell bent on destruction of Mankind, assaulted the school with intent on killing all the survivors there for the sole reason of their seeming reliance on Mankind for survivor. Being their greatest adversary yet, the brothers fought harder and more valiantly than ever before to combat this man. Casualties and chaos ensued for well over a year, until finally they managed to drive Lucion back from their home.

Despite many attempts, they failed to kill this man, and eventually he went elsewhere to continue his crusade of vengeance.

Despite the pleas of their loved ones, the brothers gave chase for the purpose of preventing Lucion from achieving his goals. This chase went on for 5 years, while their loved ones stayed back at the school and rebuilt both the structures, and their lives.

[b The Return]

Having finally exhausted all leads and avenues of information, the two brothers return home to their loved ones. Their travels all over the Earth helped them build valuable alliances, and make numerous and vital friends and allies. Now having a network of resources and bodies to help combat any and all future enemies whom would harm them and their loved ones, the brothers finally felt like they have secured their presence within not only the world, but Mankind’s society. And they intended to protect what they held dear by any means necessary..

By any means necessary…

[I Additional Information]

- This RP started over 4 years ago between myself and three others who took a dead RP and turned into something grand. Through the years, it narrowed down to just the three of us, but we kept it together. And after much hiatus, the story is back on.
- This RP will be solely for myself and the ones who ran it with me. So it’s only a 3 crew job. Sorry to anyone whom would want to join, but that’s a definite no on this one.
- The three of us know all the site rules, so no worries.


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Navaeh looked up at Kaze, her head still in his lap. [b “I..I was just worried about your reaction..I know you want kids..but I'm not the mothering type..I'm scared..”] She said simply, her fear showing in her words. She shifted herself to where she was sitting up, wincing as she did. The simple movements hurt like hell. Physically, she was healing from her many sparing matches with Ken but it was taking a tole on her body. It kept her emotions in check though, that was all that mattered.

Navaeh shook her head, tears in her eyes as he finished speaking. He really wasn't upset with her..The woman moved closer to him, resting her face against his neck as she leaned against him. [b “I..I'm sorry for how I have acted since dad left..and how much worse I have been since he came back. I just..I'm so angry with him for abandoning me and mom..I know, before you say anything. I know he left for the greater protect us..but he left us..I can't get over that..”] She said quietly, taking his hand gently. She played with his fingers as she looked at the bed. [b “I just don't want to be a bad mother..But I know I will be..”] She whimpered, finally voicing her true fears.
  Navaeh Nicole Starke / Selene_Swift / 7d 12h 46m 50s
She didn't look down as she ran her fingers through his damp hair. Occasionally, her dark eyes would flicker to her unfinished painting, considering adding the content, half smile she saw when he was so unaware she was watching. There was something so motherly, yet so much more to the action. It was so intimate for her, to touch someone so gently and without fear. She did not know that she could miss something that she didn't know she wanted.

"Maybe we should sleep.." Rera murmured eventually, finally looking down at the male below her. Her fingers stopped their ministrations as she waited for his response. It was late when he arrived and after talking and taking care of their needs, the sun seemed to be ready to peek over the clouds and announce a new day.

"And before you suggest, it would be easier if you just stayed here.. don't head back out in the rain.."
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 9d 2h 51m 48s
Kazuto had been on the close end of nodding off when he felt fingers gently through his hair, and he didn't react much to it other than his gentle smile becoming alittle more prevalent. The lack of physical reaction in part to acknowledging the close scent that belonged to nobody other than Rera. Other than his mentor ruffling his hair from time to time as he was being rehabilitated after his liberation, noone had ever really been physical with him; neither gentle nor rough. As if touching him was regarded as a bringer of ill luck or infection, and such after his liberation much of his life had been spent lacking almost all physical interaction.

It was nice, and so very gentle. It was impossible to not appreciate every second of it, and so he did just that. Appreciating every second, and while he yearned to reach out and touch her, he decided to leave that for another moment, and so he would simply enjoy this moment as it was.
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 110d 1h 9m 37s
She just watched him. It was almost back to when she was unwell. She pretended to sleep so she could watch him. He was a stranger and she was curious, underneath her fear. That was then, now, they seemed to be friends but she was still content to watch him.

He seemed to be quite relaxed; closed eyes and a possible soft smile on the edge of his lips. It was a nice image. He deserved to be able to do so, considering how he started his time here.

Cautiously, Rera silently padded over to the back of the couch, before she gently ran her fingers through his hair, trying to aid in calming him with what she had seen Selene do with the girls when they were younger.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 93d 10h 25m 7s
[b " Well, if you do think of anything at all, feel free to ask. I apologize for interrupting your painting, so I will not trouble you further. Please, continue. "]

Kaze smiled softly and bowed before taking a seat on the small couch Rera had within her living room. It's size was perfect for the both of them should they both sit on it at once, but that thought was neither here nor there, rather for the moment he made himself comfortable and let himself settle into its plushness. He removed his glasses and set them aside with a gentle casualness as he closed his eyes and relaxed. He could've asked if he could watch her paint, among so many other questions; and he did indeed have so many more. But for tonight, he figured it all could wait and that for now he would enjoy the moment for as it was.

[i Enjoy the little things.]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 140d 10h 58m 54s
[b " I've been waiting for you to open the convo up but I understand that it may seem hard, so I'll begin.. "]

Kaze shifted and sat up, Navaeh's head now resting in his lap. He paused to take a huge yawn and stretch his arms before relaxing again, his hands finding themselves holding and gently stroking her hair. Since she knew that he knew now, it didn't make much sense that she hasn't made the effort to open up the conversation for the past week, but it was a trivial thing. If she couldn't, then he would; it was that important.

[b " Mad? Nah. I'm not mad, nor was I ever. I am a little surprised that you never let me in on it, though. I don't think I've ever come off as not wanting kids or anything, but that's neither here nor there. Point being, I know now, and that's enough. I'm happy, honestly. We're... I don't know how else to put this so I'll just say it. We're progressing, and I think that's great. Am I wrong for those feelings?]

He didn't feel as if his feelings were improper, or could be read as such. They have been together for a significant amount of time, and for a good while the relationship had stagnated, but regardless they had remained together and pressed forward. And now, with a child on the way, he really did feel as if they have finally, and truly, broke out of the stagnation to continue together as a team.
  Kaze Bastone / WolfShot / 140d 11h 6m 2s
Her fingers itched to get back into painting, but she assumed she would get no more done tonight. They both seemed too awake to sleep as well. Her lips curved into a small smile as she watched him walk to the laundry, quite content with allowing him to make himself at home; a step she would not have fathomed a few weeks ago.

Waiting for him to return, Rera sighed and noted that he was uncomfortable. No one said, ‘It’s not what I normally wear’ if they were comfortable. It made her internally wince, but there was nothing she could do unless she wanted to brave the weather and get him clothes.

While she mused, he returned, almost startling her into a mini-jump. She regarded him fondly, her black eyes gazing over his rather tall frame in her rather short robe. It fitted her just fine. It was amusing her to see him in something so ridiculous.

“I am sorry about your attire.” She murmured, pondering his question in her mind. Was there something she wished to ask? No not really. They had a long time to get to know each other if he wished to say and she was afraid to get close in case he left. Kazuto hadn’t knocked down her walls.

Then she did think of something. She opened her mouth to ask, before shutting it and shaking her head.

“No. I think I am alright for now..”
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 93d 10h 41m 57s
[i 'I know what's up..'] The words echoed in her head after he had said them. Glass shattered onto the floor as she had dropped the pitcher of orange juice. She replayed his words even after he had gone, trying to think about his words, if they had any malice in them. She hadn't detected any though. [i “Kaze!”] But he was already gone. She sighed softly and shook her head. Of course he was gone. They weren't ready for this...She wasn't the mothering type.

The woman blinked back her sudden tears and began to clean up the mess she had made. First, she threw away all of the glass, ignoring the cuts it made on her hands. The bruises and cuts from her scrap earlier with her father was already healing. It wouldn't take long until she was in perfect condition once more.

She quickly cleaned the orange juice and headed up the stairs after Kaze. Never had she been a coward, she wouldn't start now. She immediately went to the bedroom and went over to the bed. She crossed over Kaze, slipping into her spot in the bed. [b “Are you upset with me?...”] She asked nervously. He was already asleep though. Great.

She curled up to the man and yawned softly, falling asleep against the man. She was exhausted from her earlier duel. A week later, the woman woke with a soft whine, curled up to Kaze. She still hadn't discussed anything with him. She was scared to bring it up.
  Navaeh Nicole Starke / Selene_Swift / 179d 10h 33m 17s
The robe was comfortable, but the feeling was odd in more ways than one. He was in the house of another, of the female gender, wearing nothing more than a robe for the time being. It was a feeling that Kazuto could not shake off, and so he would have to do his best to mask it. Once he made his way down the stairs and saw Rera he smiled, keeping his wet clothes tucked under his arm so not to drop them and make a mess on her floor.

[b "Well, it's not what I normally wear but it will do for now. Thank you. "]

He then proceeded to where he needed to go to gently place his clothes in the washer and poured in the required detergent and set the required settings, but did not yet start the machine. Rather, he returned to the living room and resume his seat back at the table where he was earlier. Now probably wouldn't be a bad time for conversation, but his oddness hadn't mellowed or disappeared, rather it increased as he got closer to her. It was just short of completely messing his composure up.

[b " We've spent an awful amount of time where I've been asking questions. Is there maybe any questions that you have for me? "]

At this rate, it would almost seem like Kazuto was grasping at straws in terms of conversation in an attempt to hide himself and his discomfort at feeling so.. Naked.
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 198d 9h 21m 21s
It was about a third of the way through her tour did she remember that he had been visiting her for weeks now and probably knew the house already. Still, it was nice to show someone around her home. She rarely got new visitors, just the twins, who were still not accepting her apology, not that she would blame them.

Rera had gotten used to Kazuto's customs and enjoyed them. It was interesting to witness politeness and culture from another country and it never failed to make the corner's of her mouth turn up in an almost smile.

She still wasn't used to translating words from Japanese to English. She was happy that she already knew that it meant 'Thank you'.

Leaving him be, she hoped he would take some time to enjoy having a shower and being warm. She needed to organise her thoughts and ground herself.

There was no better way to do that than to paint.

As he closed the door, she went back downstairs, keeping an ear out in case he needed anything. Picking up her paints, she gave a breath then let her brush take her to where she needed to be.

20 minutes later, she heard the door open and she settled the paints back down, washing her hands and waiting for him to come downstairs. He could probably place his clothes in her laundry and wash them in the morning, it was suppose to be a nice day.
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 198d 12h 55m 5s
She had a good sense of humor, and it was one worth appreciating as he chuckled once more at her jesting before they proceeded up the stairs. He had been through this house many times, but tonight it felt alittle different. Alittle more familiar, being the best way to describe it. As if it was beginning to feel slightly more how a proper home should feel.

When he was two towels and a robe he took them gently and nodded in gratitude, more out of custom than anything else. Would there ever be a time in his future where such traditions and customs would be deemed unnecessary? He didn't know the answer to that, and probably wouldn't know for some time. But for now, he would work with whatever he has.

[b This will do just fine. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita, Rera. I won't be long. "]

He bowed gently once more, his expression soft and accompanied with a smile before he stepped into the bathroom and minded the door behind him. It took him but a few minutes to undress and to fold and set his soaled clothes aside. The water was very warm, and very relaxing, so much so that he took just a few minutes to enjoy it before resuming the cleaning. During the shower, he hadn't bothered to lock the door, for it was Rera's home and she had a right to come in if she desired to.

Luckily for his sake, she did not. Kazuto kept his shower to a fifteen minute minimum, and the wrap up to a five minute frame before he exited the bathroom, his wet clothes in his hands and his body covered by the blue robe. His ankles and shins were clearly visible, not that it really mattered.
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 201d 2h 42m 58s
His expression was worth it, even if he did not look quite as shocked as she thought he might, he was still quite confused and almost took her seriously.

And he could do the eyebrow thing.

It seemed that even male Nekos were shorter than their human counterparts, though not by much.

"How perfectly scandalous; showing your ankles." She replied, still in a jesting mood. The atmosphere had been quite solemn when he had arrived. It was nice to change that. He ought to be happy.

"If you will follow me.." It was probably as good a time as any to get him comfortable. She guided him up the stairs to where the large bathroom was, handing him towels and a robe. She was nice enough to not give him the one with the flowers and the bows. Rera had a nice pastel blue one that she lent to him.

"Do you require anything else?"
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 201d 2h 58m 18s
A skirt and blouse? What on Earth? Kazuto may be quite far from looking very athletic and physically capable but his physique still looked masculine enough for him to be determined as a male. His expression took on a confused one as he raised an eyebrow at her, only for her to smile and laugh.

Generally, Kazuto wasn't the most humorous mind around, but that didn't make him incapable of taking a joke. His expression softened as he chuckled in great amusement at Rera's jesting, his hands placing the now empty cup in the sink as he had risen from his seat and joined her at the kitchen sink. He was standing not even three feet from her, and while it was obvious that he was taller, it wasn't by a considerably amount. From his guessing, he was maybe four to five inches taller than her, at most.

[b " Alittle bit of an ankle and calf show won't cause any harm, I suppose. Save you the trouble of having to sort through my office, for it is a bit of a mess right now. "]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 201d 3h 14m 44s
Tilting her head as he spoke, Rera regarded him with a soft expression, before placing down her cup. He seemed so at ease with his human side, that when she displayed discomfort, he seemed to become more stiff and proper. She didn't wish for him to not be at ease because of her. They were just different. However, not all was lost from their intimate moment. She was relaxed enough to joke with him.

She blinked at him and incredibly deadpanned, she replied. "Not a robe.. Would a skirt and blouse do?"

Giving him time to react, she then gave a cheeky smile and laughed. "I am joking, I was going to walk, with an umbrella, to yours to get you some clothes while you showered."

She stood and placed her empty cup in the sink, "Unless of course you want one of my robes. You are taller than me though."
  Rera Gravelli / ShadesOfAutumn / 201d 3h 33m 48s
And just like that, it was gone. The warmth in her smile and her eyes was snuffed out as quickly as it had come as she seemingly recoiled back into herself. Kazuto hadn't done anything wrong, rather it was just Rera doing what she was used to doing. It was still heartbreaking, nonetheless and it created a gently awkward moment as she did so, and in response Kazuto straightened himself as he took hold of his cup of tea, and took a long drink.

A shower? That did sound nice, but here in her house? Using her shower? But what would he wear afterwards, a robe? He shifted his eyes from Rera to the cup as he mulled it over, his composure regained for the most part, except for the gentle twitch of his feline ears. It did seem like a better option than staying in his wet clothes, and he also didn't care for the idea of possibly getting sick, either.

[b " A shower would be quite nice, actually. But I think it's fair to assume you have nothing for me to wear, perhaps a robe would do if you have one? "]
  Kazuto Yoshimitsu / WolfShot / 201d 3h 45m 50s

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