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Cecilia allowed him after studying him but seeing as he had already started she could not really deny him that. She sighed as she touched her eyes [b "They were the reason many people refused to adopt or hire me. They called them bad eyes because I could see things they couldn't."] she said to him weakly as she sighed looking down at the ground slightly. [b "I did not think it was wrong to see such things but apparently it is alot of people tried to rid me of my eyes but they stay around I was wondering if you knew anything about them since you were a [i you] and all."] she muttered as she sat there.

Her head turn to the door [b "Ciel doesn't remember me at all does he? Not even a bit I don't know if I should be mad anymore that he forgot his promise or not."] she whispered weakly.
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Sebastian sighed a moment knowing the maid wasn't the best with blood or other things unless she was needed to stay strong during the battles where she protected the Lord from harm. He moved to be at her side.
[+red "May I please take a look at the rest of your wounds, and since you know what I am capable of, may I heal you."] he spoke slowly as he watched her a moment.

Even though he asked he had already started on healing some of the major wounds as well as cleaning and bandaging the old ones as to not to create a stir among the servants seeing her all the way healed. He watched her reactions while he blinked as she apologized for twitching.
[+red "It's fine.... I noticed you also have damaged your own eyes, mind telling me why?"] He asked slowly.
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MEy-rin nodded as she rushed off and brought the items before heading before heading back to the bathroom Cecilia had an old shirt on of Finny's and was currently digging pieces of bark and such out of her to avoid further infection. Mey-rin almost fainted as she called Sebastian in Cecilia look at the frantic maid with confusion. [b "This is not alot of blood"] she said slightly confused as the maid ran away to get more bandages leaving Sebastian to take care of the injuries as she blinked.

She kept quiet as Sebastian mended her wounds she blinked at him. [b "You don't have to do that those are pretty old"] she said to him as he was trying to get rid of the infection in her wounds it wasn't until his seal ran across a inverted star did Cecilia show signs of pain. She twitched [b "Sorry"] she muttered referring to her twitch even through there was no harm done by it.
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Ciel had set sat behind his large desk. If he was going to wait for her he might as well do something useful in the way of his toy company. The young teen shifted through documents of contracts and stocks and other such things, signing things he was happy with and scrawling notes in his neat script on the page for what changes he need before he would sign the documents as the butler soon came in with a tea trolley pouring the earl a cup in the fine china he owned before setting it on the desk and moving outside the door in order to talk with May-Rin.

The statement about her woulds was rather unnecessary but he knew it was intended to warn him that she might not make it. But being a demon he had ways of healing the girl though none could be considered pleasant as mending bone hurt mote than breaking it did.
[+red [b "I will see yo her wounds before bringing her to the lord, we do not know her, and though we know she has a connection to the Lord I want you to watch her, If she pulls a knife on him don't hesitate to shoot her, though I'd rather you keep her alive if it comes to that though I doubt it will"]] he spoke easily to her as he moved to walk to where the girl was.
[+red [b "When we get to her please make sure she is covered enough so she is comfortable enough for me to look at her wounds, also I'll need hot water and linen to dress the wounds properly."]] He didn't plan on just dressing the wounds rather mending what he could but if the girl injured as she was looked entirely fine after he helped their would be suspicion in the house.
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Cecilia followed MEy-rin listening to her talk as she looked around the house the magic was faded but she knew it was a copy. She sighed weakly as she moved with the maid. She undressed herself and kindly asked Mey-rin to leave so she could wash herself. Mey-rin did but it was only to go get her clothes. Cecilia scrubbed her body of the grunt on her skin before actually getting in the tub. She quickly finished her bathing and tended to her own wounds wincing slightly at the pain as she refused to let anyone she her in pain. [b "Wear your mask even if it has cracks"] she whispered softly.

However during her bath Mey-rin was telling Sebastian about her injuries [#008b00 "Her leg is not the only thing there is alot of injuries some infected and they way she moved she might have so internally as well"] she said with her glasses on her head leaning against the wall. [#008b00 "She knows her way around weapons by the amount of knives in her clothes I say she favors them"] she finished her report and went to help Cecilia before walking her to the lord's study.

Cecilia was no longer dirty however he skin had a sickly blue tint to it and her hair was in waves her eyes were dead no emotions she really was tempted to die but she wanted Ciel to remember her first.
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Ciel listened to the words she spoke and gave a curt nod to her as he started to get annoyed with the girls tone with him. While they were the same age they were no where near the same rank on the social ladder. He watched her rub her eyes as he wondered what caused her pain. He knew that there was still problems from the pain inflicted on him from that time as he slowly wondered if it was the same for her.

Once at the manor gates the butler prepared for them leaving watching them get to the main doors he moved out of the carriage helping his master and the girl out of the confining box before smirking at the girl's reaction.
[+red [b "I have been here for quite some time, and hell is quite noisy"]] He held a smile not matching up with his words that seemed overly sweet at the moment as he let out a sigh a moment as his face got stern just as May-Rin had started tumbling down the stairs. He moved quickly almost just a shadow catching the girl to keep her from hurting herself.
[+red "May-Rin, we have a guest who requires a change of clothes and a bath, be careful she has a broken leg, I will be preparing tea for the two and they will be talking in the young lords study."]] He spoke giving the maid the directions to go about as Ciel simply walked past and up the stairs heading to his study hoping to get the paperwork done and come up with a brilliant lie about the girl's demise.
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[b "If things were always normal the world would be boring wouldn't it."] she whispered [b "You own a toy company surely you would understand that you cannot always stay with the normal sometimes the most abnormal things make the greatest entertainment."] she said but there was a bitterness in her voice a cold hate lace in her words. As she stare out the window after a while she rubbed her eyes in pain how many times had she tried to blind herself and it never worked it never stop her from seeing the dead.

As they pulled up to the manor she sighed now she would be in for it. As they stop and got out she heard yelling in the manor and covered her sensitive years. She looked at Sebastian [b "How are your ears not hurting if mine our and your ears more sensitive than mine?"] she said whispering as she limp behind them finding it hard to walk with her leg straight.

Suddenly she was greeted with a sight of a maid tumbling down the stairs Cecilia went to whistle but a shadow figure seemed to have slowed Mey-rin at the last second so she would not break anything when she landed. Cecilia held up an harm wincing as she was splashed slightly with the water from the bucket. She was not harmed by it though through the water did sting against her raw skin. Cecilia pushed some of her hair back showing more scaring around her neck as if someone had tried to strangle her.
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Ciel looked at the mark at the base of her neck controlling his urge to wince at the idea of it only offering a polite nod in response to her question the topic making him feel rather uncomfortable. Her tone didn't bother him, he was far used to worse but the idea of someone knowing so much about his past, including the parts he didn't know was unsettling. He heard him address his butler as he looked at Sebastian also curious as to why the demon chose him

[+red [b "I prefer to have a hand in cultivating my meals, and the young lord's soul only needs slight seasoning to be the best meal one such as I could dream."]] Ciel had in fact had heard this several times, it wasn't a lie so he was allowed to say it but he also knew that wasn't the entire truth of the situation and he wondered if he would ever really know what the butler had in store. He watched her reactions as she mutter to herself as he smirked a moment.

[+blue [b "You might find that Sebastian is one of the few staff who fits the mold of a normal servant, though I guess you'll learn that soon enough"]] He spoke slowly as he only hoped Snake wasn't cleaning the lights in the foyer again with a tight rope and scare her half to death.
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[b "You don't remember than maybe it's better that way"] she sighed to him as she showed him her neck where the seal was as she moved her hair back. [b "They put yours on a few hours after me. It's on your back right? Yes I was there I told you all what they were going to do and every single one of you said I was stupid that things like that do not exist."] she said her tone was hard and cold like ice. As her eyes went to Sebastian's trying to figure him out.

[b "What I don't understand is you the spell they were going to preform even with him would not be enough to drag someone of your rank out. Is it so boring down there that you needed a new game?"] she asked Sebastian with her head tilted. [b "Technically we start dying the second we are born so it all a matter of perspective."] she muttered as he warn her about the staff she rolled her eyes [b "You have him as a butler you can not get any stranger then that"] she said to him her hand twitched slightly as if she were playing violin strings she caught herself and made her hand into a fist.
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Ciel was slightly surprised the girl in front of him could tell what the butler was the demon. Obviously she had been there but his memories of that time were spotty and almost to much for him to handle.
[+blue [b "Yes they used me, but he took more of a liking to me than them.... I take it you know me then..."]] He spoke simply as he knew that once at the manor she would need more care.

[+blue [b "If you must know yes, she also instructed me to not let you live but I don't like being told what to do."]] he stated simply watching her gaze as he wondered what she was doing.
[+blue "I must inform you the manor's staff isn't the most traditional, I will expect you to treat them all kindly"]] He knew most the staff was a little overwhelming, sometimes it was personality or looks but no one on the staff could be considered normal
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The same sound made its way out of her limps along with mutters in another language as she kneeled too roll up her leg. Her leg had already began to swell and the scars and scrapes on it were infected. Still she let Sebastian do what he was told. When they were inside and moving Cecilia open her mouth. [b "So they chose you to raise him?"] she nodded her head towards Sebastian. [b "The yard had nothing on me so the Queen called you to run after me?"] she said a part of her was angry she kept up her end of the deal but he never followed through with his as she gripping her clothes tighter to her body to bite back the cold seeping in through the layers.

She turned her eyes to look outside still as dead as they day they had met however she was now the one that was smaller then him. Her head was pounding softly as she notice thousands of dead spirits roaming around in the streets and she could see them. The years of being electrocuted through told her to keep her mouth shut.
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Ciel easily made it to the carriage and got inside waiting for the girl as he noticed her leg a moment.
[+blue [b "Sebastian split her leg, I am not having her bump around in here and injuring it more]] He spoke simply as he got comfortable watching the girl a moment as she starred down at the ground. The young lord made a small sound of annoyance but didn't say much else as he waited for the girl to get in the carriage.

[+red [b "Yes my lord."]] Sebastian seemed to almost pull the needed items out of nowhere before kneeling in front of the girl.
[+red [b "young miss, may I please see you leg, it will only take but a moment for me to bandage you up."]] He spoke smoothly to her her waiting her response red eyes trained on her.
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This did nothing to sooth the girl as she let out a so whistle after awhile there was an echo of the whistle and she smirked. They had killed the man she might have been capture but the man was still dead. It was true she murder with rage and it made her work sloppy but she hardly left behind any evidence for people to find unless they knew the mark. [b "They all are getting what they had coming to them"] she growled there was a scar on the back of her neck where her hair did not cover it was the burn marking that matched the one on Ciel's hip.

Her's however was deformed like she had taken her bare hands and dragged her nails across it. The walked back to his carriage as she kept her red brown eyes on the ground. 'Demon eyes' is what they called them she saw things she shouldn't and got in trouble for it. She limped behind them her leg throbbing in pain but she was used to pain it made no difference to her.
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Ciel had been lazy about finding the girl at first. She was killing the people who had plan to kill in the first place, but she was being sloppy leaving a trail behind her and causing an uproar in the Scotland Yard. Eventually they got involved and he had Sebastian watching her movements and eventually they caught her in the act while Ciel had been hidden in the shadows. She had made a break for it but that was to be expected. Most humans were the same sinful creatures who valued their own lives more that anything. Ciel sent he butler ahead to fetch the girls with specific orders not to kill her but to detain her as he had questions as to why the girl was targeting those who had tried to kill him, those who had slain his family.

"In truth I do know of the deeds the wretched man has done, that is why my master has asked me to show you mercy and simply detain you rather then ending your fragile existence." Despite the darkness in his words the butler's voice was pleasant and peaceful as if he were asking her to tea rather than letting her know she was now in a game of cat and mouse and she was going to be cornered.

A sigh left the butlers lips as he hear the crude language she was using.
"When my master arrives you will not use such rude words and language, it doesn't befit a young lady no matter her up bringing." His tone was that of almost scolding her like a child who wanted to spoil their dinner with sweets. "Here he comes"

The blue haired teen had finally caught up walking slowly as if taking a stroll and not on a mission as the queen's guard dog. He was dressed finally in a thick wool coat lined with fur to keep him warm as sturdy well crafted leather and fur boots covered his feet the rest of his attire not seen under the plush coat as he held a bored expression. His face changed slightly seeing the girl a moment as he turned to walk aback the other way
"Sebastian, bring her to the manor with us, be sure to find her clothes and prepare a hot meal and tea, I will question her in the comfort of my home." He spoke easily turning to walk back to the carriage as he
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[i "Fuck my life and I cannot for one second catch a damn break can I”] she thought as she landed on the ground with a sicking crack in her leg she bit her lip to stop her from yelling in pain. One look and you could tell she had been on the streets for a while her pants were soaked from snow and sew up multiple times. Her hands red from the harsh wind that blew around right through the wholes in her clothes. Her shirt was thin and not made for the winter condition and the over coat she wore was fray and brown in some areas. The coat was missing some buttons showing a scare along her neck. But she was also covered in blood.

Cecilia glare at the man that was chasing her [i 'How did he catch up so fast?'] she thought confused. She try to stand and she tried to look tough the street life had taken its toll on the girl she was used to being beaten and threaten but she would be damn if she was about to let the butler catch her after he saw her murder her victims. [b “His damn head was going to give me enough to make it through the next two weeks! You adults know shit about the hell he has done to people! ”] she said as she went to attack him again all of her life she had been pushed around but not this time she was not going to let it happen.

[b “ I spent four weeks memorizing his damn schedule so that I could take him out tonight but then you had to come in a mess that fucking up.”] She had a mouth on her but unlike so many other kids that talked like vulgar people she was doing it rather like a normal class citizen would.

The girl was skinny and it was easy to see she was starve on her face she had some red areas that look like they were healing cuts she did not want pity she never want it because it pissed her off. But she was different she stuck to the people that harmed kids. Unfortunately, that meant she would get rape but it was to protect others. 'To keep my promise to the blue hair boy even through he did not keep his'.
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