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a place where you can be part of a family pm me if you want to join
Stuff you can do:
pretty much anything you want just follow normal es rules

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Little Sisters: Zaida
Mother: Dragoncita
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"Keka I need to find help." She said as she looked up at him and then at his leg. "Your bleeding." She explained as she tore a peace off of her dress and tied it tight around his leg.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 25d 23h 33m 28s
Kekaishia pulled her towards him hugging her tightly. "Don't think its your fault" he said in a caring voice. Kekaishia laid down on the ground still holding his sister. "It'll be alright. As long as we are together we will be fine" He kissed her forehead. Then stared up at the ceiling of the cave. "Hopefully the store passes soon."
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 25d 23h 35m 49s
"Sorry for what?" she asked as she smiled and got them into the cave. "If i didn't drop Teddy you wouldn't have gotten hurt." She said as she looked at him with sad eyes.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 25d 23h 55m 18s
Kekaishia watched as his sister struggled to get them to the cave. He held her bear and the umbrella over her trying to do his best to help. "Im sorry sis"
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 25d 23h 56m 49s
"we need to get you out of the rain." She said as she tried to help him. putting his harm around her small frame, she started to walk to the cave. What was she going to do now?
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 30s
Kekaishia looked up at his sister "Maybe" he said in pain. He pulled his leg out from under the tree and tried to stand. Each time he tried the pain was so unbearable that he would fall again. "The bone is shattered." He said through gritted teeth.
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 26d 2m 30s
"Keka are you okay?" She asked as she sat up and looked at his leg. "Can you move it?" She was now worried about her big brother. Biting her lower lip she handed him her bear and the umbrella.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 6m 56s
Kekaishia stopped and ran back over to where her teddy had dropped he allowed her to pick it up then looked down at her and smiled "Hold onto him okay" As he said this a bolt of lightning struck a tree a few feet from where they were standing. Kekaishia looked up from his little sister as the tree began to fall. In a second he moved out of the way but not before the tree landed on his leg crushing it. Kekaishia fell and tightened his hold on her trying to protect her from the ground as they both landed into the mud.
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 26d 8m 38s
Hiding her face in his shoulder she giggled lightly and held on to him her bear dropping to the ground. "My Teddy." She yelled as she reached out for it.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 17m 51s
Kekaishia looked around trying to find a place to take shelter they were in the middle of a massive park and the closest building was 3 miles in each direction. As he glanced around he saw a small cave like rock formation about 100 feet away. "I gotcha" He said as he began to run towards it holding her tight to his chest.
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 26d 20m 27s
"Yes Keka." She said as she held the umbrella over there heads and her bear in the other hand. She still wasn't sure about the gas mask thing but if that's what her older brother liked then it was okay with her.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 25m 9s
Kekaishia wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. "Need something to make me stand out right?" he smiled as held her the rain began to pick up a bit. "Lets go find somewhere to hide till the rain calms down."
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 26d 27m 34s
Rain nodded and giggled a little bit. "I'm just not used to seeing it on you." She said as she reached up for him to hold her. There was an unbreakable bond between the two, that no one could explain.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 48m 39s
"It makes noise" he put the mask back on and began to breath normal as he listened to see if he could hear a noise. "I dont hear anything" he said in a muffled voice. "Do i look weird with this on?" he smiled as he asked it
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 26d 51m 43s
Rain let out another small giggle and smiled. "If you want to hide your face you should use something that doesn't make so much noise." She said as she made the umbrella go over both of them.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 26d 56m 6s

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