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[center [b Purpose:]
This thread's purpose is to keep track of each individual Imperial Arm that has been created. In the case that a person loses their Imperial Arm, whether through death or some other method. Also, it will be in alphabetical order. This list is accessible to all alignments and can be referenced in character.]

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[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Evolution
[b Type of Weapon:] Gauntlet
[b Picture:] [ Evolution]
[b Power:] The ability to create weapons out of pure plasma energy. Giving them a blue and cyan coloring to them. They hold no actual weight, but the traits of the weapon can be altered on a basic level. The traits involving, impact, speed, power, and other such things can be affected. If only one in particular is altered, then that one part of the weapon is maximized in strength. However, if affected in a general way then the weapon is three times stronger than a regular version of the weapon.
[b Utility:] Evolution doubles the user's ability to regenerate passively. However, this ability can be applied to the recovery of lost limbs or organs. However, it requires an entire week's worth to fix any organ lost. This includes vital ones, an example being the heart. But it takes ten full seconds to do so. If the user would die from its loss, they are put into a form of stasis. If the limb or organ would like to be healed faster, then an additional week is sacrificed and the time is reduced to five full seconds. It cannot be shortened any further.
[b Necessary Trait:] A flexible fighting style that can adapt to any situation, and a link to the person's life, body, and mind through their nervous system.
[b Materials:] Created from Lithanium. An alloy of metals only found on the peak of the highest mountain that has been struck by lightning and pure plasma. Capturing the energy within it and making it into a raw material. Also, the bodies of several lightning, storm, and energy-based dragons were infused in the gauntlet. Giving it the ability to link with the lifespan of the user and giving them the ability to regenerate like a dragon can.
[b Deactivated Form:] A gauntlet that has a faint blue coloring to it.
[b Weakness:] If the gauntlet is damaged -depending on the damage dealt- it will drain the user's lifespan until it has repaired itself. Requiring a maximum of one week's worth. However, the generation of weapons cannot be done while it is being repaired. Furthermore, if the gauntlet is damaged during combat, then all weapons generated are half as effective. In the case that the gauntlet is physically destroyed, then it begins to reassemble on the user. However, it saps half of the user's current life span to repair itself.

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[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Imperial Secret
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] It is actually a blade that is a short sword with the ability to become chain like but the weapon comes with two additional things , a shield, and a hat. The hat and shield appear when then the blade is used.
[b Picture:] Character is wielding it.
[b Power:] The blade can cut through light and dark , and can be turned into a 30 foot chain that can be thrown into and appear from dimensional portals. The portals may appear from anywhere the user can see with their poor vision. The hat can can give false visions, give the person a mind vision that can be used similar sonar, and can see a bit into the future . The shield can make a light barrier completely surrounding the user, reducing much of the damage until broken with enough damage, and can create a reality rift in which her and her opponent are shifted to fight until one dies A.K.A No Way Out.
[b Utility:] The book gives her a free rein to put her enemies into a black or white abyss marble. (Only usable when target is grabbed and can be used for up to a day and can be used once again after she sleeps for the length of period she used the skill. If attacked she may have to stop using the skill. The book also has the ability to bring up almost any necessary information needed if Luna asks and it can create portals for fast travel only to places she has been to though. The book can be used to heal others or self for minor damages.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must always use the three pieces together or they are unusable. The owner must also be willing to give up their eyesight and memory slowly.
[b Materials:] The materials are unknown but story has it that a god made a deal with a clan of humans giving up there souls to make the ultimate weapons. They are believed to be embedded in the blade.
[b Deactivated Form:] The blade turns into a dagger, the eyes on the hat and book close when out of combat or they disappear when she isn't holding the blade.
[b Weakness:] Going blind so eye sight is poor, nightmares every night, if the user loses hold of the blade then the hat and shield disappear back into the blade and takes a lot energy to continuously use the shield and eye. The user is also a bit forgetful when using the book and the eye for its utility due to the fact both abilities require a sacrifice of memories to see into the future and to obtain needed info.

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[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Incursio
[b Type of Weapon:] Armor
[b Picture:] [ Incursio]
[b Power:] A suit of armor that augments the wearer’s physical abilities as well as adapts to its user. It has incredible defensive capabilities.
[b Utility:] Allows the user to turn invisible. Time is dependent on the user’s skill with the armor.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must have great physical strength in order to use its abilities since they’re so taxing on the body.
[b Materials:] The Incursio was made out of a Tyrant, and extremely powerful Danger Beast. It’s so powerful its flesh is still alive inside of the Incursio which grants it it’s great power.
[b Deactivated Form:] The Incursio takes the form of a short sword with a chain link tassel in its sealed form.

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[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Kageki Pact
[b Type of Weapon:] Tanto
[b Picture:] [ Kageki Pact]
[b Power:] Enables the user to manipulate their own blood, using it as a weapon, to stop bleeding and to purge poison.
[b Utility:] User becomes a shadow and a ghost.
[b Necessary Trait:] Strong mental training. While it may work for other's it will always be loyal to the Kageki, to the point of killing its wielder to return to them.
[b Materials:] The blood of the Kageki's founding members and a shadow dragon.
[b Deactivated Form:]
[b Weakness:] Utility doesn't work in light and yes you can get stuck in walls and die.

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[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Legion
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] Sword
[b Picture:] [ Legion]
[b Power:] Creates shadow duplicates.
[b Utility:] Enhances user's natural abilities for as long as the wielder can withstand.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must be sharp in mind and pure of heart to unsheathe
[b Materials:] Legion was forged from metals found exclusively in Diablo's Crater, a hold in the earth that is said to be the closest point to hell.
[b Deactivated Form:] In Legions deactivated form, it is just a sheathed katana.

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