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Empire, resistance.

Order, chaos

Old, new

Imperialism, radicalism.

Then again perhaps both were a bit radical?

The young man watched the city bustle about from the high rooftops where he could see all without many spotting him. It all felt rather alien to him. Disconnecting. So many people in one place, was anyone worried that the other person could knife them at any moment? Was there any reason to have such huge cities? They seemed to only cause issues. Though the city though he could hear it, whispers, but the whispers were growing. Ideals were starting to clash. Who would win? Would the city soon burn with such passion? Would this civil war cause a rift that the empire will never recover from? Maybe the Imperial Arms will be their end?

So many whispers, so much fear hidden in plain sight, yet no one noticed.

Perhaps they just ignored the fear?

Was there even a point to this whole resistance thing though? Trade one overly powerful regime for another.The money still will flow as it would, some brat's ass will sit on a throne. People will still suffer.

In truth it mattered not this young man,yet in a way it did. Amazing a month ago he was traveling to brothel to brothel. A pathetic husk until approached by an agent of the Nightraid. Seemed someone had done their research because they knew exactly what strings to pull on him.

The deal was simple, use his skill to help the Nightraid and in turn they will aid in any information regarding his grand father. Though that truly wasn't fair, a take down of his grandfather would also aid them in their cause. Beyond that, he trusted the Night raid just as less as the empire.

Never trust a person who can put an arrow through your heart as fast and silent as you can. That's how he saw it.

So now he was here. In this city, a place he felt the most out of place of, to go and try and meet this 'leader' of the Night Raid to seal this deal and get to work. He was unsure how much this...

He paused for a moment taking out the slip telling a shot description of this leader he had to meet
"Lady Vance" He spoke aloud with an almost dull surprise realizing he was to address a proper lady. His voice sounded rough, like it hadn't been used in weeks. He himself was almost surprised by how his voice sounded.
"Well I'm sure this Lady Vance won't be a dull lady to be around like most proper ladies I have known" With that he dropped into the crowd to try and blend in as best as man covered in leather armor and with bunch of weapons can.

Keeping in dense crowds and darken alleys. With bow in hand and keeping his other hand where his sword was he went fallowing the whispers,hints, and trails to try and find this Klonoah Vance, leader of the Night Raid.
  Aztook The Ranger / Sonicspeedx13 / 5y 300d 23h 40m 16s
[b [+orange "Well, it seems that the streets will be my home until I can earn some money from a contract."]] Riley put away his wallet and sighed. Taking another look at the contract board. As he looked at it, he saw what seemed like a rather simple mission. Retrieve the item desired and kill anyone or anything that gets in your way. He took the contract down from the board and went over to claim it as his. It didn't take forever, but the reactivation of his mercenary account was necessary.

When the people there heard that the account of "Riley Fenthius" was being reactivated, they all were a bit shocked that someone was claiming to be the infamous man. One guy even walked up to him, placing his hand on Riley's shoulder and annoying Riley by stating that Fenthius was long dead and gone. That it was incredibly unlikely that anyone would ever be able to access that account.

However, a brawl soon started. Riley took the man's hand off his shoulder, restrained the guy with his own arm, and then kicked him out of the office. The crowd then spread out into a ring and Riley walked out and the man got him and his friends ready for combat. Riley grinned at this opportunity to test his skills against other mercenaries. After all, he did need to get used to fighting other humans again.

[b [+orange "Well. I see you outnumber me eight to one."]] The leader scoffed at Riley's remark and basically ordered his men to attack without hearing what Riley was saying next. [b [+orange "Seems like a fair fight."]]

The men charged at him. Rushing at him with blades drawn and shields at the ready. However, Riley felt like testing out his own strength first; before using the power of Evolution against them. The men were sloppy in their movements. While Riley was still rusty, it wasn't long for him to get back into his movements. Throwing the men about like scarecrows full of straw. Easily outmaneuvering them and disarming them. It wasn't long until the leader and him were the only two people left.

However, as the leader attacked, Riley wasn't moving at his normal level and the leader was able to keep him off-balance and getting in a few shallow cuts as deep as a small paper-cut. Riley backed off for a moment now very aggravated by this man. It was time to unleash a storm upon his enemy. He didn't care if the man lived or died, but he knew that it was time to stop pulling his punches. [b [+orange "I think it's time I get down to business and finish this fight."]]

Evolution, on Riley's right hand, glowed with a neon-blue and cyan color. Its light getting brighter and brighter as a weapon of plasma and lighting was forming in his right hand. Something that was one of his favorite weapons; a halberd. It cracked and sizzled in the air as Riley gripped it in his hands. His opponent now caught off guard as Riley rushed him. While he didn't want to kill the leader of this little group, Riley cut straight through the man's torso. Severing him in half as the sound of cracking thunder and lighting echoed in the city along with the flash of blue light. The man's body collapsed as Riley put away the weapon of pure energy and no blood leaded as the wound had been completely fried.

Popping his neck, Riley addressed the now-dead leader, not caring whether the man could hear him or not while dead. [b [+orange "Thanks for the warm-up. Hopefully you survived. If you didn't, good luck burning in hell for the rest of eternity."]]
  Riley Fenthius / Crow37 / 5y 301d 6m 47s
[+darkslategray "One step, two step, three step, four~ Next thing you know, they're at your door~ Five step, six step, seven step, eight~ If you play right, they'll meet their fate~"] Pale fingers snapped as their owner skipped down the cold street.

[+darkslategray "If you look into their eyes~ you will see their darkest lies~ From you they can't hide their intentions, though soon you will find in their reflections, all they care for is their inven-..tions..Hm...Well aren't these all quite cheap?"] The girl stopped her singing, now distracted by the board in front of her. Now thinking, she rested her hands on her hips. [+darkslategray "Well then..either everyone has become a cheapskate, or suddenly we're reenacting The Great Depression, part two."]

After a good long search, she saw a paper near the top of the board. The numbers across it weren't that many, though they were at least more than the others.

[+darkslategray "Oh you must be joking..What kind of gimmick is this, eh?"] Faieur tapped her foot with her arms crossed, debating on if it was worth it or not, then began to reach her hand up.

[+darkslategray "Dammit all..I ought to kill the bloody fool that decided to place this up here. What is this, some kind of privilege to the tall?"] She cursed beneath her breath as she jumped, now not finding the humiliation of this worth it. Even so, she eventually took hold of the paper and ripped it down. Looking over it, she didn't see any difficulty in her way. [+darkslategray "What a bore..oh well. It will at least suffice for some new supplies."] After folding it quite neatly, she slipped the paper into the inside pocket of her coat.

Fai still hoped for some sort of better bounty. Even the repair of someone's house would grant more than this dime-store relic. Back to her snapping with rhythm, she walked whilst looking about her. There were many people. Some from the Empire and others commoners, perhaps even the infamous Nightraid. Along with herself, there were even Freelancers, though she considered herself at least of a better class than the hired killers. There was another thing about them that she wasn't in relation to.

Even some simple commoners were found with one. Although she was well respected and known for her careless ways and 98% success rate, she didn't carry the most required thing in the land.

An Imperial Arm.

Unlike the others, Fai didn't use those creations as a weapon, defense, or even as a simple neutral device. Rather, she took what ones she could and experimented upon them, finding all about their pretty little insides. It wasn't as though she didn't already understand their functions and the make-up of each, though there was always more to learn. Especially when you had a goal like hers.

For this reason, she seemed to inspect every device that she passed with a curious eye. Pointing them out wasn't too much of a difficulty, though figuring out their activated forms was quite the entertainment. As she watched the crowds, she continued her snapping and quiet song, only whispering the words to herself.

[+darkslategray "One step, two step, three step, four~ Next thing you know, they're at your door~ Five step, six step, seven step, eight~ If you play right-...oh, who cares to play properly in this day in age?"] A dark yet quite chuckle escaped her.
  Faieur Lilith / Akiho / 5y 301d 10h 8m 11s
Luna was a bit bored always sitting around at the castle. She was barely ever given a mission, in the past year she was given only 8 missions. "Hmm I wonder if I'm no longer needed." She walked to a nearby window and looked over the fading city, her eyes couldn't really see the edges of the city anymore, it was a city fading in many ways other than from her eyes. "I want to buy some noodles so I'll head out....." she summoned her imperial arm and with a few whipers from her into her book she vanished from the castle. The guards didn't really bother protecting Luna for two reasons she wasn't a royal by blood and she was extremely dangerous and didn't want anyone following her around.
She reappeared at a udon noodle shop where she visited casually in a seat that was always reserved for her "Hello Mister I'll take the usual." The man smiled and began quick preparations for her meal, he finished extremely fast and handed the bowl to Luna. "Thank you." She gave him a smile and the coins for the food. Luna gulped down the food in 3 or so mins and left the shop "I'll just walk home today and see if I can catch something." She had already killed a decent amount of Imperial arms users, but left them for night raid and othrs for more challenges. This was checking the bait on her traps to see if any of them caught something and her walk was a check on the city. Everyone moved out of her way when she walked some even ran away, she was feared by many and respected by many. She continued walking along to see if she saw suspicious characters.
  Luna V Britannia / KaaiYuki / 5y 301d 13h 35m 6s
Jubei shakes her head "there are Imperial arms that can freeze oceans and flatten cities in minutes, those danger beasts you've killed are childs play, don't rush in with a toy you can't use" her tone hadn't changed, she wasn't mocking him, she was serious. Jubei didn't wait for a reply, she was already walking off into the nearest dark alley and she'd be gone before he could reach her making use of her own Imperial arm to make sure she wasn't followed.

Rather then exiting the alley back into the street she bypassed a few buildings and came out a different ally on the same street she had just left but only to cross the street into another, she didn't bother disappearing in this one. Alley ways would only get her so far and she soon found herself walking the market again and of course a small group of guards had started following her hooded figure's ducking in and out of alleys always attracted guards. She debated killing them, they did work for the Empire after all, but did that mean they themselves were evil? Evil by association? The rebels want to bring down the Empire, that means war, war needs troops, like those guards. Less guards, less troops, more chance the Empire dies. She lead them away, somewhere dark and secluded, she would find out what they wanted first, she wanted a reason first.

The guards didn't have a good reason and they had died, to an onlooker would see a group of guards suddenly fall, nobody attacked them, nobody else was even around. Jubei slipped away and got back to shopping, a few coins better off. People had started gathering around the dead guards, people had seen what happened but couldn't explain it, they didn't see who killed them or how, they didn't see Jubei walk past them. She was questions, along with most people in the market, she lied of course, with that out of the way and her shopping done she started home.
  Jubei Kageki / ripkay / 5y 301d 15h 20m 55s
Almost finished Augus thought to himself as he listened to Rosh punt out the push-ups he was doing. Augus say in the shade in deep thought as he always did in times where he finished training before Rosh but before they moved on to sparring. In his Imperial Arm Grand Chariot on of the only people in the entire Empire who could match his pace while training was Rosh which was a small part if why Augus agreed to take on the duty of keeping watch over Rosh to ensure his recklessness didn't destroy anything more than the empire's enemies. 'The beast of Mallowmore' august thought to himself. It was a well deserved title for Rosh, however he was not the only monster the capital has eyes on.

Several months before Augus and Rosh were sent to the western region with a small group of 1000 soldiers and given the mission to quell a small civil war that had the potential to create turn into a large foothold for the revolutionary army. When they arrived the westerners seemed to have known they were coming and launched a surprise attack. Quick to react the both of them had escaped the attack and donned their armors Incursio and Grand Chariot. Enraged that he had not been prepared for a sneak attack Augus succumbed to the rage if the tyrant demon that was a part of his armor and gone into a frenzy.

When Augus had come to his senses again there was no rebel left to fight a civil war. All that was left of the battlefield was fire and death. Rosh seemed excited by Augus' outburst and the soldiers of his who did survive remarked that he was not unlike a demon. Since that battle whispers of the Rampaging Demon began to circulate around the Capital and throughout the entire Empire.

As much as Augus enjoyed the nickname and what it brought him, he knew has was far from truly being a demon. He saw himself as a weapon, the one who could give him what he wants the most would have access to his power and for now the one doing that was the Empire. The money was great and he was able to give his family and village the lives they could only have dreamed of but he also knew that the Empire wanted him under their control so he wouldn't be tempted by the offers of joining any rebel armies. An effective method although not 100% accurate, Even though Augus' will bent towards the person with the greatest offer he did have a code of honor and that he would follow above any orders.

Augus continued to sit in silence for a moment wishing that Rosh would finish his training already as he had things he needed to do but was not permitted to leave Rosh unattended. He used to be able to leave him with the third member of their little team but since they left it was only Augus that was around to keep an eye on him.

Augus got up and began to walk around the training field out of boredom, looking at the birds as the flew by. He remembered a time when he was young, before working tirelessly for the Empire when he would don Grand Chariot and fly in the sky with the birds. His armor was always just for battle, he found a way to relax while also training with his armor as putting the armor on required a monstrous amount if strength and will. His armor is not unlike Incursio and that should be a given as Incursio is the prototype creation of his own Imperial Arm. Augus smirked as he watched the birds 'one day when the bloodshed has come to an end I'll soar with the birds once more'.
  Augus / AfroBrent / 5y 301d 18h 31m 34s
[h3 For my guns]

5043… 5044…

Rosh bounced from the ground and up, repeatedly, his hands keeping him up as his chest would come down and barely touch the surface of the ground. Push-ups were a great way to build strength; even though Rosh was considered to already be incredibly strong he had the firm belief that one could always be stronger. On his time off, he did lots of weight training and muscle building, combat training with his partner, and when he was actually allowed to venture beyond the castles massive walls he would either see the sights or venture into the wilderness and fight high level danger beasts… Without Incursio of course, that would just make it way too easy.

See, Rosh was a hunter, only believing his life actually started when he began hunting Danger Beasts. There was nothing out there that was as fierce as what was inside of Rosh, which is why he’s known as “the Beast of Mallowmore”… And also why the Empire has essentially grounded him to the castle walls. He’s been with the Empire for three years now, only recently has he actually been told not to leave the castle unless instructed to. Generally he does what he’s told, you know, considering the Empire pays him [i quite] a large sum of money to do so… Well, in any case, they really couldn’t afford for him to be a free agent out and about, even without an Imperial Arms. He’s heard the whispers. He’s much too dangerous. Rosh rolls his eyes a little in between push-ups. If the Empire didn’t have him, Nightraid probably would. Really the only upside to being with the Empire is getting Incursio which augments his already outrageous strength like, he doesn’t know, five, ten times its level? Who knows, math wasn’t his thing. It was probably more.

And six thousand. Rosh tilts to the side, a few slabs of concrete blocks sliding off his back and onto the floor. He stands up and stretches a little bit, cracking his back and his neck. He was starting to run out of things to do around the castle. Nobody here could really match his strength, save for Augus, and apart from that they weren’t even willing to spar with him in the first place. It was probably because of the whole being grounded thing. He lets out a small sigh. Funny story about that actually. Augus and Rosh are generally together all the time, but this one time they were short on men in the city and they sent just Rosh in. Cutting a short story even shorter, whatever the threat was , Rosh caused some major collateral damage to an entire block in the city, and that was just him playing nice! No casualties since it got cleared out prior, thankfully, but still, the boss was pissed at him. He got the job done, but you know, property damage and stuff. This is also why now Augus and Rosh are [i never] apart anymore. Not that he didn’t mind the company; he just didn’t like feeling like he was on a leash.

Stretching a little bit again, Rosh stands on his hands. Now that he was upside down and looking behind him, he could see poor Augus just watching him... Babysitting him, if you will. He just sort of rolls his eyes at the thought again. He remembers back when it wasn’t so. He actually remembers back when there was a pretty face on the team… Not that Augus wasn’t pretty in his own wise and broody way. Oh yes, he remembers her well. Klonoah Vance. He brings one of his hands to his chin, still managing to stay balanced as a small smile spread across his face. As he recalls, she ended up leaving the Empire and joining the Rebellion. That was understandable, the Empire was quite a dirty place and controlled by the wicked, such an ugly place for such a pretty face. Hey, that rhymed! But either way, the evil that happened behind the scenes, he had nothing to do with and would have nothing to do with. He did their dirty work, but it always had a large price tag attached to it. He wasn’t free and therefore nothing he did was free.
  Rosh / MarkyMark / 5y 302d 4h 7s
As he's looking at the wanted posters and bounty board, he has the hand with the gauntlet on it raised to his chin in intrigue. However, it was rather surprising that someone would come and make contact with him. Not very many ever decided to try and speak to him. Apparently his infamy had faded, or he'd just become a relic of the past that people thought had died. Either way, it was interesting to him.

Riley turned to her, and noticed that she was hiding his face from her. Though, the mention of the Imperial Arms was the most intriguing thing. It was true that he hadn't fought an Imperial Arms user, it was true that he now wanted to. To be able to test his own weapon against another's. [b [+orange "Well, I have yet to fight an Imperial Arms user. At least not yet. However, why is it that you decided to overhear what I said in comparison to a different conversation one might be having to themselves. Am I that interesting to you."]]

He kept trying to get a good look at her. Scanning her physical body over and trying to deduce how to fight this person if it came down to it. She seemed to wear light armor and kept her face hidden. This was very amusing to him. Also, the weapon she seemed to be carrying was short, but built for an assassin. Or at least looked like it. Though, she looked very uncomfortable in the sunlight. [b [+orange "Oh! Where are my manners, let me introduce myself. I am Fenthius, Riley Fenthius. It is a pleasure to meet you. You seem uncomfortable in the light of the sun. Perhaps you'd like to speak elsewhere."]]
  Riley Fenthius / Crow37 / 5y 302d 8h 56m 26s
A silky wave of onyx black hair bounced behind her with each step on the cobblestone street. The time had come to begin recruiting for Night Raid, a group of Vigilante warriors. Klonoah sat upon the title as Leader of Night Raid, but with so few members they might as well be bandits. Night Raid would need experience and skill if they ever hoped of bringing down the Empire and that was no small task. The bustle of the Capitol was perfect, there was always someone looking for work or being stiffed by the the Empire itself making scouting potential easy, and with so many people running around recognizing Klonoah would be difficult. [b " Hmm, I can't advertise by conventional means..."] Lady Vance sighed, her jet black eyes scanning around the area.

It was that scanning that led her eyes to a poster. It was a bounty for any information on Night Raid. A scowl cross Klonoah's beautiful face, she knew that this would make scouting even more difficult, how would you ask someone to fight the Empire when they could just as easily gain a reward from turning you in? [b "This will be...problematic."] She mumbled to herself before folding up the poster and sliding it into her brazier.
  Klonoah Vance / EbonWings / 5y 302d 12h 56m 50s
It was bright, too bright, Jubei hate's bright, she isn't good with any light really, it hurts her eyes but you can't cash a bounty at night. The city was busy, [i "this is normal during the day?"] Jubei wasn't sure, she'd rather be sleeping right now, [i "the Empire could keep its Sun and melt"]. Due to complications Jubei had taken to wearing a hooded cloak when out during the day but at this point it only really made her feel hot [i "stupid Sun"].

She continued along the street inwardly complaining about the Sun, Jubei was normally a very calm person but today was full of things she hated, sleep deprivation, hunger, the friggin Sun and most of all, the empire. The hood-mask combo however made it difficult to tell any change in her mood, at least the bounty board would be in shade this time of day.

After claiming last night's bounty she made her way back the way she had come, some food shopping was in order. [b [#FF8800 This hunt, should be so very fun]] This grabbed her attention, she looked over to see a rather excited man near some Night raid posters. [i I should tell him] or she could let him get killed, he had a rather interesting looking gauntlet on, could be an Imperial arm, better Night raid get it then the empire, she wondered if Night raid would want to buy it, no she wouldn't sink that low.

It took her a good while but she approached the man slowly, pretty sure he had noticed her while she weighed her options [b "You ever fight an imperial arms user? Two or more? Their rarely alone Night raid] her voice was quiet and calm and she avoided looking directly at him, not that he could tell with her hood up, she wasn't used to talking. She was helping, looting his body wasn't as bad if she warned him first right? Of course the Kageki always took any Imperial arms they came across, she was just making sure.
  Jubei Kageki / ripkay / 5y 303d 5h 21m 21s
[b [center [+red !!!Notice!!!]]]
[center [i The RP is semi-beginning. Applications are still being accepted so feel free to do so.]]

Riley was on the road back to The Empire. It had been several years since he had ever been there, and he felt like testing out his new weapon with some contracts that might be available. Assuming that the work was worth the price. Since almost everything in the world had a price. Though, now he was low on funding due to the several years that it took for him to locate and obtain his Imperial Arm; Evolution. It was linked to him now, and he was unable to take it off. He tried before, and it peeled off some of his skin. Soon it healed itself and it didn't take long for him to assume that it wasn't going to come off. At least not without a ton of force. Enough to rip off his hand and kill him in the process.

As he approached, he saw people on the outskirts. Mostly heading to or from the capital in what seemed like merchant carts or meant for trading. Though, there were military transports that came and left the city the closer he got. He didn't know why, but could care less. The military didn't interest him, but mercenary work did. Especially if it involved testing his new weapon on a living specimen. And it didn't matter if the target was human or monster. As long as he got to kill it. Escort, defense, and other such missions were ones he rarely took due to often having to work with other people or it being too difficult. A simple killing mission or bounty was good enough.

While he entered the capital, there didn't seem to be anything wrong. As he looked around, he noticed that there was definitely more crime and the slums seemed much more populated. This made him smirk. [i [+orange Well...this will definitely give me the opportunity to test out Evolution. After all, not everyone enjoys having crime around the same way that I do.]] Riley continued to walk through the bustling city when something caught his eye. Apparently the city was looking for members of a group called "[i Nightraid]".

[+orange [b "Well...looks like this will be fun. I think I just found my meal ticket. All I need to do now is track [i you] down. This hunt, should be so [i very] fun."]]
  Riley Fenthius / Crow37 / 5y 303d 8h 28m 25s
Hello and greetings to all who are reading and/or applying to this role-play. I came to say a few things in this post.

Please provide all information that is requested in the skeletons. Specifics are much appreciated. If you send in an incomplete skeleton for either the Imperial Arm or the character, then the character will be placed on a figurative shelf until a completed version of the character is provided. If you cannot do this, then I apologize for I cannot have you join without the necessary information.

Thank you.
  Riley Fenthius / Crow37 / 5y 304d 5h 43m 42s

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