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[b [ Link to Imperial Arms Index]]

[center [b Disclaimer:]
You don't need to know anything about the original material to join. Character and Imperial Arms skeletons will be at the very end of this. If there is anything you do not understand, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help clarify things for you. There is a glossary of information at the very end that helps give specifics for the details of the Imperial Arms skeletons.

Thank you, and I hope that you will join.]

[b [center Setting:]]
[center [i Where monsters and creatures roam in the wilderness of this [b [u fantasy-like]] world, it is those controlling the government and civilization that can only be called truly monstrous. The Empire, the strongest and largest nation in this world. Now the kingdom is starting to rot from the inside out.

Inside of the The Empire, everything that lurks in the shadows has begun to corrupt and make this their personal hunting grounds. Where the people live in what could be considered hell, but are almost always unaware of their impending doom from time to time. It is all because of the Prime Minister influencing the young King of The Empire, and allowing crime -in some of the most sadistic ways possible- to flourish behind the scenes. No one is safe within the walls of the kingdom.

Now, The Empire plans on increasing its reach. To gain territory across the world and strengthen itself. However, there has been a growing desire to overthrow this corrupt empire. The Revolutionary Army has begun to grow in strength and numbers.

Now, because of the growing rebellion, a group known as Night Raid has emerged. Assassin's with incredible skill in the art of killing have aligned themselves with The Revolutionary Army. Taking requests from either the Army or the public, should the payment be high enough.

Night Raid's goal is to eliminate the corruption within the empire.

But the future is undecided currently, and it isn't clear as for who will end up taking control over either the entire world. Or if The Empire will be overthrown and a new era will emerge.

Which side will you join and assist? Will you aid The Empire in their domination of this world? Perhaps become an assassin for Night Raid and target the corruption? Are you an unaligned mercenary for hire, or a bounty hunter?]]

[center [b Imperial Arms - History:]]
Over two centuries ago, the king of The Empire had established a powerful and incredible kingdom. He feared that his nation would fall as time progressed and wanted to ensure a grand future for the empire that he had been in charge of. In order to do this, he created the Imperial Arms.

Sending his best servants and assistants, they collected the most rare of all materials in the world. The best craftsman of their own trades were brought into the kingdom and told to create the most powerful items in the world with the rarest and most powerful materials in all of the world. Several different types of weapons, armor, and items were created. All with incredible strength and power in their own respective ways.

However, there was a rebellion and the items ended up becoming scattered across the world. However, now the Imperial Arms are returning to the battlefield. Some have entered the hands of The Empire, other have found there way into Night Raid's and The Revolutionary Army's grasp. Even those that have become neutrally aligned have found one on their own.

[center [b [+red RULES]]]
[b 1.] No God-modding. You cannot do or know everything. So be cautious at times in your writing.
[b 2.] Follow the basic rules of ES.
[b 3.] No real drama. If you know what I mean, then that's very good. If you don't, then I'm referring to problems between users. Not characters. Some drama in character is nice.
[b 4.] OCs only. However, you may make a parody of a canon character if you want.
[b 5.] All characters can die, but it must be agreed upon if they are to die. All parties involved must agree to the conditions in the case that a character does die.
[b 6.] Removal of a user. If the group decides that the removal of a character and its user is necessary, a majority vote will decide this.
[b 7.] Switching sides. You are allowed to switch sides if you want. However, this will cause you to keep your original power. Just do not do it last minute or once the RP begins. You may do it once your character has a reason to do so.
[b 8.] Imperial Arms limitations. Each person [i [u can]] start with, at most, one Imperial Arm. A character can find more of them as the role-play progresses. However, those taking the roles of either the Prime Minister or the Leader of Night Raid will not be starting off with an Imperial Arm. An NPC character can have an Imperial Arm if the creator of the NPC would like them to have one, but the specifics must still be created.

[b [+green [center -Available Roles-]]]
[b Prime Minister:] You are the leader of the nation, taking advantage of the young King's inability to rule on his own. You are no better than a regular human in terms of strength and ability, but you are sly and work from the shadows. The expansion of power and the corruption of the nation is your overall desire. While you do not have an Imperial Arm, you can influence other people within the nation to do what you want. Almost no one opposes you if they are a citizen or a servant to the crown within The Empire. You are allowed to take any measures you deem necessary to achieve your goals.

[b Killers:] You are aligned with The Empire, Night Raid, or perhaps you are a Freelancer. While your abilities are significantly stronger than that of a normal human, you cannot be a pacifist. At least not forever. Eventually, it will either kill you or you will end up killing someone. You can start with an Imperial Arm if you wish, but your description will inform others of how strong you are.

[b [+red [center -Unavailable Roles-]]]
[b Leader of Night Raid:] You are the leader of the infamous assassination organization "Night Raid". Your physical strength is slightly greater than the others of the group, you have influence within The Revolutionary Army, however, you do not have an Imperial Arm. Lead your group in decisions and turn new additions to Night Raid into powerful assassins.

[center [b Alignments:]

[b The Empire:]
A kingdom of incredible power in almost all aspects. However, it is decaying slowly with all of the crime that is going on behind the scenes. Have you decided to help them in world domination, and the overall corrupting of this world?

[b Night Raid:]
An assassin organization that will take jobs from either the civilians that live within The Empire's walls, or from The Revolutionary Army. They investigate their target and make sure that the person, group, or organization that they are going after should be killed. Some have "Wanted" or bounties on them, and are wanted either dead or alive by The Empire. Are you someone that will assist these people in the murdering of their targets?

[b Freelancer:]
You are neither for The Empire or against it. The way you live your life is to work for the highest bidder and will complete your tasks for a proper payment. It is up to you to decide who you will assist. However, should you decide to align yourself with someone, you can change your alignment over time.

[center [b Character Skeleton:]]]
[b Username:]
[b Character Name:]
[b Alias:] [i Not Required]
[b Alignment:]
[b Picture:]
[b Age:] [i No immortality.]
[b Appearance:]
[b Personality:]
[b Imperial Arm:] [i Yes or no?]
[b Background/Backstory:] [i Please state how you joined your alignment and how you obtained your Imperial Arm, if you have one.]

[b [+red Warning!!!]]
Do not get too attached to your Imperial Arm, for it is not exclusive to your character. There may be others who can use it in the case that they obtain it either through your character's own volition or through force. They can also be destroyed unless stated otherwise.

[b Types:]
[center [+red Weapons:]]
A weapon unlike any other. It was made to be a harbinger of doom and destruction. Whether its target be man, beast, or monster, all shall bow before its incredible might and power, as a true tool of slaying.

[center [+blue Armor:]]
Shields and suits of armor that have been crafted to be their own forms of defense. It is a bastion of protection. Your item is revered for its feats as an aegis of unprecedented defense.

[center [+green Items:]]
A potion of permanent vitality, a circlet of mind reading, or perhaps a cape that can grant regeneration. It is a creation of neither offense, nor defense. But how it is used makes it unique. Infamous for its unknown potential, you carry a powerful item that is an abnormality in this world in and of itself.

[center [i [b Imperial Arms Skeleton:]]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:]
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:]
[b Picture:]
[b Power:]
[b Utility:]
[b Necessary Trait:]
[b Materials:]
[b Deactivated Form:]
[b Weakness:] [i Not Required]

[b [center Glossary of Terms]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] What is the name of your item? Each item has one. Do not go overboard with this.
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] Basically, what kind of item is this thing? Is it a sword, a beam rifle, a gauntlet? Or perhaps a shield or armor plating? Maybe a hat, belt, or drink? Do not let the setting limit your imagination, but do not go any larger than your own character.
[b Picture:] A link to the picture or an image of the item itself. If you're character is wielding it in their own graphic, then simply list that it is.
[b Power:] Each item has a power that makes it one-of-a-kind. Weapons must be offensive, armor must be defensive, and items can be unpredictable. Keep it simple, but attempt to be detailed. Do not go overboard with this. Also, the property of the item can be the ability to summon fire or cause earthquakes if it is offensive or an item.
[b Utility:] This is a secondary power your item has if it is armor or an item. Such things can be basic weapons that are slightly complex. This means that it must be something like a simple sword, spear, or gun with no magical traits if it's utility is that it has a weapon. If it is a second power you wish to use, then the power must be neither offensive nor defensive. Invisibility, healing, purification and such would all fall under this category. However, limitations can be placed on this. Also, try to be creative with this. Perhaps you can sew limbs back together and are fully restored when they are.
[b Necessary Trait:] In order for the item to be used, there must be a necessary trait. All Imperial Arms have this, and there are consequences if a character does not meet the prerequisites. These requirements cannot be changed under any circumstances and are linked to how your character's personality is. Physical traits--such as incredible strength, speed, or such--cannot be used. The penalty for using the item without meeting the "Necessary Trait" can range from a minor headache to death. Choose very wisely.
[b Materials:] You item had to have been made out of something. However, what it was created from was not easy to obtain. Come up with names of creatures or materials and some simple information on them. What made your item's materials difficult to get a hold of? There are no limitations other than to be serious instead of silly. People might have died to get it.
[b Deactivated Form:] Not all items have this, but some do. They can take the form of almost anything. Whether it be a dagger, a bracelet, or whatever else it could be.
[b Weakness:] If your weapon is too powerful in either your opinion or in my opinion, insert a weakness to the Imperial Arm. It is not required, but if you put one in, but it may give a clue as to how to defeat your character if the time comes.

[b [center Accepted Characters:]]

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ MarkyMark]
[b Character Name:] Rosh
[b Alias:] Beast of Mallowmore
[b Alignment:] Empire/Subject to change
[b Picture:] [ Rosh]
[b Age:] 26
[b Appearance:] Medium length brown hair, dark eyes, and almost fair skin tone. His body is muscular and has many scars from the past.
[b Personality:] Simple, calculating, arrogant.
[b Imperial Arm:] Yes
[b Background/Backstory:] Rosh grew up as a simple kid in a simple town called ‘Mallowmore’. However, the day to day chores were too boring for an adventurous lad such as himself. Eventually, he strayed from the village and travelled the lands. He came upon a group of hunters that hunted Danger Beasts for sport. Rosh had quite the talent for hunting these beasts but soon enough that didn’t even seem to be enough to satiate his inane hunger for adventure.

Fast forward a few years and Rosh is known as “the Beast of Mallowmore” and instead of just hunting Danger Beasts for a living, he is also a mercenary for hire. Rosh finds his way to the capitol for work and is brought into the Imperial Army for “Special Service”. This is where he receives his Imperial-arm, the Incursio.
[center [pic]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Incursio
[b Type of Weapon:] Armor
[b Picture:] [ Incursio]
[b Power:] A suit of armor that augments the wearer’s physical abilities as well as adapts to its user. It has incredible defensive capabilities.
[b Utility:] Allows the user to turn invisible. Time is dependent on the user’s skill with the armor.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must have great physical strength in order to use its abilities since they’re so taxing on the body.
[b Materials:] The Incursio was made out of a Tyrant, and extremely powerful Danger Beast. It’s so powerful its flesh is still alive inside of the Incursio which grants it it’s great power.
[b Deactivated Form:] The Incursio takes the form of a short sword with a chain link tassel in its sealed form.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ EbonWings]
[b Character Name:] Klonoah Vance
[b Alias:] Dusk Maiden
[b Alignment:] Leader of Nightraid
[b Picture:] [ Klonoah Vance]
[b Age:] 23
[b Appearance:] Long black hair, with jet black eyes. Her pale skin draped in a black cloth that does not leave much to the imagination. A black bustier and long black stockings. Its design looks like a French-Gothic era.
[b Personality:] Klonoah's personality is changing, she has the ability to be happy and angry, yet most of the time she is quiet and cunning. Klonah has a sense of Justice like all in Nightraid, though she expresses it less in Corporal Punishment and more in Assassination of those who obey the Emperor.
[b Imperial Arm:] Yes
[b Background/Backstory:] Klonoah was one of the Founders of Night Raid. Through her skill on the battlefield and Sense of Justice she managed to rise very high in the Imperial ranks, making her a trusted member, though it was this very trust that would cause her to betray them, with her postion she gained secrets only high ranking officers would, secrets that disgusted her, that made her sick. These lies and plans of the Empire ultimately led to her to leave and joiun the rebellion, taking her and Her imperial arms with her.

Legion are the blades carried by Klonoah, They are both long and sleek and very deadly. The blade was an heirloom, passed down from member to member since the founding of the Arms. Though no Vance before her was able to unsheathe the blade. Not only does it never dull the blade has the ability create Shadow images of its user once drawn. They also carries a second ability that enhances ones natural abilities in combat, perception, speed, strength. Through rigorous training Klonoah was able to master these weapons at the early age of Sixteen and from then drafted into the Empire, taken away from her small village off the coast.
[center [pic]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Legion
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] Sword
[b Picture:] [ Legion]
[b Power:] Creates shadow duplicates.
[b Utility:] Enhances user's natural abilities for as long as the wielder can withstand.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must be sharp in mind and pure of heart to unsheathe
[b Materials:] Legion was forged from metals found exclusively in Diablo's Crater, a hold in the earth that is said to be the closest point to hell.
[b Deactivated Form:] In Legions deactivated form, it is just a sheathed katana.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ Crow37]
[b Character Name:] Riley Fenthius
[b Alias:] Adept
[b Alignment:] Freelancer
[b Picture:] [ Riley Fenthius]
[b Age:] 27
[b Appearance:] Wear's a tinted-orange mask that keeps his face from being easily identified. It mostly covers his eyes, but part of his face as well. His hair is mostly orange in color with parts being black towards the tips. He stands at a height of 5' 9" and tends to wear a combination of cloth, leather, and hide as armor. Preferring agility and the ability to evade attacks over standing and defending against them.
[b Personality:] Logical, Determined, Merciless, Analytical
[b Imperial Arm:] Yes
[b Background/Backstory:] Riley, originally, was an arms developer for the Empire. An inventor and developer of new weapons and armor for the military and for the guards. He had helped create new forms of weaponry during his career, however, it was the legend of the Imperial Arms that drove him to eventually find his own.

He was fascinated with how they were the strongest weapons, armors, and items that had ever been brought into existence. With powers that far exceeded the abilities of current technology. Causing his dream to be that he wished to eventually create his own Imperial Arm, or to at least find his own. He left his occupation and became a mercenary. Finding that it would be the best way to earn the money necessary and to eventually develop his own method of killing. It took him twelve years to become one of the most notorious killers-for-hire within the Empire.

When a contract came around, he knew that its completion was the one thing that needed to be done more than anything. It didn't matter what the sacrifices were to get things done, all he knew was that they had to be made. Because of this, he worked alone. Anyone that was assigned to work with him, almost always never returned alive. If they did, it was usually with more than just a few cuts and bruises. More than likely they would be missing one or two limbs at the bare minimum, [b if] they were lucky.

Once Riley had attained enough money for his life goal, he used every last bit of it just to track down what he desired. It was a rather...different one than most. Once he had its location, he then began to approach it. Though, several legions of danger beasts guarded its location. What made it worse was that these danger beasts adapted as the fighting continued. Because of this problem, Riley had to constantly fight them in different ways. For days that lead on to weeks and eventually months, he fought and adapted to them just as they had evolved to fight him.

With his new fighting capability developed, he was able to fight through them and make steady progress. Once he had defeated all of them, Riley could finally reach the very center. At it, was what seemed to be a gauntlet, made for the right hand. Riley donned the equipment, and it seemed to link straight to his body. Connecting itself with his nervous system. Seeming as though it had begun to scan him. Read him. Take a look at everything that made him who he was. As it did so, it taught him how to wield this weapon; though only the basics. The shock and pain from the excursion caused him to fall unconscious for several days. When he awoke, he tested his ability to use the gauntlet, though nothing happened at first. Riley was disappointed by this, but then thought that maybe it worked in a different way. It was latched onto him, both of the items, and they wouldn't come off.

It wasn't until a very large danger beast emerged. Reminiscent of the ones he had fought before, but much larger and far deadlier than the others. It wasn't long until Riley began to be thrown about like a rag-doll. As the battle quickly progressed, it wasn't long until Riley was just barely hanging on. In what seemed like his final moments, he was slammed into the cave wall and the creature approached. Slowly at first and then rushing at him, charging with the intent to kill him. As it did, Riley knew that he was more than likely to die. However, he wasn't going to go down without a fight. Riley got up, blood in his mouth and dripping down his forehead, taking a fighting stance and prepared to fight back with everything he had.

Just as it leaped into the air and aimed straight for him, Riley somehow began to manifest a weapon, a spear of energy, and he hurled it at his target. Only seconds before had he had a thought, "If only I had a weapon to kill this thing". It seemed that the Imperial Arm had read his thought and made it a reality. It took a very short time for it to materialize and as it made contact with the creature, the creature became daunted and fell down. While Riley was caught off guard by this, he used this to re-position himself. Once in a better area for fighting, he noticed that the gauntlet -unlike before- now seemed active. Using what limited knowledge he possessed, he figured out how to create another weapon. With the creation of another spear of energy, he threw it at the creature. Though, it seemed more lethal than before. As if it had started to link itself with his own fighting style. Adjusting each weapon it creates just slightly so that it becomes more lethal than the last.

But the creature was also starting to figure this out as the battle dragged on. Because of this, now the weapons seemed to change to fit this alteration. Affecting Riley's own physical abilities slightly and accelerating his overall regenerating process as well. Soon, the battle was in his favor and the beast died soon.

With his new weapon now under his control and him being a mercenary, Riley began to think about how he could use this for his work. It seemed like that this was the ultimate weapon for him and he was going to master its use. To become a master of this specialized weapon for those that could adapt to differing situation. Those who planned on opposing him, now had a much more difficult problem. A weapon that could adapt to different situations, and it was under the control of someone who knew just how to do that.
[center [pic]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Evolution
[b Type of Weapon:] Gauntlet
[b Picture:] [ Evolution]
[b Power:] The ability to create weapons out of pure plasma energy. Giving them a blue and cyan coloring to them. They hold no actual weight, but the traits of the weapon can be altered on a basic level. The traits involving, impact, speed, power, and other such things can be affected. If only one in particular is altered, then that one part of the weapon is maximized in strength. However, if affected in a general way then the weapon is three times stronger than a regular version of the weapon.
[b Utility:] Evolution doubles the user's ability to regenerate passively. However, this ability can be applied to the recovery of lost limbs or organs. However, it requires an entire week's worth to fix any organ lost. This includes vital ones, an example being the heart. But it takes ten full seconds to do so. If the user would die from its loss, they are put into a form of stasis. If the limb or organ would like to be healed faster, then an additional week is sacrificed and the time is reduced to five full seconds. It cannot be shortened any further.
[b Necessary Trait:] A flexible fighting style that can adapt to any situation, and a link to the person's life, body, and mind through their nervous system.
[b Materials:] Created from Lithanium. An alloy of metals only found on the peak of the highest mountain that has been struck by lightning and pure plasma. Capturing the energy within it and making it into a raw material. Also, the bodies of several lightning, storm, and energy-based dragons were infused in the gauntlet. Giving it the ability to link with the lifespan of the user and giving them the ability to regenerate like a dragon can.
[b Deactivated Form:] A gauntlet that has a faint blue coloring to it.
[b Weakness:] If the gauntlet is damaged -depending on the damage dealt- it will drain the user's lifespan until it has repaired itself. Requiring a maximum of one week's worth. However, the generation of weapons cannot be done while it is being repaired. Furthermore, if the gauntlet is damaged during combat, then all weapons generated are half as effective. In the case that the gauntlet is physically destroyed, then it begins to reassemble on the user. However, it saps half of the user's current life span to repair itself.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ ripkay]
[b Character Name:] Jubei Kageki
[b Alias:] Kageki
[b Alignment:] Freelancer
[b Picture:] [ Jubei Kageki]
[b Age:] 21
[b Appearance:] Short black hair, dark grey eye and pale skin. Always covered in bandages and wearing simple black cloth, baggy and easy to move in but tight enough to both not get in the way or get grabbed/snagged on something, this also include's and black mask that covers her neck and low half of her face.
[b Personality:] Withdrawn, quiet, calm and patient.
[b Imperial Arm:] Yes
[b Background/Backstory:] Jubei does what her family has always done, she is an assassin for hire, loyal only to her own or she was until them empire started their man hunt. She live's alone now, mostly stealing to get by as her skill set doesn't open many job opportunities for anyone other then the empire.

What work she does find is often dangerous bounties, revenge killings or protection as such she is not in good standing with other assassins having killed a few of them. Jubei once clashed with Nightraid, it was in-fact when she was able to reclaim the Kageki pact, an heirloom taken by the empire, she assumes Nightraid stole it from them.

In Jubei's family the name Kageki must be earned and you are not truly part of the family before doing so. The tests take place around 13 years old, it involves a test of stealth, combat prowess and you also have to fight a dragon, you don't have to kill it just not die for three days with bait strapped around your neck, this is as much a test of skill as it is the make sure you wont get yourself stuck in a wall
[center [pic]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Kageki Pact
[b Type of Weapon:] Tanto
[b Picture:] [ Kageki Pact]
[b Power:] Enables the user to manipulate their own blood, using it as a weapon, to stop bleeding and to purge poison.
[b Utility:] User becomes a shadow and a ghost.
[b Necessary Trait:] Strong mental training. While it may work for other's it will always be loyal to the Kageki, to the point of killing its wielder to return to them.
[b Materials:] The blood of the Kageki's founding members and a shadow dragon.
[b Deactivated Form:]
[b Weakness:] Utility doesn't work in light and yes you can get stuck in walls and die.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ AfroBrent]
[b Character Name:] Augus
[b Alias:] Rampaging Demon
[b Alignment:] Empire/Money
[b Picture:] [ Augus]
[b Age:] 26
[b Appearance:] Tall, muscular battle worn, short black hair, dark eyes.
[b Personality:] calm, calculating, honorable, observant, intuitive
[b Imperial Arm:] Grand Chariot
[b Background/Backstory:] Augus was the son of a blacksmith and as his father did made weapons and armor for soldiers and hunters. After a long time he yearned for the thrill of hunting danger beasts. He set out on his own and began hunting danger beasts for fun making his way up from minor level danger beasts to higher level ones.

After a few years of hunting for sport Augus ended up taking on a challenge that seemed to be far beyond him. A danger beast that was feared by all in his village. It seemed heavily injured and Augus saw now as his chance to stop it. After a long battle he killed it and out of it's stomach fell the key for the imperial arm Grand Chariot. The beast had swallowed it's last wearer whole.

Now wielding grand chariot he made his way to the capital in order to amass a fortune to bring back to his family and to make a name for himself as a warrior.
[center [pic]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Grand Chariot
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] Armor
[b Picture:] [ Grand Chariot]
[b Power:] enhances physical and defensive capabilities and flight.
[b Utility:] solar flare
[b Necessary Trait:] the wearer must possess a monstrous physical strength as the armor is too taxing for anyone else to wear.
[b Materials:] a tyrant, and aparently the same materials made to construct the imperial arm Ecstacy.
[b Deactivated Form:] black shirt sword with a chain link tassel.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ Akiho]
[b Character Name:] Faiseur "Fai" Lilith
[b Alias:] Fai or Fae
[b Alignment:] Freelancer
[b Picture:] [ Faiseur "Fai" Lilith]
[b Age:] 23
[b Appearance:] Short silver hair kept close to her face accompanied by pale skin and mismatch green and blue eyes. Her height stays rather low, though she still retains a fit feminine physique. Fitting her name, on occasion, it seems as though her face holds a sort of shimmer to it.
[b Personality:] A very constant, "I will not take your sh*t" attitude along with a smirk. She may not look it at first, though this 'fairy' has a feisty attitude and a need for cash. Fai will do just about anything for a good buck. This excludes joining forces with either alliances though, as well as taking up use of an Imperial Arm. Both are things she is very much so against, though she will temporarily align herself if it means making enough money to continue her research and technological developments. She's far from shy though, always teasing others when she's around people. Fai can be protective, but you would either have to be paying her or have gotten close to her in some way.
[b Imperial Arm:] No
[b Background/Backstory:] At a very young age, Fai was taught of many arts including that of music, illustrations, and even in technology. Her mother was a musician and that woman had fallen in love with an artist. What they created though was an odd silver haired child who had a passion for another art: creation. Everything she did involved putting two and two together to make something grand. Her mother was proud and her father, intrigued. Eventually though, all of the happy family ties had to come to an end. The Empire took their family in, finding something there in her father's arts. He himself had begun to build along with his daughter, and they found potential in that. The mother..was not nearly as willing as the father and daughter. As such, she was not left behind, nor was she forced to come. Rather, she was killed. The seven year old and her father were taken.

For many years, Fai lived under the Empire's eye alongside her father. At first, it was all dark. They attempted to suit the fancies of the two, though the death of her mother caused their efforts to be quite useless. That is, on her at least. After the first two years passed, her father began to work for the Empire, assisting in the creation of the Imperial Arms. Not wanting to be alone, Fai spent time with her father as he did so, eventually attempting to help. She came to learn the tricks and twists of the Imperial Arms by the age of twelve, though only a year later, she began to notice a change in her father.

Rather than simply following along with the Empire's orders, her father seemed to become obsessed with his work. Everything was in concern for the Imperial Arms. That was his priority, and all others, including herself, were second. One day, her father requested her assistance for a new painting. This excited Fai, enjoying the idea of her father going back to his art yet again. In the past, he had drawn different designs on them, giving them a sort of family symbol from time to time. It gave them a bond like no other, and so, when he asked to see her back, she thought nothing of it. Not until she felt something sharper than a needle on her skin. A fast pain hit as she felt a cold instrument carve into her skin. Instantly she moved to get away, though her father kept her there, continuing to carve away with a lack in precision. The only thing on her father's mind was the idea to plant an imperial arm inside of her. One that took the form of small wings when deactivated, and full, angelic metallic ones when activated. He wished to create the perfect image of a powerful archangel, yet a graceful one. That metal would match the silver hair that fell to the girl's knees in length, causing an innocence yet also a darkness to come to the image. She saw the grin on his face and as soon as that happened, a guard came in. Her father was taken away from her and the now scarred girl was hidden away from his sight.

Insanity had taken over her father and so, he was executed. Now 15, the girl's back was healed. All that remained were the marks of that day, causing the facade of wings torn off an angel's back.

Only a year passed by that she would work for the Empire on her own. Her smarts had gotten her quite far though, allowing her to formulate a plan of escape. One day, she fled the Empire and became a Freelancer. Even after so many years, no matter how many times they find her, they're never able to contain her. Even when she is right under their noses, working for them for a good sum of cash, Fai always manages to find a way back out again, using her own form of 'magic.'

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ KaaiYuki]
[b Character Name:] Luna V Britannia
[b Alias:] The Book of Lies
[b Alignment:]Empire
[b Picture:] [ Luna V Britannia]
[b Age:] 24
[b Appearance:] red hair, blue eyes, clothes colors varies from either White or Black, average height, looks like a beauty when dressed averagely, clean skin
[b Personality:] Calm, humble, respectable, usually good nature, and decent person well that's what people believe but those that have survived to tell the story say different.....
[b Imperial Arms:] Yes
[b Background/Backstory:] She was kidnapped at the age of 2 from a clan that was wiped out by the empire via a false truce. They lived for peace for about 2 years until the empire stockpiled enough people to wipe them off. They were known as the Yayori clan, they were of the highest quality of warriors anyone could find and they refused to work with the empire which resulted in a war. As the war went on the empire was getting no where so they called a truce to get enough time for all there generals to come up with a brilliant plan in which they did ending with the complete erasing of the Yayori clan. She was kept to have one warrior of their caliber under the strings of the empire. She was trained until the age of 4 when they found a weapon of her clan named the Truth Seeker. They rewarded the girl with her clan's Imperial arms and a name the name Luna; she was then adopted by a royal and gained the name Von Brittannia. The family and the empire continued to abuse her until she was at the highest peek at the age of 16 then they sent her to quell a revolt in a nearby settlement consisting of 10,000 people. She ended up killing all of the villagers and then came back a with a small screw loose. This was the start of a new era of death for the empire. She was soon sent on assassinations for the empire killing many people. She made it to the top 10 wanted list for the revolutionary army when she alone repelled an army of 20,000 troops killing close to half at the age of 20 since then she has been a knife in the side of the empire's enemies.
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] Imperial Secret
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] It is actually a blade that is a short sword with the ability to become chain like but the weapon comes with two additional things , a shield, and a hat. The hat and shield appear when then the blade is used.
[b Picture:] Character is wielding it.
[b Power:] The blade can cut through light and dark , and can be turned into a 30 foot chain that can be thrown into and appear from dimensional portals. The portals may appear from anywhere the user can see with their poor vision. The hat can can give false visions, give the person a mind vision that can be used similar sonar, and can see a bit into the future . The shield can make a light barrier completely surrounding the user, reducing much of the damage until broken with enough damage, and can create a reality rift in which her and her opponent are shifted to fight until one dies A.K.A No Way Out.
[b Utility:] The book gives her a free rein to put her enemies into a black or white abyss marble. (Only usable when target is grabbed and can be used for up to a day and can be used once again after she sleeps for the length of period she used the skill. If attacked she may have to stop using the skill. The book also has the ability to bring up almost any necessary information needed if Luna asks and it can create portals for fast travel only to places she has been to though. The book can be used to heal others or self for minor damages.
[b Necessary Trait:] Must always use the three pieces together or they are unusable. The owner must also be willing to give up their eyesight and memory slowly.
[b Materials:] The materials are unknown but story has it that a god made a deal with a clan of humans giving up there souls to make the ultimate weapons. They are believed to be embedded in the blade.
Deactivated Form: The blade turns into a dagger, the eyes on the hat and book close when out of combat or they disappear when she isn't holding the blade.
[b Weakness:] Going blind so eye sight is poor, nightmares every night, if the user loses hold of the blade then the hat and shield disappear back into the blade and takes a lot energy to continuously use the shield and eye. The user is also a bit forgetful when using the book and the eye for its utility due to the fact both abilities require a sacrifice of memories to see into the future and to obtain needed info.

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ Sonicspeedx13]
[b Character Name:] Aztook
[b Alias:] Silent Arrow
[b Alignment:] Night Raid, Formerly Freelancer.
[b Picture:] [ Aztook]
[b Age:] 28
[b Appearance:] A gruff man, with a more serious aura about him, looks to have spent more time in the woods then in cities. He is dressed usually in leather armor with clothing that would be easier to hide in the forest or in the dark.
[b Personality:] He is harden through his years of fighting, but still is one for the simple enjoyments in life. He tries to be as easy going as a guy in his situation can. Though not one to talk much his years of archery training has taught him that to be best aware is to be silent.

He is not one for loyalty, preferring to not be tied down to loyality of any factions. Given the current situation though it can cause a bit of tension between Night Raid loyalist and himself.
[b Imperial Arm:] No
[b Background/Backstory:] He was the son to an 'honest' thief of a father and a heiress to one of the most wealthiest merchants within the empire. Their love was, of course, not allowed within the stature of things. Their 'getaway' was the home Aztook was most familiar with. A small cottage just at the edge of the busy city and next to the vast forest. Though through these trouble times Aztook learned how to fight with a knife while within the cities and learn how to use a bow while out in the woods. This happy life though could not last as his mother's father found out about this unsanctioned love. His father locked into chains and sent to a heavy fortified prison, his mother taken far away to marry someone who could make her father even richer and powerful.

As for Aztook he was forced into freelance work to 'work off the debt of being a bastard'. He was 13 at the time. He shed much blood and killed plenty with his bow that his reputation grew, and his Grandfather's pocket got bigger.

It all stopped when he was ordered to kill one of the earliest resistance leaders against the Empire.A leader with enough zeal,charisma, and fallowing to be able to pull a true full-scale revolution off.

Orders were orders though, no matter how noble Aztook still had to kill him. Something happen between the fight with this resistance leader to change Aztook. With this mission he repayed his Grandfather's debt in full and become a 'free' man. As free as a killer can.

He saw much of the destruction and terror the empire pulled and seemed to not care, only to drown in beer and brothels. Possibly to enjoy his freedom? More likely to run from the past.

Though to say his prime reason to join the Night Raid was that his grandfather was one of the biggest contribute to the PM's regime is a gross overstatement.

Time can only tell if his loyalty will lie past his revenge over his grandfather...

[center [pic]]
[b Username:] [ InfiniteSpace]
[b Character Name:] Kendrick Abbott Graham
[b Alias:] [i ~None~]
[b Alignment:] Empire - Prime Minister
[b Picture:] [ Kendrick Abbott Graham]
[b Age:] 52
[b Appearance:] Kendrick is a thin, wizened man with cruel angular features and almost grayish skin. To see him brings thoughts of carrion birds and rats. His hair is thin and greying, and he wears a pair of wire rimmed glasses.
[b Personality:] Kendrick is an immensely ambitious man. What he lacks in physical superiority he more than makes up with in intelligence and manipulation. He is obsessed with the thought of a social class system which only serves to nurture his immense ego. He suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, throwing fits if his daily schedule is thrown out of order.
[b Imperial Arm:] No
[b Background/Backstory:] Kendrick was born into a rich family and a long line of proud empire supporters. From a young age he was groomed to view himself above the impurity of the common populace and to resent their very existence. His career path was set from his very birth, and he was fast tracked through the very best schools money could buy to get him there. Despite his impressive grades and almost scary intellect, he was plagued by constant troubles with other students and became quite anti-social. This changed when he entered the political world however, where he began mastering the act of manipulation. He studied both psychology and warfare in equal measure, honing his mind into a weapon. Before long he was at the side of the royal throne and saw an opportunity to take control of the empire by using the young King as a puppet.

[center [pic]]
[i ~This character is incomplete but will be taken care of soon.~]
[b Username:] [ Jin-XIII]
[b Character Name:] Jak
[b Alias:] The frozen demon
[b Alignment:] NightRaid
[b Picture:] Jak
[b Age:] 20
[b Appearance:] short white hair, ice blue eyes, Usually has face covered,
[b Personality:] Jak dose not sleep, for fear of hearing the souls he has sent to the gates of hell, he always seems quiet and watchful .
[b Imperial Arm:] euphoria
[center [pic]]
[b Background/Backstory:] Jak is the only son of ruthless assassins, trained since the age of 5, he knows no mercy . at the age of 16 he was tasked by the village-elders to slaughter everyone in the village including his mother, father and 4 sisters.he now has learned to use two special handguns, The two guns "left behind" by his father are of unknown origin. All Jak knows is that when he uses them he fells better than taking advantage of his skills and his "new found bliss" he made his way to the capital to get jobs doing what he dose best.


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Roleplay Responses

"There we go... My blade bring out the truths I seek" Luna pulls out her blade that was on her side. As she said that a hat and shield appeared on her. The hat having an eye and the shield that looked similar to a book with another eye on it. She blocked the arrow with a bit of ease "Regular arrows so it's an average rogue I'm guessing." she let out a sonar wave around the area seeing a ripple in the waves "The person is probably there." Her eye showed an illusion to everyone to make it seem as though she was hit by the arrow instead of what she was actually doing.

"Hmm this is probably an ambush. I don't really want to kill anyone so I guess I'll just grab the money and return it to my dad either way the deal would be made." the illusion just showed Luna laying on the bleeding and lifeless. "Yes I want more people to kill later. Dessert should be eaten last says father." she used her hat to see what would happen in the next min and then she made a chain appear from the ground and wrapped it around the case and pulled it to her still body. It looked as though black magic was being performed, but it was just Secrets ability and got her shield and blade ready for attacks.
  Luna V Britannia / KaaiYuki / 5y 322d 21h 2m 0s
She watched as the man shot the cat, this seemed to bother him, Jubei on the other hand was unfazed, her plan seem to have worked, the cat was an acceptable lose. She watched as he retrieved his arrow and she spared a glace at the sky, it was pretty dark already. When Jubei looked back the archer had already started off again, she followed now wondering even more why somebody like him was in the city, mourning a cat? Even for a moment, he was clearly not adjusted or maybe Jubei was just cold [i Both? Both!] she started thinking everything over as she followed him.

Jubei listened quietly as the archer approached a women [i Lady Vance? She knows I'm here?] Jubei would have to keep an eye on her. She continued to follow the two, it looked like they were heading for a cemetery, she could see a number of people gathered ahead of them, guard mostly, did these two have dealing with the empire? Her train of thought was cut off as the archer suddenly started firing again [i He sure is a jumpy one isn't he?] she laughed inwardly. Jubei drew closer to the now hiding pair [b That's going to get you killed someday you know that right?] she asked in a quiet level tone while remaining hidden using her Imperial arm.
  Jubei Kageki / ripkay / 5y 322d 21h 24m 7s
Aztook just grinned at her remarks and kept silent fallowing after her. There was nothing to be said. He would help and take orders for the time being. Night Raid shall be his people for the time being, their foes his own. So long as he got to kill his mark Night Raid could go corrupt like the rest of the land for all he cared.

"Myself?" He turned his gaze away a bit and with a smile spoke "Love long brisk walks in the battle field during sunset. You know, right when the blood starts to shimmer from the sun" An off color joke he realized was not going to go anywhere and simply said in a slightly more serious tone "I was just a simple kid who grew up in the woods learning the ways of the bow and had a run of a mill life as a mercenary. " these were all obvious dodges of the question but luckily he didn't need to try and divert conversation at all thanks to them nearing the area. As well as the fact that one of them was giving him a real bad feeling...

The smile and happiness gone from him, he just took his bow in hand and an arrow out. "Somethings amiss" His tone in a hush as they neared the meeting area. "If you are really curious you may ask later"

Aztook quickly but silently distanced himself from her finding a bit of a vantage point. With that he fired off in an almost rapid succession of a few arrows striking the guards near by aiming to kill them directly. Another right through the leg of the man with the case to keep him pinned on the ground with the case still in hand. One last arrow was fired aimed right at the heart of girl overseeing such an exchanged. keeping as silent as he could Aztook moving himself from the current vantage point. He was sure that he gave his position away and tried to flank the area to try and find a safe spot else encase his arrows missed the mark.
  Aztook The Ranger / Sonicspeedx13 / 5y 323d 12h 17m 10s
"Crap...." it was getting dark so her sight was basically useless she was as blind as a pug. "Hmm..." She looked around until she saw a blur of light and she began walking over there. A guard saw her wondering around a bit lost and ran over to her "Lady Britannia we have a task for you from your father himself we need you to head over with a few of the guards to guard a "trade" being made." she understood what that meant "Your father has a hunch that they may be targets to something." Luna shook her head "Understood.. So is lethal usage allowed?" she asked with a blank look of full seriousness, the guard shook his head and then left. The rest of the guards led her to the graveyard where the deal was to made.

As they arrived she felt an weird air like something was bound to happen. The guards nervousily took their positions as she stood next to the deal makers. She walked up to the man carrying the briefcase and gave a salute "We are here to protect our finance." the man was a bit scared of her knowing who she was, but smiled and then walked to the police man they were to make the deal with. "I can't wait please..... Appear something." She had forgotten all about the interesting lady and was in a natural high waiting for a fight.
  Luna V Britannia Regular / KaaiYuki / 5y 323d 13h 28m 40s
Klonoah stopped, her stern and ready. The voice that spoke to her was no doubt her contact. [b [i "You shouldn't speak so loudly, there are those bound to hear you, if you wish to speak more walk with me, I have a target to handle. As for you, you're being talked."]] The black haired female smiled at the Ranger and continued forward. She could see his hesitation to join the guild, maybe this target would change his view on them, maybe not but things had to be done regardless of whether or not Aztook agreed.

Their destination was a cemetery on the outer rim of the city,a meeting would be taking place soon, one that was for sure another plot to brine the police and frame innocent men of a crime committee by someone high in the chain of the city, and this action is not something to be tolerated, Night Raid is justice.

Klonoah was sharp, ready, aware, even though she had a goal she kept tabs on her followers, well Aztook's followers that is. [i [b " Tell me of yourself then, Ranger"]]
  Klonoah Vance / EbonWings / 5y 323d 14h 3m 6s
He stayed there in silence for some time, waiting for something to come out.

Aztook backed up slowly looking about until he herd a noise! Close to him, something darted out and without missing a beat fired the arrow into the beast. A clean quick killing shot.

Only this was no beast, it was just a cat.

"Ah damnit" He cursed out seeing the dead cat. Once again he just let impulse take over and not think before he shot. A problem he was sure to have to change if he was going to live in a city full of crazies. He moved over to the cat and gave it a silent prayer. "A true waste, seemed like you were a good hunter as well" He spoke to the dead tom cat, taking the arrow out and inspected it. Seeing it was still fine he wiped the blood off and once more said a silent prayer before heading back out into the main city.

More calm now he went to find his target. It took him only a short time to finely see Lady Vance and slowly walk up to her as silently as possible. It wasn't hard to spot her, the way she walked just spelled out who she was.

"You walk about like that and people are bound to take notice of you, lady Vance" He spoke up to her, enough for her to hear but quiet enough that those who were not trying to listen in wouldn't be able to. "Sorry for the delay, I was suppose to meet you earlier was I not? Well the names Aztook as you know and I'm here to help the Night Raid" He paused for a bit wondering if he may regret this

"for the present at least"
  Aztook The Ranger / Sonicspeedx13 / 5y 329d 14h 16m 24s
Jubei stalked the archer for sometime, he seemed uneasy in the city, she couldn't blame him, the city was an awful place after all. She followed him into another alley, making sure to stay out of sight, the sun had started to set by this point, this made it easier for her to remain undetected.

The archer seemed to try and calm himself only to tense up once again "Who's there?!" he called out, as if that ever worked. Jubei had climbed onto the roof of a building on one of the alley's sides and was watching him from above, unmoving in the fading light she hardly breathed so not to alert him for now she needed a distraction. Scanning the alley Jubei noticed what looked like a sleeping animal, creeping back down into the alley, once more taking on the form of a shadow she first checked it was living, it was a sleeping cat. Jubei lightly slapped the cats but which woke it, the cat, rather spooked at this point darted up the alley past the archer.

Jubei remained in the alley watching for the mans next move, she hoped the cat would be enough to put him at ease. She started putting together a backup plan if this happened again, the cat trick would only work so many times after all. Thanks to year's of training Jubei was able to stay perfectly still for as long as it took for the man to start moving again but now she was curious what somebody was like him was doing in the city.
  Jubei Kageki / ripkay / 5y 329d 16h 12m 24s
After taking care of the fools who had decided to challenge him to a fight and the one person who decided to be his first victim with Riley's weapon of choice, he had the people behind the organization that regulated the contracts reinstate him as an active freelancer. Though, he was warned about a new system that was implemented due to the capitol. Notoriety was now something that had been added.

Now if Riley did something unlawful in this state, he would be considered a potential target for those that liked to be bounty hunters. Since what he did was a bit in the grey area for now, there wouldn't be an bounty on him...yet.

Now that he was back to being a freelancer, he took a look at his contract. It was pretty simple and a temporary one. He would be a paid hunter. Someone who would go out and kill those requested to be killed until the time expired or if the contract was renewed; which was something unpredictable. The person who he would be working for would be the Prime Minister for about a month or two.

No one but him seemed to take it, so it seemed rather beneficial to him. Room and board would be given, as well as meals on top of what he was being paid per day. It was put in the organization's database and Riley headed for the Royal palace to see the Prime Minister. After all, there were rumors that a new one was now in place of the old one.
  Riley Fenthius / Crow37 / 5y 330d 12h 9m 42s
Luna had on clothes that could help her blend it a bit better and people didn't recognize her as much when she didn't have her Imperial Arms out.Her clothes was a bit bland compared to the other nobles, but Luna didn't care it showed her red well and it was comfortable to her.

"Money is no problem. I'm just sooooo bored." Luna let out a sigh and then looks at the girl with silver hair with a glint of happiness.
"Thanks you are one of the first people who hasn't deny my offer. I don't know why people keep rejecting it even the guards at the palace. Well follow me I know this awesome udon place that sells the best bowl ever and it'll fill you up too."

It was getting late but she wanted to see why people always ate with another person. "I'll tell you my request later miss, until then follow me." she starts walking back the way she came from.
  Luna V Britannia Regular / KaaiYuki / 5y 330d 14h 44m 54s
Klonoah sat patiently her arms crossed giving an indication that she was not looking for any sort of company. Though it's not as if anyone listened our paid even the slightest amount of attention to the warning sign. On several occasions Klonoah had to use her aura to scare of the drunken patrons who were looking for a good time. The black haired vixen grew more impatient by the moment, yes she had a contract meeting her here but it was almost impossible to deal with such Neanderthals.

Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air Klonoah smiled a bit the sun looked as if it was drawing closer to dusk and that would make her ulterior mission significantly easier. Yes she had recruiting to do with the guild so small but that didn't change the fact that she had a job and her target would be traveling his usual route soon which she wouldn't miss even if it meant abandoning her contact.

The sun now barely peeking over the rooftops into the alley let her stay more predominantly in the shade and avoid anyone catching a good look at her even if she want known as a member of Night Raid. That being said the city was full of spies and informant to the crown so any one could be an enemy not to mention all of the freelance hunters out and about.

[b "Well I guess it's time to be on my way."] She smirked and began to was visible that she was walking with an air of confidence and determination the kind that spelled trouble for anyone who retired to stop her. Now was Klonoah's moment and like all the others she was excited.
  Klonoah Vance / EbonWings / 5y 330d 19h 44m 9s
As she eyed the others around her, a rumbling noise of sorts shot through the air. Not many paid mind to this, the fact of it being a common occurrence around here. The lightning of course was not the mundane, but instead the source of it all. Being the fine day it was, one could easily assume this was the work of an Imperial Arm. A strong one at that, though running towards it wouldn't be the best idea. Common sense spoke that logic loudly.

Turning to look to the source, a grin struck out across her face. Weather manipulation was a rarity in the Imperial Arms, even if it was only one certain type, the idea was interesting. Even to one such as herself who resented these creations.

[+darkslategrey "Oh what pretty colors~ such vibrancy."] Her direction turned as she began to walk in that direction. Of course it seemed that Faieur didn't have the same common sense as many others. But then again, since when was common sense ever really that common to begin with?

She had a direction set, though her path was not forever followed. In fact, she was stopped.

[i Not to kill, eh? Someone's confident in herself.] Fai turned and looked to the girl, hands in her pockets. The coat she wore covered her nearly entirely besides a select few places. Skin wasn't something she enjoyed showing, though the bare minimum could get a girl places.

[+darkslategrey "A favor? For a stranger? Although that is my job, I am very.."] Mismatch eyes glanced over the girl, assessing her. The garments she wore weren't too grand, though all the same, they weren't anything ordinary. Something about it reminded her of the Empire, which turned her away a bit, though at the same time, intrigued her. The Empire wasn't too cheap after all.

[+darkslategrey "..Expensive, depending on the favor of course."] She took a long shot guess with a smirk about her. [+darkslategrey "Not only that, but I do have a flat fee for members of the Empire. Each affiliation is a tad different. Especially those with an Imperial Arm."]

She stepped past the girl towards the more food concerned areas of town.

[+darkslategrey "And with that in mind, you can chose what we eat. You're the one paying here after all~"]
  Akiho / 5y 333d 16h 30m 44s
"Oh how the world is so beautiful. So many colors... My favorite is red. Everyone should wear their red loud and proud." She was half way home when she sensed someone fun. It was similar to her older sister she followed her gut until she heard some strange lyrics from a song she hadn't heard before. As she arrived she saw a person with short silver hair and pale-ish skin. "Hello miss you seem like an interesting person." talking loud enough for the person to hear her "You are almost interesting enough to fight with but not to kill. I want you to do a favor for a random stranger like myself. Would you mind talking with me for awhile.... Today has just been filled with boringness." Sighs a bit "I'll buy you some food so we can and eat and talk." Luna was a bit interested in trying to make a friend and this person seemed like an ideal friend, Interesting.
  Luna V Britannia Regular / KaaiYuki / 5y 333d 17h 58m 24s
Traveling about the city was annoying to say the least. The bustling city where everyone had someplace to go. Aztook felt like he had gone around in circles with all these buildings seeming to look alike! He was thinking he was starting to see the same people as well!

slipping within the alleyway to catch a breath alone and to not go about having to shove a knife up someones-

Aztook inhaled quickly and exhaled slowly. Closing his eyes Aztook calmed himself. While doing this he felt his senses rise a bit. Always can see better with a clear head. Once calm though he felt that uneasy nerve of someone there. It was a city though, there could be plenty of people that make their way here daily. This feeling though, oh how he knew this feeling well. In the forest honed by hunting, on the battlefield honed through the fear of death and willingness to survive, before someone tries to lunge a knife down you, or slit your throat, or shot an arrow at-

"Who's there?!" Aztook yelled out firmly despite whatever his true emotions were. In a split second he had his bow out and an arrow there. His breath shaking but his arm stayed fix without fear or lose of nerves. Was there really anyone there? Were they there to kill him, spy on him, wound him, take him back? Taking everything In it took Aztook a moment to settle down. His breathing back to normal but he didn't let the bow down. That uneasy feeling stayed, in fact it kept getting worse!

The city was making him lose more nerves then any battle he faced. This city gave way too many uneasy feelings. It didn't help that somewhere in this city -probably heavily protected- that bastard lived, or the fact that so many crazy Imperal Arm's users were here. It was just a generally bad idea to be wondering about.

He couldn't wait to leave it.
  Aztook The Ranger / Sonicspeedx13 / 5y 333d 21h 52m 43s
The trip home was uneventful, well if you could consider an abandoned back alley pub as home, it was almost always empty people seemed to think it was haunted, which didn't bother Jubei after all, she was the ghost. She spent sometime stashing what she had picked up at the market,leaving her cloak with it. She kept the place kind of clean and drove away any pests and she didn't eat much anyway so never had much food around. She couldn't stay anywhere else since, technically she was wanted, they just didn't know what she looked like for the poster, plus it was dark here, the lights didn't work so was the alley outside, dark was best.

At times like these Jubei could really appreciate the broken fixtures, well except the sink, going out to wash was embarrassing, she had to find somewhere better, outside the city. She was lost in thought, remembering her home, it was in a forest, she liked the forest, it was dark and the city smelt funny, her clan weren't the nicest people but they wouldn't stab you in the back without reason and at least the blade's were real and the death's quick. She needed to clear her head, thinking of home never ended well.

Retrieving her cloak she readied herself and headed back out. It was then that she saw a man, clinging to crowds and ducking into alleys, [i Somebody doesn't want to be followed] she thought [i pity]. Of course Jubei followed him, he was armed, why wouldn't she follow him, this would be a great distraction.

Keeping a safe distance she followed, tracking him though the crowds and alleys undetected, she was trained for this after all, her whole life. He was good, he may just about have noticed her once or perhaps twice in the crowds but Jubei was experienced and she didn't even noticeably enter any of the alleys.
  Jubei Kageki / ripkay / 5y 333d 23h 7m 1s
Her footsteps were almost inaudible as she stepped across the cobblestone street, it was one of her many talents, being able to conceal her presence even while in plain sight, it didn't make her invisible, but if you weren't already looking for her you'd never find her. Klonoah learned at a young age how to make herself just blend in with her surroundings and just be a passer by, like a very forgettable stranger on the street.

[b "Hmm. Aztook The Ranger huh? I'd like to have witnessed his skill first hand rather than go based on assumptions..but we need people."] Klonoah was at a cross roads, Night Raid was founded on her Ideals to uphold Justice and Equality for all citizens so that they may be truly free, but if she continued on this path, no doubt she would be forced to raise her blade against some very dear friends. Now upon leaving the Empire Klonoah gave up everything, and made the travel to become part of the Rebel Forces. Though not everyone could do that, two people in particular she asked to leave with her, yet they refused, money was more important than Freedom, and now the Empire holds two of the strongest warriors of all time, Incursio and Grand Chariot, two Imperial Arms that enhance the users strength damn near ten fold, and she would be one of the few with the cunning to face them.

Her jet black eyes blinked rapidly before coming back to focus again, Klonoah had shaken the somber thoughts from her head and looked up to find herself infront of a very shady looking Tavern, which was perfect in all honesty, the worse it was the more likely no one was willing to ask any questions. Reaching out and pressing the door open with her fingertips, she peered inside, to see a bunch of drunken men and women looking not to have a care in the world. This please Klonoah, it meant no one would bother her, save for the drunken lecher or two who would soon find himself unconscious, though they weren't fully to blame, one could say the liquid courage they've consumed along with a beautiful young woman in what could be considered a scandalous outfit would make any man feel a little froggy, but it was no way to treat a woman.

Pulling out a seat by the window Lady Vance sat and waited for her contact. It was about noon when she sat down, the sun shining through the window hitting the dust particles in the air, but the way it reflected of our Heroine's Fair skin and Onyx hair made her look almost like an Angel, if said Angel carried the souls of men to the underworld that it.
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