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Soul Eater II /The quest of the Legendary weapons

Death Academy has been closed for quite some time, because defeating the Kishin caused an era of peace, weapons and misters stopped being born. Ten centuries later weapons and meisters began being born again, among them 3 legendary weapons were born, and 3 meisters capable and worthy of welding them. Now they must find each other before it is too late. But the question is, whats coming? what evil are the weapons and misters born to fight?

Name:Kagami Oda

PuppetMaster: Lusami

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Gender: Male

Age: 18


History: The entire Oda family line, men and women alike, are hardy warriors who train extensively to uphold their reputation as a family of modern Spartans. Unfortunately, this generation's eldest is among their tallest and most solid, but he's as gentle as they come. Kagami has a kind and unassuming face, its softness contrasting a long and sturdy frame made for pulverizing all things. He trains just as hard as the rest of his family, though is much more approachable as he does not dress to show off his body as they do and does not wear contacts like they do, instead appearing to be quite plain. He comes off as a loving goofball and is not the epitome of grace outside of combat, but he's very overprotective of those close to him and is a great deal more domineering when either upset or engaging opponents. His brute strength and speed are rivaled only by his fear of causing people harm, and he tries not to get violent or upset, as it's hard to stop trains at full momentum. Kagami is a very tall teen and hits his face and head on things a LOT, as he has terrible depth perception in casual settings. His senses 'aren't on'.

Partner:Kazu Kunai

Name: Kazu Kunai

PuppetMaster: WiccansWrath

Weapon or Meister: Chain Weapon

Weapon Form: Kazu can take the form of most chained weapons, but his signature (main) form is a chained kunai. .

Gender: Male

Age: 17


History: Kazu comes from a long line of Kunai weapons, normally a weapon in Kazu's family was born with one blue sapphire on their body which served as a point of power for the Kunai to draw extra abilities and power from. But no one in his family had gotten weapon abilities for 10 centuries after the kishin was defeated. But something Dark is coming again, Kazu is part of 3 legandary weapons to be born. He was born shorter and weaker then his older brother and sister or most people for that matter, but his soul is one of the most powerful souls anyone has ever seen in a long time. He was born with bright blue sapphires as sharp fingernails, each representing a century of his family's lost power all stored in him. It is unknown how Kazu was born with 10 centuries of the Kunai power. But he is now searching for a meister capable of welding him.

Partner:Kagami Oda

Name: Guinevere Albarn

PuppetMaster: HirokoKyo

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Gender: Female

Age: 17


History: Guinevere is a decedent of the great Albarn clan.Her ancestor Maka Albarn took apart in defeating the kishin. With something Darker looming over the land she was one of the first known meisters born to her clan in over ten centuries. Guinevere's personality consists of compassion,bravery, strong-willed, hard working, humble, kind, friendly, and determined to do what is right but can be laid-back and has a good sense of humor.

Partner:Ghost King

Name: Ghost King

PuppetMaster: Souldreamer

Weapon or Meister: Soul Wavelength Weapon

Weapon Form: Ghost turns into an elaborate looking bow that generates black arrows

Gender: Male

Age: 18


History: Ghost was named so for the shadowy look of his arrows. He was born to a family of four- he has two older siblings who are also weapons as well. Even though his name is odd he embraces it because it makes him different. He is known by his friends to be a prankster and lives his life in a care-free manner.

Partner:Guinevere Albarn

Name: Roux Felix

PuppetMaster: Rae

Weapon or Meister: Meister

Gender: Female

Age: 16


History: Don’t let the baby face and the easy smile fool you. Roux Felix is way more competent than she looks. She is the first in her family to actually have the skills and talent to become a Meister and train at Death Academy. Although she is behind in her training compared to her legacy classmates, Roux is a quick learner and determined not to fall behind. However in her excitement to learn more and more about the world of Meisters and their Weapons, she tends to get side tracked and forgetful. A little shy at first, but once she counts you as a friend, she is fiercely loyal.

Partner:Dakota Thompson

Name:Dakota Thompson

PuppetMaster: SupposedlyWitty

Weapon or Meister: Soul Flame Weapon

Weapon Form: Dakota becomes a flamethrower, capable of firing off in different patterns, quanities and speeds.

Gender: Female

Age: 16


History: It really was unexpected when Dakota was born as a weapon. She found amusement in the irony of it all, being a shinigami-- she literally gets to BE the scythe... er, flamethrower in this case... She plans on taking over the responsibilities of her parents-- as long as they understand that instead of just being handed the job, she wants to reach her full potential as a weapon, and become someone worthy of taking over. In her spare time, she enjoys making horror-themed sweets and getting people to try them. While on the surface Dakota may seem like a grade A smartass who's constantly bored and looking for entertainment, appearances aren't always the truth. She has some insecurities that just stay buried under layers of sarcasm and mischief that typically people don't have the patience to sit around and tolerate long enough to witness what's underneath. The 'bored' act is simply a cover for when she feels inadequate or lazy for not being busy with a task.

Partner:Roux Felix


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Ghost stretched his arms over his head. Soon it would be his time for his debut at DWMA. Stepping through the gates into Death City had been something. To think only an hour ago he was on a train heading towards this glorious city. The streets seemed pretty bare in his opinion it was like there wasn't a soul around. Almost eerie.

His black hair ruffled in the wind as he walked towards the building where he had already booked a room. The thought of having a future partner weighed in his mind. The one thing he hoped for the most was that they would be okay with his preference for well both genders. Ghost did not discriminate when it came to attractiveness. Boy, Girl, he didn't mind- as long as he got to be his own self why should he care who the other person wanted to be.

[+darkblue "Home sweet home."] he sighed letting himself crash onto the couch. His siblings were supposed to be arriving later to help him set up the apartment. They were also weapons though they had long since graduated from the hallowed halls of the school.

Mason was the first to knock on the door. His eldest brother. A scythe weapon. Though his weapon form was not unique he was powerful and Ghost looked up to him quite a bit. [+red "Nervous for tomorrow?'] Mason asked. Ghost shrugged, [+dark blue "Nah, I mean how hard can it be."] He grabbed one of the boxes that his brother brought over and started to unpack it. Thankfully this seemed to be the box that held kitchen supplies.

[+pink "So I see if I had shown up just a little later I would have gotten out of helping."] a voice rang out an hour later. Ghost turned around to find a girl with short spiky hair in the doorway. [+darkblue "Guess you should have stayed away Aline."] Ghost smirked. Aline laughed, it was infectious and caused her other two siblings to smile as well.

With the promise of coming to check on him soon as possible the older two left. And yet again Ghost was alone in his apartment to sit and stew about what tomorrow would bring. His first day at DWMA. His first day on the road to being a Death Scythe. The most honored position that a weapon could achieve. He bit his lip- well hopefully it would at least be a fun ride.
  Ghost King / SoulDreamer / 257d 3h 19m 28s
This was certainly different from the outcome Dakota Thompson had hoped. Before travelling to the next destination of their own respective jobs, her parents had handed her a number of assignments to complete in Death City. She was staying at an inn and everything; it was their way of dumping her off somewhere under the cover of 'oh, we want you to take care of some things here.' In the end, they didn't care how well she did on these jobs. It wasn't fair.
[#ed8e00 "!"] Dakota growled, struggling for air.
Being ignored for the past several years did have its advantages. For example, now that she had the opportunity to be in Death City for an extended stay, she could find a meister who could actually wield her. Not a single person, even shinigami in her family, had been able to. What kind of weapon can't be used by anyone except for one person? It wasn't fair; and it sure made her feel useless. Maybe that's how others like her felt.

The uh, current situation, was in fact a direct result of this quest. At the time it seemed like a fun, fairytale-like method of finding a suitable partner. Who would pass up on the offer to own a shiny flamethrower someone just abandoned and left a "free flamethrower" sign right next to it? Immediate incentive, right?
That is, if anyone had actually walked up to her in weapon form and not burned their fingers on contact. Some had come back wearing gloves and then said she was "too heavy." Not that they knew exactly she was a person they were speaking about and not an inanimate object. Still, rude. Freaking wussies; well, whatever. No wussies need apply.... aw, that would have been great to add on the back of the sign, wouldn't it?

And now Dakota Thompson was found engaged in an intense battle.... with the internal compactor in one of Death City's local garbage trucks. Pushing back against walls as they closed in on you with old coffee grounds shoved up against your nose.... who else did this crap happen to, really?

[#ed8e00 "Well. Let it be known, nobody can wield me, so I demonstrated my strength as a strong individual and defeated the enemy named Trash Compactor. And now I am reunited with my own kind,"] the white-haired teen gestured around with both hands. It was her own odd way of resisting the urge to break down and give up on trying. Her whole life was trying and trying; after 16 years, there had been very little payoff. Everybody says hard work wins in the end, but did it actually? Give up on trying-- it was the easiest thing to do. It was the laziest thing to do.
A cat stared blankly at Dakota, letting out what was possibly the most deadpan meow the 16 year old had ever heard. She couldn't help but laugh before jumping down from one of the mountains of trash. [#ed8e00 "That's exactly what I needed to hear, how did you know? You're so well-spoken."] Waving goodbye, she exited the dump and returned to town.

Here was the plan. Once inside the inn, she would take advantage of her androgynous appearance and keep her head down, power-walk as quickly as possible with her butt clenched and pelvis forward-- past the bar, past the other patrons, past anybody who might recognize her and feel like having a conversation even if they were drunk and only her gender had registered in their minds. If the plan went smoothly, she'd be in the public bath before anyone could catch her. Or smell her.

[#ed8e00 "And, go! ...."] Wait a minute. Was someone crying? [#ed8e00 ""] Covering her mouth with one hand, she gave the bartender a look; fortunately, that girl was sitting close enough for the bartender to keep away any drunk patrons who wanted to take advantage of the vulnerable state she was in. Surely she knew how to defend herself too. This was the city; you needed to, otherwise you wouldn't be safe. Stop worrying, keep moving; it was none of her business. Now, the baths on the other hand. She was totally going to get in on that. [#ed8e00 "Yessss, I made it."]
  Dakota Thompson / SupposedlyWitty / 278d 20h 7m 47s
To say Roux was nervous would be an understatement. She had arrived in Death City three days ago and since she arrived, she walked straight up to the gates of the school, stood there for thirty minutes and then turned around and back to the Inn, where she was staying.

Today was no different. She got up early, pretending like she was getting ready for a regular day at her old regular school. She walked up the street, waved to the trinkets stall owner who had given her directions the first day, chased a cat into an alley, got lost, asked for directions at a bakery, bought breakfast, found her way back to the main street and strutted straight up to the school’s main gate.

The gates flew open with a loud SCREEEEECH CLANG! Roux stared up, up, up, and up the steps. From this angle, she could only see steps and the many towers that crowned the structure. She stared until the grinning sun let out a hearty sigh, signaling 6:00 am. Then she pivoted and walked right back to the Inn.

It was dumb. It was so dumb. At that rate, she might as well pack up and return home. Some Meister she was going to be. Couldn’t even get walk up the damn steps, she was so intimidated.

Roux wandered around the city feeding her anxieties.

[i What if I can’t find a weapon?
What weapon would want a non-legacy Meister?
The only thing I’ve held that is even remotely close to a weapon is a wrench.
Oh man, I miss home.
I should have just stayed at Auntie’s garage and become a mechanic.]

She kept it wandering until her feet hurt and her bladder protested. After asking for more directions, she made her way back to the inn and up to her room. When it was time for dinner, she dragged herself out of bed and trudged down to the bar, and sat. There were a few people sitting at the bar, but she ignored all of them. She slouched, feeling the weight of her cowardice on her shoulders and her mood. The bartender looked over at her and smiled.

“Did you make it today?”

Roux just groaned and rested her head on the bar with a soft thunk. The bartender laughed and set a glass of amber liquid next to her. Roux tilted her head to eye the glass. Then she looked up at the bartender, her chin, now where her head had been.
[#800080 “You barely believe I’m 16. Why are you serving me alcohol?”]
“Maybe, I’m feeling a bit sorry for you. “ He smiled. Roux scrunched up her face in irritation. “Same order as last time?” He asked, referring to her dinner.
[#800080 “I guess.” ] She sat up, taking the glass in both her hands. She tentatively brought it to her lips.
It was apple juice. Despite herself, Roux laughed. She laughed so hard she started crying.
  Roux / Rae / 280d 17h 57s
On the outskirts of what is still known as Death City there can be found the dwellings of the infamous Albarn Clan.About seventeen years ago a baby girl was born who would transcend all others.This girl was born with traits that had not been seen in ten centuries.She has ash blonde hair and many other characteristics that have come from the Albarn ancestors.

While of the rest of the clan possesses red hair coming from Spirit Albarn. Guinevere was trained in the art of combat so that she would be ready when she meets her weapon. A few days after her seventeenth birthday Gwen's grandfather told her all about the three new meisters and the 3 legendary weapons that were born. He told her that she needed to leave and go search for her weapon. Guinevere said goodbye to her very large family. With her stuff packed she set out towards Death City.

The journey to the city away from her family's land was about forty miles on foot. The path that Gwen took at first was through the forest. It was a sunny day she could hear the birds chirping and see all of the small woodland animals scamper along as she walked. The soft breeze fluttered her hair all about. It would the young girl a few days to reach the city. After a few hours of walking Guinevere could see through the tree tops that it was getting dark.

[+blue "No matter."] she thought.[+blue "I can keep going."] Gwen reached the edge of the forest when the sun was arising the next morning. It would be another day and night of traveling and then she would reach Death City.[+red "Hopefully Death City is where I will find my partner."] she said yawning slightly as she traveled along another road.This road had other houses and pasture on either side.

The people who were out and about waved at the girl.[+red "Hello."] she said with a smile waving back. The Albarns were known all over in and out side of Death City. The houses and pastures went on for miles as she walked in the direction of the City. Entering another forest on her way Gwen decided to stop and fix herself something to eat.

Her stomach was really growling loudly now. Sitting down she set down her bag and unwrapped a sandwich. Taking a bite Gwen looked around at the beauty of nature. The ten centuries before any of them existed the area used to be all deserts.Out from the Desert lies a more country-like environment along with actual roads. Gwen finished off her sandwich, she picked her bag back up and continued to walk.

Though desert-like features are still present around Death City. However, there's also a wall that surrounds Death City. It was dark now as she finally entered through a gate into the city.Death City was rather lively, rich in atmosphere and culture.More of the buildings within Death City also are more defined and parts of the city resemble other well known locations such as New York and London.

Gwen walked past lit shops and restaurants. She passed by groups of people talking and eating. Deathbucks Cafe was one of the lively places she passed on her way to find a place to stay.There was the movie theater,a Fishmonger's, as well as a flower shop. She noticed all of these places were dark.

After a few more blocks Guinevere stopped at a small inn. She walked inside and inquired about a room for the the week.[+red "Hello! If I may, I'd like a room for the week if that's alright?"] she asked smiling at the man behind the best. He nodded and handed her a key. Climbing up the stairs to the second floor Gwen found her room.

She let herself in with the key, dropping her bag on the floor she collapsed on the bed.Gwen stared up at the ceiling of her small room for awhile. She wondered what this prophecy meant, what her life would be like after she found her partner, those kind of things. Gwen turned over on the bed and sighed.[+red "I should try going to Death Academy tomorrow. There might possible be others who are just as like minded."] she spoke to herself before closing her eyes and drifting off into a deep dream filled sleep.
  Guinevere Albarn / HirokoKyo / 281d 4h 45m 59s
[center [pic]]He still could not believe he'd traveled all this way on his grandfather's whim.

The sturdy young man stopped for food four times as he made his way through town, smoked meats and fish and pastries and some melon bread all finding their way quickly into his stomach, his cheeks fit to burst as he looked for a place to call it a night. Sure was an awful lot of work, searching for these other Weapons and Meisters. Were they even real? Was there a real danger? Kagami did his best to honor his grandfather's wishes, he wanted to be a good grandson and do as he was asked, but... How would he KNOW he was a Meister? He'd never picked up a Demon Weapon before, he was just here under his family's orders, they ALL listened to granddad's crazy stories and now, here he was, practically on the DWMA's doorstep 300 years after its closure to investigate... This... Prophecy?

He sighed, finishing up some fried squid as he stumbled into an inn, drenched in sweat and towering over the woman at the front desk, as was customary; Kagami was a very large young man, plain looking but beyond gargantuan as she looked up to meet his gaze. He gave a shy wave and smile, adjusting his glasses as he made himself known. [b "Hello! If I may, I'd like a room for the week and some tea, if that's alright?"]
She seemed to comply, and he chose a room of medium size, big enough to fit him but not impractical in its spaciousness. He'd need to be able to fit in there? After downing...
[i Chugging], half a pot of oolong tea, he was directed to the men's bath, ecstatic to get the layer of sweat off his body. He first dropped his things off in his room, taking only a change of clothes in case the kimono robes they supplied did not fit him. Once back at the bath, he undressed and neatly folded his clothes for later and headed in, pleased to find there was only one other fellow in the water. As he drew nearer, his footing was all but lost, and he instead slipped headlong into the warm water, coming back up in a small panic.
[b "Oh no."] he breathed, long thick arms darting about the floor of the bath. His glasses... Where were they?! And here he was, looking like a moron in front of this other patron...! After several minutes of frantic digging, Kagami sighed and leaned back, fed up with this entire trip. Great. He couldn't see anything so finding his glasses was going to be impossible, and he didn't know the first thing about Demon Weapons. What else could he do, though, disappoint his family by not even bothering to make the trip to check?

What a sucky trip. And here he'd been so excited to be apart of new history... Kagami had only heard of Weapons and Meisters in his grandparents' old tales, to be considered one was an honor but how would he know...? He'd never turned into anything before, so there was surely no chance of his being a weapon? Was there another way to check? If he had a Demon Weapon to chat with and to wield for a moment, maybe he'd know then?
  KO / Lusami / 282d 15h 48m 55s
[center [size12 It was weeks ago when Kazu left the house, he wasn't sure how but he's father told him he must find a mister capable of welding him. Now here he was nearly to the gates of the nearest town from his families piece of land. His mouth dry and his body dirty. He was ready to get to an Inn, set down his pack, shower and nap. Kazu just wished his mission didn't feel so directionless, he might never find his, he, she, could be anywhere! What if they didn't even exsist yet?!]]

[center [size12 [#22e1f1 "I don't need anyone.."] The short blue haired boy mumbled]]
[center [size12 I might be short but I'm a great fighter..he thought..]]
[center [size12 Kazu’s stomach growled as he walked past food stands in the town he’d only began entering, but he’d already decided to go get cleaned up first. So ignoring the hunger he continued to walk looking for a place to stay.. Walking through this town it was easy to tell that Kazu wasn’t from here, his hair, his build, everything about him stuck out among the natives and people stared at him as he made his way. Some 5 minutes later he finally found a place, a tavern/Inn. The place didn’t have words on the sign just a picture of a cup designed for sake and a bed next to it. Looking at it he wondered if the town was poorly educated.. it wasn’t all that uncommon. With a sigh he walked inside and sat at the bar.]]
[center [size12 [#22e1f1 “May I have a room and a cup of sake and some water?”] he asked and in just a moment a small white cup of sake and a big mug of water was before him.]]
[center [size12 “you need to ask Nala about the room” The bartender said as he pointed to a lady sitting at a table near the back of the old dinning area.]]
[center [size12 Kazu put two bronze pieces in the counter and couldn’t help but the hot sake and room temp water overly fast. Getting up he could already feel a small buzz coming on as he walked over to the lady Nala. The transaction didn’t take long she had a few rooms left in different sizes, but he chose the smallest and paid for a week, It would be nice to rest and see the town a bit, for all Kazu knew his meister might be here. Sides, the only real plan he had was to go to the old, closed school of Death Academy maybe others with his cause would be there. But for now he had the time to stay. ]]
[center [size12 After putting his things in the room Nala had rented him he closed the door and left to the bath house. He hated these places but the large community bath was the only option for travelers. Thankfully there were no men on the male side of the place so he slowly undressed and walked into the large warm bath sitting down and closing his eyes to sit and rest for a bit.]]
  Kazu Kunai / WiccansWrath / 283d 8h 11m 25s

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