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Britt was a little scared, she didn't like being pinned against a tree and tried to push him away." Get away from me! "She said then looked at Kayla Knowing they were heading out for the weekend. With her hands still up light came out pushing Ben away, taking the Opportunity she grabbed Kayla and ran for her house. She was quick to get the door open and get them inside." Damn it, we'll have to wait til sunrise to get to New York." She said

Eric had watched seeing Ben's tactic to get close to the girl went badly. He was listening though to Their conversation hearing that they were going to New York.
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Kayla looked at britt running as she ran beside her smiling as she spoke, " ...ah britt do you think we can get away ...i mean they are petty fast..." kayla then trips over a rock as she looked up at britt.

" ah....Britt help me" ben stops as he looked at them with great speed he jumps down in front of britt, " little human girl where do you think your going in a hurry" kayla stood up as she runs in front of britt protection her.

" back off!! We don't need your shit...we get enough of that here" ben smirk as he push kayla out the way. " I'm not interested in your friend i want" ben fangs popped out as he push britt up to a tree blocking her way.
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Eric found this interesting. Then looked at Ben. "You want the one then you'll watch them. We need to make sure they're both not looked at by other vampires." Eric said
Britt nod finding new York a great idea.

Britt found it a good idea to get moving with being followed . "Come on Let's loose them" she whispered as she started running a side way she knew.
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Kayla looked at Britt when she asked about getting away for the weekend with a smile Kayla speaks, " yeah..that sound fucking..great we can go to my parents house in new York I will call them tommrow" Kayla smile as she notice something was not right with a serious look Kayla lean into Britt as she whisper in her ear.

" hey someone following us...should we speed our walking up..or face know it is"

Pam give a serious look at Eric before speaking with her hands on her hips.

" Eric ...I just wanted to give you some information on them two...humans girls well it looks like they are both relate to sookie they are her two sister...but they don't know that and sookie does not know as well...and as for walking in the sun Eric.. " Pam walked over as he sat on his desk eyeing him slowly.

" that human your interested in....she can have you walking in the sun in no time....all you have to do is taste her...blood" Pam gave Eric a smiles before walking out the room .

Ben looked at Eric shocked as he is to know that the girls are related to sookie " wow that was some very interested news to her...are you sure you want me to watch after them I'm not a damm baby sitter you you know" Ben crossed his arms as he gave Eric a look.
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Britt had alot on her mind, but she looked at Lafayette "Seriously lafayette? I can handle myself. Besides maybe the vampire isn't that bad. After all he stopped that one from going after me when I went out without something to protect me and get it off of Kayla." Britt said, though Britt nod as she left with Kayla. She walked home keeping watch on their surroundings.

"So think we should leave town during the weekend? "Britt asked knowing the vampire crisis was up.

Eric was thinking when Pam came in. He looked at her "what pam?" He asked. Then looked at Ben." You can walk in the sun. Watch those two." He said
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Kayla looked at Britt with a lost look on her face " what watching the fuck are we children " Kayla stood up as she walks behind Britt going back into the restaurant.

Lafayette looked at them work in as he speak " Bitches I ..saw what happened don't need to get involved with Eric Nortman and if that vampire is hanging with him..Britt..then you need to not get involved too" Kayla looked at Lafayette with a smart ass look on her face, " Lafayette please.. I know where my please is at" Kayla pulled Britt aside as she whisper to her.

" hey our day is over..let just go back to your house okay I'm feak out enough as it is" Kayla pulls her ponytail out as her hair hit her shoulders.

Ben looked at Eric as he sat on his desk with a smirk on his face, " hey Eric what are you thinking.. Uh huh about that girl ..well maybe it for the best we don't-" Ben didn't finish his statement when Pam walks in.
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Britt was in surprise seeing what happened. She knew that it was something to remember. Eric walked over to Kayla and took a good look at her "You both know Sookie Stackhouse? Eric asked, Britt nod "I do. She's my friend and she helped me out why?" She asked. Eric smiled some "No reason but we'll be watching you girls." He said

"Ok." Britt said then surprised to hear the vampire she had served earlier to give true blood to gave her his name, she waited til after they left and she looked at Kayla. "I'll take you out to get your hair fixed. It wasn't something I suspected but I don't think this is the last we'll see those two." Britt said to her friend.
Eric walked in his club as all humans and vampires socialized. He was thinking of the girl he saw as well as other things.
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The vampire see britt as he licks his tong at them both while still holding Kayla " yes two for the price of one...just my cup of tea"

Ben nods his head as they both disappear and showed up behind the unknown vampire Ben taps his shoulders as the vampire truned around to see Ben with is fangs out as punch a hole in the vampire chest living him to die off. Kayla yelled a little bit as the blood got on her as she looked at Britt.

" going to take weeks to get this blood out of my hair" Ben walks over to Britt with a serious looked on his face, " uh..sorry you had to see that Britt...well I must go " Ben walks over to Eric as he turned his head with a smirk " oh miss Britt you may call me Ben now okay see ya" Kayla blushed as she notice been friend she could help herself from starring but he was such a very good looking man.
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Britt had put her things away when she heard her friend scream and ran outside." Get away from her! " Britt said. She hadn't known what to expect.

Eric was about to agree when he heard the scream. "There may be a slight delay." Eric said
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Ben looked at Eric as she stood by the tree with a smirk " yeah ...they do ..but Britt..well be know...something is really drawing me to her I don't know why" Ben looked back inside the restaurant starring at Britt as she fangs popped out, blushed Ben covers his mouth.

" man I hate that...when it happened " Ben then looked back at Eric shall we go back to your club"

Kayla grabs some trash as she walks outside to the back when she notice a vampire in the darkness he was grinning as she spoke to kaylay, " mmm my smell so tasty... What are you mmm" Kayla stood there as she spoke a little bit.

" what the fuck...if you come any closer I wi-" Kayla could not finish her statement the vampire with great speed was up on her as she push Kayla up to the wall. " fucking human don't yell...I'm going to enjoy sucking on your blood" his fangs came out full as kaylay scream while closing her eyes.
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"Yes,well there is also something special about their friend Sookie Stackhouse. " Eric said as he looked in. He thought about it but he never seen either of them at fangtasia. "Those two seem to keep to theirselves." Eric said

Britt was finishing up as she counted up her tips while waiting for the shift to be over. "Yeah that's fine. It's just me at my house." She told her friend
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Ben looked at Eric with a low smiles on his face as he speaks

" sorry Eric ..I just needed some time to myself and as for the are eyeing well their something about them I just can't put my finger on it" Ben puts both his hands behind his head as he stares at Eric who is also a vampire but he is one of the oldest vamps around.

Kayla clean her tables and grabs her tips while looking at Britt the night was now low their was not enough people in the restaurant, " hey Britt I'm staying the night at your house is full of shit"
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Thanks. You're doing well at being warlow though I do remember he liked being called Ben so if you want to call him that instead of warlow feel free to. I'm going to be going to bed soon)
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No no it fine your very good for your first time this is my first time doing warlow :)
  hazelwings / 4y 201d 7h 48m 44s
ok. glad to hear. I will be on tomorrow to reply too. Sorry if I'm not that good at being Eric. I'll improve but it's my first time actually being him.)
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