The Dirties

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Two best friends are filming a comedy about getting revenge on the bullies at their high school.
Film geeks Matt Johnson and his best friend make a buddy comedy about killing their school bullies. What happens when one of them take it a step further and want to really murder their high school foes?

Matt: Matt Johnson, future big film director! That'd be great he had everything he needed to be a good director, great editing skills, timing, filming all that, except one thing, he was in a shitty high school with a group of certain people we will know as The Dirties and nothing else.

So yeah Matt is a little more than your average high schooler he has a passion for filming and is normally your nice guy who you always can talk to.

The Dirties: Then there's [i these] guys The Dirties, fucking douche bags who have nothing better to do than push Matt and his friends around, the jocks as we call em. But how long will it take when Matt has enough and wants to stand up against them?
[B What if we actually did it, just blew them away on camera?]
-[B Matt]
[B No, you goddamn piece of punk ass shit, do not mess with that friggin kid!! If you do, I will rip off your goddamn head and shove it so far up your frigging ass you'll be coughing up dandruff for four frickin months!!]
- [B Dylan]

[B Rules]
1. This'll be a group we need Matt's best friend and "The Dirties" aka the bullies.
2. This'll be about bullying so yeah we need some heartless people to beat up and stuff.
3. Bullying has its consequences so yeah some may be small some may be on the 6 and 9 o'clock news.
4. There's gotta be a rule 4
5.There [B WILL] be a shooting, no possible deaths but make a second character if your the dirties like teachers, friends, etc.

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