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What do you do when all you have is your sanity?
What do you do when even your sanity can't help you..
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There sat a headless corpse. It's hands resting on the keys of a mahogany Bosendorfer 7'6'' concert grand piano. It was a women's body.. the naked eye could easily tell by the dress and the way her upper body was shaped. Her fingers were excoriated down to the bone and her wrists were bound with copper wire. At one point, they were percolating blood that just seemed to never stop. It was a beautiful bit of art she trailed across the floor.
There was a majestic, unforgettable way she screamed. A raspy, but clear cut emphasis on the mercy she most desired. It was ignored in all it's entirety.
| Written & Created By; V0DKA|

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Main Plot
A man living in the home on 46 Granier Road had been capturing women for more than 15 years. He had passion for blood, women..and death. He doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep. If he does eat, it's the flesh of a women's skin or even a defenseless dog or cat.

I, CHiP, would like this RP to go somewhere interesting as I will be playing the murderer. Will this be a mystery, where your character is hunting this man down.. and is eventually risking their life to capture him..change his mind & get hit to comply to an arrest?
Will it be a romance.. a romance which in your character is nearly murdered before the man decides his love for her/him..when your character is only pretending to get revenge on him and murder him?

Or will he get his wins and eat his victory?

You decide.

You do not have to abide by these choices, but they're just some ideas.
I am open for discussion.

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⋆This will be a 1,000+ characters posting.

⋆I appreciate and encourage excellent grammar & punctuation. I understand slight mishaps.

⋆This can either be a MxM or FxM.

⋆GM is not allowed.

⋆Please respect ES's rules when it comes to sexual desires.

⋆ PLEASE; I want you guys to curse & use vulgar language. I'd love you if you did.

⋆I ask of a posting whenever you're online. We all have lives, as for me, I have a very busy and complicated one, so give a man sometime. I won't haggle with you, if I'm going to be late posting, I'll notify & you should do the same, but I would like for you to at least post every week.
Title your Skeleton Pm 'ax to grind' so I know you've gone through this.

⋆There is no First Come First Served. I am open to anyone who would like to participate.

Character's Photo: [Anime Realism. Linked please.]
Puppet Master: [Your Username]
Character's Name: [First & Last]
Age: [18-30]
Gender: [Male or Female.]
Sexual O.: [Gay/Straight/Lesbo/Bi.]
Personality: [What are they like?]
Miscellaneous: [Wanna share some more info on your character? *Optional*]
Biography: [Gotta story? *Optional*]

PM your skeleton to me.
If you have any further quetions; either write it in the Realtime Chat box, the Permanent Reply box or PM me.

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