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They are fragile.
They make as many mistakes as possible before they make the right choices.
And not one person ever said they would be logical.
This is truest when it comes to love.

______1 Was just a normal human. They went through the same problems as every other human did, making their own mistakes in their own way, and trying to discover themselves as a person, their sexuality, and what they want to do with their life, while trying to live their life to the best of their ability. And just like every other human in the world, they least expect their dreams, and nightmares, to become a reality.

Kayle watched over the humans, as most other angels did. Particularly, she watched over one human. Being the Champion of the Angel's put her into the harder positions. This human was on a careful watch by her, as the prophets had deduced that this human, _______1, was the key to ending the war: The War between Angels and Demons.
Protecting the human one night, however, got her discovered, with no other choice but to confront them, possibly even explain. Along the way, she discovered human's are not so fragile, and Angel's are not so stoic, as she developed strange feelings for _______1.

_______2 also knew about _______1, and the prophecies that had been foretold. However, they had no idea how this human would end the war, but it was ______2's job to convince the human to bat for the Demon side. However, some turn of events trying to get close to ______1 led to feelings ______2 had no idea Demon's could even feel.

This conflict makes it even harder to chose which side the human will fight for. Or will they have to? What will happen when the Angel and Demon discover each other? A love triangle perhaps? Or maybe, they fall for each other instead! Only time will tell.

Angel - Taken
Human - Taken
Demon - Taken

Both the human and the demon need to be open minded, and sexually open. I intend for the role of the human to be bi, and that be my only requirement, dependent on gender of both roles.

There is also the option for a love triangle. Or a "duel love", as i like to call it, where there are two loves.

The human WILL have the option to chose which side they go with, or if they chose both, or neither. I have plans for all, but these will be later discussed, as that wont be until sort of the end of the roleplay.

If you are interested, please send me a basic skelly of what your character would be like, with the title of the message as to which character you would like to play.

Rules for Play:
1. I understand sometimes you cant think of what to say, but i need more than one sentence. I need to roleplay to move, so that everyone can move along with it!
2. I'm okay with love here, obviously. I'm also a very mature person, so if "sexual things happen", we can skip it, or we can move elsewhere. I'm fine with either.
3. I prefer anime pics here. I'd like them to be elaborate, or look professional, and not just ones you can see by looking them up on google.
4. Correct grammar and punctuation, please! At least have periods... so ill know when the sentence ends then.
5. No god mod, of course...
6. No killing off characters unless it was previously discussed.
7. Please please please... dont post a few times and drop out, or i will be forced to kick you! And if your going to not post for a little while, at least give me a warning! I give up to 10 days of no post, and in the middle of that, i will message you to see what's up. After that, you're gone.
8. Have fun! =D


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Salazer thought for a minute. “I don’t have any options and it a little early for coffee.” He joked as he looked up at the clock. “That just leave water, ice tea or black tea. I like most my drinks strong however I do have some sweetener if you would like sweet tea.” He opened a cabinet that held most of his drinks. Pulling them out he placed then on the counter. He then pull a pot of water on to boil.
He then leaned against the far counter as he waited for the water to boil. “It sounds like this case is importin. You must enjoy your job if you took a case like that. I must say I’m quite impressed but I will ask no more on the matter. I can’t talk about my client ether so I understand the privacy.” He looked out the window as he talked.
Suddenly the whistling of the pot got his attrition. He poured himself some hot water and placed a tea packed in his glass. He then set the pot on stove and let her get some. “Sorry to disappoint on the apartment décor. If you know anyone that could help me decorate the place that would may thanks.” He made Idle chat with her until his was gone and he had himself a second. Finally after that one was gone he yawed. “I must apologize but it seems that I must say my goodnight. My day has finally caught up to me. You are free to leave if you wish however the guess room is open. It was quite nice chat with you. Sleep well.” And with that he left for his room thinking toady and been an interesting day.
  Mended / 284d 1h 58m 49s
"To the states?" Kayle shrugged. "I was [i bored] actually. Lived on the Isle most of my life, and I thought it was about time i get out and see the world." She laughed slightly. "My father didn't approve. After I graduated college, he intended me to inherit his company, but... I'm a bit stubborn, and not much for desk work. So, here I am!" She shrugged again.

"As for my work, well... My current case is private. I [i can] tell you, that they are paying me quite the money to find someone. I can also tell you they are [i very] sparring on the details of said person." All of this, of course, was true, in a way. She wasn't technically lying, just not revealing anything. She also wanted to see if the vagueness would strike a cord with him. Something else she tended to look out for.

He lead her up to his apartment, which was quaint, but nice. It had your typical furnishings, with what seemed to be a couple bedrooms, and, of course, a luxurious view of the city. Really, that was the only spectacular thing about this apartment. He hardly kept anything as nic nacs, barely any art on the walls, no real decor. This guy was a minimalist at his finest, and that struck Kayle as a bit odd.

"Ah... Well, what do you have?" She grinned as she turned to him, away from scanning the apartment.
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 291d 3h 23m 55s
Salazer nodded as he led the way back to the warm taxi. “That because my mother would have a fit if I hadn’t learn to speak English without an accent. However you are correct, shortly after I left the army. I went to an American collage then shortly after that i got my job here.” He held the door open on the cab before entering himself on the other side.
His apartment building was only anther few minutes away. “So tell me more about yourself. What brought you to the states? Also I’m curious to what case you are working on as long as it doesn’t violate any codes.” Most people found him boring so he didn’t normally talk about himself. Plus information is knowledge and is power.
He listen to what she had to say as the cap made the last turn. A new door man stood outside the building as Bill had been replaced at 2 in the morning with the day door man. Nodding as both enter Salazer led the way up to his apartment. Turning on the lights as they entered he said. “Sorry but it not much to look at.”
The room was mostly empty only a small table and couch took up barley any space. One said was mostly window that overlook the city. Three doors led to other parts of the apartment. “This is my living room and kitten. Sorry the fringe is mostly empty because I can’t cook to save my life. Over there is the restroom and next to it the guest room. You’re welcome to it if you change your mind. It always ready to go just in case. Lastly my room on the other end.” He pointed to the other wall. “And that my little apartment. I really must get someone to come in decorate as I’m told it bland. Would you like something to drink?”
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[i So that was it.] She thought dimly. Still in her profession , she had a habit of being cautious. It paid off not to be caught off guard. And had he just happened to see the alleyway where she was? If she could get a look in his apartment...

"...Well, I wont stay, but perhaps being out of the cold for a few minutes would be nice." She pulled herself away from the tree.

"So Germany? I didn't live far from there, once upon a time." Really, come to think of it, it was a few hours trip from Britain by boat and train, but she couldn't remember if she had actually visited there in her previous life. "Your accent has grown dull. You must've been here a long time." She grinned slightly.

"Yes... I am a P.I. I'm basically a hired hand. I do freelance work, unlike your specific type. However, I tend to lean towards abnormal cases." She shoved her hands in her pockets. "Well then, you lead the way."

She knew where he lived, of course, from when she was dropping off his coat earlier, however, she didn't want to give him the impression that she was looking into him. She hadn't been... Until the alley. Not that he needed to know that just yet. She'd let him tell her, as she usually did.

She had that strange effect on people. They all wanted to tell their life story to her.

She sometimes wondered if it was perhaps because she just radiated what goodness was supposed to feel like. The gift of heaven to her; make everyone want to be close to her for no apparent reason.

Kaylee grinned. "Shall we?"
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 309d 20h 41m 0s
"I'm into fraudulent investigator. I keep eyes on biasness transacting such as buying and selling of goods. I make sure no one is cheating a company out of it money. I mostly do this for higher end company but I also do some for small business." He explained with some joy in his voice. Everything had a pattern and he enjoy finding it "I was doing one such transaction with a shipping company and before I noticed it was late. Then a girl got attack not to close to my apartment and I made sure she got home safe."
Something about her interested him. Unlike most humans he met she had some kind of of area to her. He couldn't place it thought, odd. "O so, you're a privet eye? I don't mind I see myself as a boring person to most. I'm hail from Germany but it been a long time since I been to the fatherland. A farmer hand by trade but never could stand the farm life so joined the army. After a few years got out and when into financing and one thing led to another and I end up in America." Most of this was true however but it wasn’t his life. It was that of a man that died in war. "I must say it enjoyable talking with you however it quite cold outside and I don’t have my jacket. Our you sure I can't officer you a place to stay?"
  Mended / 328d 1h 35m 38s
His vague answers and brush offs of his odd behaviors gave Kayle a weird feeling. [i No matter,] She thought, [i I can take care of myself if I need to.]

"A business man, eh?" She said, leaning up against the tree. "I'm curious to know the sort of business a man gets into this late at night." She grinned slightly.

"In a sense, yes. I do work around here. I do.... investigative work." She laughed slightly. "Hence my abnormal curiosity for your lifestyle. My apologies if I'm prying." She shrugged slightly.

"Don't worry about the awkwardness. I, too, come from elsewhere. I can understand customs are different. And where do you hail from, exactly?" She tilted her head slightly, her heritage showing its true form in her choice of words. Once upon a time, she was most likely living in the British isles, but she did not belong there. She found her true calling in death, and now in eternal life.

Yet, sometimes, something still felt as if it were missing.

She waited for the man, Salazar, to speak, perhaps shedding some light on his interest in the girl as well.
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 330d 3h 40m 20s
Salazer took a second to think about what how this must have looked form her side. A person she didn’t know giving her a place to stay. That could seem a little strange to humans yes. Demons normally didn't have this problem as they shared everything. Rooms home experience nothing was hidden to other demons. However, this had been a problem with demons using this to take advantage of other by using their own tactics against them. He had never seen a problem with help out another as it could lead them owing him. He had found out that he could use someone that he had help to forward his own goals.
He bowed his head in greeting. "I apologize I didn’t forgot how strange that must have seemed. My name is Salazer, it is a pleasure meeting you again. I apologize again as I forget that this country custom are different from my own. I hope I didn’t come off as rude. You just didn’t look to comfortable out in this weather. It quite cold out and mix with the rain that we will get later tonight I could help but worry about someone health in it all." This was only part of the truth as he could use an extra hand with some of his plans as he wouldn't always be about to help notice something. If he could convince this person to work for him it could help him save some time on the easy thing. He could use a maid around his apartment as well as cooker as he didn’t know how to. It would help him save time in the evening that could be used to do other things.
"I'm a local businessman that works in the area." He said. "Do you also work in the area?" He asked
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Jesus Christ, come on. Aili could understand why people didn't believe in some things like the Lord, but at least allow people to have their own thoughts. As long as they weren't trying to force their thoughts on others, which she knew she was not doing.

The guy left to go get a cab, an she sat down on the couch and patiently waited for the guy to return. Even though she was patient waiting for the guy to return, internally Aili was very worried. Of all nights that some weird shit had to happen to her, why did it have to happen on the night before a college exam? She still would've minded if it had happened on any other night, but she had tried to get as earlier as possible to home to get more sleep.... And she knew she wouldn't be getting to much sleep.

The guy returned. She took his hand as he led her downstairs and into the cab. Sitting down into the cab, she told the cabbie her address, and the cab drove off towards that address. The cab ride was lost in the mists, as Alia slipped between sleep and awareness.

Once the cab drove up to her house, she got out. The guy was kind enough to pay the fare, as well as escort her to her front door. The guy said good night, Alia simply entered her apartment, and fell asleep on the couch.
  Aili / NorthernWolves / 335d 6h 45m 41s
Kayle's eyes snapped open to the sound of a voice and immediately was on alert. Someone snuck up on her and she was about to pull out her sword. She very quickly noticed that it was that man from earlier, at the bar, and the same one who picked up the human girl, Aili, from the alleyway. She did a quick check on herself, and realized she'd somehow ended up on the ground.

How lucky that she'd put up her disguise before taking a nap. It took a moment for her to register what he had said as she looked back up to his face. She blinked away her tiredness before getting up on her own, disregarding his hand.

"That's... Quite nice of you," she said with a shrug, "But i hardly know you. That's not exactly a situation I'd like to find myself in." She grinned slightly. "I appreciate your concern, but I'm quite diligent." She mused. She looked up slightly, noticing the bag was so far up in the tree, she would need to fly to get it.

Unfortunately, she couldn't do that just now. She looked back to the man.

"Perhaps we can start with a name... I'm Kayle." She nodded slightly.
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 337d 20h 54m 35s
Salazer sighed. "Okay I will deal with them after I'm done we will get you home." He had flinched when she started praying as it almost physically hurt to have someone so close doing that. 'Sorry god didn't save you today only me,' He smiled to himself. "Just wait here for one minute and I'll get a cap." He then returned back downstairs where Bill and another person was talking to the police."
"I'm sorry officer but our privity agreement won't let you upstairs you must wait." He could hear Bill saying. Most people that lived in this build were very rich, private people like himself. Unless someone had a warrant for your arrest they couldn’t get past the front door. "I gave his room a call and he should be down shortly."
"I'm here Bill it fine," He said as both the offices looked over at him. "Hello gentlemen how is your evening. It took a few minutes to explain everything that had happened. They had already appendage the criminal and after finishing questioning him. "That all we have thank you for time." The officer said as they both let. "Well that went well," Bill said returning to his post. "Is there anything else you need sir?"
Salazer nodded, "Yes would you call a cab I would like to escort the girl home." Bill nodded as he picked up a phone. "It will be done." With that he returned upstairs to get the girl. "All right miss everything is taken care of. Let us get you home." He offered his hand to help her up before leading her back down stair to a waiting cab. After waiting for her to tell the cab he escorted her back to her home. Make sure she made it to her door he said. "Have a good night." After that he started making his wave back to his apartment when he noticed girl form the bar again. She was sitting in the middle of the park under a tree. Sighing he told the cab to stop and wait for a second before walking out to her. "You now there are better places to take a nap then on the cold ground you know." He said to her. "Come on you shouldn’t sleep outside like this it's bad for your health. I got an extra bed in my apartment that you can use." He said to her. He said it in a tone that he wouldn't take no for an answer. "Come on miss." He held out his hand.
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She heard the voice of her savior again, she'd have to wait for the anti-pain medication. While she lay there, she could feel the guy's movements as he dabbed at all the open wounds she had; they burned a bit, causing Aili to suck in her breath a bit from the pain she felt. Most likely, he was dabbing her with hydrogen peroxide, a very useful disinfectant. It did burn, but the pain from the burning sensation meant that she could still feel, and that the wound was being disinfected. The last touch was something sticky being placed over the wound, that would probably be a bandage to cover the wound until it healed to prevent all sorts of nasty things entering the body through the wound.

The guy walked away, his footsteps constant until they stopped, before they started up again and become louder and louder until they stopped again.By this point, Aili had sat up and had gotten a good look at the guy who had saved her. Why did he remind her of that one fella who had com last minute into the bar?

After he handed her the tablets and the water, Aili slowly swallowed all four tablets, drinking them up with water. After finishing the cup, she handed it back to the guy.

Aili then kneeled on one knew besides the couch, and took out a silver cross on a necklace from her bosom; she was a Catholic. Holding the cross by top part which was connected to the necklace, Aili muttered a short prayer to the Lord for helping her. Then she tucked the cross back inside, and sat back down on the couch. [+purple "I.... I just.... I just need ta get home mista. I don't want ta deal with coppers right now, just need ta get home."]
  Aili / NorthernWolves / 347d 17h 54m 35s
Salazer help her into his apartment building was. Bill was stating at the door with a concerned look on his face. "What happen Mr. Salazer?" He was hold to door for them. "I called the police like you asked." Salazer nodded as he walked inside. "This lady was attack by some guy in the ally way I noticed from my room and when to help. She one of the lady that work at the bar I go to." Bill for his part nodded, "I will let the police now when they get her sir."
Salazer patted the man shoulder, "Good man now I'm going to take her up to my sweet and treat her wounds. Tell them if they have any question to come on up and I let them question me." Bill nodded again. "Understood sir." And with that Salazer entered the elevator. He noticed that she wasn’t doing well in the elevator. "Don't worry we are almost there." After the elevator stopped on his floor he walked them down the hall way until he got to his room. He set her down on the coach and went to find a med kit from the bathroom. He also grabbed some cotton swabs.
He returned and started pulling out a bandies and hydrogen peroxide from the kit. He soaked on of the cotton swabs. The then moved her arm and wiped at the small gash she had on her head. "I do, but you'll have to wait." He said as he continued to clean to small gash. After we was done wiping he add a bandage to it. "There all done." He then walked over to the kitchen and grabbed some Ibuprofen and a water forms the fridge. After walking back, he handed her both items. "Sip don’t chug. The police will be over at some point are you okay with talking to them about what happened or would you rather not.?"
  Salazar / Mended / 351d 23h 55m 2s
She couldn't take it anymore, she just couldn't. The pain, it was too much. It all, it all just felt all wrong. Aili was on the verge of unconsciousness when the kicking stopped. It, it just stopped all of a sudden. Why had it stopped all of a sudden?

Aili heard a voice, a different voice whatsoever. But even though it was different, it sounded as if she had heard it somewhere before; where had she heard it before? Aili heard a scuffle, but she felt too much in pain to actually move and see what the hell was going in. Had someone actually come? Had she run into literal luck by accident? It would appear so, as her savior picked her up and help walk over into a building.

Inside the building, it felt so warm compared to the cold outside. Aili couldn't see any details as she was still recovering from the unexpected attack, and she realized her hearing was somewhat hazy as well. Everything seemed somewhat blurred, which caused a bit of motion sickness, and everything sounded somewhat muffled. One weird experience.

This guy led her to an elevator, and then once the elevator had stopped, he led her to what she assumed was his room. He helped her sit down on the couch.

Upon sitting upon the couch, she lay on her back and started to breath very fast. She was safe, but all this unexpectedness at such a late night after work had been a trial on her nerves. Aili closed her eyes and slowed down her breathing so it was a bit more normal, before putting her left arm to her head and her right arm across her chest.

In a somewhat slurred speech, [+purple "You wouldn't happen to have Ibuprofen or something similar??"]
  Aili / NorthernWolves / 355d 17h 55m 43s
Kayle left the tree a while ago. In the meantime, she caught a glimpse of the human girl she had stumbled upon earlier, getting dragged into the alley and half beaten to death by some thug who thought the weight of money was worth his soul. She had planned to swoop in, but the guy-- also met from earlier-- jumped in to save her, overpowering the thug with ease.

Kayle decided to hover for a moment, watching them go inside the building where she had previously dropped the jacket off, and sighed. This guy seemed to be too well placed. Two times in one night?

When Kayle was sure that they had been snug inside, she let herself land in the darkness of the alleyway, looking over the man who was now a pretzel of pain, crumpled into submission. She landed softly on the ground, bending over to pick up what Kayle could only assume was that girl's things. She picked up what she could, sort of shoving it into the bag, and readied her wings for flight.

In an instant she took off, going into the sky as high as she could muster. She then willed her wings to carry her towards that tree she had paused on earlier, making a perch on one of the branches as she looked through the girl's I.D., wallet, and just the general contents of the bag, hoping to get a sense of this girl; Trying to figure out how she could weasel into her life without being too suspicious.

Kayle snorted. [i Weasel is such an evil way to put it...] She thought dimly to herself, trying to restructure the sentence with a word that felt less... Dirty.

She sighed, putting everything back that she had, looking over the sky towards the direction in which she predicted the bar to be.

"I'll return it tomorrow..." She thought it would be a good way to start a conversation. Maybe even get a favor in for returning it. Kayle strapped the bag around herself before settling into the trunk of the tree, closing her eyes to rest for the remainder of the night.
  Kayle / HextechZydrate / 360d 14h 11m 36s
As Salazer looked out his window he noticed the chosen girl walking down the road to her bus stop. However, what he noticed next upset him. He watched as she was pulled into a dark alleyway. It was so quick that most people wouldn't have seen it. Turning around he headed for his door. As easy it would be to use his magic to get down there. It wasn't really an option at the moment. One was because he had locked it way and two was if any angle were in the area why would find him and the girl. So instead he ran down the stair and to the front desk. "Bill call the police and tell them there been a robbery." He said to the door men as he walked outside.
He crossed the street and walked up to the alleyway entices. He could see the man was kicking the girl and yelling something at her. "It so pathetic to see a man beat up a woman." He said taking his first steps into the alleyway. The man turned toward him anger in his eyes, but not as much as what was in Salazers. "Why don't you mind your own dam business if you know what good for you." The man was holding a knife out in front of him. From the way he was holding it and standing Salazer could tell that he didn't really know how to use it. "I'm making it my business. Now I give you one chance to walk away."
The man didn't even seem to think about it as he rushed Salazer with the knife. "Think about this." Salazer just sighed as he grabbed the man wrist twisting it causing the man to drop the knife and scream in pain. "Not so tough now are you." With that Salazer smashed his elbow down onto the man twisted arm braking it with a crunch. The man fell to his knees screaming but before he could do much more Salazer ramming his knee into the man's face causing him to fall pass out. The man crumpled onto the ground before Salazer turned to the girl and walk to her to help her up. "Are you okay miss" He asked try to help her up. "Let's get you inside." He started leading her back to the lobby of his apartment building.
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