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-hyper reflexes and super agility
-heightened sense
-lowlight vision

-heightened hearing, smell and taste
-hyper strength
-heightened endurance

Led by __________, experiments other than the ones originally funded were conducted under the government's nose. The experiments involved actual human test subjects to feed the man's obsession with gene and DNA configuration. When the secret was found out, ___________ started to destroy his facilities one by one until he was apprehended and imprisoned. One of the facilities exploded near a public festival where a girl had wandered close enough to the area before the blast to be engulfed by fumes from his experiments. The process of her changing skeletal structure and DNA was very painful. (Marie)
Ivan was one of the original in-lab experiments from a very young age. After being rounded up by the government, there was a long debate on what to be done with the experiments they had gathered. Unfortunately, many more experiments that were both accidental like Marie's and in-lab like Ivan were out and about and pretty much running amok. It was decided to create a special branch of the government, that not many in government are aware of, that is tasked with tracking down these targets and either rehabilitating them or exterminating them. If that wasn't enough, __________ has recently been "bailed out" of prison by some of his more loyal test subjects.

The section of government that they work for gives them animal codenames based on their abilities, even though Ivan finds them a little degrading.

Ivan and Marie are paired together as a small team because of their abilities.

Hawk was Ivan's former partner - hyper sight and accuracy, especially with firearms. He also may know something about ___________'s escape.

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He gave hera sideways look. "Someone like me... like us got nabbed last week by people using hybrids as pets." He grinned at her. "I just figured... maybe you were one of them."
Ivan pushed through the crowd and back towards the table. He sighed when he saw someone talking to him... before noticing how creepily familiar this guy was the closer he got. He started to slow his steps enough to attempt to take the other Ivan by surprise.
Chandler looked Marie up and down. "When you disappeared... I guess I worried they would have put you in another cage." Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Ivan trying to sneak over.
"But... Maybe you prefer cages."
He pushed pasta couple girls and into the crowd.
Ivan bolted after him, but the swelling of the dancers made it hard for him to keep up.
"Damn!" he yelled as he got caught between a group of college aged girls.
  Ivan Blackwood / AidoChild / 4y 132d 1h 13m 3s
Marie sat back when he spoke, her eyes widening with both awe and a bit of fear. She attempted to pretend that she had no idea it was Chandler to begin with."Ch-chandler?" Demorres must have explained the agency to him. That was the only way he would know that they are after him. [I Fuck, where is Ivan?] She thought as she tried to come up with an answer that wouldn't make Chandler bolt. "What do you mean? Catch you?"
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 4y 132d 23h 29m 14s
Chandler wondered when Marie had gotten so freaky... when she kissed him in the spot she used to. He could feel the shivers run up his back, and somehow knew that she knew...Maybe... No...
"So that's where you went all those years ago." he said, letting only his voice shift and sounding like himself. He figured he was found out by now. "I always wondered... So are you here to catch me, Sweet Marie?"
  Ivan Blackwood / AidoChild / 4y 132d 23h 40m 21s
[I Bingo,] Marie thought as she listened to his response. Her smile widened. This had to be Chandler. The son of a bitch couldn't resist toying with her. A part of her worried about where Ivan was and if he was alright. The other part knew she needed to focus. She had their target in her clutches.

She scooted over closer to him, letting her body touch his. "Mmm you don't want to do it right here? Like the other night?" Marie leaned over, her lips lingering near his neck. She let her breath tickle the bare skin before leaving a small kiss in the very spot that used to drive Chandler mad.
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 4y 133d 10m 29s
Marie frowned as he suggested leaving. She was really questioning if this was her partner or not. Was it possible that this was Chandler? Could he have really changed into Ivan. And if so, was the real Ivan okay? She pondered for a moment before deciding on a plan to determine if it was the real Ivan.

Marie managed a flirty smile and she leaned over towards him. "Leave? You really want to get out of here? You love clubs." She slipped a hand onto his thigh, "Plus you promised me a kiss when you got back." Marie let her hand creep up the muscular leg a little. She winked hoping her message was clear.

Hopefully she had set the trap up well enough and he would walk right into it, proving his identity.
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 4y 133d 16m 23s
Chandler tingled a little as he body got close and she touched his leg. Maybe he could hide himself until after having a little fun.
"I just thought we could get out of here, maybe continue the party in private?" he said with a flirtatious note in his voice.
  Ivan Blackwood / AidoChild / 4y 133d 16m 45s
"Ivan" took not of her sudden silence and tried so hard not to smirk. She looked over his attire, but didn't say anything yet. He glanced over his shoulder to see if the real Ivan was coming back yet, before looking at her.
"Perhaps we should get going, huh?" he said, wondering if she would follow even after her observations. He thought it over before giving it a shot. "It's getting pretty crowded here."
Ivan finally got a cup of water and was trying to get himself away from the crowded bar.
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 133d 49m 22s
Marie let out a sigh and focused back on the cardboard in her hand. She began to work at peeling back the edges. "It's fine. I didn't have much of the drink so I'm sure the affects won't be too bad or at least not last long." She could wait on the water. Maybe the next club would be less crowded. "Where are we--" She glanced up at him and stopped. Marie made a thoughtful face as she took in Ivan. Something seemed off. Different. She studied him closely. Hair still swished to the left...Her eyes landed on his shirt. She could have sworn he was wearing a different color...and style.

She was about to ask if he was wearing that before when a small alarm went off in Maries's head. Her gut told her to stay silent and observe. See if there was anything else off about Ivan.
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 4y 133d 59m 48s
Chandler took a moment to come up with an excuse. He must have gone to the bar for something for her.
"Unfortunately not," he said as Ivan. "It's crazy up there right now." He gave her a smile while mentallu checking her out. She looked good, more grown up and together. He stuck his hands in his pockets... before realizing he had jumped into this plan without figuring out his clothing situation.He still wore Rivera's attire.
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 133d 2h 34m 1s
She let Ivan sit her down in a newly empty booth as the song pumped from the speakers. Marie nodded as he instructed her not to accept anymore drinks, or talk to any strangers, or move...She felt a bit like a child, but knew it was just Ivan's way of protecting her. She had gotten both of them into a sticky situation following those boys like that, as well as ditching her partner and leaving him vulnerable.

Marie watched Ivan drift away into the crowd once again, internally chastising herself for leaving her partner in the first place and letting her head stray from the mission. Letting her spinning head rest against the back of the booth she thought about how upset she would have been had she been in Ivan's position. [b The first rule of field work is to always maintain sight of the mission.] Marie could practically hear Phoenix's fluttery voice echoing inside her head. [b The second rule is to always have your partner's back.] A small smile crossed her face as she remembered having to quote Phoenix's "Field Work Rule Book" before each mission for about her month off desk duty. Her smile quickly turned into a frown, [I She sure would be disappointed in me if she could see how bad I fucked up tonight.]

She let out a sigh and glanced around the packed club once more, looking for any sign of Chandler, before picking up a discarded cardboard drink coaster with the club's logo on it and fiddling with it absent-mindedly. As Marie was playing with the coaster, a bit of movement out of the corner of her eye made her look up. She was relieved to see it was Ivan, whose hands were empty of any sign of water. Marie frowned, "No luck?"
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 4y 133d 15h 23m 26s
He moved carefully, watching her between the gaps in the dancers. Her boyfriend set her down and disappeared towards the bar. Chandler let a grin spread across Rivera's face. This was as good a chance as ever to reunite with Marie. But... like this was not an option and not as himself either.
He slipped through the crowds and to the bar. Chandler lost the guy for a moment before catching him trying to flag down a bartender.He moved casually and stood behind him as if waiting to order a drink. With a deft hand, he plucked out the wallet from Ivan's back pocket and took out the Id. He smiled before moving away and going towards the bathrooms. He dove in as Rivera and reemerged as Ivan. He put Ivan's wallet in his pocket and went back to where Marie was.
  AidoChild / 4y 140d 18h 20m 0s
Ivan held her close. He was trying to figure out if she really was fine or not, and if they should just call it for a night. Finally, with a sigh, he put his arm around her again.

"Okay. Let's just get off this dance floor. He started to push through the crowds to force them to part. Some people cursed at him and shot him looks, but he was more focused on getting Marie to a chair. He made it to a table with a booth and sat Marie down.

He looked towards the bar hesitantly. "Hey... Just sit tight, okay. I'll get you some water. Don't accept any drinks or talk to any more frat guys or anything." He took a couple steps away from her before looking back uneasily. She would be out of his sight for a few moments, and he was afraid to even step away from her for those few moments. "Hang tight," he said again before hurrying to the bar and trying to find a way to the front so he could get a water.
  aidochild / 5y 176d 21h 13m 17s
[font "Georgia" Marie was in shock as she watched Ivan push the drink into Josh’s hands and Josh back off into the crowd as Ivan threatened him. Her head felt fuzzy, and she wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol, roofies, or a combination of everything that had just happened.

She felt Ivan wrap his arm around her waist and start to guide her away from where Josh had disappeared. Because of her crop top his hand rested on her bare skin causing her to get a warm sensation all the way through her body. It was like his hands were both soft yet firm at the same time. Marie bit her lip as he guided her through the crowd. She nodded listening to him reprimand her.

Obviously, her parents hadn’t taught her anything about real life since they kept her locked away from everyone and everything. But Marie didn’t feel like voicing that point at the moment; right now she felt like sitting down and maybe drinking some water. A loud song began pulsing through the club, creating an uproar from the people on the dance floor and at the bar. People began pushing against Marie and Ivan to make their way on to the dance floor. Ivan took Marie by the waist with his other hand and shifted her in front of him. His touch against her bare skin sent shivers up her body. She cast a look over her shoulder at him; he seemed to be struggling with the loudness of the music as well as with all the people pushing against them.

When she heard him talk about calling it quits she quickly spun around, “No!” Marie felt her head spin a little from turning about so quickly. She put her hands on Ivan’s chest to keep herself steady. “No. Please, I am fine. I just need some water and to sit down for a bit.” A group of girls dancing to the song bumped into Marie and sent her stumbling into Ivan. She looked over her shoulder at them and narrowed her eyes. “Can we go sit down? My feet are killing me.” She didn’t mention that her head was also spinning.
  Marie Alveraz / upt0wngurl / 5y 178d 17h 8m 21s
The bartender slid him the shots and Chandler passed one of to the girl when the bartender turned to help some other customers.

"Cheers," said Chandler, holding up the small glass. The girl giggled and held hers up as well before they touched glasses and tapped them on the bar countertop. After they had downed the shots together and placed the glasses down, Chandler gave the girl one of Rivera’s charming smiles.

"Would you like to dance?" asked Chandler. He watched her as she glanced back at her friends for a second. She looked back at him with a drunken smile.

"Sure, I could do some more dancing, especially with a guy like you."

He took her hand and led her out to the dance floor through the waves of people. Once he pulled her in far enough, he pulled her close to his body and started to dance with her. The girl danced drunkenly with him. Her movements were sloppy and she was basically throwing herself at him. Chandler smiled as he watched the girl. She was in perfect condition for him to take home tonight.

As he was dancing with the girl he caught sight of the blonde woman again, but this time she was with another guy. He definitely wasn't a friend of the little rich boys; he had a very different aura about him. He almost seemed more protective. [I A boyfriend, perhaps?] They were moving in the opposite direction towards the bathrooms. Chandler was about to look away, to keep his attention on his current prize, when the tall guy moved the girl a little so her back was facing him. His eyes widened at the tattoo on her bare shoulder. It was a birdcage with a bird flying through the open cage door. He knew that tattoo anywhere.

“Marie?” Chandler said, squinting his eyes trying to make out the blonde better, but the large guy blocked his view. “What?!” The girl said loudly over the new song that had just began. Chandler shook his head and leaned closer and whispered, “I’m going to go grab us some drinks. Stay here, beautiful.” Before she could reply, he quickly moved through the surging crowd closer to where the larger man and Marie were moving.

He remembered back when he was hired as Marie’s personal tutor. She was young and impressionable, and her parents hid her from the world after her terrible accident. She had been going through the usual teenage rebellious phase when Chandler was hired. Because he was closer to her age, Chandler understood her feelings towards her parents and was the only tutor that she actually bonded with. They became closer than he ever would have expected and he even started to have feelings for her, which he acted on.

The birdcage tattoo had been one of Marie’s rebellious ideas. Chandler had gone with her to the tattoo parlor and held her hand. Her parents had been furious at them both. Marie said that she was the bird in the tattoo which had been caged and was finally being able to spread her wings.

He had been fired and Marie had disappeared after their small crime spree in their later years of being together. Was it just coincidence that she was here tonight? He squinted and watched her and her boyfriend make their way through the crowd. She seemed unstable on her feet. Maybe the frat guys had drugged her before her boyfriend showed up.

Chandler took a few steps against the flow of the crowd towards the two. He wanted to talk to Marie, but he couldn’t approach her like this, or in his usual form for that matter. He looked at the boyfriend. Chandler thought for a moment, maybe he can use the crowd to his advantage.
  upt0wngurl / 5y 178d 17h 30m 32s
"Then tell your friend Chet that he can drink up the rest of this drink himself!" He shoved the glass into Josh's hands before standing straighter. His shoulders broadened out and his muscles tightened. "And if I see you and your buddy trying to carry out any other girl to do who knows what to her, I'll be right on your heels."

Without a second thought, he hooked an arm around Marie's waist gently to help her balance. He started to move away from Josh with Marie.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you to get your drink straight from the bartender and watch it being made?" chastised Ivan. "Seriously, who knows what could have happened to you!" He was having a hard time navigated off of the dance floor; apparently, whatever song had just come on was a popular one. He grimaced and shifted Marie in front of him.

"I mean... you didn't drink too much of it. How are you feeling? We can call it quits for tonight and start again tomorrow night."
  Ivan Blackwood / AidoChild / 5y 188d 20h 36m 57s

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