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[+red While this is an anime or drawing type of RP, it is not for the faint of heart. There will be gore, death, and crime. While there will be moments where it will seem light-hearted, it is will not remain that way forever. Expect cruelty, brutality, and mercilessness from time to time. If you do wish to join, please PM me with the skeleton for your weapon and your character with the number "37" in the subject of your message.]

[center [b [+red RULES]]]
[b 1.] No God-modding. You cannot do or know everything. So be cautious at times in your writing.
[b 2.] Follow the basic rules of ES.
[b 3.] No real drama. If you know what I mean, then that's very good. If you don't, then I'm referring to problems between users. Not characters. Some drama in character is nice.
[b 4.] OCs only. However, you may make a parody of a canon character if you want.
[b 5.] All characters can die, but it must be agreed upon if they are to die. All parties involved must agree to the conditions in the case that a character does die. However, be very careful. If two people with Imperial Arms fight to the death, then one of them must die. This is a major rule of this RP, so take caution in whether you decide to fight or not. Sometimes fleeing is a good idea.
[b 6.] Removal of a user. If the group decides that the removal of a character and its user is necessary, a majority vote will decide this.
[b 7.] Switching sides. You are allowed to switch sides if you want. However, this will cause you to keep your original power. Just do not do it last minute or once the RP begins. You may do it once your character has a reason to do so.
[b 8.] Imperial Arms limitations. Each person [i [u can]] start with, at most, one Imperial Arm. A character can find more of them as the role-play progresses.

[b [center Setting:]]
Where monsters and creatures roam in the wilderness of this [b [u fantasy-like]] world, it is those controlling the government and civilization that can only be called truly monstrous. The Empire, the strongest and largest nation in this world. Now the kingdom is starting to rot from the inside out.

Inside of the The Empire, everything that lurks in the shadows has begun to corrupt and make this their personal hunting grounds. Where the people live in what could be considered hell, but are almost always unaware of their impending doom from time to time. It is all because of the Prime Minister influencing the young King of The Empire, and allowing crime -in some of the most sadistic ways possible- to flourish behind the scenes. No one is safe within the walls of the kingdom.

Now, The Empire plans on increasing its reach. To gain territory across the world and strengthen itself. However, there has been a growing desire to overthrow this corrupt empire. The Revolutionary Army has begun to grow in strength and numbers.

Now, because of the growing rebellion, a group known as Night Raid has emerged. Assassin's with incredible skill in the art of killing have aligned themselves with The Revolutionary Army. Taking requests from either the Army or the public, should the payment be high enough.

Night Raid's goal is to eliminate the corruption within the empire.

But the future is undecided currently, and it isn't clear as for who will end up taking control over either the entire world. Or if The Empire will be overthrown and a new era will emerge.

Which side will you join and assist? Will you aid The Empire in their domination of this world? Perhaps become an assassin for Night Raid and target the corruption? Are you an unaligned mercenary for hire, or a bounty hunter?

[center [b Alignments:]
[b The Empire:]
A kingdom of incredible power in almost all aspects. However, it is decaying slowly with all of the crime that is going on behind the scenes. Have you decided to help them in world domination, and the overall corrupting of this world?

[b Night Raid:]
An assassin organization that will take jobs from either the civilians that live within The Empire's walls, or from The Revolutionary Army. They investigate their target and make sure that the person, group, or organization that they are going after should be killed. Some have "Wanted" or bounties on them, and are wanted either dead or alive by The Empire. Are you someone that will assist these people in the murdering of their targets?

[b Freelancer:]
You are neither for The Empire or against it. The way you live your life is to work for the highest bidder and will complete your tasks for a proper payment. It is up to you to decide who you will assist. However, should you decide to align yourself with someone, you can change your alignment over time.

[b Character Skeleton:]]
[b Username:] [i You know the drill.]
[b Character Name:] [i Don't be inane.]
[b Alias:] [i Only if you want one.]
[b Alignment:] [i Choose either The Empire, Night Raid, or Freelancer. Their explanations are already given.]
[b Picture:] [i A link to the image of your character.]
[b Age:] [i You cannot be immortal, and you must have a reasonable age. Being an old man, seventy and older, is not allowed unless you can give valid reasoning.]
[b Appearance:] [i Simple and straight to the point. It does not require amazing detail.]
[b Personality:] [i Three sentences or as long as you would like this to be. You may use four terms to describe your character if you wish.]
[b Background/Backstory:] [i Some details about your character to give it some depth. Also, you can state how you joined your alignment and how you obtained your Imperial Arm, if you have one.]
[b Imperial Arm:] [i Yes or no?]

[b [+green [center -Available Roles-]]]
[b Leader of Night Raid:] You are the leader of the infamous assassination organization "Night Raid". Your physical strength is slightly greater than the others of the group, you have influence within The Revolutionary Army, however, you do not have an Imperial Arm. Lead your group in decisions and turn new additions to Night Raid into powerful assassins.

[b Prime Minister:] You are the leader of the nation, taking advantage of the young King's inability to rule on his own. You are no better than a regular human in terms of strength and ability, but you are sly and work from the shadows. The expansion of power and the corruption of the nation is your overall desire. While you do not have an Imperial Arm, you can influence other people within the nation to do what you want. Almost no one opposes you if they are a citizen or a servant to the crown within The Empire. You are allowed to take any measures you deem necessary to achieve your goals.

[b Killers:] You are aligned with The Empire, Night Raid, or perhaps you are a Freelancer. While your abilities are significantly stronger than that of a normal human, you cannot be a pacifist. At least not forever. Eventually, it will either kill you or you will end up killing someone. You can start with an Imperial Arm if you wish, but your description will inform others of how strong you are.

[b [+red [center -Unavailable Roles-]]]
[i None]

[center [b Imperial Arms - History:]]
Over two centuries ago, the king of The Empire had established a powerful and incredible kingdom. He feared that his nation would fall as time progressed and wanted to ensure a grand future for the empire that he had been in charge of. In order to do this, he created the Imperial Arms.

Sending his best servants and assistants, they collected the most rare of all materials in the world. The best craftsman of their own trades were brought into the kingdom and told to create the most powerful items in the world with the rarest and most powerful materials in all of the world. Several different types of weapons, armor, and items were created. All with incredible strength and power in their own respective ways.

However, there was a rebellion and the items ended up becoming scattered across the world. However, now the Imperial Arms are returning to the battlefield. Some have entered the hands of The Empire, other have found there way into Night Raid's and The Revolutionary Army's grasp. Even those that have become neutrally aligned have found one on their own.

[b [+red Warning!!!]]
Do not get too attached to your Imperial Arm, for it is not exclusive to your character. There may be others who can use it in the case that they obtain it either through your character's own volition or through force. They can also be destroyed unless stated otherwise.

[i There will be information after the skeletons that will address any terms within the item's skeletons that does seem to make sense.]

[b Types:]
[center [+red Weapons:]]
A weapon unlike any other. It was made to be a harbinger of doom and destruction. Whether its target be man, beast, or monster, all shall bow before its incredible might and power, as a true tool of slaying.

[center [i [b Skeleton:]]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:]
[b Type of Weapon:]
[b Picture:]
[b Power:]
[b Necessary Trait:]
[b Materials:]
[b Deactivated Form:]

[center [+blue Armor:]]
Shields and suits of armor that have been crafted to be their own forms of defense. It is a bastion of protection. Your item is revered for its feats as an aegis of unprecedented defense.

[center [i [b Skeleton:]]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:]
[b Type of Armor/Shield:]
[b Picture:]
[b Power:]
[b Utility:]
[b Necessary Trait:]
[b Materials:]
[b Deactivated Form:]

[center [+green Items:]]
A potion of permanent vitality, a circlet of mind reading, or perhaps a cape that can grant regeneration. It is a creation of neither offense, nor defense. But how it is used makes it unique. Infamous for its unknown potential, you carry a powerful item that is an abnormality in this world in and of itself.

[center [i [b Skeleton:]]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:]
[b Type of Item:]
[b Picture:]
[b Power 1:]
[b Utility 2:]
[b Utility 3:]
[b Necessary Trait:]
[b Materials:]
[b Deactivated Form:]

[b [center Glossary of Terms]]
[b Imperial Arm Code Name:] What is the name of your item? Each item has one. Do not go overboard with this.
[b Type of Weapon/Armor/Item:] Basically, what kind of item is this thing? Is it a sword, a beam rifle, a gauntlet? Or perhaps a shield or armor plating? Maybe a hat, belt, or drink? Do not let the setting limit your imagination, but do not go any larger than your own character.
[b Picture:] A link to the picture or an image of the item itself. If you're character is wielding it in their own graphic, then simply list that it is.
[b Power:] Each item has a power that makes it one-of-a-kind. Weapons must be offensive, armor must be defensive, and items can be unpredictable. Keep it simple, but attempt to be detailed. Do not go overboard with this. Also, the property of the item can be the ability to summon fire or cause earthquakes if it is offensive or an item.
[b Utility:] This is a secondary power your item has if it is armor or an item. Such things can be basic weapons that are slightly complex. This means that it must be something like a simple sword, spear, or gun with no magical traits if it's utility is that it has a weapon. If it is a second power you wish to use, then the power must be neither offensive nor defensive. Invisibility, healing, purification and such would all fall under this category. However, limitations can be placed on this. Also, try to be creative with this. Perhaps you can sew limbs back together and are fully restored when they are.
[b Necessary Trait:] In order for the item to be used, there must be a necessary trait. All Imperial Arms have this, and there are consequences if a character does not meet the prerequisites. These requirements cannot be changed under any circumstances and are linked to how your character's personality is. Physical traits--such as incredible strength, speed, or such--cannot be used. The penalty for using the item without meeting the "Necessary Trait" can range from a minor headache to death. Choose very wisely.
[b Materials:] You item had to have been made out of something. However, what it was created from was not easy to obtain. Come up with names of creatures or materials and some simple information on them. What made your item's materials difficult to get a hold of? There are no limitations other than to be serious instead of silly. People might have died to get it.
[b Deactivated Form:] Not all items have this, but some do. They can take the form of almost anything. Whether it be a dagger, a bracelet, or whatever else it could be.

[b [+red [center Disclaimer:]]]
[b 1.)] If your item is deemed too powerful, it will have a limiter on it in order to balance out its overall strength. Limiters may be the number of times you use it, your character's death, or some other thing that places a restriction on it. There must be a consensus on what the limitation will be. If one cannot be agreed upon, then I will make the final decision.

[b 2.)] There is only one thing that is forbidden to be any kind of power or utility. It is not possible to increase the length of your life or to increase the lifespan of someone else. Immortality is also forbidden. However, if you can turn a creature into an undead being ,and this includes other humans, then it is allowed.


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