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Aleighlia couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her as Elias pushed her back, he was all about his personal space when it came to anyone besides Serenity, which probably fed into his greatness in his… extracurricular activities. Lia smiled as Evie approached the car, it was a good thing to, the weather reporters had called for some stormy forecast for the next few days. The chatter between her parents casually continued as Evie slid into the car, almost as if this was a normal thing, of course they wouldn’t care, much to Aleighlia’s knowledge her parents were saints when it came to other people.

Dealing with their own children was another story.

Aleighlia smiled sheepishly as she nodded to Evie’s words, [b [#2ECCFA “I would definitely hope so… sorry about all that drama, I guess it was a long time coming for me. Gossip really gets to people sometimes, huh?”]] She muttered with a humorless laugh as she squeezed her hand around the side panel handle, [b [#2ECCFA “Well, I’m Aleighlia, this dummy’s sister. Contrary to how stupid I must’ve seemed last night, I have a good head on my shoulders, hopefully I can salvage your opinion on who I am.”]] Aleighlia spoke with sincerity as she sighed softly and shook her head. Last night hadn’t mentally affected her in the way most would expect, it was more a nuisance in how she had gotten herself in the position to being with, she needed to stop being so careless.

As the truck started moving along again her phone vibrated against her thigh and she looked down at the screen.
[b [i Lost Little Brunette: Very likely. If I wanted to fuck you, then you'd clearly oblige. And a plenty of other whores in this town could get my large member up. By the way. Can you give me the number of that friend of yours I talked to last night? I bet she had something nice under her dress too.]]

Aleighlia sighed softly and rolled her eyes before typing up her reply and sending it.

[b [i Good Little Blonde: Gosh, did you come out of your mom this cocky, or did some little duckling of a girl stroke you ego too many times? I’m sure my friend will ask me for your contact information if she’s interested.]]

It wasn’t too long after she sent hers that another was sent and animating her phone. Looking down at her lap and rose an eyebrow as she glanced curiously beside her at Evie who seemed content with keeping to herself. [i What could have sent her away from home so early, and quickly?]

[b [i Good Little Blonde: Worried? For your own being or hers? You don’t strike me as the type to be well acquainted with being worried about anyone. I’m not even sure if it’s position to get involved with your family members, or to betray a fellow member of the sisterhood... but since you’re sooo ‘worried’ about your dear cousin… she’s fine.]] Aleighlia replied not giving much information away, there was a reason Joseph didn’t know where she was and Aleighlia wasn’t going to give up Evie’s location. People had the right to not being found if that’s what they wanted.

[center [pic]]

Elias’ eyes trained on his sister as the humorless laugh reached his ears and he took in her tense posture before meeting her eyes with his own. [i There’s that look again.] Looking away before she could catch onto his scrutiny he looked out the window for a moment as Evie and Lia had their own small bit of small talk.

[b [#8A0808 “Just a knight in shining armor lending a helping hand to the princess in distress.”]] Elias spoke as he puffed his chest out and placed his fist over his heart, in an act of fake valiance. Elias looked over beside him as his sister snorted and rose an eyebrow, [b [#8A0808 “Have you something to say, wretch?”]]

[b [#2ECCFA “You’re more of a peasant than a knight, if I recall properly I’m the one that suggested you calling out to Evie.”]] Aleighlia responded with a light laugh and waved her hand at her brother, much to his dismay. Looking at Evie to gauge her reaction he sighed as a slight pout slid onto his lips and he looked out the window, [b [#8A0808 “Not everyone wants to be bothered Aleighlia. If I would have known you a bit better I wouldn’t have hesitated in helping you out.”]] Elias spoke to the two girls beside him but kept his eyes trained out of the window. A softer side of him showing, contrasting the side of him that the party had seen last night.

The vibrating of his phone brought his eyes to his lap as he glanced at the message.

[b Cash: Tonight, Grimm, double or nothing. Accepting?]

[b [#8A0808 “Shit.”]] Elias grumbled under his breath as he hit the back button to return to the list of his conversations. Scrolling down on the phone he paused on Serenity’s conversation before opening I and reading the message he hadn’t opened the night it was sent. [i Whoops]

[b Fairest of them all: We still need to talk. What were you doing with Evie?]

[b Hubby: Are we really still on this “issue” of my “untrustworthiness’. I was just going to show her a good time, welcome her to town the right way, of course some bull went down, that I’m sure you’re aware of by now. We can talk later, I’m sure I’ll see you in a few anyways.]

Elias sighed as he hit send and looked back to the message that first took his attention and replied as the truck came to a stop. Shoving his phone into the pocket of his slacks he opened the door and easily slid out holding his hand out Evie to help her out before shutting the door and brushing himself off.

[b [#8A0808 “Ready to see how the majority of Churchill get down?”]] Elias joked as he nodded his head in the direction they would be headed as they entered the large Church and walked down the aisle to the second row where the routine greetings began.

[b [#8A0808 “Good morning, good morning.”]] Elias shook hands and gave out hugs to those that approached him a sincere smile on his face.

[b [i “Oh Eli! My future son-in-law!”]] A familiar voice sounded to his right as he turned to face the blond woman approaching them a slight grimace forming on his face. Looking behind her he saw the familiar face of his beautiful girlfriend and smiled a bit, until he noticed the look on her face and where her eyes were trained. Looking beside him to Evie he instinctively stepped in front of her and drawing Serenity’s eyes to him instead.

[b [#8A0808 “Good morning Mrs. Cressi, Serenity.”]] he greeted the warmth in his voice from before seemed to cool down a bit as he returned the shallow hug to Serenity’s mom before she went off to talk to his own mother. Holding his hand out to Serenity he pulled her close to him kissing her cheek before whispering in her ear, [b [#8A0808 If you start anything here, or get her involved in any sort of way, I swear on the pride of the Avino family… behave.”]] Elias pulled back letting his eyes meet hers to show his gravity with their situation before sitting down besides Evie, [b [#8A0808 “If it gets to be too overwhelming just let me know, alright? People can get pretty intense in their worship…”]] He said with an uneasy chuckle.

[b Untouchable: Yeah I'll be there, let everyone know.]
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He held some expectation that uncle would find them and then get over here. Although, he didn't think it would happen this fast. He was strolling outside and decided to give a search in the area and think of spots Evie would be in. Until the sound of phone indicated him of a text. He gave a glance and found himself unable to not reply. [i Very likely. If I wanted to fuck you, then you'd clearly oblige. And a plenty of other whores in this town could get my large member up. By the way. Can you give me the number of that friend of yours I talked to last night. I bet she had something nice under her dress too.]

This was all too clear for him. He had the exact idea of what blondie wanted to play, and he wasn't up for it. It would lead into a circle of nothing, and the last thing anyone would want was to anger him. She was attractive but that was all he could give her. He wasn't up for a game or someone trying to get close to him. He slipped his phone into his pocket and walked around for awhile, looking at every corner he could until he saw a park, and not a single person was there. Where the hell did that bitch go? He send a couple of messages to Evie. When he wasn't getting any quick respond, he thought about where Evie was recently. He decided to text that dumb blonde again.

[i Have you seen my cuz? Dark hair, green eyes? Worried about her. ] He sent the text to her and ran his fingers through her hair. Where the fuck did that bitch go? She was going to get uncle to be furious at him. He pulled out a smoke but noticed all the rain crashing down on him he set it away and scoffed. He saw a shop way down and thought it was his best bet to get some cover. So, he ran to it, and went inside. Where would someone like Evie go here? An unseen ally, someone's house...a library.


Her feet kicked back on the ground, swaying her body back. She rested her eyes, a wild breeze blowing by. Against her skin, it felt cold and she was starting to feel a drop of rain pat her on top of the fabric of her hood.
[i Come here you worthless piece of meat. ]
A pair of her own eyes, on a similar face peaked her head out the door but the door soon shut, while the yells and insults filled the room.

Her grip on the swing tightened, until she finally opened her eyes and leaned her head to her right hand. The clouds were coming in, gathering tightly. The silence here was taunting but perfect. But...this wasn't the ideal spot to be. Surely, her father would find her. He wouldn't leave tell he spoke with her, she knew that much. And she knew he was the enemy, just like mom and that mother fucker that she called her husband. But, he cared more than her own mother would. Still...she couldn't fall that low.

A whistle pierced right into her ear drums. Slowly, her head turned and met the pair of eyes that she didn't want to see either. But looking at him was a giant relief compared to who it could be. Her expression remained still, seeing him motion to her and smile. She thought that he believed he was probably charming. He probably had his life set up. He probably had a nice family and a great future coming his way. She envied him. But it irritated with her knowledge to what he must have done at that party.

An eyebrow rose. Church? Why would she ever go to church? Oh. She smirked hearing his promise. As if she could believe any of that. Dad, would definitely not expect her to be there, or well, no one. More rain dribbled from the sky. She fit her hands into her pocket and walked up and opened the car door and fit herself in.

"Well. You're not wrong. So thanks." She smirked. Her eyes glided to Aleighlia. "You look like you're doing a lot better than yesterday. I'm Evie." Telling by her appearance...Joseph was probably onto something. Unless she was the type Joseph was trying to avoid so much these days.

Her phone vibrated. After the third time, she gave a swipe on her phone to check. Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Dad. She stared at the message. [i Let me know where you are. Let's talk. Only a talk. ] She didn't want to speak a word to him. She fell back into the seat and would wait till they arrived. When they did arrive she decided to just follow the two of them and mainly keep quiet.
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With a bit of unorganized bumbling to the truck, the Avino family got themselves situated and ready to head off to their Sunday morning commonplace. The phones of the two siblings were buzzing with early morning excitement as more of last night’s story was retold to Aleighlia, making her anger and resentment towards Ash grow in the pit of her stomach.

[i What kind of disgusting, lowlife person, set someone up to be taken advantage of to get revenge from a stupid rumor?] With a shake of her head Aleighlia typed away at the screen of her iPhone in a furious manner as she shared her opinions on the issue and the people to her two best friends.

[b “Honey, you’ll break your phone if you press on it any harder…”] the teasing tone of her mother froze Aleighlia’s fingers as she glanced up from the screen a sheepish smile on her face as she shrugged and finished the sentence before sending it and locking her screen glancing out the window and taking in the familiar scenery.

The attempt to pull her attention didn’t last long as her phone vibrated in her hands drawing her attention downwards to the screen and chuckled at who the text was from. Wasting no time she swiped left and tapped in her passcode before reading the message an unattractive, and haughty snort leaving sounding from her as she shook her head in disbelief.
[i [b So you have been dreaming about me in your pussy. Can't say I'm surprised. You were a real dumb blonde yesterday.]]

[i How had she gotten mixed up with someone like Joseph?]

Despite the offensive nature to his personality, Aleighlia was intrigued by him, and wanted to desperately to play with him. Though getting to that point, of being able to play with him, would be a feat of its own and she was up for the challenge.

[b [i Dreaming? Not likely, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. But what I’m wearing under this dress would get something else of yours, up.]]

Aleighlia hit send and bit her lip the pictures of being under Joseph and his will, stirring something in her that should’ve been saved for much later. Looking beside her she saw the look on her brother’s face and rolled her eyes punching the side of his leg,[b [#2ECCFA “Stop being nosey.”]] she muttered lowly and faced the window again.

[center [pic]]

Elias smirked at his sister as she turned away from him obviously embarrassed by what he had read. It wasn’t a surprise that his sister was sexually active, as much as he wanted her to be innocent forever he knew that it wasn’t realistic, but he still didn’t agree with how she handled things and presented herself at times.

Shaking his head he looked down to his own lap, pressing a button on his phone to bring the screen to life. A picture of Serenity and himself kissing brought a sad smile to his face as he slid his thumb along the bottom of the screen to unlock it and read through his messages.

Elias responded to a few of his friends about the situation that went down last night, apparently there was a video of the confrontation he had with Kyle and Ashley. Usually he wouldn’t care but if the college or his coaches caught wind of any of it he would definitely get a punishment he did not want to deal with. Finished with those messages he followed his sister’s lead and glanced out the window just as they were stopped at a red light in front of the “neighborhood” park. It was almost completely empty besides the couple of diehard marathon trainers and a hooded girl swinging on a tree. The presence of his sister grew on his nerves as he reached beside himself and pushed her back,[b [#8A0808 “What are you doing, Lia?”]]

[b [#2ECCFA “That’s Joseph’s cousin I guess… from what I can tell she needs someplace to get away too. Offer her a place to come with us!”]] Aleighlia responded quickly as she reached over and rolled down the window near Elias before he could object. Grumbling at his sister’s overbearing personality he poked his head out and whistled loudly trying to attract the attention of the swinging girl, without shouting her name.

Seeing the familiar, breathtaking eyes he waved his hand in a “come-hither” motion and placed a gentle smile on his face,[b [#8A0808 “Whatever or whoever won’t expect a church from what I’ve gotten in our very limited, and fleeting conversations. One time only, no strings attached, we promise we won’t jesufy you.”]] He called out to her hoping she would take up on the offer, he wanted to get to know her better, and that would require them to spend more time with each other.
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The definition of normal varied between people and what was happening wasn't normal to her. Evie forced a smile while someone pulled her into a hug. It was odd. She couldn't understand why a hug would be odd but it was. No one she knew and she wasn't was the type to hug. This must be what a family was like. She could hear noise in the background and it bothered her. It brought to her at memories of her hatred of a certain person, of her mom. Who fought for keeping her but could only care more about her new husband rather than her own daughter. That bitch who would let anything happen to her as long as she had that man.

Evie didn't even think that she knew of Elias' parents or family. It made her think back, that maybe she did know. But since she was a kid back then, she remembered hardly anything. Evie gave a nod and light smile
and head her way back home, taking her time towards the path. She fit her hands into her pocket and stared at the pavement on the ground. She furthered ahead until she took notice of her grandparent's house, when she became still and would only stare at the two black cars by her house. Men were coming out, one in a suit with a familiar face. Her stomach dropped.

[i What is he doing here? ]
She set her hood on carefully and turned her back, walking slowly at first and then her footsteps became faster until she made a turn for the next block. Her phone buzzed in her pocket.
[i Never guess who made a stop for u. Uncle is here. ] - Joseph.

That man should never be here. She said she didn't want anything to do with him. Evie continued to walk, unknown of where she was going or what she was going to do until he was gone. He would try to find her and she knew he would and that's why she had to find a place she could keep hidden too because the last thing she wanted was to be face to face with a man like that. Somehow, she landed at a park where it had some trees. She could hide between that if she needed to. She sat herself down on the swing and would occasionally look around. But...this wasn't safe to be in. She had to find somewhere that no one expected her to be...but where?

[center [pic

Joseph would take a look at his phone once more as he headed downstairs, ruffling his dark hair. [i Rusty? ] He smirked and decided to turn this around. [i [b So you have been dreaming about me in your pussy. Can't say I'm surprised. You were a real dumb blonde yesterday. ] Joseph really had no limit to what he could say or type. There was hardly a filter in him. He felt amused and when he had reached down the stairs, he was able to grab a piece of toast, thanking Evie's grandma and glanced around wondering where Evie was again... She should be back soon, unless that bitch went off and did something stupid. While he ate, he strolled outside and two cars parked right in. Joseph tilted his head and pulled out a smoke. Was that...

A man came out of the car and Joseph pulled on a smirk. It was uncle, Evie's dear old wealthy father. Joseph put his hand up and walked toward him. "Hey. What are you doing here?"
"To fix your mistake Joseph." He met Joseph in the eyes, with no amusement. Joseph's smile shifted. He understood why he would be upset. He did beat a man but if Evie would just let Joseph open his mouth, uncle would understand. But he could say something just not the truth...

"He...stepped out of line. You told me if he did anything out of line that I should do something about it. I did. I took care of it." Joseph set the smoke aside knowing uncle hated when he smoked in front of his face. Joseph opened the way to the door. Uncle faced him and met him in the eye, searching for a lie but Joseph held the eye contact and said, "It's the truth."

"Where's Evie?"
"I don't know." He shrugged, glancing the ground. He had an idea...but the last thing he wanted was to be getting boss to go to the good little blonde's home and start asking them around where Evie was. He knew it would anger Evie and knew it would bring some conflict.

"You do know."
"No." Joseph lifted his head, "She must have left right away when she saw you. I'll message her. I can find her for you." Uncle eyed him and Joseph still held contact before his uncle gave a nod. Joseph gave a smile and then messaged Evie. He would find her, somehow. His uncle knocked on the front door and out came Evie's grandma. Grandma looked furious when he glanced back. She start yelling around and saying he wasn't welcoming here. But Uncle was trying to calm down and have a decent conversation with her.

Joseph already head outside, hoping he'd be lucky and catch Evie. He messaged the blonde again once more, just to be sure. The worst that could happen was Evie ran off on her own...again. [i Hey, stupid blonde. Have you seen my cuz? Evie. Dark hair like mine. Oh wait. Don't tell me. It's a Sunday and you're going to church? ] He pulled out a smoke again and lit it up. The shit he had to deal with... He didn't even spend an intimate night with someone last night...that was a first. And all for what? That blonde bitch? He scoffed at himself. How pathetic could he get. He glanced around but had no idea where he could look for her around here.
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[#8A0808 [B “I never want to do that again…”]] the low mumbled barely filled the tense silence of the room as Elias fell face first into his bed.

It had been one hell of a night.

Literally, this night was absolutely hellish.

Breaking Kyle’s jaw and threatening Ashley was supposed to be the highlight of his night. –Note the sarcasm- But when he returned to the Starlin’ Mansion without his tag along, and in his sister’s car, it was like the god himself had come down to punish him. Not the merciful and loving god of the New Testament but the wrathful, and lawful god of the Old Testament preached in 16 and 17 hundreds.

Old man Avino started speaking in tongues, mama Avino started praying to baby Jesus and the Starlin’ took up reciting the Book Psalms and Romans, like nobodies business!

Well that’s what it felt like, and what Elias had prepared himself to deal with before entering the house and sharing the news, except for the Highlights, of course.

Really, there was a boat load of disappointment from his father and passive aggressive anger from his mother- and real anger from Mrs. Starlin’, she was funnier than hell- but no one was crucified or damned, so it was a pretty mild hell.

It still sucked though. Especially since they were both put on restriction, which was basically a grounding, but they had passed the age to be entirely cut off from the world.

That meant:
1. No Parties.
2. Curfew is from 6:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. On weekends, and 6:00-9:00 p.m. on school days;
3. No staying over at anyone’s house;
4. No visiting anyone’s house on School Nights;
5. Check-in’s occur every hour;
6. Answer your phone anytime the parents are calling;
7. Cell Phones are to be checked in at 9:00 p.m. or right when you come home if past 9.
8. Internet is shut off at 9.

So basically they were in prison until the parents felt like they had learn their lesson. Lesson about what? Well that was up for whoever was interpreting.

Thus, Elias fell asleep with nightmares about the horrible situation Aleighlia and him had been objected to.

If only Ashley wasn’t such a bitch.

[center [pic]]

The Smokey smell of bacon had awakened the sleeping beauty as she turned in her bed with a small groan. The movement of her body sent a jolt of pain through her head as she immediately froze and brought her hands to temples, [b [#2ECCFA “Why does it feel like I have monkeys jumping around in my head!”]] the loud whine bounced around her room as she pulled her covers over her face drawing closer to her body and focused on relaxing, trying to get the pressure to relieve.

[i Ping!]

[center [i Ping!]]

[right [i Ping!]]

[i Ping!]

[center [i Ping!]]

[right [i Ping!]]

[b [#2ECCFA “Uggh, stop texting me, you’re going to make my head explode…”]] Aleighlia grumbled as she fished out her phone from her clutch and unlocked it, reading through the some 20 or so messages.

[b [i Carebear: Are you alright? I just got home, do you need me to come over? Did Joseph make it to your house alright?]]

[b [i BriBri: I’m so sorry Lia, if only I hadn’t gotten caught up in that guy, Kyle wouldn’t have gotten to do anything.]]

[b [i Carebear: Lia? Are you asleep or ignoring me?]]

[b [i BriBri: Please tell me you don’t hate me.”]]

[b [#2ECCFA “What the hell are they going on about?”]] Aleighlia muttered as she continued to scroll and read the messages from her best friends, they must’ve been somewhat intoxicated because their messages grew more frantic, and out of character as she read on until they stopped, possibly from having passed out. With a sigh she clicked the group message from Briar and Carrie and read their good morning messages before sending one of her own.

[b [i LiLi: What are you guys going on about?]]

[i Ping!]

[b [i Carebear: Ashley tried to get back at you for breaking her and James up. It involved drugs and a camcorder...]]

Aleighlia felt the blood drain from her face as she read the message from Carrie, assuming the worst of what had happened last night. The small ‘Typing’ icon appeared and Lia held her breath anticipating her friend’s confirmation of her assumptions.

[i Ping!]

[b [i BriBri: Nothin happened tho… your clothes were a lil messed up but we busted in before they could do damage. That asshat Joseph broke Kyle’s nose and the camcorder.]]

The held breath rushed out in a quick moment of relief as Aleighlia relaxed into her bed placing her hand over her eyes for a moment before texting them a quick ‘Thanks, Love you two,’ and locked her screen and placed it on the bedside table. A quiet knock sounded at her door before it opened and revealed her smiling mother.

[b “Good morning, Princess. Breakfast is ready when you are. I recommend going sooner than later, it is Sunday.”]

[b [#2ECCFA “Thanks, mom.”]] Lia muttered and threw a smile towards the older woman as she exited the room to wake her son. With a bit of a stretch Lia sat up in her bed, resting against the headboard and allowed the pressure to slowly release itself as she planned out her outfit for the day.

[i Ping!]

[i [b Lost Little Brunette: Last night was fucking amazing ;) We should do that again]]

A snicker drew from her mouth at Joseph’s text as she shook her head, partly from amusement, and partly from disgust. Deciding to play along with his game she quickly typed back before slowly heading down the stairs and joined her father at the table.

[i [b Good Little Blonde: I usually am. Though, I can’t quite say I remember anything amazing from your end, has it been awhile since you been with anyone? You must just be rusty!]]

- -

The Avino Family all sat together at the table, eating and talking about the service that was to be held this morning. Luckily, Aleighlia and Elias had been blessed with their father as a pastor, who was extremely compassionate and understanding towards everyone. Their Church had gone through its phases and denominations, though now it was a Non-denominational church, and Pastor Mathias Avino preached more about the forgiveness and love of god and who to have a relationship than the wrath and the fear one should have of god.

[b “So the team and I have come up with a Reconciliation Series, there will be three phases for the next three weeks, the Recognizing, the Forgiving, and the Reconnecting. I feel like the people of church hill will need this.”] Mathias spoke clearly and looked around at his family, each of them was dealing with something that needed forgiving, and he hoped that his words and the words of his peers could reach them. The conversation at the table moved on from religious talks to the latest in the NFL which spurred up a bit of tension as Aleighlia and Elias got into it over their favored teams. The doorbell sounded and pulled Mrs. Avino from her spot as she went to answer the door, the bickering of the two siblings flowing into the foyer as she opened the door.

[#8A0808 [B “How many rings does your team have, Lia?!”]]

[b [#2ECCFA “That doesn’t matter Eli! Look at the past five seasons and tell me when how many times your team was playoff bound!”]]

[b “Oh, lord have mercy on my house, those two will bring a foreign woman out of me.”] Looking at the young lady at her door Mrs. Avino couldn’t help the smile from jumping onto her face as she pulled Evie into a warm and motherly hug,[b “Gosh, I still can’t believe how much you have grown! I kept telling your grandmother you were going to be a gorgeous girl!”] Mrs. Avino said and released the girl.

“I just wanted to drop this phone off.”

Hearing the girl’s words Mrs. Avino looked down and sigh softly, [b “I’m sorry about all the excitement from last night, things are usually more quiet and easy going here. If my two cause any trouble just let me know I’ll unleash some momma bear on them.”] taking the phone she flashed another smile,[b “Take care Evie, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around from now out, tell your grandmother and grandfather I said hello.”] With that she closed the door and returned to her two glaring children handing the phone to her son and helped them clean up before they all left and made their way to the renovated church.
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[i I'm serious. It won't do you good being close to him. Trust me. ] - Serenity.
[i [b Then is it any good you being close to him?" ]]
[i I'm his girlfriend. ]
[i [b Thought you were having issues. ]]
[i We're still together. Don't try anything. ]
[i [b If I try something and he follows through, you're better off without him. I'll be doing you a fucking favour. ]]
[i DON'T U DARE. You won't have any friends if you do. ]
[i [b That threat would only work if I cared about social status.]]

"Shit!" The sudden burst out of Elias caught her off guard. Serenity's name came in the mention and she figured he must have saw something on her phone. She set the phone away and cocked her head to the side, staring back at him.

"If she says anything out of line just let me know, alright?" He spoke.
"Why would I do that?" She shifted her eyes to the window. It would cause unwanted conflict. Her mind drifted once more, ignoring the mumbles of him claiming he had it this time. With the travel time dragging this far, she hoped that this party was worth it.


A phone fell onto the palm of her hand. By his words and actions she already deemed him a douche. If Elias was trying to keep his plot hidden or not, wasn't clear. All she could assume from her experiences that someone was going to get injured. It struck irritation, familiarity and annoyance in her. When her eyes moved off to Joseph, Joseph rolled his eyes, completely aware of what would be happening tonight again to the two responsible.

"Elias. For her sake, I hope you're not doing something selfish like injuring someone." Evie left with that before she went with Joseph. This wasn't her problem and she couldn't care less. She didn't want to be involved. Joseph drove off, smirking at the whole thing about someone giving their damn car keys. This was a hard opportunity to just take the damn car and sell it off somewhere. Hell, he might even do it. Although, while he was amidst in his mind, he noticed Evie's mood.

"Why were you with another guy?" He asked.
"Grandma's guest. I was supposed to go to a party for awhile..."
"Good thing you didn't."
She rolled her eyes and let the silence grow. But she remembered something to say. "I know you told him. About what happened. I don't know what the fuck you were thinking."

"I was thinking, he's the only fucked up guy you've dated that cares about you. You talked to him yet?"
"Yea but I'm not talking to him again."
"Why? He's a good guy," Joseph shrugged.
She could not believe he just said that. But of course Dante was a good guy compared to the people Joseph has seen. "Because I broke up with him. I'm done. And he's not a good guy. You know how loses it every other day. I'm tired of that." She didn't want to talk about it anymore even if Joseph kept speaking.

When they arrived Evie didn't bother to stick around. She head off straight to her grandparent's house but didn't realize that she still had Elia's phone in her possession. She somehow managed to find her way back, poking aruond her own phone using the map and gps there. When she stepped inside, she only gave a quick 'good night' and head upstairs to her room and fall back into the bed. What a waste of her time... She rolled onto her side and felt heard her phone buzz in her bag but, she had her phone in her hand. Her forehead crumpled, and she got the phone out and cursed to herself.

'[i We still need to talk. What were you doing with Evie? ]' - Serenity. Evie rolled her eyes. She was not going to bother with this. She had to find how to give the phone back without even getting near him.

[center [pic
The situation brought more irritation than anything. He drove the girl home and saw Evie already head off on her own direction. He figured it was best to leave her alone considering she appeared mad. The last thing he wanted was for her to turn her anger out on him.

Joseph had opened the front door with a key he found. This hiding spot would be useful later. Did people in this town normally gave instructions to their house key and their family off to strangers hands? He carried her right up the stairs and dumped her body on the bed and turned his back around, when he heard her mumble something...sorry? He smirked, "No, thank you. I got the keys to your house and your car. Best gift ever Blondie." Once more, his back turned but then took notice of her hand taking hold of his shirt. HIs eyes grew cold when she spoke. She had tried to start a game with him and idiotically set herself up for something. Why would he? He felt no obligation to listen and he wasn't bound to bother to be sweet.

"Not unless you take your clothes off." His back turned again and he head back outside, and end up just putting the key back in its place, not knowing why when he could just take it. But the car, he was going to take the car and drive himself back to the house. After that, he deserved not to be going on foot. When he arrived in the house, her grandpa was still up. Watching TV and smoking. "That's going to kill you old man." Joseph blurt out, "Unlike me." Her grandma just gave a low laugh. He assumed that the guests had left...right before he came back. He headed up stairs and poked into Evie's room first, to check up on her and all seemed well. He then went off to sleep, or get whatever sleep he could anyway.

Evie was up early morning for no particular reason. Her hair was a mess and her eyes still wanted to fall back down but Elias' damn phone was buzzing. She didn't even want to pry into it anymore. She just wanted it out of her hands. She rolled out of bed and grabbed the phone, squinting her eyes to see if she could unlock this thing and find one of his contacts to get them to give his phone back. "Shit..." She realized it had a password code. She rose up and stormed into the room Joseph was sleeping. She began hitting him, throwing him off the bed but he still refused to get up and start cursing words at her to get the fuck out. He wasn't budging at all, so she got herself changed and head downstairs.

"Hey sweetie." Her grandma spoke.
"Hey." She said and grabbed the door knob and realized she didn't know where Elias lived. The phone was still buzzing. She could mute it, just put it on silent but she didn't' want this damn thing with her. Plus, she predicted that no idiot teen would be up this early and that she could just hand it off to his parents at the front door.

"Are you hungry?" Her grandma asked, "Where are you going this early?"
Her grandma stared back at her, knowing that wasn't likely.

"The guest's that came yesterday, their house." Even though Elias told him his last name, she couldn't remember. Her grandma raised an eyebrow, "What for?"

"I'm just going to return a phone," She gave in and went out the
door before she waste more time. When the door opened, a blinding ray of sunshine came through but what blinded her wasn't that, it was the fact that Joseph must have took their car. The damn car. "Son of a bitch..." She muttered. Why did he do that? She stormed back upstairs, rushing, forcing the key out of Joseph's hand and then going back outside. She went into the car and drove herself to Elias' house. She parked it in, got out and hope didn't notice it missing. She then went to the front door and rang the door bell.

Her fingers went through her hair, waiting for someone to pick the door up. She hardly looked at who answered the door, but she did speak. "I just wanted to drop this phone off." She lifted the phone up. Evie wore her shorts and a loose hoodie. She really just wanted to drop this off and go. But wait...was it Monday today was today Sunday? She really couldn't remember.


Joseph was scrambling to get up again from his bed. He felt tired... He spend the damn night thinking. Thinking wasn't a favorite thing to do for him. The car keys out of his hands and he figured that wouldn't lure that stupid blonde to him if didn't have the car anymore. Oh well... Wait? Why would he want to lure her? He scrunched up his hair. He pulled out his phone and stared at the screen. '[b What the fuck are you doing? ]' He messaged Evie and then moved to the good little blonde's message history. He end up sending a message to her too. [i [b Last night was fucking amazing ;) We should do that again ]]. He smirked to himself. Maybe that blonde wouldn't remember a thing and think they did something.
  Evie Starlin / Ravenity / 5y 164d 1h 15m 51s
The car ride had been pretty decent.

Well besides the several U-Turns and the bit of swearing at his cell phone’s GPS that prolonged the estimated 20 minute trip to 40 minutes.

[b [#8A0808 “Stupid phones, right?”]] he said lightly hoping the girl wouldn’t roast him too much for his display of terrible directional sense. Though the lack of response had Elias confused. Sure he had just met this girl, but she didn’t seem like the type to quietly sit in a car, especially not with someone who continued to get them “lost.” Out of the corner of his eyes he saw her head bent and turned his face just a bit to look at her phone, even though her probably shouldn’t have.

[i Missed turn, rerouting… At the next light make a U-Turn.]

[b [#8A0808 “Shit!... Sorry, um, Serenity is riled up over some issues we had, if she says anything out of line just let me know, alright?”]] He said giving away he saw who had the majority of her attention. That was a fault of Elias’, or a blessing depending on your perspective, he was as transparent as a window, he rarely hid anything from anyone, and would own up to almost any mistake he made. Though of course if anyone demanded him to keep quiet there was no problem in doing that.

[b [#8A0808 “This’ll be the last turn I miss, I swear.”]] His mumble was low as he popped the ‘Uey’ and listened to the monotone voice of the GPS, as a somewhat comfortable silence fell between the two of them.

It seemed like this night would be a nice one.

- -
[b “Do you know her?”]

The words seemed distant as his eyes lingered on the barely conscious blond girl in Joseph’s arms. Words couldn’t register in his mind, so he just numbly nodded at Evie’s question. Stepping forward he relieved Joseph of his Heroic duties for the moment and carried his sister to the truck he had just stepped out of 3.5 seconds ago.

Elias’ whole perspective of the day had changed in a mere 3.5 seconds, and ten or so footsteps. Placing his sister in the back seat he kissed her forehead and grabbed her clutch where he fished out her keys, Elias shut the door softly and walked back to the group of tense teenagers calmly. Too calmly. Handing his key to the male he barely met he looked to Evie with a slight, apologetic smile, [#8A0808 [b “Sorry about this… it’s a pretty crap way to welcome you to Churchville, but I need you both to take her back. Here’s my phone with the address, I’m sure you have a better sense of direction than me.”]] He said quietly and handed Evie his phone after he typed in the address of his house,[b [#8A0808 “There’s a key under the mat and her bedroom is the first on the right…”]] he added as an afterthought and watched as they both reluctantly went to the truck.

Turning his attention to the two girls that had been silent her let out a sigh, [b [#8A0808 “What happened?”]]

Both girls exchanged a look between each other before Briar nudged Carrie’s arm. Clearing her throat the brunette clasped her hands together and kept her gaze to the ground, [#FE2E64 “U-Uhm… we both lost Lia durning the party… and long story short we found her upstairs in a room with two people, and they obviously had bad intentions.”]

Elias nodded already having gathered that much from Aleighlia’s state, though hearing it made him sick to his stomach as his jaw tightened, [#8A0808 [b “Who was it?”]]

Carrie wasn’t stupid, she knew what would come next and that was something Aleighlia wouldn’t want, [#FE2E64 “It’s already been handled, I’m pretty sure Joseph broke his nose, and Al-“]
[#8A0808 [B “The names Carrie.”]] Elias repeated in a deadly calm voice.

[#FE2E64 “Ashleigh Ryder and her cousin Kyle.”]

Elias was shocked to find out a girl had been apart of it, more so that it had been Ashley, she seemed like such a sweet girl, obviously he had been wrong. Though Kyle, that wasn’t a shocker, he seemed like the type to add girls to a statistic. Looking past the two girls in front of him he caught sight of the two people he had just started to want to see. With a dark smile he handed Carrie the keys, [#8A0808 [B “Go to the car.”]]

Without waiting for a reply he casually strolled forward as the two cousins exited the partying house, obviously arguing about something.

[#8A0808 [B “Kyle! Ashley! Man I was just about to look for you two!”]] Elias’ voice was plastered in fake enthusiasm just like the smile he put onto his face.

Both male and female seemed to seize up in front of him as they looked in his direction. The looks on their faces caused Elias to laugh a very humourless laugh as he stepped forward and held out his left hand, [#8A0808 [B “It’s good to see you man!”]]

The next few movements happened in a flash, as Kyle placed his hand in Elias’, seeming to relax, just as his right fist flashed out, connecting with the guy’s jaw. This sent both of them to the ground as Kyle scrambled to protect himself and Elias sent an onslaught of hard punches to his body, his vision flashing red. This went on for longer than he anticipated as Ashley tried to pull him off her cousin before running inside for help. Just as a crunch was heard after his fist connected with his jaw for the second time, his body was violently being pulled away from his victim. Elias didn’t fight against it and let his eyes swing up to the hysteric blonde, [#8A0808 [B “My buddy Kyle here has 4 days to get a plane ticket back to the hell hole he crawled out of, otherwise he’ll face something ten times worse. You might as move away too pretty girl, come tomorrow, no one will be accepting your whore face around here.”]] He spat before yanking himself free from his vices.

Elias wiped his bloodied knuckles against his jeans before he got into the car, [#8A0808 [B “Sorry for keeping you waiting.”]] he said to the girls before speeding off from the party.

[center [pic]]

It was a weird feeling to be under whatever drugs had been mixed into the drink. It was like she was in her body, but out of it at the same time.

Touches and movements were felt, but the faces and sounds around her were fuzzy. Like she knew she was being carried and placed onto something, and even the kiss to her head was registered in her brain, then there was a jolt of whatever she had been set on, and then nothing.

It was really strange, if she could think clearly she would have wondered if this was what it felt like to be high, higher than the clouds. Thankfully Aleighlia hadn’t consumed the entire drink, and even then began drinking water after that, otherwise she would’ve been completely unconscious and possibly hospitalized.

Was there a reason she was awake? Surely if anything bad was meant to happen, it would have already occurred, or started anyways. With a soft sigh she let her half open eyes flutter close and quickly slipped off into her dreamland, oblivious to the opening of the vehicle’s doors, and deaf to the bickering that occurred as the car was driven to the place she had grown up.

It was good nap, 25 or so minutes for the drug to slowly ease its hold on the girl’s senses, as her body was made aware to being suspended in the air by a pair of strong arms. A loud sound emitted in the dark silence around her make her wince as she turned toward the source of heat that was coming from one side of her, unknowingly nuzzling herself into Joseph’s body.

Aleighlia, unlike before in the car, was more aware to her surroundings, her brain still fuzzy as if she had been woken in the middle of the night, but she knew she was being carried. Somehow, she also knew she was in her house, maybe because of the warm smell of vanilla and jasmine that seemed to be stuck in the air, but it was relaxing. The blonde’s eyes slowly opened as she was set down in the softness and looked up sleepily at the male who was bent over, surprisingly pulling her covers over her body.

[b [#2ECCFA “S-sorry…Jo.”]] she mumbled and managed a small smile. Aleighlia wasn’t sure what she was apologizing for, or if she should even be apologizing, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Lia felt herself drifting as Joseph’s reply fell on deaf ears, if he even did reply... [b [#2ECCFA “he had a smart mouth…”]]... so of course he would reply.

Aleighlia’s eyes seemed to focus in on his retreating back as he body reacted on her own accord and reached out to grab the hem of his shirt,[b [#2ECCFA “Can… you stay... please?”]] Her voice was soft as her hand dropped hanging off the bed and she snuggled further into its plushness, fighting the increasing heaviness of her eyelids as the blue irises stared back into the enigmatic, chocolate brown eyes of the male she was bound to fall for.
  Elias Avino / Amore / 5y 165d 8h 53m 48s
"Touchy aren't we..."
From the sarcasm she could pick up he didn't take to what she said. She never was that careful of what came out of her mouth. Not when she had figures behind her holding a threat to people who looked at her at a funny way. She hated that presence there. When her eyes reflected back onto that phone; the urge to drown herself into another world, into distraction snuck right in. What she would give for some distraction from every single problem that was clawing inside her.

It was impossible to miss Serenity, and the glare Evie received. Not all was well in the land of romance, she guessed. Elias confirmed it when he said she didn't have to like it. Evie hardly wanted to between in the war between them. The last thing she needed was another problem. But the mention of senior guys meant that there was definitely something she could get her hands on there.

"Sounds great," She said and scoffed, "You'd have to put a gun to my head if you want me to step into a church." And then her smile faded, "No offense. I'm sure it's nice and all. Just not my thing." Her eyes lifted up to that key and she walked herself right into to the trunk, "Well let's going." Evie's eyes dragged down the street to where Serenity was. She was staring back at Evie. Evie sighed and shook her head, grabbing her phone out quickly during the ride and typed to Serenity in her old contacts. [i [b Don't freak out. I'm just using him to get out of a dinner. ]]
[i I'm so sure. What are you doing here? Committed a crime? ]
[i I'm hiding from a hit man. ] Evie smiled to herself and set her phone away, ignoring the rest of the texts. Who knew, maybe Serenity would actually believe she was hiding from a hit man.

[center [pic

Joseph couldn't help but say what he saw. That blonde was definitely a bitch and definitely not someone he wanted to be around. Listening to Carrie talk caused his eyes roll. Some people just loved to believe the good in others. "If she doesn't like to say it, show it then how the fuck can you tell she worries about you and Briar?" He raised an eyebrow, "Think about it." His eyes travelled with her as her tone changed. He followed, muttering to himself about things wondering if this would lead to anywhere.

Another bunch of bullshit was said. She would talk about how that wouldn't happen here yet he already pointed out the drug dealer. "Funny considering I picked up the drug dealer as soon as I came in here." Somehow he doubted that that girl would be fine. He went off with Carrie but then end up catching his eyes on someone else. He end up stealing a kiss out of the girl until slowly he begun to notice chaos in the world of the good little blondes because her friends looked a little panicked. What did tell her? He hated being right. He followed up the stairs and watched the scene. His eyes fell on the other girl, saw her in pain from the punch but the guy seemed to get up.

Seeing the blonde like that, made a memory jolt right in and jolt his anger right in. 'Yea, yea... One second." He walked in, grabbed the camcorder snapped it in half and met eyes with the guy was struggling to get his cousin up.

"Get up," Joseph spoke in controlled tone.
"What do you want?" Kyle asked, "This isn't my business."
"No, you're right it isn't," Joseph smiled and then kneed him in the gut and punched into the nose, breaking the nose completely and letting the guy bleed like crazy from the broken nose. Joseph grabbed his hair and pushed him against the wall.

"You fucking do something like that again and I will more than just break your nose. You will not and I repeat not ever do that to another girl as long as you shall live or I'll find you." He whispered into the ear and released him and glanced at Ashley, "You too bitch." He rolled his eyes seeing the blond still there. He picked her up and looked over at Carrie. "What did I tell you?" He went down the stairs with Lia in his arms. When he went down the stairs and head outside, assuming they had some kind of car out there. When he was about to ask on where he should take her, he spotted Evie coming out of a truck.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He asked making it all the way downstairs. Evie's stared back him, surprised but then not surprised, "No reason."

"No reason" He mimicked, "Get the fuck back home."
"Shut up Jose. And I know you told him." She rolled her eyes and looked down at the girl he was carrying, and then back on him. She didn't even want to know. But she assumed that he definitely got into some kind of fight. His one fist was pretty bloody. She looked over at the other two girls by Joseph and saw them looking at Elias. So her eyes went to Elias. "Do you know her?" Evie wondered.
  Evie Starlin / Ravenity / 5y 169d 25m 35s
[b I wouldn't let yourself be pushed around by that queen bitch. I asked you, so you're the one that needs to give me an answer. Oh, and I'm Joseph by the way.”]

The voice pulled Carrie’s thoughts from her beautiful best friend as she looked back to the stunning male, Joseph, a major name in the Christian bible. Though Carrie got the feeling that this Joseph wasn’t all too familiar with the bible.

[#FE2E64 “I’m Carrie.”] she offered a small smile to him before she found her face scrunching up at the insult he had thrown at Aleighlia. In a sense what he had said was true, to anyone but her friends and family Aleighlia could be deemed a bitch, a major bitch, and it turned a lot of girls off and even some of the guys. Though it never seemed to bother the blonde girl, whenever her name came up in juicy gossip, or guys threw insults her way after they didn’t get something they wanted, it never touched her. Except for this new guy, Carrie could see it in her eyes the entire time she was playing a role, he had gotten under her skin in a matter of two encounters that lasted less than 5 minutes.

[#FE2E64 “Aleighlia isn’t a bitch, well, not directed towards me anyways. It may not seem like it but she is probably the most genuine and caring person I know, she doesn’t like to say it but she always worries about Briar and I…”] Carrie replied after the silence that had fallen between them, her tone was sincere and true as she chuckled and shrugged her shoulders, [#FE2E64 “But enough of this, you came here to party right? So let’s party!”] The brunette’s tone quickly changed as her eyes lit up with excitement and she waved him to follow her, picking up on his dislike of being touched.

Carrie was quite the perceptive one.

As the two of them exited the living room and entered the kitchen Joseph’s voice brought her body to stop for a moment as she shrugged, it was a frequent thing for guys to offer girls drinks, and girls to offer guys drinks, it was a way to show your interest in someone, well in this town anyways.

[#FE2E64 “Honestly, I get the feeling that I should know who he is but I don’t remember. Anyways, the drink offering is almost 100 percent safe in our town. I know in other places people get drugged and what not, but that doesn’t really happen here. Plus Lia has a pretty good judge on character, she’ll be alright, especially is Briar is with her.”] Carrie said with nod as she continued through the kitchen to the loudest part of the house where everyone was “dancing”, with a slight blush she let the rhythms of the music control her movements and danced to the song.

Meanwhile at the Starlin Residence

[b "I'm Evie."]

It was a simple sentence formed of two words.

An introduction in response to his own.

It wasn’t anything special, or life changing.

Yet with this meeting, Elias had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach as if this would be the calm before the storm that was coming. Elias’ hand dropped to his side as he found himself studying the girl, something seemed off as he scrutinized her. Was she on edge? Nervous? It was weird but he shook off the questions and averted his eyes before he weirded her out with his unwavering gaze.

Elias couldn’t help the chuckle that left his mouth as he shook his head. Of course the first thing anyone would bring up upon meeting him, was his father’s profession, and what that made him. A pastor’s son. Stereotyped to be a religious, Jesus loving, gay hating, virgin that would take his father’s place someday. Of course every one of those stereotypes were wrong, Elias was religious but he wasn’t over the top about it, he didn’t particularly dislike anyone because they were gay, he wasn’t a virgin, and he would never take his father’s spot as the pastor of the Church in their small town. So really, Elias was a failure, and it didn’t really bother him.

[b [#8A0808 “Wow, you would be interested in spending time with the Pastor’s stuffy, boring son? My golly, I never thought this day would come! I’ve been fancying a time to show some rebellion, skipping out on a family dinner will show ‘em I more than just the pastor’s son!”]] Elias spoke in an excited tone, heavily laying on a southern accent, sounding nothing like himself as he replied to Evie’s suggestion of skipping out on the dinner. A laugh followed suit not to long after his joke as he let his charming smile slip onto his face and waved Evie off, apologizing for his antics.

[b [#8A0808 “I know a few places we could go.”]] he muttered as she looked down at her phone. Taking the time he pulled his own phone out of his pocket and looked down at the screen quickly sending a message to his sister.

[i Big Bro E: Feeling up to sending me the address?]

[i Little Sis: No.]

[i Big Bro E: Aleighlia, don’t be like that, a damsal in distress is begging to be set free from the oppression of her castle.]

[i Little Sis: God, you’re so lame, is it that Starlin’ girl?]

[i Big Bro E: Adress, Aleighlia.]

[i Little Sis: Serenity wouldn’t like that.]

[i Big Bro E: Worry about your own relationships.]

[i Little Sis: Alright, when you ruin what you have it isn’t my fault. 1445 123rd St CT E 45896 Churchill, VA]

[b "Ah, so you're that Elias..."]

Evie’s voice pulled his eyes from his phone as he slid the device back into its pocket and rose his eyebrow at her revelation, but was filled in as she continued on. Looking over his shoulder he saw Serenity walking along with one of her friends and sighed before turning to face Evie, not bothering with the formalities.

[b "I don't think she likes me talking to you..."]

[b [#8A0808 “She doesn’t have to like it.”]] his response came out in a grumble as he shook his head pushing his hands into his pockets and felt his fingers bump into the phone, reminding him of the party, [b [#8A0808 “So, there is this gathering tonight. One of the senior guys from two years ago is hosting it at his, and they’re always pretty fun when he does. Unless you really do want to go to a church instead?”]] Elias offered pulling out the spare set of keys to the truck and jingled them in front of Evie with an eyebrow raised.

At the Party- 45 Minutes – 1 Hour later

Briar stumbled through the kitchen laughing loudly at the joke the guy at her side had whispered into her ear. Even with all the alcohol she had consumed she was able to stay upright and maneuver herself relatively well. Though as her foot caught onto something in the hallway near the stairwell she almost found herself face planting into the floor if it hadn’t been for the guy with her to grab her arm and steady her.

[#FE2E64 “Thanks.”] she replied and flashed a smile at him looking down at what she had tripped on, before quickly scooping it up and looking through it. Almost in a panic Briar squeezed through the mass of bodies searching around for Carrie, feeling her hands clamping down harder on the clutch with every passing second she couldn’t spot the brunette. Though with a brush a luck she found the girl leaning over a pool table taking her turn and found the asshole from earlier standing by her.

Rushing over to the two she called out to her best friend, making the girl miss her shot, as she straightened up a look of irritation crossing her features.

[#FE2E64 “What is it Bri?”]

[#CC2EFA “Have you guys seen Aleighlia? I kind of lost her earlier, and I just found her clutch by the stairs, nothing is missing so no one stole it, but she isn’t the type to drop something and leave it there.”]

[#FE2E64 “I don’t know Bri, maybe she didn’t notice she dropped it, she has to be hammered right?”]

Briar shook her head and placed the clutch on the side of the table shaking her head at Carrie’s assumption. Out of the two of them Aleighlia definitely drank less than she had in their twenty minutes of being with each other. [#CC2EFA “No, she didn’t drink anything, not even the drink that guy gave her, I don’t know something just feels off, maybe I’m being paranoid, I haven’t seen her around though, even as I was looking for you.”]

[#FE2E64 “Well, when did you lose her, do you remember?”]

[#CC2EFA “Well, after we split up, Me, Lia and that guy all went to the dinning room, we played pong for a bit, well I did anyways, that kid was latched onto Lia like a leech and she kept turning him down, obviously he wasn’t getting the hint. Then we went outside for a bit talked about nothing really and Ashley, that bitch, slammed into Aleighlia, almost knocked her down too. I don’t know why she is so angry, it’s not like Aleighlia was actually the reason for her and Matt breaking up.”] The girl answered her friend and thought more about what had led up to her losing her friend as he eyebrows pushed closer together wrinkling her forehead as she processed the night events, [#CC2EFA “After that, some cute guy came up to me and I guess that’s when I lost her, that guy seemed to get pushier too, with Lia, but I didn’t want to assume anything, especially in the state I’m in.”]

Carrie nodded to her friend and bit her lip softly as she processed the information, before a light bulb went off in her head and immediately darkened her expression.

[#FE2E64 “God, he looks so different now, but that guy is Kyle, that’s Ashley’s cousin! It’s funny you say, that you saw Ashley, cause I never did and I haven’t seen Kyle since you all left with him either. Ashley isn’t from here, I’ve heard and read too many things about girls from big cities to know what they’re capable of… Did you check upstairs?”] Carrie asked in a rushed voice as she set the pool stick down, a terrible feeling welling in the pit of her stomach, a shake of Briar’s head had Carrie grabbing her friend’s hand before rushing to the stairs. Taking them as quickly as Briar’s drunkenness would allow, they ended up in the hallway any sounds muted by the booming of the music playing downstairs as they checked all the rooms opening the doors quickly, making faces at anyone who complained.

Coming to the last door Briar tried the handle but found it locked and jiggled the handle a few times before receiving a shout from the other side.

[b “It’s occupied!”]

[#CC2EFA [b “Open the door bitch! We know you’re up to something!”]] Briar shouted and pounded on the wooden door.
[b “Just exposing her as the whore she is!”]

Briar felt the anger well into her as she slid her fingers over the door frame, feeling the satisfying bump of the “hidden” key and plucked it from frame, quickly sliding it into the knob before pushing open the door, her eyes finding Ashley positioned behind a camcorder. Luckily Carrie and Briar had arrived before anything horrific had happened to barely conscious and dressed friend.

Taking the angry road Briar rushed forward to afflict her emotions physically on Ashley as Carrie rushed over to the bed her friend lied on pushing away the sleazy guy she had put her hope in away from her friend.

[#FE2E64 “Lia, are you alright? Can you walk? We’re gonna go home now, honey. Bri, can you help me get her up, we can deal with Ashley once we get Lia to the car!”] Carrie’s shouts stopped Briar’s movements as she looked back finally taking in her friend and allowed her fist to collide with Ashley’s face one more time before pushing off the girl and going to her friends. With the help of Briar, Carrie managed to cover her friend up and get her in a position to exit the room, though with Briar’s own swaying body she wasn’t sure she could make it down the stairs. Looking around she noticed Joseph and smiled almost in relief, [#FE2E64 “Could you help us please?”]
  Aleighlia Avino / Amore / 5y 169d 2h 13m 49s
When he walked in, his main goal was to have some fun and drown himself out of what was really there. It only worked for a while and he was fine with it all because he knew that there was nowhere that a person could run from their life. He didn't want to be like Evie who constantly did everything to escape. He placed a smile on his lips and met eyes with the blonde's friend. He was fully aware of what that stupid blonde closet slut was up to. He's dealt it with before and he wasn't going to play some stupid childish game with her. He didn't treat girls like they were to be conquered, and it pissed him off when girls tried to do the same. That or the worst alternative, try to make him turn a new leaf.

Joseph's eyes strictly narrowed at that hand on his shoulder. His eyes snapped back at her for a moment. If she touched her one more time he swore he would hurt her. But as she spoke, he understood clearly. She was offended, wasn't she? Hell, he bet she was jealous. It was the amusing thing to him and it made him truly smile. He got to her but in all honesty he couldn't care less if her friend said no to him. He considered that she didn't even try to listen to what her friend had to say, just threw her right under the bus with him. Hell of a friend. Joseph scoffed. [i What a bitch. ] She wanted to play a game with him, that was for sure and if he wanted to play, he could play it really well. He was really good at convincing people into believing he was all good and sweet and changing and then hurt them right in the end. But why would he do that?

Then that squeeze on his shoulder. She really wanted to be knocked out unconscious didn't she? He wasn't afraid to hit a girl if they deserved it. He was all about that equality shit. He didn't say anything, figured that it would annoy her more if he kept quiet. He figured she was doing well to make herself seem like a bitch so he didn't need to. He raised an eyebrow watching her tossing her hair back like one of those teenagers in mean girls.

Joseph looked back at the girl. "I wouldn't let yourself be pushed around by that queen bitch. I asked you, so you're the one that needs to give me an answer. Oh, and I'm Joseph by the way" He craved a cigar and dug one out of his pocket as listened to her ask him if he danced. He used to, not anymore, unless grinding was considered dancing. "Sure." Joseph got his lighter and it up and blew a puff of smoke aside and narrowed his eyes dangerously at the male that bumped into her. Joseph also saw the girl looking off to her friends where they were heading off to another room. His imagination decided that they could be heading into a bedroom and having a threesome. Happened all the damn time. And what kind of idiot would grab a cup from a stranger? That was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Hey, you think your friends going to be fine there? Do they know that guy?" He looked at Carrie, "I hope you all don't grab cups from guys." He's lived all of his life on guard and even guard for Evie sometimes. He always worried and always assumed the worst.
  Joseph Conrad / Ravenity / 5y 169d 4h 17m 36s
[#FE2E64 “That party last night was awfully crazy…”]

[#CC2EFA “…I wish we taped it!”]

[b [#2ECCFA “I danced my ass of and had this one girl completely naked!”]]

The trio sang loudly to the song, looking identical with their large smiles, squinted eyes and the red solo cup that seemed to be glued to their hand. The night had been going the way it usually did, Sarah and her boyfriend had gotten into the routine fight, Mitch did his infamous keg stand before passing out, and Cassandra was, well… being a whore.

[#CC2EFA “That’s like the third guy she’s brought up stairs with her!”] Briar shouted to her friends over the loud music her eyes plastered to the stair well. An unattractive snort left Aleighlia as she shook her head, not bothering to look over her shoulder to see who Briar had pointed out. There was no need, everyone knew about Cassandra’s insatiable sex drive, and it wasn’t like the girl ever tried to hide it.

[b [#2ECCFA “Don’t waste your time watching her, by the time the party is over her number will be UP THERE.”]] Lia responded and pulled on Bri’s arm to draw the girls attention away from the staircase.
[#CC2EFA “I know she’s a whore, we all do… but I guess I wasn’t aware of HOW MUCH of a whore she was.”]

The grumble was quiet but Lia and Carrie could guess what Briar had said and they both laughed and nudged their friend, trying to cheer her up and get her back into convivial spirits.

A buzzing, and vibrating from her clutch had Lia fishing out the champagne colored iPhone and she laughed to herself quietly as she read the first message, but rose an eyebrow as the second message floated onto her screen [i Forced it upon him, and I’m a slut? Woah someone woke up on the shit side of the bed.] Despite his awful attitude, Lia found herself hastily replying back before slipping her phone back into the clutch and turning to face the questioning looks of her friends, [b [#2ECCFA “Oh it’s nothing, just sending the address out.”]] She muttered waving their curiosities off.

[i Good Little Blonde: See you here in a jiffy, try not to crash or get hit! :)]

The three of them had maneuvered around the mass of bodies filling the house, sharing their greetings and small conversations with familiar faces until they came to an empty and somewhat quiet spot in front of the fireplace in the living room, which was relatively quiet compared to the rest of the house. Placing her cup on the mantle Aleighlia stretched her arms over her head and sighed, [b [#2ECCFA “Parties are so draining, why we even come to them?”]]

[#FE2E64 “To be like every other hormonal teenager, do you really need to ask why?”] Carrie responded with a slight chuckle as she looked over her friend, her eyes trailing behind her as she froze a bit. Aleighlia caught on to the tension in Carrie’s body, and the odd blush that crept to her cheeks, and was about to turn around to see who had caused the reaction but the all too, recently, familiar voice sent a shudder down her back.

[b “Hey”]

Keeping her back to the approaching male Aleighlia made eye contact with Briar and made a gun with her fingers before placing it in her open mouth and pretending to pull the trigger, in the universal “kill me now” action. A questioning look reached Briar as she was thrown off by her friend’s reaction to the male, she could have sworn Aleighlia had initiated the game, or had she read it wrong? A wave of her hand, once again, dismissed the unspoken questions from her friend as she turned to the male that “latched’ on to Carrie. Aleighlia almost laughed at the discomfort that played in Carrie’s eyes as the ‘Lost Little Brunette’ invited her away from them, she wasn’t stupid, Aleighlia knew the game, and she’d be damned if he won anything she started.

Stepping forward she placed a hand on his shoulder, plastering the biggest, and fakest smile she could muster and addressed the two of them in a voice much higher than her usual warm and sultry pitch, , [b [#2ECCFA “My, oh, my, isn’t he such a peach! Carrie, don’t keep this perfect gentleman hanging, give him the attention he is dying to have! Y’all would make such a beautiful duo, it must be fate that we all ran into you!”]] The excitement in her voice came to her with ease as she pushed her friend to get her to start walking but squeezed Joseph’s shoulder shooting him a warning look, [b [#2ECCFA “If you try anything on her you will have hell to pay.”]] she said lowly before twirling, tossing her hair over her shoulder and carried on a conversation with Briar.

Carrie looked over her shoulder at her friend in confusion, was this a part of her game? Aleghlia wasn’t fond of her friends becoming a pawn in the game, but it had happened before and she played everyone like a pro. Of course Carrie and Briar were always aware of what was happening, but this time, it was different, the way everything had been playing out wasn’t on par with the usual. Maybe the new guy in town had thrown Aleighlia off? Was he really not into her? That would be a first time thing, everyone was into Aleighlia weather they liked it or not. With a shrug of her shoulders Carrie turned to the male and gave him a soft smile, [#FE2E64 “Do you dance?”] she asked nonchalantly as someone bumped into her, obviously they were drunk, or high. Nodding to the quick apology, Carrie turned and watched another unfamiliar face make their way to Aleighlia and Briar, striking up conversation before offering her a cup and leading both females to a different room, [#FE2E64 [i There she goes, ever the eyecatcher.]
  Aleighlia Avino / Amore / 5y 169d 21h 1m 40s
[i Where did you go? I miss you. ]
[i Heard u left town. Wtf? U didnt tell me. ]
[i U didn't say shit about going. ]
[i Jose told me everything btw. ]
[i Quit fucking ignoring me. I am ur boyfriend rem. ]
[i [b We're over. ] ]
[i It isn't fucking over. Talk to me.]
[i Evie. I love you. ]

For a moment she focused on the glaring screen of her phone. She nibbled on her bottom lip, the rest of her body remaining still. After giving herself a few seconds she texted her reply. '[i [b I love you too but I can't. ] ] But she couldn't make herself press the send button. She closed her eyes for a moment, erased it and typed in [i [b I don't. ]] She hit send and her fingers curled up into a fist, slamming into the porch. "Fuck it..." She inhaled a deep breath and thought to herself about the decision she made. The decision she made to leave it entirely and she would never see herself with him anyway or with anyone. She would never be like her mother.

"What do you think?" Her grandma came outside holding a casual black dress with sleeves that would probably hold her figure but it was longer than Evie would ever be used to. "It's the only dress that your mother had that wasn't showing her vagina."

Evie's eyes widened, wondering if she heard what she think she heard from her grandma. Her grandma continued to stare back at Evie to get an answer.
"It's nice, but what's it for?" Evie set her phone aside.
"For when the guests arrive."
Evie slouched down, "You want me to wear that? I didn't think I had to be formal."
"It's not that formal. I checked your suitcase and there is nothing you can wear in there. This will have to do."
Evie figured she wouldn't agree with the clothes she had in there. "You shouldn't look through my stuff."

"I found a gun and a blade in there. Explain."
"In case I needed to protect myself." She shrugged, "I'll wear it okay." Her grandma tossed it to her and entered the house. Evie set the dress aside and stared at it. Yea, there was no way she was going to put on a dress for this.

"Evie, get in here and change," Her grandma called. Evie grabbed the dress and head inside, feeling irritated and wondered how long she could stay inside before her grandma notices that she wasn't going to dress up for this. Who dressed up for greeting people anyway? She hardly even dress up for dates. Not to say that she normally end up looking good anyway on them. She end up wearing it because her grandma wouldn't leave the room until she did. Then she was left in peace to head outside and just sit there again. Once more, she draws out her phone but as soon as she does, three people came in view.

Her grandparents greeted them and Evie would just gave an awkward smile, unknown to her what she was supposed to do. It wasn't as if she had much of a family. Her eyes dragged to watch them all go in and soon came to face with their son. it wasn't oblivious to her at the reaction he got when he did see her. Not what he expected?

Evie's green eyes fell at the hand he put out and then back at his smile. He was attractive, she'd give him that but out of her league of people. That and she suspected that he couldn't possibly not have a girlfriend.

"I'm Evie." She replied and glanced back at the door and felt her stomach spin at the thought of going in there and playing an act that she didn't even know the words to. "Say, pastor's boy do you know any place we can be, other than here? Well, you could stay here, but I want to leave either way. Just as long as it isn't a church." Her phone buzzed and her heart beat picked up. She couldn't help but look at the text she received for a second.

"Sorry. One second." She stared at the screen.
[i Bullshit. You're just scared. Like I said. I know what that bastard tried to do. That doesn't change shit about what I think about you. ]

For a split second her expression turned dark. She set the phone away and let out a sigh. Her eyes fell across the street, seeing a blonde female with one another girl. Their eyes were on them. Serenity's eyes were on him. Evie, sadly recognized Serenity. Once upon a time, she knew that girl when she lived here just for a bit. Plus, the two girls communicated once and awhile through their phones "Ah, so you're that Elias..." Evie muttered and glanced back at him, "You're Serenity's future to be." Yea, there was no way now. "I don't think she likes me talking to you..." Evie cocked her head to the side slightly seeing Serenity trying not to give a look. So much for their friendship. Not that Evie valued it very much considering of something said.
  Evie Starlin / Ravenity / 5y 170d 4h 18m 2s
[b “Whatever Elias Caleb Avino, just keep your mouth shut about what’s going on tonight. If I even get a feeling mom knows, you will have hell to pay.”]

The sound of the swiftly shut white door met Elias’ ears just fractions of a second after the action had been performed by his sister. The sounds of their voices was muffled by the door but Eli could make enough of it out to draw an unattractive snort from him. Rubbing the back of his neck the older of the two siblings pulled away from the door and headed to his own quarters. Which were much neater and organized than those of his little sister, who had shopping bags, shoes, and clothes strewn here and there over the carpet of her room. Flopping on his bed as the door shut behind him a groan escaped his lips as the thought of attending a dinner after the long day he had.

Much like his sister, Elias’ day was one unfortunate event after the other. It had gotten so ridiculous at this point, that Elias was expecting Ashton Kutcher to appear out of nowhere and explain to him how he was on a TV show and everything was a joke. Sadly that hadn’t happened yet, and there wasn’t much chance of it actually happening any longer. A vibration in his pocket, led to Elias fishing out his phone and checking the screen only to forcefully putting it on his bedside table out of frustration.

Things hadn’t been going well with Serenity lately, which was part of the reason he had rarely been spotted at home in the recent week or two. Working things out with her, or attempting to, was like being on an endless rollercoaster that had a bunch of loops and hills. The issue seemed to be resolved and then they would plummet again, and be sent down another road arguing about another stupid topic. If only he would have stayed home that one night, then this fighting wouldn’t even had had the chance to ignite. But he did go to the party, and pitiful females will take any chance to ruin any good thing they don’t have.

Shaking away the angering thoughts, Elias let his eyes close as he gave into the comfort and safety of his bed and dosed off into a light blissful sleep.


[i Knock, Knock… Creeeek]

[b “Goodness, I swore I told that man to fix this door, sounds like we are running a haunted mansion or something.”] A sigh followed the soft voice as a beautiful middle aged woman stepped into the quiet room and went over to the sleeping body of her son. A sad smile came across her face as she sat down beside him and swept her hand over his forehead, [b “My beautiful boy, you surely don’t realize how proud I am of the man you have already become.”] Leaning down the Matriarch of the Avino family leaned over and kissed Elias’ forehead, eliciting a groan from her son as he turned away from her.

[#8A0808 [b “Mom… go.”]]

A laugh was a temporary response as his mother tried to regain her composure, having lost it to his charming way of waking up, [b “It is almost time to leave for the dinner, get up and get ready. We will leave in 15.”] With a pat to his arm Mrs. Avino stood and exited the room, shutting the door behind her. Elias remained unmoving on his side for a moment longer before clumsily getting out of the bed.
15 minutes passed quickly as Elias made his way down the stairs, newly refreshed and ready to stun the Starlins with his looks and church appropriate attire.

[#8A0808 [b “Alright, the star is roarin’ and ready to go.”]]
[b “Get in the truck playboy, you won’t be stealing any hearts tonight.”] A low, warm voice teased as an dark haired man entered the entryway passing a bottle of wine to his son to carry as his other half entered looking as beautiful as ever. After an intermission of flirtation and kissing, and a grossed out son, the trio clambered into the truck and made their way to the Starlin house.


The drive had ended fairly quickly, a light conversation was held between the three Avinos as a gospel station played softly in the background. As the truck came to a stop, the front door to the charming, good sized home opened and two figures stepped outside warming smile on their face as Mrs. Starlin stepped off the porch revealing a seated figure behind her.

[i Who is that?] the thought consumed Elias’ mind as he got out of the car, following his parent’ lead. Being taken up into a hug and then a handshake, he was led to the figure that had previously intrigued him. A closer look gave way to a surprised look on his face. This girl, Mrs. Starlin’s granddaughter, was absolutely gorgeous! Evie’s beauty was such a contrast to Serenity’s pure and angelic beauty. Nodding his head in the elder’s direction as they all made their way inside the house, Elias stuck out his hand a small smile on his face.

[b [#8A0808 “Hey, I’m Elias Avino, my parents are the ones that just disappeared inside with your
  Elias Avino / Amore / 5y 181d 23h 44m 6s
Whatever was on Joseph was his chosen attire. He never fancied to bother to dress up for a party. What fun would that be? He never worried whether he'd fuck someone at the end of night, it would happen. He received a text pretty quickly. That blonde could keep deluding herself as much as she wanted but he had no interest in her. In fact, the opposite. It annoyed him to be dealing with girls again. All he wanted was a one night stand and never to see them ever again. That he could live with. Not get attached and not having to deal with a bitch yelling at him to get his life together. Like they really understood what it meant to live in the life he lived. As if he could escape alive from all the things he got into. And even if there is, maybe she didn't realize that he didn't want to get out.

He stopped himself and cursed under his breath. There it went...the thoughts about Vic. He shrugged it off and looked back at the text to check the text.
[i Not interested bitch, just want the address. Thanks. ]
That blonde was starting to bug him. Why did he have her cell number? Oh, that's right she forced it upon him.
[i And I recall a blonde girl forcing her number on me. Closet slut maybe or maybe your already out of the closet. Whichever. Fuck off.] That was the last text he would send, he swore to himself it would be. It was all fun and games until someone until someone got serious. Wasn't doing that again. He followed through the streets and figured out the location that was bursting with music. A house. There had to be a drug dealer in here for sure. Every town had them. Although he was never interested in that kind of shit. He was fucked up but not that kind of fucked up. He waltzed right in. Guess there was no fancy list of some sort.

He's eyes didn't bother to glance at the crowd because he knew eyes were on him, he figured because he was new, looked different, felt different-and there he spotted the liquor. It was a good thing he didn't budge Evie to come. Who knew what that girl would do. He walked a little further and already noticed someone slipping something between hands while small words exchanged. Dealer found...and this shit was almost the same shit as back home, except with bigger houses and higher quality clothes. He made a small turn and caught the good little Blonde's group. He walked toward them but not aiming for Aleighlia. Oh no, definitely not. He wanted to get her mad. Instead he aimed for the friend she had that looked at him like she was interested.

"Hey," He gave a small devious smile, "Mind if I take you away from your friends for a while, unless you're not interested?" And if she wasn't, which he highly doubted he would be able to walk here reject free and move on to someone else. He knew how to take a no and back off. Speaking of back off..he saw behind them a guy slipping something in a drink and got up and carried it. He was eyeing someone behind Joseph. Joseph looked over his shoulder and saw who the guy was eying. While the dark haired guy was getting through, he had to brush pass Joseph-which Joseph put an arm to stop him. The guy looked stunned, caught.

Joseph leaned in and whispered to him, "If something happens to that girl, I'm going to fuck you up. Got it?" Joseph faked a smile and pat his shoulder. The guy stared back at him, unable to take him seriously until his eyes dropped at the indent in Joseph's back pocket of a gun. The guy nodded and tossed the drink in the garbage can on the way.

Joseph turned his attention back and gave a quick smile, "So?" He had a feeling he was going to end up in a fight by the end of the night. Normally, that's what happened. He never seemed to be able to stay out of trouble.
  Joseph Conrad / Ravenity / 5y 182d 23h 53m 8s
[#FE2E64 “Wow, that guy was a total-“]

[#CC2EFA “Prick!”]

[#FE2E64 “What? No! That guy was hot! I would’ve totally given him my number, I bet he’s b-“]

[#CC2EFA “Eww, stop, please do not finish that sentence. Have you lost your mind Carrie? That guy was a total jackass! Who in their right minds just goes around flipping skirts, and then “graciously offers” to be a hook up buddy? God, where he came from needs to accept him, there are already enough scumbags here!”]

The banter of her friends made Lia laugh loudly, as she quickly covered her mouth and shook her head at the both of them. The three of them would be considered an odd group if the typical High school movie was your go to for determining who should be friends with who. Carrie was the cute brunette that aced every test, loved her share of romance movies and could recite almost every Classic American Novel to you backwards. Then there was Briar, despite the sweet sound of her name, she was a spitfire girl that could out talk any guy on sports, cars and politics. Even with their contrast in personalities and interests they were three peas in a pod.

Finally calming down from the storm of laughter her friend’s brought onto her Aleighlia uncovered her mouth to reveal the large, breathtaking smile that filled her face, [b [#2ECCFA “You guys are the light of my life, I love y’all so much.”]] The sincere comment drew the three girls into a tight hug as the front door of a large antebellum style house swung open.

[b “I thought I heard you three. Aleighlia I was just about to call you! The Starlin’s invited us to a little gahterin’ mentioned something about some teens takin’ up in their home. I figured it’d be nice to introduce them to someone their age.”]

New teens? Could he be-?

[b [#2ECCFA “I can’t go tonight, I already promised everyone I would spend some time at the gathering tonight! I’m sure Eli wouldn’t mind to go, not like he’d have any plans, well besides with Serenity, but they go out together anyways. Those two are as thick as thieves.”]] Aleighlia spoke quickly in an attempt to change her mother’s attention to her older brother and his girlfriend. Hopefully she would pursue the two of them attending rather than her. After all she had a party to get to.

[b “Gosh, I haven’t seen the two of them running around here in a while, your brother has been as busy as a moth in a mitten! I’ll let you slide this time, but next time the Starlins invite us over, I expect us all to attend as a family, you know how much those two enjoy your company!”] Aleiglia smiled and nodded to her mother as the older woman walked off towards the living to call her son.

Turning to her friends Aleighlia gave them a face that expressed her surprise at how easy she had gotten out of that one. With their laughs as the response Aleighlia made her way up the white stair case and hurried down the hallway to her large room where the closet was yanked open and the curlers and straightener were plugged in.


[b [#2ECCFA “I got the club goin’ up, on a Tuesday. Gotch ya girl in the cut she choosay.”]] The blonde bobbed her head to the song stuck in her head as she put up a peace sign to her two friends who were glued to a mirror busy putting make up on. Wrinkling her nose at them ignoring her, Lia flipped them off as a knock sounded at her door.
Tip toeing to the door she opened it up slightly, checking to see who it was before opening it wide, [b [#2ECCFA “Well, well, well, look who has finally decided to show up! Where have you been? Is Serenity with you?”]]

[b “I’ve been around, you know, and no Serenity is not with me she had plans already. Hey Bri, Care.”] A handsome looking young man stood across from the equally beautiful Aleighlia, a lazy smile on his face as he nodded to the two gawking girls. Looking away from them the older of the two siblings looked down at his sister with a raised eyebrow, an indication to Aleighlia of her brother’s knowledge to her plans. With a sigh of defeat Lia rose her left hand a she placed her right hand in the air.

[b [#2ECCFA “I Aleighlia Jael Avino hereby declare to practice the utmost of responsibility, chastity and sobriety as I head out to a gathering full of such things. If I so as happen to give into the temptations of the tantalizing boys, the beckoning of the alcohol or all things in this category I will commit to attending three family dinner invitations.”]] Bringing left hand from the air Lia held it out in front of her outstretched to her brother, who clasped her hand in his giving it a few shakes.

[b “That’s a deal, Aleighlia Jael Avino. If I am being denied my fun, then so shall you, little sister.”]

[b [#2ECCFA “Whatever Elias Caleb Avino, just keep your mouth shut about what’s going on tonight. If I even get a feeling mom knows, you will have hell to pay.”]] Lia fired back at her brother staring him down for a moment before closing the door in his smirking face.

Turning back to her gawking friends she shrugged, [b [#2ECCFA “Let’s forget about Eli, we have to look HOT tonight.”]]


The loud sounds emitting a large, modern style house could be heard from inside a White Volkswagen GTI as Aleighlia pulled up along the sidewalk an impressed look on her face. The sound of hit rap song seeped into the motionless car as the doors opened and all three girls stepped out. Each of them wearing a slightly revealing outfit that had just a touch of slut to them that would draw the attention of the boys like a moth to a flashlight.

[b [#2ECCFA “Let’s give them hell.”]]

Aleighlia’s advancement on the house was interrupted by a vibration in the pocket of her high waist jeans. Fishing out her phone a smile lit up her face as she replied hastily before locking the screen and entering the party getting into the flow of things, throwing all care to the wind.

[i Lost Little Brunette: 'Location of party. Send it. If there was even 1 to begin with.’]

[i Good Little Blonde: Oh, so you were interested? Guess you like blondes more than you thought, huh? Well the party is at 1445 123rd st CT E 45896 Churchill, VA. Find me when you get here ;)]
  Aleighlia McConner / Amore / 5y 191d 21h 59m 59s

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