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The blonde paused once he had exited the dining room, sucking in a sharp, but long breath. Vying, begging for a moment of peace when everything around him swarmed with turmoil and change. It wasn't the first time Shaoran wished they were kids again. A time where nothing matter except attending lessons and practices. He drew in a breath again.

The Empress's consort strode through the small castle, not traveling very far when he found a couple of the knights, finishing their own dinner in one of the smaller mess-hall like rooms. A mask of indifference in place as he lowered his chin towards the older members of the guard who would be ensuring the castle was safe during the night hours. But his attention was less on them, and more on the younger recruits he had been working with earlier.

"You didn't think we were done, did you?" He chirped, voice dripping with clearly faux cheerfulness. "Finish up, and meet me back out in the field. None of us are going to sleep into you all can beat me so~"

And this was easy. Even with only the sliver of the moon overheard, and the lanterns burning closer to the castle as the only light shed across the training ground. This was mechanical, robotic. He didn't need to think at all.

[i Block, swing, duck, block, side step, kick, punch, block, repeat.] Over and over and over again. The blonde knight didn't even notice how much time had passed. An hour? Two? Eventually, the younger knights got smart, realizing if they all worked together to take him down they might actually meet their objective. Or maybe Shaoran just was tired and pretended to make a mistake in hopes one of them would take advantage. Either way, when the recruits managed to wrestle him into the mud he could only sigh in quiet contentment.

For a second they all just sat there, Shaoran in the dirt with the small group surrounding him. The corners of his lips twitched into a faint smile. "That took you long enough, huh?" He slowly shifted to stand back up, brushing the mud off his shoulder in vain attempt to look slightly clean. "Well done, go to sleep all of you."

Following his own advice, the consort followed the vaguely familiar path up to the room he and Miyuki shared, quietly opening the door in case she had fallen asleep.
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The woman flinched noticeably at his outburst. She'd never seen him this way, but she said nothing in rebuttal of his words. Miyuki loved him, but this was not the Shaoran she had known as a child; this was not the man that she'd married. She wondered how this would affect their relationship or even if they would have one after this. Obviously they would need to maintain the appearance of their marriage for their people, but when it came to their personal lives, everything was up in the air. Or maybe he would never deserve her love after this. The thought was something she didn't want to think about, but it was certainly a possibility with the way things kept happening.

After Shaoran stormed off, Miyuki was reminded of their guest when Ko shuffled into the room with a groomed version of the girl in tow. She wore a worried expression on her face when she saw the state of the Empress, but the blonde woman was quick to regain her composure in the face of someone other than Shaoran. Meng was well dressed in a blue shift dress. Her hair was done in tight curls. If Miyuki hadn't known it was Meng, then she would have thought it was a much younger version of herself staring her down.

“I'm fine, Ko. Please don't worry about me. She looks beautiful.” Moving from her sitting position, she moved toward the two of them. “She can rest in my mother's old room. I will talk with you in the morning, Ko.” The older woman gave a nod of her head, and with a soft 'goodnight', she left the two of them there to do whatever they were going to do.

Before entering the bedroom she was supposed to share with Shaoran, Miyuki took a deep breath and opened the door. Luckily- or unluckily- there was no sign of him. She let out the held breath and rummaged through her things. She supposed that she and her father both held an interested for journaling. Though, hers were mostly about how much she missed the freedom of not having to solve the problems of a country rather than humiliating her lover(s). Opening the leatherbound tome to the back of the book, her finger tips slowly stroked over a photo of a scantily clad girl. A moment of her weakness that continued to cause her to doubt her relationship with Shaoran- especially after this night. ]]
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Miyuki wasn't wrong. In opening their kingdom's borders, they became more susceptible to the dangers of those beyond the comforts of their own home. But they also gained allies and new trade routes, despite the enemies that gather in the same hand. While there were pros and cons to the decision, the Emperor decided so long ago that the benefits of keeping open borders outweighed the extra manpower and hardships that came with maintaining a well defended territory.

But the fact of the matter was, in Shaoran's opinion, the attack would have happened with or without the opening of the borders. In another time, or another world, maybe they would be able to live in peace and harmony with everyone around them. But it was a pipe dream.

Shaoran spoke, and Miyuki listened , and vice versa, when Miyuki spoke, Shaoran fell silent to give her the respect she deserved. But then something struck him. Maybe Miyuki just didn't understand? She kept talking about how he didn't love her. And she was wrong, so, so, wrong.

"Damn it Miyuki!" Came Shaoran's outburst. "It's not that I don't love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I love you more than the moon loves the stars, more then the fish loves the water, more then the bird loves to fly. I've loved you for so long that it's as easy as breathing." The blonde haired man sucked in a breath. "But I don't deserve your love. Not right now. Maybe not anymore."

And with that, Shaoran turned and left the room. Pausing only once, throwing his dark gaze over his shoulder. "Maybe one day I'll deserve your love again."
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Miyuki sighed heavily. “You didn't fail me. My father opened our Kingdom and our borders up. If anyone failed to see the consequences of his actions, it was him in seeing that he was potentially opening the gates to those who wished him harm,” Though, they both know that the perpetrators of the attack had all come from the Drink's Kingdom. They saw themselves as liberators and anarchists, but perhaps they'd been right in some of their views. She hated to admit it, but her father was not the kind ruler she had idolized him as throughout her life. “You were doing what you were told to do, and as a Knight you had no room to refuse. I don't blame you because you were doing your job.” He was doing what he could to make sure their borders were secure, and she couldn't fault him for that.

The woman listened to what Shaoran said in relative silence. The only sound she made were quiet sobs she attempted to stifle. Miyuki couldn't remember the last time she had cried like this- much less in front of someone else. It was less than dignified, and she wished that Shaoran of all people wasn't the one that had to see her in this state. “I also don't blame you for trying to protect me from the advisors. I know why you did what you did even though I don't approve of your use of Killian.” She didn't like the thief, but even she could see that what Shaoran doing was hurting him. He used Killian and then had quickly tossed him away. This was the first time she'd heard the blonde man say his name in what seemed like ages. Though, perhaps that was just his attempt at keeping anything that had to do with the dark haired thief out of her earshot due to how she reacted when she was in his presence.

“I need the man I fell in love with, Shaoran. I don't need whatever it is you're becoming.” She looked up at him. Any makeup that she had been wearing had been wiped away along with the hot torrent of tears that continued to pour down her face. “I still love you, but you won't allow yourself to love me, and it hurts to know that I will never have someone to love me properly. All I'll ever be is a commodity. I hope you're happy that you won the one thing other men couldn't.” There was some venom in her tone, but it was overshadowed by sadness.

“Do whatever you want, Shaoran, but at least act like my husband in public.”
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Shaoran remained quiet as she spoke. Eyes widening fraction by fraction as his beloved Empress poured out her feelings and thoughts into the long overdue conversation. The grape beneath his thumb and forefinger being crushed as the blonde woman brought up the Emperor before. Her father. His perpetrator.

The fact of the matter was, no one knew. No one knew what the Emperor was like behind closed door. Not his citizens, who loved him dearly, nor his own daughters. Miyuki might not have found out if it wasn't for the Emperor's journal describing all the things he had done. And Shaoran might have kept the secret for as long as he lived.

And she was sobbing and sobbing, and inwardly her blond companion was panicking because when was the last time Shaoran had seen his wife cry like this? When Shaoran finally began to speak, his voice was soft, attention unblinking on the small form of the broken Empress, looking so much like the little girl he grew up with so many years ago.

"When we were kids, they separated us when they could by giving us different lessons. When that wasn't enough, they sent me on missions outside of the castle. Our fathers loved each other, to whatever extent. And they tried to keep up from developing that bond too." He sucked in a breath before continuing, "Years ago, I was sent on a patrol the morning of the Drink's annual ball. I arrived on time for the ball, but barely. That same night, your parents died. I failed you then."

Gradually his voice increased in volume, becoming more intense as he poured his own heart out, sadness in his eyes, but no tears. He admitted his fears of failure to her, as if fear could justify the things he had done behind her back. Things and actions he swore to protect her from, he did in the same breath, under the guise of just wanting to keep her innocent.

But Miyuki lost her innocence long ago, just like he did. Were they ever even innocent at all?

"You have grown so kind over the years, and I began to fear your enemies might target that weakness. I feared failing to protect you again. I manipulated people to get what I wanted, just the way your father did me," another, slow breath. Fingers reaching up to grasp at the part of his shirt covering his shoulder, a reminder underneath the thin fabric in the shape of a jagged scar of one of the people who he had hurt. And with that, he came clean. "When you banished your advisors, you wanted them to be allowed to live in exile. You wanted peace. And I was afraid they would threaten that peace. So I sent Killian to slaughter them all."

"I didn't want the blood on my hands if I did it myself. But the blood will always be there. I am drowning in it." He stood now, so abruptly that he knocked his chair over, not meeting her gaze. "You may have loved the Shaoran from back then, but I am not the boy I once was. If anyone has become your father, it is me. "
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The two of them lapsed into silence without Meng. She was giddy about the girl. She'd never wanted children, but the poor soul tugged so hard at her heartstrings that she could hardly say no to her. The least she could do was give her a warm bed and something to eat until they figured out what to do with her. She'd finished what had been on her plate and was idly sipping at her drink when Shaoran began to speak.

She knew nothing good would come out of the journal, but she'd read it anyway. Miyuki knew why he was the way he was, but that didn't mean that she had stopped loving him because of it. Her moral compass felt skewed after she had spent her whole life defending her father and his actions even though he'd done such bad things to the person she would gladly give her life for. It seemed like a century ago that the two of them were young children making promises that they didn't know they'd eventually take seriously.

Miyuki pulled her arms closer to her- crossing them as she was now uncomfortable with where this was going. He'd barely spoken to her since she'd confronted him, and now he was apologizing for something she found to be incredibly ridiculous. “We've always been separated to stop us from falling for one another, but I've never felt further from you than I do now. We've been through so much, you and I. I never would have believed in a million years that marrying me would only make things worse for you.” By now, the blonde was sobbing. She wanted him to love her the way a husband is supposed to love his wife, but she knew it was a pipe dream. Perhaps if she hadn't been so strong willed and hard headed in her youth, then things would be different. Perhaps she would be the trophy wife on the arm of some young noble man of another kingdom rather than the leader of a broken kingdom.

“It just hurts so much to know that my father did things that I can never heal you from. I hate being kept in the dark. I hate that someone can be a terrible person, but can be the king that his people need him to be.” How could someone be so two-faced as to abuse someone that was a loyal asset, but lead a nation and have subjects that respected him. The cognitive dissonance she felt was starting to make her feel ill. She wasn't afraid of Shaoran. She didn't need protected from him. Miyuki was no longer a princess whose only whim was to skip her practices. She was old enough to know that what she wanted was just to be a good Empress for her people.

“I just hope that when you look at me, you don't see him in me,” Her words were quiet, but loud enough for him to hear between her quiet sobs.
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This small, filthy girl reminded him so much of that filthy circus boy he knew such a long time ago. What would have happened if Killian had found a family to take him in and cherish him? If he hadn't become a thief? Would he still have been Shaoran's friend? Oh, looking at this little girl and her oily hair and dirt dusted cheeks just reminded him of all those years ago. Of those two little boys who once promised to marry each other because they were both so lonely. To the innocence he lost all those years ago. And then he was pulled back into the present.

[i “C'mon, Shao, you should eat too.]

"Of course," Shaoran hummed softly, staring at Meng for a moment longer before standing up, fingers extending towards Miyuki's awaiting hand.

[center _-_-_-_-_-Time Skip-_-_-_-_-_]

With Meng fed and safely in the hands of Ko in order to get cleaned up and some fresh clothes on left Shaoran and Miyuki alone in the small, but lavish dining area. The blonde haired Emperor Consort idly rolled a fresh grape underneath his thumb and forefinger, staring absently at its purple flesh. The room had dissolved into silence without the little girl to muse over. Shaoran had kept a fond eye on her until the moment she left, but otherwise poked at his lunch, not at all peckish despite all the training he'd done that day. Once all the servants had left the couple alone, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Before we got married, I vowed protect you with everything I had," he sucked in a slow breath before continuing, eyes reaching Miyuki. "But that means protecting you from... well..." a nervous chuckle and he looked away, "me. I'm sorry I can't be everything you need me to be. I will always be your sword and your shield, but I'm afraid I've danced for too long on the line between good deeds and evil ones. And I can't drag you into that anymore."
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[center [font "book antiqua" Miyuki almost regretted her sympathy for the child when she saw Shaoran's look. She knew that she should have consulted with him before making decisions like taking in a stray child that'd been caught stealing. Though, she was sure they'd talk about this among other things at a later time when there weren't young ears listening. There was still a lot they had to discuss, and a lot of old wounds that needed to be reopened. She almost wondered if their parents were right. This romance was doomed from the start.

The girl pulled her arm away from the guard that still held it and made her way over to the two of them. Miyuki caught her gaze for a moment, but the girl looked away defiantly. Her blonde hair hung around her sunkissed skin in oily tendrils. The girl hadn't had a bath in gods knew how long. Her face and her clothes were filthy, and there was a dead look in her eyes. It made the older woman doubt very much that this child was at all some sort of spy. The empress lowered herself where she could look the girl in the eyes. “We only want to help you. You don't need to be afraid of us. How old are you?”

“Eight,” The hoarse voice of the girl came quietly. “M-milady,” She finished in an effort to remain polite. “My name is Meng. I'm so sorry. I-I didn't know the empress and her consort were here,” The girl bowed deeply in apology. It only made Miyuki sadder. She'd never wanted children before, but seeing this girl made her think that she could at the very least help her in some way. The fact that she was stealing made her wonder where her parents were or if she even had parents.

“Meng, your name means dream. That's really pretty. What happened to your parents?”

“...They're dead.” There was some reluctance in her voice to say the words aloud. Almost like she didn't want to admit it because it was too painful.

“Well, regardless of who was here, Meng, stealing is wrong. You're old enough to know right from wrong, but I don't think anyone deserves to be hungry. Let's go inside and I'll ask Ko to make you a warm meal.” She reached down to take the girl's hand, and almost reluctantly, she took it. “C'mon, Shao, you should eat too.” She offered him her other hand that wasn't occupied by the small child.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UZlOfTt.jpg]] "You were given an order by your Empress, and I expect in the future you will heed those orders without me telling you to do so." Came Shaoran's voice, sharp as he eyed the reluctant guard, coming up behind Miyuki. He felt most comfortable in this spot. At Miyuki's side, but always a step behind, it was a familiarity from assuming a similar position even as a child. And it was here he hid from his problems, a mask of stern indifference falling into place just as plainly as his rumpled shirt tugged quickly onto his torso.

For a moment, the Emperor Consort regretted not bringing Captain Hartford along for their little adventure, but the thought passed as quickly as it had come. They needed someone loyal keeping an eye on the castle, loyalty inspired by years of being a member of the guard, rather than someone loyal simply because they were told that's what they had to be. Bringing the younger members of the guard allowed them to get to know their monarchs better, building a loyalty based on trust and friendship, rather than simply orders.

Miyuki and Shaoran's conversation was one that was long over due, but by the looks of it it would have to be held off for a little longer.

And the Emperor Consort said nothing as the guard was dismissed by his queen without an argument on his lips. No, he was too busy staring at the little girl. There was apprehension in his eyes, whittled away the shivering body in front of him. Maybe it was the memories of another little thief, a friendship in tatters that started with a little girl shivering an asking the squire for food. Maybe he saw the child he could have become if his father wasn't the Emperor's knight. Or maybe it was just pity for a child who had did nothing to deserve the cards she had been drawn other than live.

Whatever it was, it drove Shaoran to crouch down, arms outstretched but low, trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible. "Come here child. No one is going to harm you while you are in our care."
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[center [font "book antiqua" How. How had the come to be… this? He seemed so afraid, and she was so unsure. They used to be so confident. Or perhaps that was a façade that they both hid under in order to keep this part of themselves hidden from each other. She didn’t say anything, but moved closer to him so that they could dance. It was such a strange request, but she humored him regardless.

“I was so happy to be back and now I feel myself falling back into the unhappy thoughts that I’ve felt for so long as a princess.” Things weren’t better or worse necessarily, and she felt a pang of regret that she had never gotten to experience much other than a sheltered royal life where she only felt sadness that was masked over with a façade of strong will. She’d more than proven that she was her own person, and so why was she still sad? These were questions she didn’t muse aloud, but perhaps they didn’t need to be said.

Shaoran was dirty, but it didn’t bother her at all. It wasn’t like his being a little dirty from training mattered that much. She sighed as the two of them moved in slow circles across the ground. Miyuki opened her mouth to speak, but a commotion from the grounds caught her attention first.

“Come back here, you little thief,” One of the guards yelled as he chased after a small figure with blonde hair. A disheveled person from what Miyuki could tell from this distance. A shriek pierced through the quiet that followed, and she released her husband to go investigate the scene. There were things they needed to discuss, but this matter at hand held her immediate attention.

As the young empress neared the guard who held a small, dirty girl with her hands behind her back, she couldn’t help but feel some sense of pity for the small child. She looked no older than eight, and if she was stealing from this place, then she was desperately hungry. “What’s going on here?” She asked, cautiously. Her eyes gazing back up to the guard who’d apprehended the thief.

“Oh, my lady, please. She’s just a common thief, there’s no need for you to waste your time on her. Let us deal with it. I promise she won’t steal from you again.”

Miyuki cocked her head slightly. “I should hope she won’t, but as for my time being wasted, I do not think such a matter is a waste of time. She’s obviously hungry, and by the looks of her, she hasn’t any money. Do you truly think a small child like this could do a big man like you any harm?” The man opened his mouth, but closed it once again. Of course from her past experience, she knew that even children could be spies, but she couldn’t bring herself to think that. As a woman who didn’t want children, Miyuki felt somehow drawn to the small girl as she shivered in the meager clothing she wore in front of them. “Let her go, and give her something to eat, and we’ll figure out what to do after that.”]]
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The guards left wearily, a part of them knowing they got off lucky. Shaoran easily could've made them work until they succeeded in their task. It was only Miyuki's presence that allowed them the opportunity to escape. And escape they did, scampering back into the villa like dogs with their tails between their legs, eager to get washed up and pretend they didn't fail in completing their objective.

"Come dance with me, my love," he replied instantly, despite the fact that there was no music. His body was wet with sweat and dirt from practicing with the other men. There were faint marks of red where someone squeezed to hard, or played dirty and dug their nails in deeper than necessary. But he was sure the others had bruises darker than his, mud splashed across their torsos from how many times they dropped into the dirt.

It might have appeared that the Emperor Consort was ignoring his Empress with his request, instead of accepting her apology. But there was a subtle, uncomfortable shift in his legs as she spoke, bringing up things he didn't want to talk about. Things he didn't want to hear. And he didn't voice is discomfort out loud. He knew he didn't have to tell her he didn't want to talk about it. He couldn't talk about it. Those old memories that he thought went away when the Emperor had died. Old scars tearing open once again.

And that extremely small part of him, that tiny part in the darkness of his heart, was glad the Emperor was dead.

For now, the blonde male merely opened his arms, drawing his fingers away from his shoulder that had twinged from effort, and pushing them towards her instead, a quiet offer.

"Come dance with me."
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[center [font "book antiqua" Miyuki flinched as the guard took the opportunity to attempt a low blow to knock Shaoran to the ground. She had to say that she wasn’t that impressed that he’d resorted to such a tactic. Perhaps the move would have been more understandable if Shaoran had actually been a thread to the male’s life, but it wasn’t necessary in a simple sparring match. It was lucky that this area of the country didn’t see much crime or these guards would clearly be outmatched by anyone who had actually bothered to learn the discipline of the art. Though, she said nothing as Shaoran dismissed them. Finally, they were alone, and she leaned back on her heels. This was the most tension she’d felt between the two of them since the time she’d learned that she actually had feelings for her guard.

“I didn’t mean to distract you. I just wanted to watch.” He was good at what he did, and she didn’t mean to throw him off when he was doing this to work off his frustration. She truly had no intent other than just spectating from afar.

“Listen, I don’t want to start this over again. You can be upset with me, but I really want to enjoy our time here because we won’t ever get this privacy again.” Even if she had to sleep in the other bedroom or stay away from him so he could have time to himself, she just wanted them both to enjoy their honeymoon. If this had happened at the palace, it would already be all over the kingdom that their marriage was doomed from the start. The absolute last thing she wanted was to give the naysayers what they wanted.

The woman fell silent. There was more she desired to say, but fear of yet another argument kept her from doing so. This was probably the only time that she’d kept words falling from her mouth. This time when the repercussions weren’t just to fall into disfavor of someone she didn’t care about. Rather, losing the favor of someone she cared quite a bit for kept her from reopening the subject. ]]
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As much as Shaoran loved a good weapon, he found hand to hand to be simply thrilling. There was nothing like sweat rolling off your back as you exchanged blows. His coat and shirt lay abandoned in the grass as he eyed his opponents. There goal was to knock him on his back, and they still hadn't succeeded. Even the blonde found his lips slightly parted, breathing deeply from exertion.

"Come on boys," he quipped with a cheeky grin that didn't reach his eyes. A silent command that their short break was over. And then the dance began again. One was getting frustrated, it was easy to see that his attacks were growing fierce, but sloppy. Easy to avoid, any good guard knew the Drinks style was to not waste a single ounce of energy. He was violating this single rule the angrier he became. No matter, he would learn soon enough as the Emperor Consort deflected an attack and countered, quick as a snake.

The other two, were only slightly harder to deal with, both at least keeping their cool. But they were predictable, and the blonde found his mind wandering as he went through the motions. [i Block, Block, Dodge, Counter.] It was like the waltz with an infinite number of steps.

And then he saw her.

At the corner of his eye at first, and then he turned, his cloudy gaze turning his attention for a split second in Miyuki's direction. It was enough that one of the men came up behind him, snaking his arms over his shoulders in attempt to simply manhandle him to the ground. And Shaoran sucked in a breath, eyes widening a fraction because he didn't expect such a lowly move. Because the Emperor had liked it when he couldn't see his face, and be reminded that this was not his lover, but his lover's son.

And then the knight shifted, pitching his body forward and letting himself fall, landing heftily over the guard whom hit the ground first, choking on air. "That enough for the day boys," he spoke quietly, withdrawn as he stood, hand reaching up to the faint scar across his shoulder. Clenching his fingers around the joint absentmindedly as if it pained him.
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[center [font "book antiqua" As she’d thought, it didn’t take long before Ko came to find her. She felt bad for what she’d said before she had left the room. Though, she was too proud to admit that maybe she’d gone a bit far in her anger. She knew that Shaoran likely didn’t know that Killian harbored any feelings for him- if he still did that was. The dark haired man was a mystery even to Miyuki, but she could tell that his spite came from a deeper place than just the exchange they’d had as children.

It wasn’t long before the older housekeeper had coaxed the Empress out of her mother’s bed, washed her face, and down the stairs with the promise of tea and sweets as well as a friendly game of Go. Miyuki was glad that neither she nor Ko was very competitive, and she actually found it quite relaxing. It helped to distract her from her previous argument with her husband who decided to be distant. She focused instead on the moves, and recounting the story of their time in the Sweet’s Kingdom to Ko.

“I enjoyed my time there. After everything at the party had happened, I was too scared to do anything. I’d never felt so powerless. And then I just allowed myself to become complacent there. It was so peaceful, and being able to do everything at my own pace while not being forced into a role I felt I no longer wanted,” She had always wanted a normal life. Even now, she missed the peace and quiet of being able to sit outside or fall asleep in the library without waking up the next day to have to meet suitors.

“I didn’t expect the Vegetable Tribes to still desire that I marry their King,” Miyuki sighed.

“You are a very desirable princess. It is easy to see why men who would want you. I’m sure Shaoran would tell you the same,” Ko mused between a mouthful of pastry. “For what it’s worth, Milady, I’m glad you came back. Your people missed you.”

Miyuki no longer felt guilt about being away for so long. She knew that the Drink Empire needed a proper ruler, and not just a regent like the advisors. “I love this Kingdom. Though they don’t accept my choice of husband, I feel like I made the best choice. Despite our issues, there’s never been anything the two of us couldn’t do. I’m sure even this distance can be crossed.”

“Game,” Ko placed her piece down, and that concluded the game. “You are both young. Take the advice of a married woman, your husband needs you to boss him around whether he likes it or not. But do give him some time. Smothering each other’s personal space is just as bad as distance.” She placed the pieces away and cleaned up the table.
Miyuki left the house for the courtyard. She said nothing, but instead stood back to watch as he trained the guardsmen of the villa, and gave Shaoran a soft smile as if to say that she’d just be watching, and not there to distract him as he did what he did best. ]]
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[+0B610B "That's not what I meant!"] He snapped, but she was already long gone, the door left ajar behind her. He eyed the open door with contempt, but didn't shift from his spot.

He protected her for their whole lives, it was all he really knew. But just this one thing. This one little thing was different. He never wanted to hurt her. But he told her not to go in that damned room. To let him have his secrets. To let him protect himself.

Eyes narrowing, the lithe framed male began to stalk out the door, marching wholeheartedly back down the stairs to the main doors where he knew the small patrol would be awaiting for orders. Each step allowing his mask to fall back into place. A gentle smile sloping on his face, eyes returning to normal and eyebrows unfurrowing from where they sat on his brow. And by the time the other guards turned their attention to him, every piece of that perfect porcelain mask was in place.

[+0B610B "I've been informed that your training has been somewhat subpar in the Empress and my absence."] They shifted nervously, to which the blonde's smile only grew. [+0B610B "No matter. I want all of you out in the yard now and we can fix that."]

[center [pic http://www.clipartbest.com/cliparts/4Tb/MKM/4TbMKMXLc.png]]

Battle strategy was easy. Negotiating a trade was easy. Four guards coming at Shaoran at once, for him, was easy. Speaking to his wife about things he had been trying to bury was so much harder.

He jumped back, arching his back in order to avoid the punch of one in front of him, and another trying to grab him from behind. It was much like a dance. Shaoran doing more avoid and defense, and wearing his opponents out. It wasn't hard when you knew the standard style of Drinks Kingdom fighting, and Shaoran had been learning that style since before some of these guards were even born.

Anyone could tell these fellows hadn't practiced as much as they should have, or they might have developed their own style already. Something effective and unusual that might surprise the Emperor Constort, and not textbook moves.

With a precision that could be the difference between life and death in a real fight, the blonde shift his equilibrium back to center and ducked under the incoming kick in his direction, hands reaching up to catch the nearing foot by the ankle as a smirk danced upon his lips.

Yes. This was much easier.
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