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Reggie studied the boy that stepped down for what seemed to be the last time. The boy had to suppress a look of thankfulness that he would be his possible final foe. He seemed rather interesting, really. Hell, he looked rather cute. Cat ears were brought up in interest as charamel-coffee eyes looked to the other. The other seemed so cool, so calm, and it brought out a great amount of curiosity in the cat. He hoped it wouldn't kill him.

He knew he had seen his foe before. Maybe it was in another class? His name seemed familiar, and it seemed the mention of his name actually had some girls cheering for him. Then again, there were several people cheering for him, as well, it seemed. It was interesting, boosting his pride and allowing it to fog over his tiredness a little more. That was honestly a nice thing, really.

Reggie was suddenly caught off guard by seeing the other unable to be seen. What!? Was this his semblance!? It was... frighteningly fascinating. Nevertheless, how the hell was he supposed to be able to face this guy!?

The cat tried to use his sense of hearing for help, but he couldn't pick up much, especially since some cheers of his classmates was making it harder to focus. How could be do this? He needed eye contact to use his own semblance. It was clear that his previous time of fighting never prepared him for something like this. His opponents were always able to be seen, and at least heard.

Damn. This clearly wasn't coming out the way the Reggie hoped it would be. Though he knew it was very juvenile and senseless, every so often he began to slash around him, hoping to hit Jamison. Much with the other's surprising semblance causing a great problem for him, the russet male wasn't sure if he was even hitting the guy. The hairs on the back of his neck and tail were sticking up, clearly showing he was getting scared of the situation.

Tough, he began to create a strategy. Maybe, just maybe, if he allowed himself to get hit, he could use that injury and how it was made to make an assumption on where his opponent was, thus being able to strike back with a higher change of actually hitting him. It was clear that Jamison wasn't messing around with this.

Though still a bit tired, the cat continued to construct a plan in his head. Despite that, it was clear the usage of his semblance so many times had continued to do a number on him. His battle stance was slightly slouched, the boy panting every so soften to get a good breath. His heart beat was faster than normal, putting a little bit of concern in his head that may prove to be his downfall. Light trickles of sweat rained down the side of his head, tainting the boy's bedhead-like mane.

This new experience was causing a quick lack of confidence in himself, though the Fanus knew he needed to snap himself out of it. He began to try to, but he knew it would be real soon before he would be hit. His little plan just scrambled up before would have to be his best means of winning this strife.
Class with a strange man as a teacher with mustache that could only match the unusual man himself. Jamison watched as the teacher "taught them the traditions that trainees typically train in". However, the wolf-boy was no slouch in learning, nor combat. He had experienced each on his own, having survived in a treacherous forest with nothing more than a simple knife that had dulled over the years.

Jamison had no formal training with combat and was jotting down notes on how to control and maintain an aggressive fighting style. However, suddenly he noticed that class was interrupted by what looked to be a cat-type Faunus. Jamison had always kept his wolf traits under wraps in order to avoid too much attention. Since humans weren't too kind to his species, it made sense to keep his ears and tail hidden from their sight. Even making sure to wash off his "Faunus-like" scent every morning and night to avoid detection by smell.

Eventually, it seemed that this boy had caused trouble for the teacher and some kind of punishment was now necessary. The boy was lead down some kind of passageway while the other students were to wait and be called to fight the "defiant student". To Jamison, this just seemed like a waste of time. More because that they could have simply just ignored the sleeping student and just allowed him to fail on his own. But instead they needed to punish him.

As the fights progressed, Jamison knew that his turn would eventually come and he wanted to end this as soon as possible. Observing the fights, he quickly noticed that something was causing the people who fought Reggie to slow down. Though he could also see that the some of people around him seemed to be looking at him rather strangely. As if he was some kind of prize that they wanted to obtain. Actually, it was like a predator setting their sights on their prey. But Jamison knew better than they did and wasn't affected in the slightest by whatever this boy was planning doing.

With each fight came more observations. Jamison quickly saw that eye contact was necessary. However, if people could be affected indirectly, then it simply avoiding eye contact wouldn't be too helpful. Instead, he was just going to take down this person as he did most things. Swiftly and mercilessly.

Then he finally heard his name. [b "Jamison Paige! You're up next!"] Cheering for Reggie could be heard from the stands as they barely noticed Jamison walk towards the arena. He had his semblance activated, but deactivated it so that he could at least grant whoever this boy was a good look at his opponent before getting kicked to the curb like a stray cat.

His three swords were at his side and his face looked drop dead serious at the moment. Jamison waited for the signal to begin and narrowed his eyes. Observing his target. Then the teacher had things start. [b "Begin!"] As soon as the signal was given, Jamison restarted his semblance and now he was harder to see and couldn't be heard. [i [+A300A3 This will be over quickly.]] And with that, he began to start moving into one of the boy's blind spots.
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Yet another day at Beacon where Reggie was caught snoozing in class. He was struggling to alter his sleeping schedule even still to fit for his classes. He was struggling to comprehend just what the teacher was yelling at him. The giant mustache of his was making it hard to understand him, not to mention the fact that the cat was rudely awoken from a good dream.

But, he now had no choice to "fight." That was the only word he would fully comprehend from the fat man before the Fanus was told to come to the front of the class with his weapons. The boy was mostly silent, giving a light yawn before putting on his gloves. He soon went down the stairs connecting to all the desks and chairs in the classroom. It would be embarrassing for most students to walk this "Walk of Shame," but Reggie seemed too tired to really care.

In the area where students would normally have to fight captive Grimm, however, another student was called down. Why? Reggie wasn't entirely paying attention. The boy needed sleep, and the fact that he wasn't going to get it got him a little angry. However, he knew that he would need to wake himself up, for the student before him was now in battle stance.

Reggie raised a brow in confusion of the sight, but was quickly surprised to see his peer launch themselves at him. Quickly woken up, the cat leaped to the side, dodging an apparent giant hammer the fellow teen wielded. This guy seemed desperate to win, no better than in any fight. But the boy just wanted it over with. He wanted his sleep.

Though it took more energy than he hoped, the Fanus tapped into his aura and managed to make eye contact with his opponent, thus making a connection with their own. Quickly, the other began to slow down. Before his foe came to a strange halt in their gait, Reggie charged forth and slashed the claws on his gloves to his opponent.

The student was rather thankful to be a man, for Reggie had cut through his blazer, vest and shirt on accident. Several pieces of the garments fell to the floor, revealing a bare chest at some sections. The other seemed quite flushed from the incident, though also shocked from being so easily misguided in their thoughts, for rather quickly they cursed the feline as they ran out of the classroom in hopes of replacing their suit.

A vague smirk came to the feline's lips as the teacher wasn't entirely impressed. He called for more students to come and face him for reasons Reggie, again, paid no attention to, and proceeded to take them all down in similar feats.

It was still taking a toll on Reggie, however. The more he used his semblance, the more tired he felt, even more so than when he was rudely awakened from his cat nap. He was feeling not only mentally drained, but physically drained.

Another student was called up. Would this be the last one he had to face? He only hoped he would, being saved by the bell before he would pass out. This glimpse of time allowed the cat to slowly gain his senses, feeling slightly less tired, but still a clear fog of exhaustion looming over him slightly.
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