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Jamison rushed towards Reggie. Prepared to attack to kill, though held his swords in a way that wouldn't cut the boy. It would hurt -a lot- but it wouldn't kill him. However, as he got closer, the girl's weapons got in the way. He was zeroing in on his target, though as he pulled up one of his swords for a strike the chakram blocked it. Since it would be more troublesome to force through the attack, he let go of the blade and got closer.

Then came the second chakram. Jamison had dropped the one in his right hand already because of the first block. Because of this second one, he was disarmed of his left weapon, but things weren't going to be over just yet. The cat-boy decided to try and put up an x-like block. That wasn't going to help the guy much. As he was finally within striking range of Reggie, he did something most would consider unprecedented.

Jamison jumped high into the air and began to fall towards Reggie, the katana in his mouth. It seemed, to those that could notice him at all, like he was going to dive-bomb the boy. However, just as he got close enough to attack, he grabbed onto Reggie's shoulders and flipped over and behind him. Taking advantage of his new positioning, he kicked the boy in the back of the his right knee and punched him a few times in the back before hitting him with the back of his katana.
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Reggie had no idea what the hell he was even doing. Never had he encountered this sort of thing, an opponent with the ability to not be sensed by others. Even with his heightened senses, Jamison was no where in the Faunus could notice. It was aggravating. When would this shenanigan stop? With the Assassin-like male with a cloak of his camouflage semblance over him, the feline was left at a terrible detriment.

His tail began to swish ever so slightly behind him, like a little zap of angle ran through him every second or so, the top of the appendage moving from left, to right, to left again. This was really getting him angry, one of the few things he never particularly liked. People get mad, sure, but he never wanted to let his anger get the better of him. He knew he was instinctively blind with his fighting style to begin with. He sadly couldn't change it without going more into training, and thus playing attention more in class. Still, his body's yearns for solitude and sleep brought that to a horrid struggle.

To his surprise, he saw Igneous come near him, her movements nimble and slick as her chakrams were thrown near him, dodging something, it seemed. With it seeming that Igneous could see Jamison, something the russet boy couldn't exactly deny nor prove true, he had to go with it. As soon as he noticed the girl's eyes on him, Reggie figured she was gesturing to him that the brunet male was going to strike at him. Without much else of a thought, he crossed his fists before him, creating an X shape, hoping that he'd do some sort of damage against the guy. It was clear the silver-haired girl would be of great help to him. If she had a sort of semblance to control a part of his clothing, thus making him his puppet and be able to beat this guy, then that'd be nice. As terrible as it that was, what with it being what he practically did to his opponents, he felt like it could be the best thing to do if it ever could happen.
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The movements he used were similar to that of someone drawing their weapon, or at least what she could make out from the silhouette-like image of a person. She herself allowed a hand to slip to the belt where her weapons were held. There wasn't a doubt that he would most definitely attack. The question was, would he go for her or Reggie? The stance he held seemed to be towards her, though something caught her eye. There was something wrong there.

As the person came straight for her, she moved to dodge, though the form quickly changed paths. Or at least, it was going to. That's what the direction of the feet told her. In that brief moment, she was given the right amount of time to slip out one of her chakram, stopping one of the blades with it. Quickly after, the other followed suit and kept the other off of Reggie. Igneous didn't know of the third, though she knew that she had stopped him for the moment.

Not wasting time, she glanced back at Reggie, attempting to signal him to move in to attack. Hopefully he wouldn't attempt to use that semblance of his though...
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As the cat-boy tried to insult him in rather unoriginal ways, Jamison was already well aware that what he did was being misinterpreted. He simply wanted to leave before this escalated much too high. Yet his fate decided to mess with him. And with his semblance activated now, talking his way out of this was physically impossible unless something suddenly made him relax or feel more comfortable with where he was. However, the chances of something like that happening are too narrow and zeroing in on close to nothing but failure. [i [#A300A3 'Well, of course. Let's just make this all the worse why don't we. Ugh...well. Let's take care of this as quickly as possible.']]

Jamison took glances at the two before doing anything. First, analyzing Reggie, the annoying and inane boy who seemed to be far too much trouble than he was worth. His fighting style showed training, but he lacked the intent to kill. It wasn't in his eyes and Jamison could easily see it. For his own held an element to them that made it seem like a feral wolf was preparing to strike. Though something odd happened as Jamison peered into Reggie's eyes. He wasn't affected by Reggie's semblance. Whether it was through pure chance or some kind of natural resistance, he had no idea. All that Jamison did know was that he'd like to sweep the floor with Reggie as a literal broom. It sounded like a good idea to Jamison.

However, when he looked over Igneous. She stood out. Something about her seemed all too familiar to Jamison. He could sense a kind of "killer's gaze" hidden within her eyes. Some kind of dormant strength was inside of her. His instincts told him to be careful with her, and to focus on her more than Reggie. She made him feel incredibly on edge, as if his own hair was starting to stand on edge. [i [#A300A3 'I will need to fight her [b very] carefully. Something about her is all too dangerous and nostalgic. I'll eliminate the boy first so he doesn't get in the way when I fight her. Should taking her down be possible, every last bit of concentration will need to be focused down on her.']]

As he felt more and more tense, he let his arms fall down a bit. Making it seem to those that could see him that he was going to surrender or call for a truce, but it was nothing close to that. He drew his three katanas in pure silence and prepared to strike with pure hostile intent. Placing his left foot and hand forward, holding the sword in a position poised to go for a killing strike. Jamison would avoid any fatal or killing blows, but resorting to slashing and cutting were going to be necessary here.

His jaw clenched tightly around the sword in his mouth. [i [#A300A3 'I'll feint my first attack, making it seem like I'm rushing straight at her. However, I need her to think that so I can take out her support much faster. With him out of the way, I'll have to improvise afterwards in order to begin planning what to do next.']]

Jamison waited for a few moment. Adjusting his weight and stance, preparing his blades for striking. His body began to place more power onto the left foot as he tensed up. It was time to reveal his true strength, speed, and agility. He was going to show these two just what he was capable of.

Pushing off of his left foot with incredible, Jamison shot forward like a bullet out of the barrel of a gun. Moving with incredible and speeding straight towards Igneous. Trying to make it seem like he was going to attack her first. Once it was just perfect, he took a sharp turn and went straight for the cat-boy. Blades set to strike.
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[#624221 "Whoa, there!"] The sudden grab at his arm caught Reggie by surprise as Igneous began to run towards something. What the hell was this girl doing? It surely was interesting to see this sort of spunky side from an otherwise "timid" person, but this was truly unexpected. The albino's remark of him holding back resulting in him getting injured clearly went over his head as he was pulled into a chase. Although he was clearly confused, the Fanus had no choice but to run with the girl.

The boy was rammed into the wall, however, his eyes stuck on Igneous previously in a clear confusion. A loud yell in pain escaped him, the boy feeling like some cartoon character. He was being hurt so much and forced to continue walking like nothing happened. He thought he felt some sort of incomplete fracture from one of his arms, but he wasn't entirely sure if that was it. Either way, he was dragged into more chaos.

Igneous' voice was chilling, still quiet but menacing with the tone that came with it. It brought a chill down Reggie's fine, even as he saw Jamison and her stand across each other, battle stances ready. Instinctively, with the sudden recollection of his humiliation the canine before them caused much since that ram into the wall catching him off guard even still, the cat brought himself in battle stance after running to his teammate's side.

[#624221 "Alright, tough guy,"] he said, smirking, though it quickly dissipated. Just a moment ago he saw Jamison. Was that guy hiding again? His antics were starting to really poss him off, apparent by the harsh flick of his tail. Just why the hell did he like to make himself fucking invisible and attack people with nothing but preemptive strikes? It made fights so unfair.

[#624221 "You really think you're so tough, messing with a girl like that?"] he said. [#624221 "You really are a terrible person. Have you not heard of being a gentleman? There's a certain code of conduct for them, last I checked."] If he could get eye contact, the first chance he got, the russet male quickly began to use his aura in hopes of grabbing a hold of Jamison's own, bringing him to his control no better than an incubus could. [#624221 "Isn't that right, boy? So, to make things better, I'd say you should just pt your swords away, okay?] He felt like talking to the air, but it seemed he had no choice but to do so. It seemed Igneous could see him just fine, though. Her previous struggle with him let the cat know there was at least something near, and he could only assume it was that sly assassin.
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Jamison just wanted to leave the scene as soon as possible. To avoid any more confrontation. However, just when he was trying to flee out of the cafeteria, he heard something moving through the air. It wasn't as fast as some of the things he'd fought in the forest, so it was easier to simple cut it in half than to dodge it.

Pulling out one of his katanas, at full length, and cut the tray completely in half without any shards being generated. However, he found himself caught off-guard when she moved in close. Pulling on his shirt putting him in a rather threatened position. She seemed to demand an answer to her question from him. However, with his semblance active, it was not physically possible. And due to him feeling threatened right now, it would be near impossible to feel comfortable with the situation.

Due to this, his instincts wouldn't allow Jamison to back off right now. At least not without getting rid of the threat. He jumped back a bit, putting room between him and her. Landing without a sound and with incredible ease. [i [#a300a3 She's too dangerous to handle with just sheathed blades. I'll need too fight her seriously, this includes using all of the swords I have. However, I don't know her strength or abilities. So for now, I'll use one sword and slowly work my way up to the others...No. Instead, I'll fight without my swords first. Finding out this girl's fighting ability is what must be done first.]]

Jamison was placing one of his hands on his first katana, but instead removed his hand and took a fighting stance. Scanning the girl over and accessing his situation. He was going to wait and see what was going to happen next. Then he saw Reggie, the boy he had somehow offended. [i [#a300a3 I thought I treated him roughly. Who would have thought he'd let himself get dragged over here.]]

After thinking that what the girl did to the cat-boy was a bit unusual, he then let his killing intent surface. Killing her was not his goal, but he would need it in order to subdue her if it was at all possible.
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The flirting wasn't exactly necessary. In fact, if anything, it only made Igneous a bit shy to speak. She may be slow and oblivious, but compliments were compliments, all giving that same effect. Reggie of course being the King of pointless compliments.

"W-Well, holding back in a fight with me could get you hurt too.."

As Igneous watched the scene play out, she knew that things weren't over and done. Out of all of the ways to chose to maneuver through the cafeteria, why this way? Well because of Reggie being here of course.

Unlike before, Igneous noticed something less threatening about his presence. It seemed this person was the scared one, for the scent she smelled quickly scurried away. Contrary to her previous actions, the albino girl rose from her seat and followed the scent. Rather than calmly walking after him, she chased him. Of course, in that chase, she had grabbed Reggie by the arm and pulled him along.

The chase didn't last very long. She managed to run him to the exit of the cafeteria before grabbing someone's empty tray. They held small protest against her, though she managed to throw it at the, for the most part, invisible figure. With her semblance in effect, that tray was the perfect tool to knock the boy off his feet. As it flew at him, she gave assistance in making it speed up and slam into the back of his knees, as his weapons had to Reggie in their previous fight. These trays were quite similar to her own weapons in the way she used them, so it wasn't too difficult to maneuver them properly.

As they tray went for him, she followed along, letting go of Reggie's arm. The tray didn't seem to work, but it at least got him turned around. Her foot slammed onto the tray to avoid getting hit by it, having been not far behind. She grabbed hold of his shirt with one hand, the other arm moving up so her forearm was below his jaw. Pulling back and hitting up properly could impact enough damage that this was a threat. Even so, she wasn't about to do that. It only took a small kick to knock the tray away.

"You came all the way over to him to keep the scuffle going, correct? So why run away with your tail between your legs? Eh, Jamison Paige?" With a single shake of the head, she shook her white bangs from her eyes. Although her quiet voice held its sharpness, her eyes refused to actually look at his for more than a second. They seemed to shift between him and the wall behind him.
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Reggie heard the quietly speaking girl much thanks to his enhanced hearing skills. Igneous, though always seeming like the quiet type, was clearly meaning to be nice here. It warmed the Fanus' heart a bit, She arguably saved his life, what with Jamison having brought him down so easily without having to use a blade and despite that the russet boy trying to tease him to continue a strife, and now she was wanting to talk a little more on the situation rather than keep their distance from annoyance.

The silver-haired girl's remark made the boy blush softly, slightly taken aback from the compliment. Though, with this, it was more than likely he'd fish for more. [#624221 "Aw, shucks,"] he said, scratching the back of his neck with his hand as pink came over his cheeks in a flush. [#624221 "You're too kind, Igneous, really."] A wide smile crept the cat's lips, showing he was being completely sincere with this. [#624221 "I honestly think you'd to better than me."] He chuckled softly, his flirtatious side kicking in on instinct. [#624221 "Then again, I don't hit girls, so you could easily take me down anytime."]

Reggie was definitely an odd sort, flirting like this. One could argue that it showed he liked someone as a friend. However, he typically used this to his advantage in hopes of hooking up with someone. Almost every time, his attempts failed. It was a little sad, especially when he was in that sort of mood, but there wasn't much else the boy would do.

The feline heard the girl continue to speak. When she was finished with her sentence, he chimed once again. [#624221 "Yeah, I did lose, and I admit, it brought down my pride a tad, but sometimes it's better for someone, especially a pretty girl like you, to help me out like you did."] The boy smiled wide, kindly showing off his fangs once again.

To his surprise, he felt something hit him in the back, he hissed softly, his body still sore from crashing into the floor prior, and his back was especially sensitive. The little tap at his back felt like a harsh surge of electricity running through him. A harsh hiss, equaling a wince, escaped the cat as his muscles tightened, body straightening up abruptly from the rush of pain. Did Jamison cause this?

The boy quickly looked behind him, seeing nothing. This must have been no better than the fight. A growl escaped the Fanus, ears falling back in a growing sense of anger running through him. This whole usage of his semblance just to hit him seemed extremely cowardly. If he wanted a fight, he should start one without that damn thing. His apparent experience with his semblance made him come off as a sort of cheater, though Reggie knew this mentality was hypocritical compared to the usage of his own. Nevertheless, it was clear he was still angered from Jamison and their strife.
When his meal was over and done with, Jamison got up and took his tray over to where the trays were to be placed when whenever they were no longer in use. After placing the thing where it belonged, he began to walk towards the exit. Except that there was one problem in his way. Reggie and the girl that broke up their second scuffle were in the direction that he was planning on going.

He wanted to teach this annoying little cat a lesson. To inform him of when some things should be left alone at certain times. This rage began to boil within him, but he took a deep breath and exhaled for a moment. Then decided to walk by them and keep things from turning any worse than they already were.

As he did, he overheard a part of their conversation. It wasn't much, but he when Jamison heard that this girl had identified what his "aura" was. It was plain to see that she was much farther from normal than she let on. Instinct took over and it made his killing intent and darker aura flare up in shadows. Also, to make matters worse, the sheath of one of his blades ended up hitting Reggie in the back while Jamison was walking past them. The boy wouldn't hear the moving of the swords in their sheaths, but he would feel the hit.

The contact between Reggie's back and Jamison's sheath immediately made him think of what might happen next. Expecting Reggie to assume that what he did was intentional. That hitting him in the back without Reggie noticing was an attempt to mock the boy. To insult him. Something that this flamboyant cat-boy would probably turn into a chance to challenge Jamison to another fight.

All that Jamison wanted know was to get out of the cafeteria, and swiftly. He began to pick up his pacing and moved past people as if he were a ghost. The semblance was definitely in effect now due to him feeling threatened by the situation.
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It wasn't hard to see that she had struck a nerve, albeit something small. No, he didn't express any different emotion, but something about him lessened just then.

Of course, she herself wasn't in too great of shape once he left. The pat on the shoulder was fine, though she did flinch a moment. No, it was the hug that got her. Initially, Igneous felt her guard pull up. No one had ever gotten that close before without the intentions of harming her. The fact that he moved away and not a scratch was on her surprised her. What even was that?

[i ..Why were his arms on me? He didn't try to attack me or anything..What? I don't..I don't understand...] After shaking her head, Igneous gave a small nod.

Once they returned to being fully in their team, she managed to get her food. As they sat down, she thought more on the hug.

[i What did people call it when they did that? Wasn't it like..and embrace or something? No, that sounds far too personal...] Deciding to give up on the subject, she moved over a bit as Reggie sat beside her. It wasn't that odd. This was normal. Their team was always split between the races.

It seemed pointless to leave the talkative cat silent, so she allowed a conversation.

" fought pretty well back there. It was impressive, for a cat." The girl nibbled on her food as she listened to his response. "Don't get too ahead or yourself now. You did lose one fight..though I wouldn't call it fair." She sipped her drink.

"No, it's not because you were bad or anything..your semblance I'm guessing didn't work. At least, not from what I'm guessing it may be.." She tapped her glass. "No..that, and there's something about this guy..his aura isn't white, I'll tell you that."

[i No, that's a familiar color...]

"Ah, if it makes you feel any better I bet that if he couldn't use his semblance, you would have a better chance...if there were someway to better see him even whilst he-" As she looked over to Reggie, there was some odd form there. It didn't have any visual sense, but there was definitely an odd difference in that spot and everywhere else.

"..You." It seemed the fight between Reggie and him wasn't quite over. Thank everything that Irae did all she could to not notice them.
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Reggie continued his time of trying to get the boy's attention. However, his teammate's sudden entry made it stop, the Fanus surprised by her entry. There was an interesting scent to her, how that he had the ability to notice. Was she... was she a Fanus, too? That seemed the case, even though she didn't show it. Nevertheless, it was interesting to find that he wouldn't be alone on his team as a sort of outcast. However, with his attributes being blatant, he was at a much higher chance of being brought down compared to her by humans. It was sad, but it was reality.

The girl's words made the russet boy silent for a bit. He was still a bit disappointed, nevertheless, that Jamison hadn't been listening to him. It was near insulting, really, the boy's more flamboyant side hurt from the lack of attention. If he could scratch the boy, he certainly would. However, the new separation between the feline and secret canine allowed them both to hopefully calm down.

The boy let out a soft breath, managing to bring himself to his fuller senses before looking to his partner with a smile.

[#624221 "Thank you,"] he said. [#624221 "My act was about to get a little too far, really. As much as I wanted the guy to make up for humiliating me, I was going too far on pushing it"] The teen gave a soft pat on Ingeous' shoulder, giving her a sudden hug before grabbing his bag. [#624221 "It's an instinct of mine to do that, though, even though I know sometimes it ain't the best thing."] A light chuckle came from Reggie, showing off the boy's fangs. [#624221 "So, 'ready for lunch?"]

When everyone made their wat to the cafeteria, Reggie was a little sad to find that his favourite food wasn't on the menu today. It seemed like it'd never be, but that really wasn't something to get too sad over. He at least had some food to help him out through the day.

He say with his team, next to Igneous in hopes of maybe her initiating a conversation. Though he knew she seemed a more quiet type, hopefully how he acted before would let her know he was open for a chat. Even though he was overall laid-back and simple, he liked to have a talk every so often with someone, even if it was a total stranger. It sort of boosted his pride a little, especially if a conversation with someone turned into a relationship. Now that would be awesome to see, though he had seen some of his own come and go without any extra spark.
During the small skirmish that the two had had, Jamison decided midway through that a swift end would be the fastest of ways. Though he intentionally kept his blades locked within their sheathes. If he hadn't, then the boy known as "Reggie" would have likely ended up in much worse condition. And it might have put Jamison on a list to be "recommended" for expulsion. Something he wanted to avoid at all costs currently. Maintaining the fact that he was a Faunus was one of his major priorities, or at least as long as it remained a secret most of the other students weren't aware of. He needed to find other that could assist him in his mission to avenge those he lost as well as to gather information on the person he's tracking.

Jamison was back in his seat, trying to focus on the lesson being taught, but apparently Reggie wanted to disturb him. Jamison shot him a glare. Intending to show this house cat that he didn't acknowledge the boy's existence. To him, Reggie was nothing more than a pest that could only be ignored. Otherwise it might lead to unnecessary problems and attention.

The time was ticking away, and this boy only continued to annoy him. He was about to activate his semblance in order to get away from this flea when suddenly someone new decided to get involved. But she didn't seem normal. He could sense some kind of killing intent coming from her. Something Jamison hadn't sensed in years, except for his own. Reggie seemed nearly void of the trait, while there were barely any at the academy who had this kind of aura about them. Whoever this person was, she far from normal. Let alone average.

However, she insulted him when she said that he was simply "isn't worth the time". This took a hit to his pride and ego, but he didn't really care all that much. But shot a vicious glare at both of them to back off. It was full of killing intent and he was being very serious. Though Jamison doubted that Reggie picked up on any of it. Taking his papers and his book bag, he walked out and activated his semblance. He didn't want anyone to notice him nor follow him. Being alone was what he wanted right now, and those he would eventually find would be those of his own choosing.

As the class was let out, he seemed to fade into the crowd. Only comparable to if he were now hiding within a forest. Nobody seemed to notice him, not even those that were either for him or against him. It was as if he were invisible to them and Jamison just continued to move forward. Seeming more like he was on the prowl than anything. Each step seeming much quicker than the last until it balanced out to a swift, but careful stride. Jamison was much more experienced in combat than most had ever interpreted initially.

Once he was in the lunchroom, he simply waited to get his food. A combination of cooked meat, simple vegetables and berries that could be found in a forest more than likely, and water. His meal alone seemed much different than those that made their orders. After obtaining his meal, he went to a rather isolated area. It was a bit darker in lighting, and he preferred it that way. A combination of the light and dark lighting made him recall his time in the forest. But he didn't allow his memory of this nor the comfort it brought to disengage his semblance.

Jamison sat alone and ate his food in a simple and rather formal manner than that of years ago. He had observed the more proper way to eat food and made an attempt to blend in as much as possible. Though the meal didn't satisfy him. It wasn't because it was bad, but more because it didn't have the same kind of taste that hunting and cooking your own meal had. Jamison wanted the opportunity to go out and take down a bird for his dinner, or track and kill a bear for both its fur, fat, and meat that would last more than a day for him.
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Classes held a sort of intrigue for Igneous in this school, as well as her previous one. Having been raised with no previous education besides the prior hunter and huntress school, these types of places were an enlightening experience. As always, her full attention was focused on the teacher, no matter how ridiculous sounding he was. Even with that humorous mustache, she was on the edge of her seat, taking notes down whilst listening to his story. Her expression remained empty, though her eyes held a sort of spark to them that normally would be absent.

Ah stories. Although she preferred keeping her own a mystery, hearing of others did have a sort of fun feeling to it. The fun didn't seem to last long though. Looking over, she noticed that Reggie, the other fanus in her team, had fallen asleep. [i How does someone fall asleep when others are telling them their most favored tales..? How rude..] Even so, she wasn't surprised. He is a cat after all, and felines were notorious for their naps. As such, she wouldn't hold it against him.

What was disappointing though was the class being held up due to his napping. That set off a string of small matches. In each of these, it seemed Reggie held the upper hand. Only very few gave him any problems, though there was the continuous factor of his opponents becoming slowed. Only less than that few managed to keep their speed it seemed. [i curious..] Chin resting on her palm, she watched the matches continue.

There was only one thing that sparked any interest though, besides the previous wins.

Reggie actually lost.

It wasn't exactly odd for him to lose, but in the way that he did..the cat didn't even have a chance. It looked as though he was finished from the very start. During their fight, Igneous noticed the boy seemingly vanishing. No, he hadn't vanished..he was still there. Even so, it took some focus to see him.

If she were closer..if her seat weren't so far away, she may have been able to tell far better just by using her fanus instinct to it's best. After all the man had to have a scent. It was very odd..even when it seemed Reggie's weapons were stopped, no sound was made.

Something about it made the fight far more interesting. In fact, she was nearly tempted to fight the man herself. Even so, this wasn't the time for her fighting. As the male returned to his seat, she felt herself become just a bit more bored again. Would Reggie continue fighting now that he had lost? Looking at the clock, she noticed that the time was beginning to pass nearly to lunch. Back to pointless moments in time.

It seemed Reggie wasn't quite ready for that to end though. She supposed that Reggie understood that this person's aura was a bit different than the others. Even so, she knew challenging him again would be a foolish move.

Only two minutes left in class.

Reggie spoke to him, making his way over to his desk with a bit of charisma to him. Obviously he was interested in this person at the very least, if not taken by him. She had to admit, he was somewhat amusing, but not the type to dare.

Only one minute.

The rest of the room seemed either bored or amused by their actions. If they weren't either of those two, then they weren't paying attention or were scared of an actual fight starting.

30 seconds..25..

To Igneous..this person seemed to resemble a wolf staring down its unknowing prey far too closely.



Taking it as a slight responsibility as a teammate, Igneous rose from her seat and looked over to the two. It was obvious their teacher wasn't going to do anything but wait until the class seemed calm again. Although her normal role would be to keep silent, she wouldn't allow Reggie to get himself stupidly hurt. If they were going to be on the same team, she assumed they were supposed to keep each other from being injured too badly.


"The fight has ended, you two." Of course, she wasn't only speaking to Reggie here. "Not leaving too many bruises was enough of a courtesy considering the actions having taken place during the fight." As a snake, it was only her instinct to be able to tell just how deadly a person's aura is.


She shook her hair out of her face. "Now it's time for lunch. I suggest you eat something.."

Zero. And so the bell rang loudly, many students rushing out the door.

"And forget this little fight having happened." She pulled her bag onto her shoulder, stepping to them. Once there, she only glanced between the two.

"..Besides, he isn't worth the time. Not someone that so rudely sheaths his weapons, arrogantly assuming he's the obvious victor." This being more that the girl would normally say, she shut her mouth and turned away, following the others out of the room.
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[h3 X0X0]
Reggie was left flabbergasted as there was nothing he could do. His fall was the only thing he could see, and it was rather terrible to see, really. It angered him, brought his blood to a boil even as he was being brought down. This guy's style... was brutal. Thankfully his hit weren't so harsh to the point of permanent injury or death, but by, god, could he at least tone it down!?

The Fanus felt the hit to his back, hissing instinctively in a mix of pain, irritation, and hoping to intimidate. He noticed that he couldn't hear the sheath hit him. How was this--- Was this another ability of the man's semblance? By God, now he was starting to get jealous of him even as he was put under so much fear. Reggie, though a little off kilter, tried to turn his body to jab his claws behind him, but was instead hit yet again. This time, though, there were two sheaths hitting him. Gasping from the mix of surprise and fright from the situation at hand, much since he couldn't see his opponent, the feline was brought hard onto his knees thanks to the backs of them being hit so hard. This guy sure wasn't going easy on him. Did he even know how? Maybe the fact he felt no blades was the closest equal to such a thing.

That thought was short lived, for Reggie was brought quickly up in the air, crashing violently onto the floor thanks to his foe's directing. Overwhelmed with the mix of agony and defeat, the boy slowly brought himself up, his knees still struggling to work properly after being brought down so harshly. Goddamn, was that guy powerful! As the Fanus' caramel-coffee eyes were finally able to see his foe once more, he heard some boos to the boy that walked back to his seat.

It was clear that Reggie wasn't too fond of the other's abrupt leave from their little battle ring.

[#624221 "You don't mean to try and state a truce, do you?"] he said, his attitude changing despite feeling his muscles tighten under him due to the ordeal before. [#624221 "Well, you're pretty damn rude, Jami."] The cat crossed his arms, his hairs calming to their original placement. he figured he could push the boy's buttons with the new nickname. The male's tail wagged in a very more clear annoyance with that happened. [#624221 "How lovely that you bring someone down like that and don't bother to try and make up for it, you cruel boy,"] he spoke sarcastically, his tone of voice making the sarcasm even more strange. It had an odd, faintly alluring tone to it that started to make girls swoon.

[#624221 "I think you should make it up to me. Does that sound fair to you?"] As a smirk grew on the flamboyant boy's lips, he managed to use the leveling of the desks to help himself up to his seat, though trying to continue the apparent show. He leaned next to his desk, looking to Jamison, waiting for an answer.
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Jamison moved quickly towards his target. Circling around him to avoid letting the boy see him too easily. Always remaining behind his target. Then his opponent started to attack wildly around him. Jamison was entertained by this. His prey seemed to be backed into a corner. However, he did not let this distract him and got closer bit by bit. Blocking a wild attack with his blades when it would get too close for comfort. Though the boy wouldn't be able to hear him when they made contact between his claws and Jamison's blades.

Observing his prey, he began to quickly notice that the boy was getting tired. Jamison wanted to drag this out as long as possible. The more tired his opponent was, the easier it would be to finish them off. But this was more like a hunt for Jamison. Something he was all too familiar with in the forests of his homeland. Just watching as his target flailed around brought out his hunting instincts. It was only a matter of time before an opening in this flurry of strikes would allow Jamison to make his move.

He waited, staying in the boy's blind spot and out of sight. Jamison began to approach his target from behind. Moving closer and ever so slowly. Once an opening was there, he dashed towards the cat-boy and used his sheathed sword to strike directly on the center of the boy's chest and pushing him back. The first attack was only to stun his target as he circled around and used two of his sheathed swords to strike at the back of the knees. Forcing his target to their knees. Now it was time to finish the hunt.

Jamison got very close and used all three sheathed blades -one in each hand and the last one being held in his mouth- to lock the cat-boy into submission around the throat. Once he was right where Jamison wanted him, he suplexed the boy. Bringing him up and into the air for a moment, before crashing him down on the ground directly behind him. The match was then considered over as Jamison readjusted himself and placed his three katanas back into place with the sash he wore.

Taking a cold glance at his target, he deactivated his semblance and walked back into the stands; waiting for everything to be over. A large amount of boos came from the girls as he returned to his place in the stands. He didn't care all that much. All that he knew was that things were now over and soon it would time for lunch.
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