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Hello, i'm Sequester and I like vampire knight. I am looking for role players to play as a night class student In a 1x1 it doesn't matter what character as long as it's male. You can even make your own up.

I am Mostly looking for a really good Kaname. Literate, knows the character well. You know.

If interested PM me or post in the chat below! don't be afraid. I might even try my hands on a Group RP if someone is interested in helping me form a group RP :D

1000+ characters

Need any character from Vampire knight for a 1x1 with. I will be Yuki.

I can be Yuki Cross or Yuki Kuran. but most likely my OC

Will speak of plot when you PM me.

Looking for a Kaname, Senri, ichijo, hanabusa, ect. Even Zero!

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