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When you have been alive longer than you can remember things tend to get old fast. Boredom is a more common feeling than any other so the search to fill that void becomes almost constant. This is the kind of position The Dealer finds himself. The main thing keeping him occupied is his counterpart, the only one that can truly end his existence. He didn’t know how The Collector felt, but he knew he liked being alive. Though he has been around for a long time and has seen a lot, he can’t help but be curious about the humans and how they evolve over the years. The stupidities they find themselves in and the rare moments of brilliance especially. Maybe that’s why he takes joy when he makes dealings with them and watching how they unfold.

Now, however, things have gotten more serious. There was a war coming; a war that would determine who was truly stronger than the other and gain free reign. He would need to form an army of humans he made and will make dealings with in order to fight against The Collector.

Until then, he currently walks down a busy sidewalk, casually fixing his hat onto his bright blond hair which was being highlighted by the shining sunlight and whistling a relaxed yet chipper tune.
  The Dealer / nomey1 / 5y 329d 16h 37m 33s
It was about mid-day in the city. The sun was at its highest, so it was probably around noon at the most. Everything was as it had always been. The Collector was sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a glass of tea. Just staring out and into the city's landscape. With the way that things were likely going to go, this place would soon become a battleground. All of the civilians here would likely end up in one of four probable situations. They would flee, join him, join his enemy, or die. More than likely they would flee rather than stay as two powerful creatures decide to try and kill each other in a peaceful metropolis. Or at least it would be peaceful for now.

Due to his past, The Collector had decided to keep a few military contacts from time to time. And the ability to give someone power in exchange for something could always be used as a bargaining chip. For there are countless people within this world that would just love to give something up for what they desire the most. However, The Collector always kept his eyes out for the more [i interesting people]. Those who were different from the rest and he could use to aid him in destroying The Dealer.

As he drank his tea, he closed his eyes. The hot liquid seemed to refresh him thoroughly. Opening his eyes, they now seemed to have a rather devilish look. [b "Now then...I think it's time we begin now. Don't you think so? Dealer...I will destroy you, and make my goals a reality."] The Collector said this in a rather low voice, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. With that, The Collector left the coffee shop and began to head towards the park. Contacting those he formed exchanges with would be needed in these trying times.
  The Collector / Crow37 / 5y 331d 23h 24m 45s

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