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[center [pic]]

[center [size30 [font "Book Antiqua" Now that I have your attention...]]]
[center There is a reason why I spelt Lyve instead of Live, but keep reading and find out.]

[size25 [font "Monotype Cursiva" What I'm looking for:]]

[center Adventure, Romance, Gore, Mystery, Action, and Horror.]
[center 1,500 character and above posts while still holding up to quality over quantity standards.]
[center [size10 I will forgive writers block.]]
[center Twists and turns.]
[center Posts once a week at the latest.]

[center [b Problem:] I have a female character that I want to break in.]
[center [size10 Very few people play male characters.]]

[center [pic]]
[center Meet Maddie Lyve.]]
[center Profile of Maddie Lyve: [ Here] ]

[center [size30 [font "Book Antiqua" If interested, I have some ideas that we can discuss. Thanks(:]]


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