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The only way you could be sent to the Heartsfield Asylum is if you did something that would qualify as a danger to society and in Kit's case he is a danger to society after a massive breakdown that lead him to killing half of his high school class..... He goes to Heartsfield and takes all the punishment he gets with out complaining because he knows he deserves it for what he did....
when a new girl arrives and has to be his roommate she sees the darkest parts of kit that he tries to hid. Can she show him that not everything in life is evil and the meaning of friendship an perhaps love.

Puppet master:
Character name:
Bad habits:
Bio an reason for being sent to the asylum:

Puppet master: LadyTargaryan23
Character name:Kit Hall
Strengths:he used to be able to play guitar
Weaknesses:could never play sports
Bad habits: smokes way to much
Bio an reason for being sent to the asylum:he had been sent to Heartsfield Asylum a couple years ago after shooting dozens of people when he had a sever nervous breakdown. He still remembers there faces, there in his dreams at night they never seem to go away. he rarely ever talks to any one just keeps to himself taking the punishment for being here in silence, never really letting anyone in.

Puppet master: darkelfprincess
Character name: Odile
Age: 17
Strengths: She is loyal to those that she is close to.
Weaknesses: The sight of blood makes her go crazy.
Bad habits: Biting people. Biting herself. When she stresses she starts to growl at people.
Bio an reason for being sent to the asylum: Odile believes she is a vampyre, and in an attempt to prove it to a friend, she ripped someone's throat out with her teeth.


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She laughed softly as he jumped and used her hand to cover her mouth. She looked around a bit. "I guess I did fall asleep here. I'm sorry." She said softly as she sat up slowly. "When is it possible to go and get some food?" She asked softly looking down at him as her stomach growled. "Also what have I missed?" She asked softly. She leaned down some as her stomach growled again. She stretched out her legs slowly trying her best not to kick him. She slowly started to get up as she really needed food now.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 152d 8h 38m 56s
Kit was zoned out so he jumped slightly when he kissed her. He smiled over at her
"Yes you seemed to have fallen asleep in here. I don't think there is anything really going on its saterday so its kind of a relax day" He said leaning back against the couch looking up at her. He planed on getting some studying done and making sure Odile was doing better and such. He would look back at the fire place and sigh softly. He stretched his legs out and reached back to put a hand on her knee. He would sit quietly for now until she decided what she wanted to do.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 162d 11h 15m 15s
Odile had been sleeping peacefully until she felt someone shaking her. She groaned and looked up at Kit. She began to wipe the sleepers from her eyes and stretched in the seat. "Good morning Kit. Did I really sleep on the couch?" She asked and leaned over and picked up the book that she had dropped. "Is there much to do today?" She asked softly. She slowly put her legs on the ground and began to stand up slowly as she leaned up to kiss him gently. She really didn't want to do anything but read her book.
  Darkelfprincess / 3y 162d 13h 44m 55s
Kit looked over at Odiles bed then to the nurse and thought for a moment or two
"I think she may have gone to the library in the middle of the night." He said leaning back against the wall. He would take his meds as perscribed and go about getting ready for the day.
"I'll go find her" He said slipping past the nurse and down to the library. Sure enough Odile was sleeping on a couch in front of the fire. He walked over and shook her gently.
"Odile wake up its morning time." He said softly sitting down in front of her facing the fireplace instead of her.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 163d 7h 59m 43s
Odile slept soundly as she curled more so into a ball under the blanket. The book now on the floor beside her, open to the page she was on. She soon began to wake and groaned softly as she yawned big and looked around some before shutting her eyes again and drifting back to sleep.

One of the nurses came in after the sun rose. "Good morning Kit. How are you today?" She asked and then went to Odile's bed. Seeing it empty she looked at Kit. "Do you know where Odile is?" She asked softly not wanting to sound the alarm yet.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 164d 8h 58m 19s
Kit hadn't been able to fully get to sleep so he sat up in bed and looked out the window. He knew Odile left the room but figured she just wanted to be alone for a while. As he looked out the window he would softly sing and old song his mother used to sing to him. He must of sat looking out of the window the rest of the night cause the sun slowly came up and he was still sitting there watching the stars fade and the sky go from black to purple to light purple to blue. He knew it wouldn't be long before the nurse brought his meds and checked on Odile
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 165d 7h 4m 12s
Odile sighed softly. "I am happy to be back." She whispered back and shut her eyes. After a while she looked over to his bed and saw that he was sleeping, though it didn't look like a restful sleep. She sighed softly and picked up her book and left the room. She was surprised that there were no nurses on the walk to the library nor in the library. She went in and sat down on one of the couches in front of the fire and began to read. Wrapping herself up more in one of the blankets, she soon started dozing off into sleep.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 171d 21h 59m 51s
He finished his smoke and looked her way feeling a bit dejected but just nodded his head before getting into his own bed. He laid on his back and looked at the ceiling.
"I'm happy your back angel'' he whispered softly not sure if she could hear him.
He would close his eyes and sigh letting his mind clear and sleep slowly take him. He had a rough week and hadn't taken care of him self so Odile had plenty of right to be mad at him. He would accept her anger and take it as his punishment.
He had a dreamless sleep though he did toss and turn.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 172d 9h 8m 51s
"Sleep would be good." She said softly It had taken a lot of energy for her to eat the food. And though she sleep for as long as she did, she was so tired. She allowed him to lead her to their room, not really remember where it was. Once inside she heard his words and watched as he grabbed a cig and started to smoke it under the full moon. "I think I will sleep in my own bed." She said softly and then turned her back to him and changed leaving her bra and panties on before crawling into her own bed, her back to him.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 173d 7h 10m 22s
"Not really it was pretty slow...I don't know about you but I could use some sleep" He said turning his tray in and stretching. He smiled down at her and took her hand leading her back to their dorm. Once there he opened the door and let her go in first. He would walk in flop on his bed and sighed.
"You wanna sleep in your bed or in mine with me" He asked softly leaning on one arm to watch her. He needed a smoke first..He sat up and pushed the window and grabbed his smokes, he only had one left which was good. maybe now he could quit .
He lit his smoke and exhaled out the window looking up at the full moon.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 173d 7h 30m 19s
She sighed softly. "I'm sorry Kit. I truly am. I understand that you were worried about me, but what good would it have been if you were in the hospital next to me when I woke." She said with a soft laugh.

She nodded her head and began to slowly eat her food, making sure to take her time as the doctors informed her to do. Once she was all done she looked back up at him. "Is there anything that happened while i was away?" She asked softly as she began to stand up to bring the tray over to where the wash station was.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 173d 9h 2m 1s
Kit hung his head when she scolded him.
"I couldn't help it i was just worried" he said softly tugging on the hem of his shirt, still looking at the ground. When he looked back up and saw her playing with her food instead of eating it he nudged her gently.
"Please eat I promise you I am fine in fact I think after a night of sleeping next to you i should be right as rain by tomorrow " he said kissing her cheek softly. He would finish his milk and watch her, happy that she was better and by his side again.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 173d 9h 46m 41s
She smiled and kissed him before he went off. When he came back with the food she smiled softly. "Thank you." She said as she began to eat slowly. After listening to his words about not eating much because of her she sighed softly. "Kit. That doesn't make me happy at all to hear that you weren't eating nor sleeping because of me. I understand that you were worried about me, but you shouldn't let your health go down because of me." She said softly. She looked down at her food and pushed it around on her plate with her fork.
  Darkelfprincess / 3y 173d 11h 18m 39s
Kit placed a soft kiss on her lips before going to get their food. He came back a few minutes later with two plates of food an two chocolate milks. He set one plate done in front to her before sitting next to her
"I think I can sleep better now that your back " he said before starting to eat his food. He didn't realize he was so hungry till he cleared his plate and was still hungry. He got up and went back for more food clearing a second plate in a matter of minutes
" Damn I really must have been hungry.. I don't think I have eaten much this past week either" he said before looking over to her.
  Kit Garrows / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 174d 7h 51m 11s
She smiled and sat down at the table. "Can I have both?" She said softly. She looked down as he talked about not getting any sleep. "Kit you should have gotten sleep. I am sure the doctors said I was fine. You should have slept, baby." She said softly she saw the dark circles and sighed deeply. After hearing his stomach she giggled. "Go get us food so we can both go get some sleep. And can I have some chocolate milk?" She asked softly. A few of the people commented and welcomed her back and saying how happy they were to see her.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 3y 174d 10h 7m 22s

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