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While walking towards the room, Haruhi had made a request. It seemed that she was asking Kyoya to basically take care of Shizuka. He paused for a moment to hear what their debtor host had to say. Though it was intriguing that she would request this of him. However, he would need to take several factors into account. Even if it was meant to be a favor, what would he get out of it. He didn't know much about Haruhi's friend and would need more information in order to make sure he would benefit from it. Though it seemed more odd that Haruhi asked him out of all the rest.

Tamaki would probably do it at the drop of a hat. The twins might do it, but more reluctantly. Honey and Mori, that seemed like a rather unsafe place for her. Though he couldn't be sure exactly. While walking, he sighed. Already having deduced that there would be no other way to take care of this request.

As she awoke, he closed his book and turned his head to face her. Though it was at a slight angle. [b "Well. It seems that you had a rather nice sleep."] His legs were crossed and his back was straight. It was evident that he was a product of fine breeding. [b "It seems that Haruhi has requested that the Ootari family take care of you due to your current living conditions being...unsatisfactory. We can provide you with a space to live within, but there will be a cost. In exchange for doing this, you will return the favor when I request something of you. Though it won't be immediate, I will make this request later on. Also, I won't tell what it is until I actually use it."] Kyoya was being rather thorough. He didn't want there to be any holes in the price for this favor. Nothing could ever be gained without loss first.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 50d 3h 57m 29s
[font "Times New Roman" [size15 Thankfully the room was soundproof, so Shizuka slept peacefully on her own. Haruhi was constantly worrying about her while she did the dishes by herself. She just wanted to know that her best friend was completely okay. She sighed, putting down the dishes she went over to Kyoya.... [+maroon "Sempai.... If I can ask a favor. You see, Shizuka doesn't have anyone to look after her anymore, her grandmother only cares about how she acts in public events aside from school, she never really cares about her at all, her parents are.... On business so they're to busy to be bothered.... Maybe you can assign someone to look after her? Or maybe she can stay over at my house if needed.... Though I wouldn't want her in a cramped apartment..."] She said, after asking her question.

Shizuka slept until the end of their service and a little bit after. She woke up tired.... It would take her a few days rest to get back to normal, she was shocked when she saw Kyoya sitting next to her reading a book.... [B "Kyoya-Kun....? What are you doing here?"] She asked, pulling the light purple blankets up to her chest.
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 50d 15h 36m 17s
Kyoya wasn't completely oblivious to the look that they received, but rather dismissed it due to so many people that have commented in similar ways before. Eventually it had just become a bit of a pain. As thing transgressed, he entered after Tamaki. He was going to make sure the Twins had learned their lesson and effectively. [b "Tamaki, I'm going to borrow Hikaru and Kaoru if that's alright."] Tamaki didn't want to be in Kyoya's line of fire and decided to just allow him to do so for the time being.

Taking the two by their collars and dragging them backwards, Kyoya began to move towards where Umehito Nekozawa was. He felt that the occult club could help these two idiots learn their lesson rather effectively. The twin brothers were in a cold sweat and were begging for them to be released. Repeating that they were sorry over and over again, but it was too late.

Knocking on the door, the student cloaked in black emerged. [b [+purple "You called? Do you have a request, [i for the darkness]?"]] Kyoya's glasses shined for a moment with a small hint of anger in his eyes. [b "Yes, I do Nekozawa-senpai. Do you think you could, [i take care] of these two for a little while?"] The twins were trying to escape, squirming in a cold sweat and panicking. Kyoya wasn't allowing them to get away. [b [+purple "Certaintly. They'll be [i well cared for] while they stay here."]] With that, the man cloaked in dark clothing dragged Kaoru and Hikaru - kicking and screaming if I might add - into the pitch room as heavy doors shut on them.

When he returned, he quickly noticed that Shizuka had gone off to the side room. He decided that he would give her something for her troubles. Kyoya went over to a secluded corner while the rest of them conversed. Taking out his phone and calling his family's doctors, he had a special prescription made for Shizuka. After doing so, he went over to where Shizuka was laying and waited for the medicine to be delivered. Taking out a book to read while he waited.
  Kyoya Ootori / Crow37 / 5y 50d 15h 46m 52s
[font "Times New Roman" [size15 Everyone turned and looked at Kyoya and Shizuka... They looked absolutely perfect together. She smiled at Kyoya and thanked him for holding the door for her as she stepped inside, everyone had gotten a shower and new uniforms as when they touched Shizuka she wouldn't have her allergy attack again. She ran into the arms of her friend and hugged her tightly. [+maroon "I'm so sorry Shizu-San.... I completely forgot about your allergy. Thank you all so much for helping her. Kaoru and Hikaru.... You are going to suffer until the end of your lives! You almost killed her, if Mori hadn't been quicker she would have been dead!"] She yelled at them, dropping to her knee's with her friend, crying into her shoulder.... Shizuka hugged her tightly.

[B "I'm fine Haruhi.... Honestly. Kyoya and Mori took great care of me.... And I know I'll always have you there to help me out, so thank you all."] She said with a smile. Mori smiled back slightly, nodding at her as Honey had tears in his eyes and hugged her tightly, apologizing. [#eabe0e "Shizuka.... We are deeply sorry for the accident we have caused. We are at your service, anything you need until the end of time you can count on all of us... Just say the words and it will be done."] He said, kneeling and bowing. [B "Tamaki... Thank you so much, but really I'm fine. Hikaru and Kaoru, I forgive both of them and thank you for removing the roses...."] She said smiling, getting up as she still felt a bit weak from the drugs they gave her.

Haruhi gave her some clothes she picked up and lead her to the room to get changed. She changed into a black tank and some PJ bottoms, made of silk. And the blinds were close as she laid down in the king sized bed and fell asleep gently.... Haruhi came out sighing. [+maroon "She's asleep.... Thank you guys so much for everything.... It means a lot to us..."]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 50d 16h 10m 43s
Kyoya was rather surprised by how this girl was handling things. Especially after what had just happened to her. Then she began to worry about her friend over herself. [i How very intriguing you are.] He thought about what she had asked of the host club. Well, the definitely couldn't turn her down after what had just happened. [b "We can arrange for you to rest in comfort the moment you arrive."] With that, he held the door open as she left the room. His right arm holding the door from the outside while his left arm was behind him.

In his left hand, and hidden from view, he sent a message to Tamaki. He memorized every key and button his phone, for it was an easy task for when situations like this came around. It wasn't too often that they did, but sometimes you never knew when you needed something most might consider to be rather useless. In the message, he told them to arrange a bed for Haruhi's friend in a separate room and to have it prepared immediately. Hikaru and Kaoru were immediately put to work immediately. By the time they were done, they were more exhausted now than they had ever been before.

Upon entering the room, Kyoya was surprised and impressed by two things. The first being by the speed at which they had gotten things prepared, though he could have pushed the idiot brothers to much farther extents. The second thing was the theme that had been put into place and in the time that they had been gone. Apparently Tamaki had gotten his hands on one of the magazines that Kyoya was going to suggest to him later on. Since it seemed a bit too early in the year to start it off like this. In actuality, he was going to have it set up within the next few days; tomorrow at the very earliest. However, it was much too late now and he would just have to play along for the time being.

Kyoya held open the door and called out to Haruhi, who was being fauned over by Tamaki. The boy was apologizing over and over again. [b "Haruhi! Your friend is back and in good health."]
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[font "Times New Roman" [size15 Shizuka felt like she was dying.... Yes they had roses in their house, but she never went near them so she never really got any attacks. She was unconscious for about an hour.... Her rash went away as her breathing steadied.... She opened her eyes to see Kyoya.... [B "It's fine.... It's been a while since it's happened. It wasn't their fault either, they didn't know. I'm sure it just slipped Haruhi's mind...."] She said, getting out of bed and putting her shoes back on as she slipped her cream colored vest, she had on jeans and white sneakers with a white tank underneath. She sighed grabbing her black hobo bag....

She stood up carefully, taking a few deep breaths. [B "Come on, I need to make sure Haruhi isn't worrying."] She said, not wanting to go home even though she felt exhausted. She would be able to get away with resting in the host room until she felt better. She was sure to get the nurse to tell the principal and send notes to her teachers. [B "Is it alright if I rest in the host club room? I really don't want to go home..."] She said sighing as they got there, but lilac petals flew out gently instead... as the hosts were dressed in Bali outfits and the room was decorated in the tropics. [B "Um... Kyoya? What's going on?"]
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 50d 16h 54m 59s
While Kyoya knew that almost everyone had an allergic reaction or allergy in this world of theirs, the chances of her having an allergy attack from the uniform. They were made with the allergies in mind, so this attack that she had been having couldn't have been from the dress itself. He was being very quick in his deductions and being very vigilant. Taking into account any and all details that he could see before him.

As Haruhi's friend collapsed, things seemed to be moving in a very slow motion for him. He saw a rose petal fall off her skin and noticed it immediately. When the twin idiots moved, he had his left hand immediately in his pocket and had closed his black book. In a moment, he looked to Tamaki who then immediately notified Mori. [b [#eabe0e "Mori!"]] He knew what to do immediately from the short command.

The large senior grabbed her off of her feet and rushed off towards the nurse's office. Since Kyoya was part of a medical family, he went with him. Moving a little faster, while looking like he was walking, and got there before them. He gave the nurse the warning in advance and the information that she would need in order to quickly treat Shizuka. When Mori arrived, everything was already prepared and the nurse quickly took care of the allergic reaction.
Back in the room, the twins were being punished and chewed out by Haruhi. They were also being forced to scrub away any and all traces of Roses in the room. All of the roses, petals, and anything else that could potentially be related to a rose was removed from the room and immediately treated.
Kyoya remained by Shizuka's side as she slowly came out of her allergy attack. Mori had returned to the room and began to aid in the twin's punishment. When she did come to, he decided to apologize. [b "Well, it is good to see you're awake. I should apologize for giving those twins the wrong idea. It's my fault that they got away with something like that. I'll make sure to [i deal] with them when I return to the club room."] He lost himself for a moment and then snapped out of it. [b "However, I don't think they did it intentionally. The allergy attack I mean. The chances of being affected because of the uniform is astronomical."]
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[B "I don't like putting people out of the way, besides, I like my normal clothes, so I'm not allergic to them.... I'm not poor, but I was born poor, though not really. I live with my Grandma.... I don't go flaunting around my royal status, my mom taught me to be humble.... My grandmother is Sophie, Countess of Wessex. In England.... I'm Lady back there, I have different names from my Japanese heritage from my father but my grandmother wanted me to have a English name, so she gave me one to use."] She said smirking back at him. She sighed, hating to use her royalty to prove that she was worth looking at or speaking to.... But she didn't care as long as she had her friends...

She looked nervously at the others, they seemed up to something. [B "I really hate the look and color of the dresses..."] She said with a small smile, but looked in fear as she felt the material dropped on her.... After about 30 seconds, they started to think it was fake, when a rose petal fell on her hand, and her airways closed up.... She gasped for breath, lightly touching her throat, she chocked trying to gain breath, collapsing to her knee's then to her side as she couldn't breathe as her skin started to break out with a rash.... She was allergic to the roses....
  Shizuka M. Takayama / FireFoxx / 5y 50d 17h 16m 38s
Kyoya the interrupted in their conversation. He found it very odd that she had an allergic reaction to the uniforms. Since she could easily ask for one to be made because of it. However, the uniforms had all been made to be hypoallergenic. The Ootari's had done this for the school as a business deal. [b "I apologize if I come across as rude. But, I find it highly unlikely that you're actually allergic to them, since they were custom made to give even a person with the worst of allergies a much easier time. However, you could have also had one personally tailored. And considering that you're here and don't have the infamous reputation that Haruhi has, you probably have the money to afford it."] He was being incredibly perceptive with this and was already onto her trail like a bloodhound.

Tamaki and his group of hosts all understood what Kyoya had just said as well. [b [#eabe0e "That does come across as odd. Though if you're a friend of Haruhi's, we could probably help you with that problem."]] Honey then decided to jump in on the conversation as well. [b [+pink "You'd definitely look pretty in one of the uniforms, right Takashi?"]] Just as usual, the large, silent, and tall student responded with a simple nod.

While this was going on, the Hitachiin twins decided to test what she had said after hearing Kyoya's explanation. [b [+orange "Perhaps you wouldn't mind if we...tested it?"]] Before anyone could stop them, the twins already had gotten behind Shizuka and had a female uniform with them. They tossed it on top of her and waited for the reaction.
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[font "Times New Roman" [size15 Aaaand she immediately wanted to leave.... Her eye twitched at watching them, they had a loli, a mysterious type, the cool type, the devious type, and the princely type. [B "Well this is certainly.... Something.... Haruhi.... What debt are they holding over your head?"] She deduced, Haruhi tense sighing. [+maroon "Yesterday, I broke an 8 million yen vase.... I am in debt until I can get 1000 clients...."] She said. Shizuka glared at them.i. [B "I knew it.... Haruhi. I want to be your client, and I'll try inviting anyone that I can."] She said smiling.

Honey liked her already. He walked up to the 15 year old girl and smiled, pulling on her coat. [+pink [B "So Shizu-Chan.... Does that mean you'll be visiting the host club more often? Also, why aren't you wearing a uniform? I think you would look much cuter in a dress."]] He said after asking his questions, she looked at him sighing but smiled and kneeled down to his height. [B "Because they're itchy and I'm allergic to the material...."] She said ruffling his hair. [B "And I'll be visiting a lot more.... Seems better than hanging out anywhere else...."] She said.
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It seemed just like any other regular day for Kyoya. One of the three sons of fine grooming and raising. However, he was the youngest of the three and destined to never be able to become head of the family. He had to pain a magnificent painting within an already magnificent frame that had been set up for him. Almost everything he had accomplished, his elder brothers had already claimed well in advance.

Though now he was part of a host club set up by the headmaster's son, Tamaki Suoh. Kyoya was the vice president and rumored "Shadow King" of the group. The others involved were Kaoru and Hikaru, the Hitachiin twins. Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Satoshi Morinozuka, geniuses in the field of martial arts. And then there was Haruhi Fujioka. The entire group of seven had become rather infamous in their activites. Claiming themselves to be hosts who's purpose is to serve ladies who come to visit. Though Kyoya operated the business aspect of the club. Managing their funding and keeping them out of debt. However, the club's "King" tended to be a bit over-the-top and unnecessarily extravagant when it came to themes from time to time.

The six of them, excluding Haruhi, were setting up for the day. With the year only beginning, Tamaki and his fellow club-mates were planning out what they should do to welcome the new year. Since it was only the start of the semester, Kyoya was able to convince the obnoxious leader to [i "keep things simple and save the more impressive tricks for later on in the year"]. Though his real intent was to prevent Tamaki from going all out and overshooting the budget. They were going to need it, as well as some extra funding, in order to fund some events later on down the line.

As Haruhi entered the music room, the entire group was waiting for Haruhi to join them. Though not immediately. Kyoya was standing near Tamaki, however it seemed as though he were actually Tamaki's shadow. Taking notes in his little black book. It was Honey who took the initiative. [b [+pink "Oh wow! This is your friend Haru-chan?! She's pretty, don't you think so Takashi?"]] The strong and silent man that carried the small boy-lolita - that was carrying a stuffed rabbit named Usa-chan - then picked up where Honey left off. [b [+blue "Yeah."]]

Then the mischievous twins broke in. [b [+orange "Oh? Haruhi, you never told us you had a friend like her?"]] The two of them had grins on their face, though they were much more curious than devious right now. [b [+orange "Perhaps you'd like to clue us in? [i Right]?"]] The twins intentionally stretching out the word intentionally. Kyoya then interrupted. [b "Now, now. I'm sure that we'll learn soon enough. However, currently she is a guest. Is she not?"]] Tamaki then took off from this. [b [#eabe0e "That's right men. Haruhi's friend is a guest while she's here. We must treat her with utmost respect."]]
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[font "Times New Roman" [size15 Shizuka.... Was troubled. She was a perfect child.... On the outside, she was perfect at least. She was originally poor, her mother and father had a hard time keeping the house, and even though her grandmother came from royalty and money, she hated who her mother had married and refused to help them.... They both died from sickness and Shizu was taken in my her grandmother, who forced her upon an upbringing from royalty at the age of 5. Piano, Violin and Guitar lessons, and one of her choice, she chose drums. She had singing lessons, ballet lessons, and one dance choice of her choosing, she chose contemporary. She had a private tutor up until the age of 14.... It was now her Freshman year in high-school. She was excited for once, she didn't have to worry about not having any friends.

She did have two friends, but one was more of a pen-pal. Her name was Haruhi, and she was going to Ouran High School, the one for rich people.... Haruhi was her friend since 1st grade when she got the option to do a pen-pal assignment. The other's name was Ayano.... She had been friends with her since the beginning of life itself. They were never separated, and she was too coming to Ouran. She was smiling, getting on her normal clothes. It was September so she wore her coat just in case. She hated the uniforms at the school so she just said that she had a allergic reaction to the material.

She walked in, seeing a huge school that looked like a giant manor.... She sighed, it was going be one of [i those] schools. She walked through the gates, seeing two people she knew by heart but hadn't seen in the longest of times. [B "Haruhi! Ayano! Ohiyo!"] She yelled, and the smiled at seeing her, running to hug each other. [+purple "It's been a while Shizuka!"] Ayano said smiling and she nodded hugging her, going through her bag to give Ayano a small box with a necklace inside as well as one to Haruhi. [B "I'm sorry, It's been so long but this is all I have to offer, inside are necklaces, lockets of all of us together when I came to visit on spring break.... I missed you guys."] She said.

They smiled, going to class, Haruhi and Shizuka shared the same classes and currently they had a free period. Ayano had classes so Haruhi took Shizuka to the one place she didn't know of yet, her Host Club. Shizuka's long hair flowed behind her as she came up to the abandoned music room. The doors opened and rose petals flowed by her..... [B "Wow, Haruhi.... I love it, but you're in the host club? Isn't that for guys?"] She asked, looking around her eyes stopping on the 6 males staring at her... [+maroon "Guys.... This is my pen-pal and friend, her name is Shizuka...."] She said, smiling.
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